Twilight Glamping's Revenue Skyrockets from $1.074 Million to a Groundbreaking $1.55 Million!

Client Overview

At the intersection of extraordinary and unforgettable, you'll find Twilight Glamping. As specialists in creating immersive outdoor events, from bespoke wedding and event marquees, authentic naked tipis, opulent furniture hire to luxury glamping accommodations.

Twilight Glamping’s mission? To deliver unmatched experiences that etch lifelong memories. Whether it's an intimate glamping retreat, a corporate function, a dream wedding, or a vibrant festival, Twilight Glamping is committed to transforming each event into an extraordinary outdoor spectacle.


Twilight Glamping started a targeted campaign to boost sales significantly using digital marketing strategies. The plan involved Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and improved website landing pages to enhance their brand’s visibility, attract more people, and convert the larger traffic into actual sales.

The campaign’s success was determined not only by a rise in sales but also by how well the chosen digital platforms could attract and engage customers for their unique outdoor event services. This strategy aimed to strengthen and grow Twilight Glamping’s position in the outdoor event industry, providing more customers with their unforgettable experiences.

Goals And Measures Of Success

For Twilight Glamping, success wasn’t just about meeting an abstract target. It was about demonstrating clear, quantifiable growth that resonated with their initial objectives.

Sales Growth:

The primary goal of the campaign was to increase overall sales across all service offerings over a 12-month period.

Enhanced Web Traffic:

Success was also measured by a significant uptick in website traffic as a result of Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and optimised landing pages.

Improved Conversion Rates:

Aside from increased traffic, the campaign aimed to boost the conversion rate turning site visits into sales.

Increased Visibility:

The final measure of success was improved visibility on Google's search engine. Achieving a top three ranking for their primary keywords was the targeted goal, showing an effective use of Google Ads.

Twilight Glamping sought to not only increase sales but also enhance brand visibility, improve user engagement, and cement their position as a leading provider of extraordinary outdoor experiences.

Our Strategy

Twilight Glamping used a diverse strategy, combining several digital marketing channels, persuasive messaging, and creative concepts to boost sales.

Google and Facebook Ads:

Their central strategy was to use Google and Facebook Ads to reach more people. The ads were designed to attract potential customers interested in unique outdoor experiences and guide them to Twilight Glamping's website.

Optimised Landing Pages:

They also aimed to optimise their website's landing pages to make it easier for visitors to find what they needed, with the goal of reducing bounce rates, increasing session times, and boosting conversion rates.

Distinct Messaging:

They created clear, persuasive messages that showcased Twilight Glamping's unique offerings. This was meant to attract potential customers looking for unique and memorable experiences.

Targeted Marketing:

They used data-driven marketing techniques to make sure ads reached the right people at the right time for maximum engagement and conversion.

Visual Storytelling:

High-quality photos and videos were used to highlight the amazing experiences Twilight Glamping offers, helping to create an emotional connection with potential

With this strategy of targeted advertising, website optimisation, persuasive messaging, and visual storytelling, Twilight Glamping aimed to appeal to potential customers and increase sales.

The Results

Our strategic campaign for Twilight Glamping resulted in exceptional outcomes, exceeding their initial goals and proving the effectiveness of their marketing techniques.

Increased Sales: The main goal was to boost sales by 25%, but this was surpassed with sales growth of about 44%, raising revenue from $1.074 million in 2022 to $1.55 million in 2023. 

Elevated Website Traffic: The use of Google and Facebook Ads along with optimised landing pages caused a significant increase in website traffic. 

Improved Conversion Rates: The optimised website and targeted marketing strategies led to a large increase in conversion rates, resulting in more confirmed bookings. 

Greater Customer Engagement: The engaging content and well-placed ads resulted in increased customer interaction on their platforms, showing more meaningful brand engagement. 

Increased Brand Visibility: The use of targeted Google Ads enhanced their visibility on search engines, making Twilight Glamping a top choice for unique outdoor experiences.


The higher revenue in 2023 shows a significant return on investment (ROI), highlighting the success of their diverse digital marketing and optimization strategy. The exact ROI needs the total campaign investment, but the revenue growth shows the campaign’s substantial impact. 

These results show the success of a well-planned and effectively executed strategy, demonstrating the strength of Twilight Glamping’s innovative marketing approach.

Our Process

The process we followed for Twilight Glamping was thorough,involving close collaboration with the client, strategic planning, and decisive action.

1) Initial Assessment & Strategy Formulation: We started by understanding the client’s goals and needs. A deep analysis of the client’s business model, target audience, and unique offerings helped form a customised strategy. This strategy involved using digital platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads, improving website landing pages, and crafting engaging content.

2) Implementation: After setting the strategy, we moved to implementation, creating persuasive ad content, optimising landing pages, and launching the ad campaigns, always aiming to align our actions with the goal of increasing sales.

3) Challenges & Solutions: The journey had its hurdles, like communicating Twilight Glamping’s unique experience to a broad audience. We addressed this by using visual storytelling with high-quality images and videos. Optimising landing pages to reduce bounce rates and increase session times was another challenge, which we tackled by improving navigation, content, and clear calls-to-action. The rapidly changing digital marketing environment and platform algorithm changes were handled by continuous monitoring and timely strategy adjustments, keeping the campaign on course.

4) Monitoring & Adjustments: We kept a close watch on the campaign’s progress, using advanced analytics tools for performance tracking. We used insights from this monitoring to make real-time adjustments, enhancing campaign effectiveness. 

5) Evaluation: After the campaign, we thoroughly evaluated the results against the set measures. The results exceeded all targets, proving the strategy’s success.

The process we followed for Twilight Glamping shows their diligent, adaptive approach to digital marketing, their commitment to client success, and their ability to adapt in a changing digital environment.

Lessons Learned

Our campaign for Twilight Glamping offered many insights that will direct their future projects.

The Power of Visual Storytelling: This campaign emphasised the effectiveness of visual storytelling. High-quality images and videos were key to emotionally connecting with the audience and showcasing Twilight Glamping's unique experiences.

Importance of Landing Page Optimization: The project showed how optimised landing pages directly influence conversion rates. User-friendly navigation, engaging content, and clear calls-to-action on the website were crucial for guiding visitors and increasing conversions.

Adaptability is Key: Given the constantly changing digital marketing environment, flexibility and adaptability are vital. Quick strategy adjustments in response to changes in platform algorithms or consumer behaviour were essential for the campaign's success.

Data-Driven Decision Making: Using analytics to monitor the campaign and make informed adjustments was a significant takeaway. This data-driven approach led to precise targeting, improved customer engagement, and higher ROI.

Integrated Marketing Approach: The campaign underlined the importance of an integrated marketing approach. The joint use of Google and Facebook Ads, along with website optimization, resulted in a comprehensive digital presence that maximised reach and engagement.

These lessons have given Twilight Glamping a deeper understanding of their digital marketing strategy, providing valuable insights for future campaigns.

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