Your Personal ‘Hidden Goldmine’ For Scroll-Stopping Marketing Angles

Your Personal 'Hidden Goldmine' For Scroll-Stopping Marketing Angles

Welcome. Hey guys, how you going? It’s Dean here and this is Open Source Growth. In today’s episode, I’m going to talk to you all about a unique discovery I’ve just made only about an hour ago, and I hope I’m the only person that hasn’t made this discovery. But before I do go talk about this unique discovery, which will dramatically improve your ability to write winning ads which convert customer.

Just hit that subscribe and like button because at the end of the day, everything does help. And we do want to continue this podcast of being able to help you implement actionable steps to go about achieving T2 D three growth in your SaaS company or 10 x your e-commerce business, or simply just grow your business, irrespective of the form.

And in today’s episode, I’m gonna talk to you about something that we all struggle with in including my agency, funnily. See, I have a marketing agency, as you would, as you may know. It’s called Owendenny Digital, which is the concatenation of my middle and last name, and that’s all cool. That’s all sweet.

That’s all fine and dandy like a bag of chips. But what’s really interesting is yes, I may have a marketing agency, but that doesn’t mean I’m a fantastic business owner. And what that could often do is put me in precarious situations. And this is my damaging admission here, that like I know with my own personal skillset, I can market exceptionally well.

Can I market myself exceptionally well? Probably not because I’m too occupied with running a business. So often what does happen in our agency is that we get to a point where we are growing and growing and growing our monthly recurring revenue and then all of a sudden we have some client attrition and then all of a sudden our monthly recurring revenue starts to dip.

Like any type of business, like that’s pretty stock standard in 99.9% of businesses that you work with. What’s complicated about running an agency though, is that there’s a huge amount of teamwork. With marketing agencies, you can have web teams, you can have software teams, you can have graphics, copywriting, media buying, conversion tracking, web development, you know, you name it, it’s there.


It’s inside an agency, and agencies essentially a shell company for a whole bunch of creatives, contractors or whatever. You know, let’s just tell it how it is. But the one thing I’ve always struggled with is business operations, because quite frankly, I don’t like doing it. I love marketing. I love sales, I love leadership.

But God, the fire details, the minutia, it heals me. So what can happen is this in our agency. I can get really involved in the business. I can start doing a lot of great strategy work for our clients. We get a whole bunch of referrals. The business starts to grow. I’m not actively marketing on Facebook or Google or LinkedIn or YouTube or Snapchat or TikTok or Spotify.

And then all of a sudden we have a couple of unfavorable moments. Clients have a change of heart. You know, our, our lifetime value of a client. You know, that obviously is expended and we start to have some natural attrition. Then all of a sudden you can go from a massive big month all the way down to a wild contraction, purely because of the fact that you get so caught up in your agency life fulfilling and doing the strategy that you don’t get to further your own nest and run your own ads and do your own marketing.

And that’s a massive downfall that I have personally. That is what does happen and it’s really interesting, like the transformation a marketing agency offers is such an easy one to go about documenting and selling to people like I personally know how easy it is. Do you wish to grow your business? Can you rely on your internal marketing team?

Are you struggling to get your traffic to convert? Are you, are you actually getting the people that you’re converting as your marketing qualified needs to show up to trials or demo calls, or to sales appointments or whatever? And are you actually getting a measurable return on investment from your paid traffic?

Like it is all super, super simple. Like it’s such a no-brainer, a “duh” marketing plan. Or an advertising campaign or whatever, you get the drift. But what is interesting is that because I’m so caught up in helping out clients succeed, that I often fail to look after myself, and that is a massive, massive issue when it comes to business owners being selfless.

At the end of the day, you’re not a charity. You need to work on your own stuff. And this is something I’m personally working with. The reason why I’m mentioning all this stuff today, guys, is that this is a useful divergence to what I’m about to reveal to you. So with all this being considered with the pending ideas of a recession, the pending, you know, end of financial year, just gone and past.

There’s a lot of people who are just like sitting back having a bit of a breather and they’re not really, they’re not really making active efforts to engage people to help them with their marketing right now. Our SEOs down our Facebook advertising campaigns, we’ve been doing some tests last month, which be awesome, but we haven’t really pushed our demand generation, so to speak.

But the general consensus as a whole in the business community is that things are slowing down a little bit here in Australia.

But, I was considering all this, and I wasn’t sure if it was a story I was telling myself, so I decided to write what I was thinking and how I was feeling, and this was such a crazy experience. See, i would recommend to every marketer or every CMO or any person willing to get onto their own two feet and do something amazing with their business or life, who wishes to choose the path of entrepreneurship or you know, CEO leadership or whatever, that the number one skill that you must develop, and some people simply just do not make a leap, is developing your own emotional intelligence.

And when you are a marketer, especially a direct response advertising person like myself, the most important thing that you can go about developing is your ability to recognize what’s going on inside of other people. How are they feeling? And as a rule of thumb, people either want to move away from where they’re at, or they want to become a better version of where they are right now.

They’re either escaping a pain point or they’re moving to the promised land. Now, if you start to recognize that case and you are feeling a certain way, you’re, you’re sitting on your own unique marketing goldmine. So in terms of developing your emotional intelligence and all that sort of stuff, one of the easiest ways to get, to develop your emotional intelligence, and I would say develop some self-awareness is to develop a journal and write your journal every single day over the past 4-5 years, actually, if you see my shelf just back there in my office, I’ve rather got about six months worth of journals there. But one thing I like to do basically every single day is write in my journal and I like to write in my journal at different times during the day on different days just to see and monitor how I’m feeling, how I’m thinking, and whatever.


And like this month we are way down on our own internal marketing lead targets. Like it is absolutely insane how far behind we are. But what was amazing was that I encapsulated this feeling, this spirit, this business owner, frustrated arrhhh you know what I’m saying? And was able to document all those little thoughts that came through my mind. Now, if you’re a b2b, guess what, every single business owner that you sell to is going through exactly the same thing. So if you’re a B2B seller and you to sell directly to the owner of the company, you and them, they may have exactly the same feelings.

They may have exactly the same emotions that stir up. They may have exactly the same fears that keep them up late at night. It was really funny. I started writing down all these things about myself, about my own situation, what I was feeling, bloody blah. And by coming up with all these ones, you wouldn’t believe it.

I literally have all the hooks for my future marketing campaigns to sell to B2B SaaS product owners. It is so simple. Let me give you some examples of the things that I came up with. Hmm hmm, my bills are piling up. I’m not sure how we’re gonna get over the top of August. If I leave in September, will my business service my clients without me?

My internal marketing team isn’t meeting our growth targets. These ads are simply not converting. WTF is iOS 14 Tracking got to do with the ability for us to grow our business. My lead flow is drying up. I wish I could just tap into YouTube. Why isn’t Google ads working for me? I paid good money to have these marketing people and what did they really even achieve?

Do I literally need to engage another agency to help my own? It’s a business here to grow. I’m not a video editor. I need the content team to support me. I wish I could just pick up the phone and get honest, truthful, and real advice that will make a bloody difference. Bootstrap growth right now will funding even really help me.

My competitor just raised $1.3 million. How in the world do I even stand a chance? Can you see what I’m getting at here? These are all these little weird thoughts that are popping up in your mind and when you are feeling blue and when you are feeling out as a business owner selling to another business owner, this is a great time.

You are literally sitting on a gold mine of hooks to that you can basically repackage as part of your direct response advertising campaigns like this is such a oh oof a rare opportunity. So when you are feeling out and when you are feeling down, Down in the dump, so you know, down and out in London, as George Orwell would call it.

What you’ve gotta do is pick up your pen, place it on your journal, and write every single little thought that comes out of your mind. So let me say that again. You pick up your pen, you open your journal, and then you write every single little thing out. And boom, guess what? You may have a little bit more success. In fact, you may have your winning campaign staring you in the fucking face.

That’s useful. That’s very valuable. See, it’s so fascinating when you get caught in your own shit, when the stories you’re telling yourself, you just can’t even see the forest from the trees. And when you are able to delaminate the forest or extract the forest from your brain onto paper, you can, you can see all the trees in as as a collection of ideas and thoughts and inspiration.

And then when you’ve got all that, you can actually then be like, ah, sick, do this, do this, do this, do this, do this, run this campaign, these headlines, this big marketing idea, and wham bam ala kazan, you may even have a winner. Through these thoughts, through these ideas, you have literally identified all the pain points and all those insecurities, and all those spheres.

So whenever you are feeling blue, I’m going to suggest this to you, especially if you have anything to do with direct response marketing or advertising in your business that every single freaking time you’re feeling out and out of touch, frustrated, concerned. Write down exactly what’s upsetting you or frustrating you at that point, because this will serve as a catalog for great hooks, great marketing ideas, and how you can go about improving and developing your offer to convert more customers, get them paying egregious prices for what you do and offer, and more importantly, keeping them happier than ever.

So guys, that’s it from me today. That is open source growth, looking for quality, high performing multi six, seven, figure eight, figure, nine figure, and more business owners to jump on this podcast with me to talk marketing, talk, growth, talk lead and demand generation systems that can be implemented in real time.

We don’t all have to pay those egregious prices. These damn agencies are charging. Hey, we’re quite reasonable, fyi. But you know, I’m here for you. I’m the marketer for the people. So once again, this is open source growth. I’m your host, Dean Denny, founder of Owendenny Digital signing out. Have a great day.



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