Podcast Episode 2: The “Forgotten” Golden Rule Of Marketing


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Hey everyone. This is Dean Denny, the digital marketing gangster coming at you live for episode two of the Digital Marketing Gangster Podcast. Once again, this is completely Freed’s show and the whole show right here is designed on the fly. It’s low-fi, but it’s high impact and high value, and it’s all coming at you free.

The whole point of this. Is to actually showcase the digital marketing works. It’s a totally respectable profession, and also we’re gonna give you a lot of tools, a lot of ideas, and a lot of strategies that will ultimately enable you to grow your business online, offline, and. Do it as seamlessly and as quickly as possible without the hoorah and all the other bullshit that comes through in the digital marketing world.

So guys, remember there is absolutely no fee for this podcast. It is absolutely free. And all I do ask is that hey, if you do get something from this today, subscribe and share it with a friend and you know, spread the love. I would totally appreciate that. So guys, this is episode two. Let’s get started.

Guys, episode two, and I thought I would kick this one off with a bang. Uh, I thought, you know what? I recorded everything last night, so I’m gonna go just back it up again on a Sunday here in Toki. I’m walking along the beach at the moment. It is absolutely sublime and beautiful. I wanted to give you the golden rule.

In fact, I would consider this the forgotten golden rule of all marketing. Now, this does not matter if you’re an accountant trying to get more new clients, whether they be in a personal tax returns, business tax returns, or even some business advisory clients. This doesn’t matter, you know, this, this also totally applies to an e-commerce store. That’s, you know, they’re selling yoga products or yoga mats, or yoga headbands, I don’t know, applies to digital marketing agencies.

This, this totally applies to everything. Whatever you do, this applies to Amazon. This applies to Rip Curl. This, you know, um, this totally applies to even Lucky Chan’s Chinese restaurant out and on the Crown Promenade in Melbourne at the Crown Casino. And this is a really simple, yet totally integral truth that a lot of marketers just do not comprehend.


A lot of business owners just do not comprehend, and ultimately a lot of people just do not comprehend it. It all comes down to one small thing.

It’s pretty simple. Um, and it’ll probably offend you if you totally grasp this, and the truth is the unforgotten, well, not so much the unforgotten, but the totally forgotten gold rules of marketing is this. You are not the customer. Let me just repeat that again. You are not the customer. Now. Yes, you may use the product.

Yes, you may love your product. Yes, you may love how it changes people’s lives and hey, that’s totally cool. But unfortunately, at the end of the day, in my business at Owendenny Digital, we come across so many new businesses that come to us with a great business idea, and they show us how amazing their products are.

You know, they’re like, oh, this is terrific. Oh, this is fantastic. Oh, this is just so cool, you know, and we do this, that, and the third, and it’s really exciting and whatever. And I’ve created this free report, and I’ve created this trip wire, and I’m gonna sell them this, and then I’m gonna upsell ’em this, and I’m gonna do that.

That’s all great, but at the end of the day, they’re providing that service to that customer, but they’re not the customer. So of course they’re gonna be biased. Of course, they’re not gonna be able to see the forest from the trees because at the end of the day, they think they’re more important than the customer, and that is just complete fucking bullshit.

So what do you. Honestly need to do in order to overcome this as a business owner. Now,

there’s no real concrete answer to this, but understanding that you are not your customer ultimately underpins your entire marketing strategy. It ultimately underpins everything that you touch in your business. It underpins every piece of collateral, every piece of copy, every Facebook campaign, every Google search campaign.

And realistically, it’s, it is at the core. It’s, it’s everything. So without me going too deep and talking about all these certain things, that, and this, that, and the third, I want you to distill it all back to this simple concept. Now, a lot of people talk about the unique selling proposition of the business. You know, we’re an Australian company that does this, that and the third.

Or you know, we’re a new age accounting consultancy that uses the, the latest and greatest in all marketing methods to acquire customers. And we do this, that, and the third, you name it, whatever. There’s so much trash in our marketplace that indicates how unique and special we are, but it’s really not showing how you help your customer.

So I honestly feel that having a unique selling proposition and clinging to that is like wearing a pink tutu, an AC/DC top being tremendously overweight, showing up with a pink pair of Doc Martin’s boots with a green mohawk showing up to a bar and expecting everyone to love you.

Because you are unique and that’s complete trash. It’s not true. It’s complete bullshit. So instead of thinking of your unique selling proposition and trying to push that through all your marketing collateral, what I would be thinking, and I guess shifting your paradigm too, ultimately is as follows instead of thinking of a unique selling proposition.

I think the more important thing to do is to create a statement of value. Now, a statement of value is a pretty simple thing to craft, but to do it well will take a few hours. I’m gonna say it’ll probably, it might even take a few months for you to really dial in your messaging, to dial in how you help people and how you bring value to the marketplace.

Um, A statement of value could be something as simple as this. Just say you are a plumber, right? And you are based out here in Toki, near Bells Beach, um, in Australia on the Great Ocean Road. And just say, as a plumber, you help out, you, you help residential homeowners achieve success with their plumbing. So, and just say, your name’s Jack, and you’re Jack the Plumber, and that’s your business name.

So an example of a statement of value could be Jack the plumber helps moms, dads, and homeowners on the surf coast ensure that all of their water runs all of their heating, gas heating runs. And all of their, I don’t know, their toilets flush successfully 24/7, 365. You’ve got a pretty good understanding that Jack the plumber helps people ensure that their water runs and their toilets flush and all of the plumbing in their houseworks.

It’s nothing about, you know, oh, Jack the plumber. We are so great because we have a a three man team that all drives Silver Toyota HiLuxs and we use carbon fiber plunges and stuff. No one gives a shit about that. But what they do care about is how you can help them. So remember guys, there’s probably two big things here, um, on this podcast.

And this is gonna be a deliberately short one because again, uh, this is a completely low fire podcast. We’re doing this from literally an iPhone, but we are doing this because of the fact that. We want to be able to provide speed to you guys who do listen, and we want to be able to provide tremendous value, which is super digestible, which you can go about actioning and have little ideas and thoughts.


Plant it into your mind every morning when you pick up and listen to this podcast. So again, let me recap this. There’s really just two points here. The forgotten golden rule of marketing is that you are not your customer. Remember this, if you.. Just remember every single day, you are not your customer. And then number two, if you are not your customer, how do you help your customer?

So what you need to do ultimately is stop thinking in terms of a unique selling proposition. No one cares, but what they do care about is how you help them. So transition your unique selling proposition to more of a statement of value and try to come up with in one compelling sentence, how you help X person with Y problem achieve Zed success.

How do you help X person with Y problem achieve Zed success? So guys, that’s it.

Hey, and thank you so much for listening to episode two of the Digital Marketing Gangster Podcast. I am your host, Dean Denny, and I just want to cordially, invite you to subscribe to this channel on Spotify or whatever platform you decide to listen to this podcast. If this totally resonated with you today, I’d really, really appreciate you to do one extra step, and it’s totally simple, and all I’d really love for you to do is tell a friend about this podcast.

You know, I’m giving away some of the most overlooked, most underrated, most instrumental marketing strategies, techniques, and tactics on this podcast for three fifths of nothing. That’s right. This whole thing is absolutely free, and it’s because of the fact that I really wanna be able to help business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers, digital marketers, sales funnel guys, copywriters, you name it, this, that, and the third.

I want to help you all with the latest, greatest, and often the most cutting edge marketing strategies and techniques in order for you to grow your business. So guys, if you’ve got any other great ideas for this podcast, please send me a DM via Instagram. So jump onto Instagram, go at digital marketing gangster, and you will find me, or I’ll just type in digital marketing gangster and I should be the first thing that pops up.

Again, thank you so much for listening. It’s your boy D.O.D, Dean Denny, managing Director of Owen Denny Digital signing out on episode two. All right, have a cool one, y’all.



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