MortgageHQ Case Study:

Transforming MortgageHQ’s Online Courses Into A ‘Free Clients’ Machine With Revenue-Driven Direct-Response Advertising.

Client Overview

MortgageHQ is a leading company that specialises in providing tailored mortgage advice and services for the Kiwi property market. They have extensive knowledge of the unique New Zealand real estate landscape and are committed to helping individuals and investors navigate mortgage acquisition and management.

Their mission is to empower clients to make informed decisions that align with their financial goals and property investment aspirations. With a team of experienced mortgage advisors and industry experts, MortgageHQ offers personalised solutions and strategic advice based on each client's specific needs.


However, MortgageHQ’s Marketing Department, led by Timothy Brown, faced significant challenges in achieving their goals.

Their main objective was to successfully launch and expand their property investment e-commerce initiatives, particularly online courses to offset their advertising spend while acquiring clients for free (i.e. the qualified course completing students).

Unfortunately, they struggled to effectively use Facebook and Google Ads, resulting in high lead costs or unspent budgets.

These obstacles hindered the team’s ability to achieve desired outcomes. Recognizing the urgency, MortgageHQ sought assistance from Owendenny Digital.

By partnering with Owendenny Digital, MortgageHQ aimed to overcome their challenges, improve their marketing efforts, and realise their vision of a thriving property investment course that created ‘free clients’ like clockwork.

Goals And Measures Of Success

MortgageHQ had clear goals to achieve and specific ways to measure their campaign’s success.

Their main objective was to improve their return on investment (ROI) from online products, allowing them to offset advertising expenses and drive more leads to their mortgage brokerage.

This would enable them to allocate more resources for business growth.

Clever, right?

Recognizing the need for expertise, Timothy Brown sought a Direct-Response Advertising Specialist to efficiently scale their company using Facebook and Google Ads.

In addition to the primary objectives, MortgageHQ wanted to gain insights into customer behaviour and the factors influencing their product investments.

They asked Owendenny to support their growth by:

1) Optimising landing pages to increase conversions.

2) Conducting research on psychological insights to enhance messaging and strategies.

3) Creating, running and optimising digital advertising campaigns that reduced the cost of their cost per lead and cost per course purchase.

4) Utilising detailed ad reporting to track their marketing performance.

5) Exploring new emerging ad channels to expand their reach.

Measures of Success:

✅ Improved return on ad spend (ROAS) for online products.
✅ Successful cost reduction and increased lead flow.
✅ Increased marketing budget for scaling.


Owendenny Digital developed a targeted strategy to help MortgageHQ achieve their goals.

The key elements of the strategy were:

Marketing Channels:

The agency focused on Facebook and YouTube to reach the target audience effectively.

Personalized Messaging

Compelling messaging was created to tap into the mindset of the Kiwi property investor, build trust and highlight the value of MortgageHQ's online programs.

Creative Concepts:

Engaging visuals and persuasive copy were used to capture the audience's attention and drive action.

Landing Page Optimization:

The agency improved the landing pages to enhance user experience and increase conversions.

A/B Testing and Iteration:

Different variations were tested to optimise performance and make data-driven improvements.

Insights and Reporting:

Detailed reporting provided valuable insights for ongoing campaign adjustments.

Through this strategy, Owendenny Digital aimed to improve ROI, generate more leads for the mortgage brokerage, and support MortgageHQ's business growth by effectively engaging the target audience


Key Strategies:

The results were impressive, with increased ad spend, online revenue, ROAS, online sales, and leads.

The cost per lead (CPL) for the main lead type decreased, indicating improved efficiency.

By implementing effective strategies, Owendenny Digital successfully helped MortgageHQ achieve their marketing goals and witnessed significant improvements in key metrics.

Analysis and Optimization:

Owendenny Digital analysed and optimised the campaign for better performance.

Landing Page Enhancements:

Landing pages were improved for higher conversion rates.

A/B Testing and Iteration:

Rigorous testing and refinements were conducted to maximise effectiveness.

Monitoring and Reporting:

Detailed reports guided data-driven decision-making and adjustments.

After an extensive search among 12+ agencies on our shortlist, we chose Owendenny to handle media buying on Facebook, Google, and YouTube.

This decision proved to be fantastic as it allowed our internal team to focus on high-value strategic work while entrusting the buying process to skilled professionals.

We were delighted to find an agency that worked alongside us instead of attempting to take over our entire marketing department. The collaborative approach was refreshing and fostered a strong partnership.

Within six months, Owendenny achieved significant milestones while scaling our advertising spend by 64% – a coveted accomplishment in the digital marketing realm. As many know, scaling often leads to increased costs per result.

Here are the impressive results we attained:

  • Reduced cost per lead (CPL) by 16%
  • Increased return on ad spend (ROAS) by 41%
  • Boosted lead volume by 48%
  • Enhanced online revenue by 121%

Owendenny’s expertise and efforts not only delivered remarkable performance improvements but also allowed us to allocate more resources efficiently.

Their contributions were instrumental in driving our success and solidifying our trust in their capabilities. We highly appreciate their dedication and partnership throughout the process.”

Timothy Brown, Marketing Manager, MortgageHQ


When working with the client, Owendenny Digital followed a structured process to address the challenges faced and drive successful outcomes. 

The key steps involved in our process are as follows:

1) Thorough Facebook Ad Account Audit and Analysis:

  • The first step was to conduct a comprehensive audit and analysis of MortgageHQ’s Facebook ad account.
  • This allowed us to identify any underlying issues and gain a deep understanding of the account’s performance.

2) Crystal Clear Customer Avatar Development:

  • We collaborated closely with MortgageHQ to develop clear and well-defined customer avatars.
  • This helped us create compelling and targeted ad messaging that resonated with the intended audience.

3) Addressing Content Fatigue and Diversifying Creative Styles:

  • Our analysis revealed that the Facebook ad account was experiencing significant content fatigue.
  • To overcome this, we introduced long-form direct response copywriting strategies and video sales letter-style ads.
  • Additionally, we launched new campaigns to diversify the creative styles and capture audience attention effectively.

4) Improving Cost Efficiency and Driving Profitability:

  • The changes we implemented, including the use of long-form copy and new campaign approaches, led to a significant reduction in the cost per lead and cost per sale.
  • By making advertising more profitable, we helped MortgageHQ achieve better results and utilise their budget more effectively.

5) Expansion to YouTube and Multichannel Marketing:

  • Building on the success of the Facebook advertising campaigns, we expanded our efforts to include YouTube.
  • This enabled us to develop a multichannel marketing approach, leveraging the strengths of both platforms.
  • The expansion allowed for increased scale and predictability in generating results across multiple platforms.

6) Continuous Landing Page and Product Copy Optimization:

  • Throughout the process, we continually updated and edited MortgageHQ’s landing pages and product copy.
  • This iterative approach aimed to increase the conversion rate on each page, improving the overall effectiveness of the campaigns.

By following this process, we overcame the challenge of insufficient spending on Facebook ads, addressed content fatigue, and introduced more effective creative styles and messaging. 

The expansion to YouTube further enhanced our multichannel marketing approach. 

Continuous optimization of landing pages and product copy ensured improved conversion rates and overall campaign success.

Lesson Learned

The project with MortgageHQ provided valuable insights and lessons that can be applied to future projects. Here are the key lessons learned:

1) Thorough Analysis and Optimization are Vital:

Conducting a comprehensive analysis and continuous optimization of campaigns is crucial for achieving optimal performance. Regular monitoring and adjustments help identify areas for improvement and drive better results.

2) Customer Avatars Enhance Ad Messaging:

Developing clear and well-defined customer avatars significantly improves the effectiveness of ad messaging. Understanding the target audience's needs, preferences, and pain points allows for more compelling and targeted communication.

3) Diversify Creative Approaches:

Content fatigue can impact ad performance. It is essential to diversify creative styles, including utilising long-form direct response copywriting and video sales letter-style ads, to capture audience attention and maintain engagement.

4) Expansion to Multiple Platforms:

Expanding advertising efforts to additional platforms, such as YouTube, can offer new opportunities for scale and reach. A multichannel marketing approach allows for broader audience targeting and increased predictability.

5) Continuous Optimization = Results:

Ongoing optimization of landing pages and product copy is essential to increase conversion rates. Regularly refining and updating these elements can significantly improve campaign effectiveness and drive better outcomes.

6) Collaboration and Specialization are Key:

Collaborating with clients and leveraging the expertise of specialised professionals can drive better results. Focusing on core competencies while partnering with specialists allows for a more efficient and effective campaign execution.

By applying these lessons to future projects, we can enhance campaign performance, optimise results, and create more impactful marketing strategies for our clients.

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