The Ten Minutes That Changed Everything

Let’s face it, we are all creatures of habit but that doesn’t necessarily mean that all our habits are good or nourishing for us. As you read this article right now, what has brought you here today is the sum of all your previous experiences and decisions.

As a Project Manager, I’m always looking for the latest ‘life hack’ to optimise my daily performance; whether that be in my technical, physical or personal life. This ever yearning desire for excellence has led me to reading over fifty books a year across Project Management, Leadership, Personal Development, Philosophy, Finance, Communications, Entrepreneurship and Health. With the relentless amount of content I cover, I stumble upon so much information which enables me to continuously sharpen my saw. However, only recently I stumbled upon something which has brought immense impact in my life and I’ve only been practicing this for two weeks.

Do you wish to be more productive at work?

Do you wish to lead with heart and courage?

Do you wish to have impact?

I stumbled upon a short clip by Personal Development leader, Bob Proctor, which laid out a short yet powerful routine to begin your day. I was sceptical at first, (and I mean very sceptical), but the results of the last two weeks have been astounding…

In fact, I don’t even know if I’m the same man I use to be. My house and office have never been cleaner, my productivity has skyrocketed, my relationships and ability to establish rapport with stakeholders has increased, and the outcomes in both my career and personal life have significantly improved.

So if this sounds like something you desire in your life right now, perhaps you best give the following routine a try immediately after you rise in the morning.

When you write down and consciously acknowledge what you are grateful for, your mind unconsciously shifts and you start to see how lucky you are. And, even better, how much opportunity there is in this big wide world. Start off writing about the small things like having toes, fingers, eyes that can read the article and maybe even work your way up to having electricity or running water.

Here’s the tricky and uncomfortable part. You need to write down three people’s names which you either hate, dislike, don’t get along with or feel that they have short changed you in the past. This could be your ex-wife, a failed business partner, a bully from high school or even a guy that you just never got along with. It can be everybody, but you are more likely than not to gravitate to usual suspects.

What you now need to do is close your eyes and relax. Start breathing deeply and whilst you do that, consciously run an internal dialogue in your mind. The dialogue must be directed to the person’s that you are sending love to and this is critical. Think as if they were in the room. How would you express forgiveness to them? In what way would you thank them? Why do you want the best for them in their future endeavours?

Once you’ve run through this internal dialogue in your mind for the three people, you need to consciously focus on the stillness and peace. With practice, you can remove yourself completely from the business of the world. Once you feel as if you’re ready, open your eyes. Notice a difference?

With this new found clarity, you will know exactly what you need to do in your day. Write down every single detail in your To-Do List including who you’re meeting with, where are you having lunch, what exercise you’re doing, what projects and tasks are being worked on etc.

Either you run the day or the day runs you – Jim Rohn
As you go throughout your day and complete all your items, cross them out or tick them off. Not only will you have done the tasks you want to have done, you’ll develop a mindset of productivity and optimism which is infectious to all those that are graced with your presence.

Do you want to feel closer to your team? Do you want to get the best outcomes in your personal life? Do you want to feel life again? Nothing is stopping you. The power of being mindful every single day is tremendously undervalued by modern society, and it’s only now that the largest organisations are implementing such programs for their senior leaders.

If you have a morning routine which powers you through your day, I’d love to hear from you. I encourage to give this a try, and when you do, please share this amongst your Linkedin Network and Friends. Let’s work on being the best version of ourselves every single day.

Be mindful. Be congruent. Embrace it.

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