Painter Marketing Explained: Go From Zero To Local Hero With Google Ads

Most painting companies understand why Google Ads is an essential subject to them. They are always looking for methods to grow their client pool.

Google Ads, a pay-per-click form of advertisement, will enable painters to see the positive result of getting clients.

Recognising Google ads is essential for painter marketing and all businesses.

Google Ads is a handy advertisement tool since it provides instant outcomes.

When you desire to drive your business, you should run Google Ads and switch them on and off as required. There’s simply no better alternative when it comes to user intention. It enables businesses to run Ads directed at certain buying activities.

Four Important Concepts

There are four basic ideas you should know before running Google Ads in your painter marketing strategy.

  1. Customer Control

One crucial thing to know is that people who are researching now have authority over their purchasing behavior. According to studies, customers know up to 75% of what they want to buy before finding a brand or company. Clients pick companies they would like to connect with by searching online, social media, and other methods. The reality is they are not associated with the company entirely until the buying process.

  1. Convenience

When customers require results instantly, Google Ads becomes crucial. When performing painter marketing campaigns, you should consider convenience. With the availability of the internet at all times, clients can conduct Google searches that favor them. Rolling an Ad throughout the night may be why a prospective client comes to know about your painting services, then reach you for more details.

  1. Urgency/ Timeframe

Requiring a painter is never critical, though some instances may need instant attention. They include relatives visiting the city, holding a party, and buying or selling a house. In addition, the urgency should be considered if you want your business to be seen online through organic or paid search.

  1. Micro-Moments

Some things happen in life that revives other thoughts, which are known as micro-moments. For example, if a prospective client decides a time to change their house, they go to Google and search for home services. While searching, some clients wonder whether they’ll afford it, whether they need assistance renovating, and how much the project will cost them. These are crucial micro-moments that Google has discovered for the home improvement field.

Why it is Important to use Google Ads for Painter Marketing

Get Instant Results

So, what is the role of Google Ads?

First, it is evident that Google Ads can provide your painter marketing business with instant results.

You can find yourself ranking high on Google by paying some amount.

It, therefore, becomes an Ad and not an organic search.

Second, when you’re pressed with the desire to improve your business, you can make that happen by paying Google to run Google Ads for you.

Intention Driven – Focused on Purchasing Decisions

You can do an exceptional job by concentrating on intention-driven activities.

You can achieve that by running ads directed at particular buying patterns.

Google is basically the king with matters objective.

When a person is ready to buy or is prepared to make purchasing choice, it is vital to use Google organic search or Google paid ads, and nothing can defeat them.

Advertising on Facebook is excellent, but it cannot compare with Google Ads regarding alterations when a person is ready to buy.

Cheap way to text messaging.

Another overlooked feature of Google Ads is its ability to offer an affordable way to assess your messaging.

By looking at how your Ad copy and advert headlines are performing, you can see which messages are performing better for your painter marketing campaigns. Running different Ad types to assess Ad titles and ad copy is a crucial feature of Google Ads.

It can also help minimise cost per click as it improves change – conversions from messages, phone calls, or forms to your business.

Google Ads Feed SEO

This is a huge chance that most people don’t utilize. However, if you’re going to consider Google Ads, it plays a huge part in your organic search ranking and how it’s going to function.

You’ll gain more knowledge by implementing Google Ads and including the right keyword phrases used to run Ads related to painter marketing to achieve results.

Therefore, ensure that you fire these keyword phrases on your organic search engine optimisation policy.

Manage when you get your leads

Painters have better seasons for their business throughout the country. One good thing about Google Ads is the ability to turn them on or off when desired. This depends on the seasons (summer requires exterior advertisements, whereas winter is ideal with interior Ads). However, if you have a backlog and don’t require leads, you can switch your Google Ads off.

Google Ads: Using Pay-Per-Click to Generate Painting Clients

Introducing Google Ads to your painter marketing campaigns increases your client demand.

PPC campaigns are paid on cost-per-click formulae; therefore, creating a campaign that aims at the correct keyword and search phrases is essential.

Each click costs money, whether or not the person converts into sales or gets away from your site.

It starts with the smart keyword research method.

Once we realize that the right words create a good amount of searches and indicate buying intention, we then formulate our campaigns surrounding every prospective keyword.

Each keyword requires ads that are created around them, including those keywords in the ad heading and the ad copies that take the biggest part in your quality score (QS).

Therefore, the greater your quality score, the less your cost-per-click and many views your painter marketing ads will get with upper rankings.

The landing page that every click is directed to also influences your quality score directly.

The words, which include the heading and copy – should be appropriate and incorporate the objective keyword to get the most outstanding quality score imaginable.

Therefore, the web design of your painting company is also essential.

Wrapping It Up

After reading this article, we’re sure you now understand why both SEO and Google Ads should form part of your painter marketing campaign. If you think you’re in need of a new painter marketing strategy for your painting business, contact us today. We are the finest Google ads management agency in Melbourne with having decade of experience and we’ll organise a time to help you explore your options.


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