What A Trip To The Optometrist Taught Me

In this podcast episode, Host Dean discusses his recent experience with eye soreness and how he sought out a specialist for advice. He reflects on the importance of listening to professionals who have specific expertise in a particular field. Dean emphasizes the significance of positioning and brand authority in influencing people’s decisions. He highlights the need for businesses and individuals to establish their unique positioning in the market, demonstrate competency, and differentiate themselves from competitors.

Dean also shares his company’s focus on serving the software as a service (SaaS) market and the advantages of targeting a niche audience. He concludes by encouraging listeners to consider their own market positioning and differentiation strategies.


Here are the lessons you will learn from this podcast:

1) Recognize the value of seeking advice from professionals:

2) Positioning and brand authority matter: Professionals with a strong brand authority and a well-defined position in the market are more likely to be trusted and influential.

3) Narrow specialization attracts attention: When seeking assistance, people tend to pay more attention to individuals or businesses that specialize in their specific needs rather than generic service providers.

4) Differentiation is crucial: To stand out in a competitive market, it is important to establish what makes you unique, whether it’s your approach, expertise, or unconventional beliefs.

5) Focus on outcomes and benefits: In marketing, highlighting the outcomes and benefits of a product or service, rather than just its features, can be more persuasive and emotionally engaging for customers.

6) Embrace direct response advertising: Direct response advertising offers an opportunity for effective persuasion and engagement with customers, particularly in industries where messaging tends to be simplistic.

7) Niching down can lead to greater influence: Targeting a specific niche or audience allows for better differentiation and the ability to connect with customers on a deeper level, leading to more impactful influence and business growth.



[00:01:26] Eye infection leads to optometrist.

[00:05:08] Listen to experts for advice.

[00:07:04] Expertise yields attention, success.

[00:09:09] Focus on SaaS marketing

[00:10:11] Niche to influence customers at scale.


Hey everyone. How you going? It’s Dean here and welcome to open-source growth. Your number one destination for SaaS marketing, direct response advertising, and anything to do with sales and marketing that will blow up your online business. Now, today is a classic because only a week ago. I started experiencing real soreness in my left eye.

So for the past month, we have been hustling and grinding at Owendenny digital. For good reason, we’re really looking to acquire really high quality clients. We’ve got some amazing. Projects that we’re currently working on and it’s demanding a lot of me and it’s demanding a lot of the team and s ometimes when you are a founder and I’m sure you can relate, sometimes you just need to go for it in short bursts or in sprints, as we say. In the project management world. And that’s what we’ve been doing. There is a d ownside to sprinting from time to time in, it makes you feel flat and it gets you down.

Now what’s really interesting was that my eyes were thought they were just dry because I was looking at screens all the time. And you know what it’s like looking at screens. Your eyes hurt. Your dopamine levels all over the shot and you’re thinking, oh man, my eyes are so dry. So I was thinking. Do I get some.

Do we get some ointments? Do we get some eyedrops or something? But none of that worked. ’cause I didn’t do it obviously. But what was really fascinating. Was that my left eye started to hurt more than the other. And I was thinking, oh, why is my left eye throbbing so much? This is really painful.

And I. Started feeling down like all my energy was getting sapped throughout the week and I woke up the next morning with this big. Blob on my eye. And I was thinking, what in the world is going on here? It was in the corner of my eyes is big looking pimply thing. My eye was bloodshot. I was it, my, my eyelids started to boil over so I could barely see it looks like I had like really skew one really squinty eye.

And one big eye, it was almost like that I had one eye. It looks really funny. It looked almost like I was captain feathersword with an eyepatch it was just freaking crazy. It was sapping all my energy. I was ran down. And I, and my wife was looking at this thing. Apparently it’s a sty and she was telling me, Dean, that’s a sty..

I think you’ve got something in your eye, this isn’t very good. And then I asked my mom about it and she’s oh, you probably just got to sty Dean . And I didn’t really care. And I didn’t really think much of it. But then you know, the pain. It kept on coming and it kept on coming in another day or two persisted

I was just thinking, I might, I need to go see an optometrist or something. I need to go see someone. I got to see a specialist. I don’t want to go see a doctor. I want to go see an optometrist because they are an eye doctor. I booked the call. I jumped in the car. It’s a short drive from home and I knew that I have pretty close to 20/20 vision. I was just squinting in one eye and the other eye was fine. So I was cool to get to the optometry could jump into the car.

Got out of the car. Went to the optometrist. Walked into the Specsavers where I live and I’m on near where I live. So jumped in the car, got to the Specsavers, walked into the Specsavers.

Got walked across to the waiting room. I was sitting around. And then I spoke to an optometrist and her name was Jess and Jess was lovely. And Jess. Came at me with a friendly tone. Sat me down. In the chair, I put my chin in like the eye observation thing.

She was doing a whole heap of tests. She was dropping all these different eye ointments and dyes in my eyes, so I could figure out. So she could figure out what was wrong with me and whatever. And straight away. She goes through it. I was like, look down, it looks like you have a cyst in your left eye.

What you’ll need to do is take four doses of. Insert antibiotic here or eye treatment stuff here and you also need to do a hot compress and I’m like, oh, what’s a hot compress. It’s basically a hot tea towel. Put it on your left eye. And hold it there for an extended period of time.

And it was really interesting. And I was like, oh, this optometrist knows absolutely everything about the eye. I’m going to listen to this person. I’m going to take their advice word for word and just do it straight away. So she gives me an over-the-counter medication to go by. I race straight to the priceline or the pharmacist or the chemist, wherever you come from.

And I go about buying that over the counter. Come back home, apply the thing, doing all the stuff, and I’m getting it all to happen really quickly. And I was just thinking I received. The same information from my mother. I received the same information from my wife and I received the same information from the optometrist, but I only took the optometrist’s advice.

And I was just thinking like, why is that? Why do we only listen to medical professionals when it comes to our health? And it’s the same thing. Like why do we only listen to lawyers when it comes to legal advice? Like, why do we have a bias to listen to people who have that body of knowledge? And it’s because of that phenomenon of positioning and having brand authority and by having brand authority and positioning.

You have greater leverage in your market. It’s a go about influencing masses of people. Now, this is why it’s so crazy nowadays, because so many. Marketers going out there and creating a whole heap of content. On their particular body of knowledge. And if you’re getting action and hit up by this content.

You’re more than likely. You’re going to listen to them more than just anyone who is a generic market. A so for instance, just say your looking for a Facebook ads specialist to support you and your business. Are you going to. Tap the shoulder of a generic, like a random marketer or are you going to go to a Facebook ads, specialist, agency?

Or if you’re a SaaS founder and you want a a SaaS copywriter. Are you going to go to a standard copywriter or are you going to go find someone who specializes in writing B2B SaaS copy. Or if you’re looking for say someone to run your demand generation team, are you going to look for a generalist marketing manager, or are you going to look for someone who’s spearheaded, the demand generation teams of the world’s biggest companies like Stripe and HubSpot. See, we pay. We pay more attention to people who are narrow in their specializations. We pay more attention and are influenced more heavily by these people because.

Their body of knowledge.

Is directly related to what. You need to address. So if that optometrists has a better body of knowledge in regards to the eye, and I’ve got an eye problem, I’m going to listen to that optometrist. I’m not gonna listen to my mom or. I’m going to listen to my wife, but probably not at the same extent as I listened to this optometrist, because that person’s got specific specialist, data points, specialist experience, and specialist knowledge.

Around the eye and had to go about fixing these problems. Which. Has me thinking and it probably has you thinking, what are you doing? Not only from a business, but also from a personal perspective, what are you doing about your position in the market? What content are you creating? How you demonstrating competency, how are you demonstrating confidence, how you demonstrating case studies, how you showing people that you can solve their problems.

How are you positioned with respect to everyone else competing over the same customers? Are you more likable? Are you edgier? Do you have any unconventional beliefs around your market and the problems that you solve?

You’ve got to ask yourself these questions, because if you don’t address. What makes you unique and how you can differentiate yourself with respect? To the rest of your market and the rest of those prospective customers, you’re going to have a real struggle. Finding people. To sell in the long run, because if you can’t differentiate, you will die.

If you can’t differentiate, if you can’t find a compelling position in the market to occupy. You will struggle to influence people. Who are likely to buy your services? C. We made a conscious decision at Owendenny to focus on the software as a service. Market purely because of the fact that software companies are chronically underserved by marketers for many reasons. Number one,

It’s complex selling technical products. Number two. The software company game. Is chronically, how do I say this? The messaging is chronically underdone. Everything is too simplistic. No, sorry, nothing. How do I say this? It’s more about features than actual outcomes and benefits. There’s nothing emotional about the copy and there’s no, and there’s a huge opportunity for massive persuasion through direct response advertising. And number three, we liked the technical challenges, but see if it wasn’t for our choice to be.

Marketing agency that focuses on SaaS products.

We wouldn’t be able to influence the people in our nation, just as bad as well. So if we were just like a standard marketing agency and we were trying to tackle. The small business market. It’s really hard to differentiate yourself. Unless you want to say that you’re a marketing agency that focuses just on SMEs.

That might be a different story, but there’s so many SMEs out there. The person just say, you’re trying to target fish and chip shops. Just say you have a marketing agency that focuses on helping out fish and chip shops and fast food companies succeed online through digital advertising versus the generic agency. Who are you going to listen to?

It’s that power of niching down and having a compelling position in your marketplace, which has enabled you to influence customers to buy at scale. So guys, this is just a short one. I hope you guys are enjoying this new format. I’ve had some really positive engagements since the last podcast I’ve ran on my podcast. My poodle.

And doing an AB test on me. I thought that was pretty cool. And it’s really exciting. And connect with some amazing people and coach some amazing people out of that too. So thank you so much for tuning in everybody. If you would like to learn more about Owendenny digital, feel free to jump onto this podcasts job notes or sorry, podcast show notes.

And then go through and click any of the links there. We offer a free 15 minute friendly chat. To see what you are about what we’re about and see if we can help you. But if you know that you need to engage a direct response advertising agencies to support your growth in your SaaS product or your online product.

I hit that link. Book of growth diagnostic, and we’ll see you on the call guys. It’s been a pleasure. Thank you so much for tuning in, have an amazing day and be well. Talk soon.



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