The Proof Olympics: The 10 Disciplines Of Believability You Must Master To Convert More Customers

The-Proof-Olympics-The 10 Disciplines-Of Believability You Must Master To Convert More Customers

Wondering why your customers are hitting your landing pages and they’re not becoming customers?

More often than not, you’re sitting on an awesome product. You know it, I know it, and your mom knows it. So why aren’t people buying?

The answer is social proof.

People want to see that other people have used your product and loved it before they’re willing to shell out their hard-earned cash.

Think about the last time you made a big purchase. Whether it was a house, a car, or even a pair of shoes, you probably did some research first.

You read reviews, talked to friends and family, and looked for any indication that this was a good purchase. And if you didn’t find that social proof, you probably didn’t make the purchase.

The same goes for your potential customers

If you’re not incorporating social proof into your marketing strategy, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to increase conversions and sales.

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon that occurs when people are uncertain about a decision and looks to others for guidance. In other words, it’s the influence that other people have on our decisions.

There are many forms of social proof, but some of the most effective include testimonials, reviews, case studies, expert endorsements, and customer testimonials.

When used correctly, social proof can be an incredibly powerful tool to increase conversions and sales.

In Today’s Episode of Open Source Growth, we explore the 10 Disciplines Of Believability You Must Master and incorporate into your business to increase leads, conversions and sales.

Show Timeline

00:00:00 PROOF OLYMPICS: The One Thing You Need to Make People Believe in Your Products!

00:01:13 HARNESSING BELIEVABILITY: How to Use Video Testimonials to Skyrocket Your Sales!

00:01:58 CREATE VIDEO TESTIMONIALS, PRODUCT DEMOS, BEFORE/AFTERS: The Secret Formula to Persuade Your Prospects!

00:04:13 TRANSFORMATIVE BEFORE-AND-AFTERS VIA FACEBOOK ADS: Get Ready to Blow Your Competitors Away!

00:05:38 COUNTING TOOLS FOR PROOF: Discover the Tools You Need to Create Credibility and Boost Your Sales!

00:06:41 INCREASE PREDICTABILITY WITH REVIEWS: How to Use Reviews to Make Your Prospects Trust You!

00:08:51 GROW YOUTUBE PRESENCE FOR REVIEWS: The Ultimate Guide to Using YouTube to Build Your Social Proof!

00:09:55 GAINING PRODUCT REVIEWS, SOCIAL PROOF: How to Get More Reviews and Make More Sales!

00:11:14 INCREASE CREDIBILITY WITH TESTIMONIALS: The Ultimate Tool to Persuade Your Prospects and Close More Sales!

00:12:42 GROW BUSINESS COST-EFFECTIVELY: SOCIAL PROOF: Learn How to Use Social Proof to Take Your Business to the Next Level

00:14:14 SHARE STORY, EXPLORE OPTIONS, STAY WELL: The Essential Guide to Building Your Brand and Boosting Your Sales!

Hey everyone, it’s Dean here and this open source growth and in today’s episode I want to talk to you about the Proof Olympics.

Now, this isnt to be confused with the real Olympics in a form of games for that matter. Shout out to the Aussies that are competing in absolutely crushing it over there, including Kristina Clonan, a girl I used to ride with when I was cycling back in the day, she’s now just won a gold medal in the 500 meter sprint on the velodrome, which is so darn cool. And why I’m calling today the Proof Olympics is that consumers need believability. Like they need to see your product working. They need to see it operational, getting results and seeing the program, the product, the widget, the service that you provide to do something for them.

Remember, we’re all talking about WIFM – what’s in it for me? Radio, you know what I’m saying? So if you can really demonstrate with your products and services, what they actually do, and then provide the visual proof, audible proof, or videos or graphics or reviews. You’re gonna be in a much better way. And in today’s episode, it’s all about harnessing and bolstering your believability.

So what can you go about slapping on your website, injecting into your Facebook Ads? Talking about or making sure it’s part of your organic ecosystem to ensure that people actually believe that you can help them. So I found 10 things you can do right now to go about increasing your believability, increasing your conversion rate, and making it a hell of a lot easier for your inside sales or your door-to-door sales guys to go about getting those deals over the line.

So number one, this is no secret video testimonials, reign Supreme. If you can get a video testimonial from any of your great clients who have had a transformative time working with you, do it. Plaster it everywhere. Video testimonials are the hot topic when it comes to e-commerce right now. From a user-generated content perspective, video testimonials are deserving for every sales page you’ve seen underneath the sun.

They’re great in your organic feeds, whether it be Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, whatever. But again, those video testimonials have to be part of your inventory of proof assets. So again, ensure that you go about getting these video testimonials each and every single day. So I’m talking over a phone call, Hey, would you be so kind to shoot me a video testimonial in lieu of X, Y, Z?

You can’t pay people to do a video testimonial. That’ll be completely illegal and against terms of service of the marketing world. But again, do something that you can see as a value exchange in order to drive those video testimonials. That’d be really, really handy. The next thing in terms of believability proof is actually showing somebody how your product works.

Like show them a demonstration. Like I know us in Australia, we’ve all grown up with Godfrey’s vacuum cleaners, and we’ve seen with Godfreys, although those examples of when people get the Hoover vacuum and it picks up a balling ball or so, Or people see I vacuumed one side of the carpet and it looks nice and clean, and then I used a crappy vacuum cleaner. It looks really bad, and that’s because I’ve got the super duper vacuum cleaner. A product demonstration can go a very, very long way. Now, if you can capture it in a video form and then stick it onto your landing pages to sell the products that you want to sell, you’re going to be in a much better place.


So if you’re an e-commerce store, just go about ensuring that. Product video demonstrations are on your product pages to increase the believability, increase those conversion rates get more people adding to cart and therefore making more conversion sales at the end of the day. It’s a pretty simple process, which leads me to number three, the before and after photos.

Now, I know anyone who’s an organic fitness marketer, you guys be all up in here, let before and after photos. As much as we’d love to smash them on Facebook ads, just doesn’t cut it. Now, I do know that the before and after is being done exceptionally well by the man shake company. I’m not sure if they’re still running Facebook ads. But one little strategy I can give to you is if you wanna demonstrate a before and after video, what you go about doing is that alluding to someone’s had a transformation in the Facebook ad and driving the click, using curiosity to the landing page, where you showcase actual transformation, you just can’t do the before and after video or photos and slapp ’em together and enjoy them and shit. You just can’t do that in the Facebook ad. But again, the before and after has been the weight loss 101 marketing secret of all time. Go about slapping that into your, your challenge pages and all that stuff, and you’re gonna be in a much better way And check out ManShake. They do it exceptionally well. Number four, screenshots. Now, these are so falsified in the e-commerce agency drop shipping world. Like you have absolutely no idea how many people are duping you with recycled screenshots. Like I’ve seen so many IG Instagram influencers showcasing that you can get rich quick with Shopify dup, uh, dify you, you with these damn screenshots.

Again, be skeptical. Word of caution. Just make sure that you see the screenshots. See more inform. Do the phone call before you buy the guy’s product. You know what I’m saying? Just, you know, just do it guys. But again, screenshots are, are a currency. How many people have tried to sell me stuff for my agency to grow my agency with a striped bank account screenshot, or a Shopify, you know, point of sale screenshot or a number of calendar appointments booked in Calendly screenshot.

Like, guys, everyone has done it in some way, shape, or form, and you gotta just go about fixing that. The next one you could use, and this is number five, is a set of scales or anything that you can count. So weight loss isn’t an amazing market, is an amazing outcome for anybody because when you take phone or a certain of scales at one point and then a certain of scales, the next point, it’s before and after, just based on numbers.

And it, you can utilize photos of scales and the change of scales. You can then essentially show a before and after, and it’s kind of a cluey way to demonstrate the proof. Again, we’re here in the believability game, so again, using scales, using not just scales, but. Tools, which enabled you to count. So whether it’s a, a weighing tool or a money counting tool or anything, which seems like a system which people believe because people do believe systems more than reality a lot of the time.

So we get using some form of scales to demonstrate or some form of measuring tool, and then having screenshots of that measuring tool in action, showcasing your transformation. That’s gonna be a way you can increase the believability and the proof of your product. Actually working.

Number six, the Google reviews. Now the humble Google Review is doing amazing things for my business. We’re doing a fair bit of Google My Business optimization at the minute, and we’re ranking so aggressively either three pack in my local area for things like Facebook advertising, digital advertising, AdWords services, AdWords Management, P P C.

You name it, this, that, the third, whatever, getting your Google reviews going is such a low touch, easy way to get your business scaling aggressively. Like it will make such a massive difference in your business. I can’t emphasize this enough. And there are platforms, tools, and third parties that you’re doing this exceptionally well. Like reviewer. That’s a great business. Can’t recommend that highly enough. Checkout reviewer, and that’s review. Invest time, money, energy, and effort into getting Google reviews for your business. It’s not only great in the three pack on Google, which is pretty much like the top of the search engine results page, but it looks up say, you know, sandals near me that you are the right of the top three places in the Google Map section.

The best thing about the Google reviews as well, that you can plaster that all over your website, all in your Facebook ads, all in your creatives, to again, increase stub believability and the proof that you can actually help people.

The next thing, which is kind of like the poorer cousin of the Google Review is the Facebook review. People still go to Facebook pages. People still engage businesses on Facebook. It is the truth. It’s not going away anywhere, anytime soon. So again, try and push people into those Facebook reviews. We’ve been Slack doing such a thing. I’m not gonna lie. It is a bit like the the carpenter’s porch here at Owendenny Digital.

That’s why we’re trying to have a crack at getting this podcast out to you in helping good people. But again, get some Facebook reviews, make that happen for you and yourself.

The next thing is kind of like a user generated content opportunity for you, and it’s about ensuring that your products get out to the hands of people who create YouTube.

YouTube’s the second largest search engine on the planet, and if your content or if your business isn’t on YouTube, you’re really missing out, including us. I’m guilty of this, I’m not gonna lie, but if you are not able to get your products on YouTube, In the hands of good people and they’re not able to go about doing honest reviews on YouTube.

You’re really, really missing out on a massive opportunity. Like I know when I’m looking at a product or I’m gonna buy something which is a high ticket product such as a car or a box of cigars, or a coffee machine, or a blender, or an appliance. I’m going onto YouTube to check out all I can around particular product.

Particular reviews and to actually see whether or not I’m gonna spend and invest the time edging into this. So again, those YouTube channels, one of those things that if you do it well for your own business, but then you ensure that other YouTubers are reviewing your products, you’re going to be in a much better place, in a much better way.

So again, somehow figure out a way to get those product reviews into your ecosystem cuz you can then embed them into your landing pages. You can embed them into blog posts, you can embed them into product pages, which will increase your conversion rate or your sales pages, you name it, this, that, and the third, whatever.

It’s going to help you out. The next thing, the as seen on now, this isn’t strictly proof, but it is a demonstration that you have credentials behind you. Now we live in a world where a university degree is becoming less and less relevant for people selling products on mass, unless you’re like a medical practitioner or an accountant or a lawyer.

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So the next closest thing we can use is have you been seen on any publications, any, any news sources, any magazines, journals, articles, books, whatever. Just ensure that you’ve got some form of social proof. Like for instance, I was featured in Blue Ocean Strategies website. I’ve been featured on the Channel seven news for one of my startups.

A couple of my other startups have gotten me onto 3AW. It’s got me to the local newspaper, it’s got me to their old sun. All those things enabled me as a marketer and a business owner to getting myself a point a, a place of credibility and again, increasing the proof.

And the last, but not least, this is an naughty, but it is a goodie. Get some written testimonials from your clients. So again, you’ve got video testimonials. The written testimonials do work just as well. To this day. Now with written testimonials, you can take screenshots of mobile phone conversations. You can have handwritten notes. You can have photos where your client’s given you a gift with like, oh, thanks for all the hard work.

You’ve done this. You guys have absolutely crushed it from a business, bloody blah, blah. If you’re in the B2B space, that would absolutely crush it for you. But again, like these are all things which could really, really help you grow. So there are 10 there, there are 10 disciplines of the proof Olympics.

Maybe that’s what I’ll call this episode. So you’ll see it in the, in the title of this podcast. But they’re all gonna really help you out, do something massive, enable you to convert more leads and convert more sales. If you do a lot of organic, it may increase the number of leads. It will increase the amount of reach, maybe.

Anyway, we can talk about organic marketing another day, but look, these are TED strategies you can go about deploying instantly right now in your business to go about increasing the conversion rates on your landing pages to get people to add more products to cart. In fact, you could even use a lot of these proof assets in your checkout pages.

Like I know Russell Bronson with ClickFunnels and a lot of his things, he’s starting to slap testimonials. Fill out your payment details here on that cart page is last through these social proof assets there, and it’s making a massive difference to his conversion rates. This isn’t just for your social feeds, this is for your product pages.

This is for your homepage, your long form sales pages. It’s for your checkout pages. It’s even for people who are taking your courses. People just need to believe that what you are offering them is actually going to work, and the more proof you can offer, the better off you’re going to be acquiring new customers cost effectively, and that’s what we’re in the business of doing.

Growth is a pretty simple business. It’s about determining who your target market is, putting a great offer in front of them, and then figuring out a way to get that offer into their hands most cost effectively, and then keeping that customer for a long period of time. It’s really quite a simple process, how to grow a business and then, oh, actually, obviously number five, build a team that can actually do the work.

But it’s all pretty simple at the end of the day. So if you liked this podcast, please like this podcast, share it. Do whatever you can in order to get this good gospel of direct response advertising out into your. We’re doing this for free because we love you, but we also love the people we attract and we can bring into our ecosystem to see whether or not we can scale their monthly recurring revenues to three x five x, 10 x and beyond what they were already doing.

So if that is you, jump on owendenny.com, fill out the form, go run through the type form. Tell me a little bit about you, cuz I’d love to know about you, your business, and if you’d like, we can even take up a free strategy call to see what you can do and how we can help you. So let’s take it all from there. I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode and stay well.

Catch you soon. Bye.


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