Plumber Marketing Strategies Revealed: How To Generate Plumbing Leads For Your Plumbing Business Fast

Today when a person needs something they search about it on the internet first and if your business is not available on the top internet searches then it means you are missing up on huge potential orders and customers. 

Whether you are new in the plumbing business or an old player in the game but unable to generate maximum high quality leads then you need to make some changes and gear up with some unique plumber marketing strategies that will generate maximum leads for your plumbing business and will take it to the new level of success. 

Keep on reading to learn the best strategies along with some handy tips and tricks to improve your Plumber Marketing plan.

Step One: Research Your Market:

Before jumping on the bandwagon to try everything, sit back and conduct thorough research on the various aspects of your business. The relative data collected will help you understand the need for repairing and maintenance needs in a specific area and the possible leads you could get. This will help you position yourself in such a place where you could attract maximum customers.

The market research also includes competitors’ research as it is very crucial to know what others in your business are doing. Take a look at their websites, their advertising strategies, and things that customers like and dislike about them. 

Pick The Right Design For Your Website:

People have a strong habit of judging a book by its cover. 

Make sure that your cover i.e., your website is attractive and eye-catching. A responsive design that is mobile-friendly mostly ranks better in Google searches. When people need a plumber they search for the best plumber near me online first. Make sure that you rank higher on their searches. Your website should have the following: 

  • Make the process of customers contacting you easier. 
  • The contact details should be available clearly.
  • Offer some free coupons and discounts on availing your service 
  • The website should be updated all the time. 

Step Three: Optimised SEO

SEO is the key to success in the digital marketing world. Research says that almost 80% of people search online before making a purchase which gives you an edge to reach more customers.

To win among the intense competition of the online world you need to use SEO as your shining armor. Use the right powerful keywords that most people will search about while looking for plumbing businesses around them. Like the words: best plumbers, plumbing company, etc. 

Step Four: PPC (Search Engine Marketing) Advertisements

Pay-per-click (Search Engine Marketing (SEM)) is the most effective digital advertising model. Here a monthly budget is set for an ad campaign and you only have to pay for the visitors who will click on your ad. You can: 

  • Spend wisely on a strategy that works
  • Reach customers who are most likely to place orders
  • Save a lot through an optimized Ad campaign.

Google AdWords is the most beneficial PPC advertisement platform with numerous options to promote your business. The ad campaign needs to be properly managed and assessed by trained experts otherwise the budget can skyrocket without any results. Contact us today for an obligation-free quote on our money-back guaranteed service. 

Step Five: Email Marketing

Do you know for every $ spent on email marketing can bring back around $40 and more?

This method is best to build a trusting relationship with your customer. You have an existing list of your customers’ emails. You can start by sending Plumbing related emails to them. Such as:

  • Promotional content
  • Latest offers and deals
  • Maintenance ideas
  • DIY methods
  • Extra information
  • Reminders etc

Your email marketing strategy has to be consistent and expertly crafted.

One email a month is not going to bring any results. The emails should be informative and helpful as once the customer knows that you want their best they will prefer you over others from major to minor inconveniences.

Step Six: Manage Your Online Reviews

Online reviews are the word of mouth that is trusted by most when considering a certain Plumbing service provider.

It is a proven theory that half of the people made their purchase decision based on online reviews about a business.

For this, you can send a feedback email to your customers linking it with your Google Business or Facebook page once the job is performed.

It’s an opportunity that does not require any investment so try to avail it as much as possible.

Step Seven: Start Creating Plumbing Content

Blogging about informative plumbing content can help you rank above others by over 400%. If that’s not enough then consider this: Small businesses that have blogs on their website can attain 126 % more leads than those who do not blog.

Feed your consumer with authentic information in your blogs that will make them feel empowered and well educated on the matter.

As people do not have much knowledge about this business so you can use it to your advantage and highlight the most frequent issues in your blogs. 

Step Eight: Generate Awareness With Facebook Marketing

When everyone is on Facebook why shouldn’t you take advantage of it?

Market your product among a wider range of people through creating a Facebook business page.

As Facebook is the most used social media platform, create a professional business page and build better brand awareness through your Facebook page.

As Facebook is the most user-friendly platform used by the majority, your chances of being successful are the largest here. The advantage you can enjoy here are:

  • You can directly communicate with your customers
  • Keeps you in the limelight
  • Is inexpensive
  • Is interactive and user friendly 

Need Facebook Marketing for your business? Our services are designed to delight. You can learn more about them here.

Step Nine: Keep On Remarketing Wth Facebook And Google Ads

When a person searches for something on the internet or visits a website they are shown the ads about it everywhere about it later as well.

This is remarketing, and it’s crucial you include it in your Plumber Marketing strategy.

With plenty of platforms for remarketing available, it is one of the greatest sources to generate maximum leads. 

Google AdWords lets you create remarketing campaigns to get you leads that convert into potential buyers. It brings the people to your online shop or website who search about your product on Google. They have a comprehensive Ad procedure to make you highlight on every platform possible.

  • Video remarketing- ads appear as videos on YouTube
  • Search remarketing- your ad will be shown when someone visits your website
  • Display remarketing- your ad is shown on other websites as well
  • Customer list marketing- upload a list of contacts and when such people will log into their Google accounts your ads will be shown to them

If Google Ads isn’t your thing, you can always use Facebook Ads to remarket your customers as well. In fact, we often include this in our packages tailored to the plumbing services businesses. Contact us today to find out how we can implement this for your business.

Step Ten: Seal the Deal

Lead generations are the way to success for online plumber marketing. If you want to see a rising trend in your business profits then you need to use the best plumber marketing strategies and leads as efficiently as possible. The results might not start to appear immediately but they will appear with time. Study the market little by little and then invest accordingly in the relevant fields.

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