The Life Changing Benefits of Hiring a Facebook Specialist to Grow Your Business

Business owners are always looking to grow their business. And according to us, hiring a Facebook Specialist should be their number one.

Here’s why: Facebook Ads is hands-down the most cost-efficient and effective strategy in 2022 to grow a business.

By hiring a Facebook Ads Specialist, you’ll be able to tap into so much.

Think of unprecedented growth. Fresh opportunity. Better prospects.

Owendenny has been buying ads for years and knows how to get the most ROI out of your media budget.

In this article, we’ll make our case on why it’s vital you hire a Facebook Specialist this year to grow your business.

Why Do I Need A Facebook Specialist To Run My Facebook Ads?

Facebook doesn’t offer a “one-size fits all” approach to advertising.

Businesses need experts who understand the platform and how it works for industries.

They need this to create effective, relevant campaigns that get your business results.

Owendenny is your one-stop shop for Facebook Ads Management and Strategy. It’s our life’s work to get businesses remarkable results using Facebook Ads.

Through our transparent methods and focus on personalised attention, Owendenny’s approach will definitely grow your business.

How Can I Expect A Return On Using Facebook Advertising?

Our goal is to deliver outstanding ROI’s on our client’s investment in Owendenny.

We strive to provide exceptional customer service through dedication and transparency.

We provide detailed reports about what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and how it’s pushing the needle forward for you.


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So, We’re A Facebook Specialist. What Does That Mean?

It means we know what it takes to grow your business using the Facebook Ads platform.

Our team can offer an unparalleled level of expertise, experience and consistency when it comes to Facebook Ads.

We also work with passionate experts around the world helping businesses succeed online.

No matter where you come from or what time zone you’re in, our support is available for you at any given moment.

7 Unbelievable Benefits Of Hiring A Facebook Advertising Specialist

Benefit #1 – You’ll Get More Engagement

We know Facebook Ads inside-out.

We help you drive the right kind of engagement with your target audience. This, in turn, will result in more sales and leads for your business.

Benefit #2 – Your Content Will Reach A Larger Audience

When you run Facebook Ads to perfection, you’ll find out how cost-effective the platform is!

You’ll get more post views, and your message will reach a larger audience.

Benefit #3 – You’ll Grow Your Business Faster & Easier

When you hire the Facebook Ads specialists at Owendenny, we can help you create great ads.

Great Ads do all the heavy lifting for your business growth goals.

A great ad drives engagement, generates quality traffic and great leads.  We can make all this possible with our tailored growth solutions.

Benefit #4 – You’ll Never ‘Overspend’ On Facebook Ads With Refined Bidding Strategies

If you run Facebook Ads with more new bidding strategies, you’ll rarely spend more than you can afford.

At Owendenny Digital, we live and breathe the nuances of the Facebook Ads Manager.  We know how to harness Facebook’s power of Advertising for our clients.

Benefit #5 – You’ll Discover Insights About Your Customer Beyond The Clicks 

It might look like clicks, comments, leads and likes to you…

But to us, it’s a river of customer insights ready to the taking.

A Facebook Advertising expert knows how to run advertising tests to drive results.

A great Facebook Ads specialist has a method, a system and process. With these, they can identify opportunities lying dormant.

In fact – they could be yours for the taking!

Benefit #6 – They Can Explain Exactly How Your Campaign Is ‘Really’ Going

It’s easy to track how well your campaign is doing with a specialist who knows what they’re doing.

An expert can tell you how many impressions, clicks and leads your campaign has generated.

They’ll also know exactly who those people are – what their interests are, where they live, if they speak English or not, what time of day they’re most active on the social network…

…and that’s only the beginning!

By working with a Facebook Ads Specialist like us, you’ll get more than a gut feel about whether your campaigns are performing.

Benefit #7 – They’ll Help You Find Your Customer On The Facebook Platform

This is a big one.

Businesses are naive to think that their target market isn’t on Facebook.

They ‘might’ not be on Facebook in a professional capacity. But it’s almost certain that they have a personal Facebook account.

By using ‘interest’ targeting or technical features such as ‘lookalike audiences’, Owendenny can help you determine what your customer looks like.

In fact, we can identify the dream avatar you’re eager to attract who’s in-market and about to make a decision!

Now that, ladies and gentleman, is powerful stuff!



How Much Does It Cost To Work With A Facebook Specialist?

There’s no set fee for Facebook Advertising.

Remember: You get what you pay for.

And we’ve all heard the saying ‘If you pay peanuts, you end up with monkeys’ – right?

Well, the same applies with hiring a Facebook Ads Specialist!

A Facebook Specialist will charge either a fixed fee retainer, per month or per project.

But, there are new ‘Pay-Per-Result’ and Commission-based structures emerging in the market.

These new partnership models enable growth marketing teams to enlist the best talent in the world for a fraction of the price by paying only for the results they get.

(And if you’re wondering what we do, that’s something we L-O-V-E to offer businesses like yours).

The best way to find out is by asking them how they like to work, what results you can expect and what their fees are.

What If I Can Do Facebook Ads On My Own? Do I Need To Hire An Expert To Help Me Get Better Advertising Results?

Many small businesses are doing Facebook Ads on their own. But, they don’t get the results that a specialist would be able to.

When you work with a specialist like us, you’ll also get:

– Accessibility  – They’ll always answer your questions and explain things in detail.

– Efficiency – Spend less or no time managing your ads and focus on other income generating activities.

– Accountability – They’ll make sure everything is up to your standards.

– Expertise – You can expect a high quality service, they’ve been doing this for years.

The best way to find out if hiring a Facebook Specialist like us would benefit you is by talking with them.

Why not check out our services page and leave an enquiry!

We don’t bite and every conversation we have is obligation-free!

Do Facebook Advertising Specialists Guarantee Results?

Many people believe that Owendenny is like any other digital marketing company.

But believe us, we’re different.

Why? It’s because we guarantee results.

We make the bold claims we do because we use proven methods and techniques for clients we can help.

We’re proud of generating a better ROI for our clients than almost everyone else who puts their hat in the ring.

Better still – you could be our next success story!

How Much Does Facebook Advertising Cost?

Contact Us Today and we’ll set up a discovery call with you to explore your options.

It only takes around five minutes and we’ll be able to provide you with an honest assessment of your requirements.

Just make sure you’ve got as many technical details as you can on hand!

Once we’ve completed our initial discovery call, we’ll determine whether we are for you.

If we’re confident we can make it work for you and your business, we’ll provide you a tailored solution that’s guaranteed to excite you.

How Does My Company Get Started With Owendenny’s Facebook Advertising Services?

Contact Us Today and tell us about you and your needs.

Once you do, one of our specialists will contact you shortly via email or phone call.

Alternatively – if you have an existing Facebook Ads campaign, we offer a free Video Review to provide you with insights and solutions for growth.

In Conclusion

If you have a small or medium business, then it’s likely that Facebook is the best way to reach your customers.

But if you don’t know how to use this powerful marketing tool, you could end up losing money instead of making more.

That’s why we encourage every entrepreneur who wants their business to grow to hire us as their specialist for managing these campaigns.

Our expertise has proven time and again our clients have tapped into new growth by hiring us for all things digital marketing.

So, you know the drill. Contact Us Today and see whether you’re a good fit for your next business adventure with us!

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