Too Many Chiefs, Not Enough Indians and Definitely No Leaders

Let’s be frank, who hasn’t heard the saying “Too many Chiefs, not enough Indians”?

When was the first time or even the last time you heard this?

Was it in your local sporting club? Was it in your first workplace? Was it whilst you were getting your legs waxed at your beauty therapists home?

The craziest thing about this one phrase is that it doesn’t just apply to those higher in the pecking order of the organisation. More often than not, it’s often senior management in large enough organisations which point the finger at middle management or team lead positions. Then, on the other side of the coin, you hear from the coal face that the company or the project is too ‘top heavy’ with nowhere near enough resources on the ground completing the works that are essential for timely completion.

So what brings this about?

Are we acting in our own best interest right now?

Are we acting in the best interest for the company?

Are the current business decisions being made right now aligned with the long term vision of the organisation?

Are all actions being communicated effectively?

Honestly, it only comes down to one sole reason why we hear and see disengagement within this scenario.

Honestly, it is a simple fix.

Honestly, it must be made a habit practiced each day until made habitual.

The scary part is, of course, is that we often disassociate it from our actions in order to protect or retract in scenarios which scare us.

Leadership. We need YOU to lead.

We need leaders, congruent leaders. We need those who have installed the organisations vision into their neurological firmware that act in accordance with how the business operates. We need you to communicate clearly, effectively and directly the challenges you face and we need you to resolve them. We need you to pull your finger out when things are tough and we need you to reward your team when things are great. You may not be in a managerial or leadership position, yet you must take ownership and responsibility of your tasks by excelling at what you do best.

In a world of leaders, there is a story worth following. In a world of leaders, there is an awe-inspiring message worth spreading. In a world of leaders, there are tribes of people understanding who you are and why you are worth their commitment.

It’s easier and ever to be a writer on the internet (look what I’m doing now) and it’s even easier to have your say. However, you need to ask yourself whether you are giving your thousand true fans something they want? Are your words, thoughts, heart and actions aligned with their approach to the world?

‘The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives’ – Tony Robbins
So, what are you going to do?

Are you going to communicate congruently with your team?

Are you going to act in the best interest of the Business Model, Strategy and Project?

Or, are you going to act in the best interest of yourself and be labeled an unnecessary chief amongst the indians?

Well, let’s just say I know where I would rather be.


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