A new way of agencying Introducing your modular marketing agency.

If you don’t have the budget for a full in-house marketing team? Or are struggling to find the right hires… This is exactly what you need. We’re all adults so I’ll cut straight to the chase, the 10 second pitch is quite simple.

You probably have a good strategic marketing plan in place?

  • We’re proposing to come alongside you, understand your strategy. Then select 1 or several expert team members to implement your plan. You can swap out these experts month by month or quarter by quarter depending on your strategic plan.

If you’d like an agency that can action your plan rather than try to take over, book a call.

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Execute your plan. Book a 25 minute resourcing call.
During the 25 minute call we will start:
After the call we will prepare costs to action any part of your plan. From there we can look at your monthly and quarterly objectives to resource your plan. Hit every deadline. Tick off every growth goal.

Fully resource your marketing plan

After the call we will prepare costs to act on unique parts of your plan. From there you can look at monthly and quarterly goals and prioritise what to launch first.

Does Modular Marketing Work?
Here is a story from little ol’ New Zealand.

Thanks to our awesome client from Auckland. They’ve agreed to share their numbers with you, but asked to have their name kept out of the case study as they operate in a highly competitive industry. When we met them their marketing manager had talked to 12 agencies struggling to find someone who would come implement their plan rather than shove a new strategy onto them. This is his words:
Our team of me, and two senior staff who helped with content, were struggling to do what we wanted each month. We were struggling to launch new e-commerce initiatives, and struggling to scale our PPC spending. I wanted to spend more each month (this is a uniquely NZ problem – the market is tiny).

The mission was to start earning revenue directly for our department from selling online courses. We believed this would lead to more qualified leads, and effectively subsidise our advertising costs.

The agency search was painful. I created a matrix in excel and created a list of 12 agencies, grading them on a variety of criteria. Eventually I met with 3, and chose to work with Dean from owendenny plus several of his staff depending on our needs.

The results were financially fantastic, but what I enjoyed was how it supercharged my internal energy. We finally got on top of work and were launching campaigns rapidly. We scaled our PPC budget, launched into new channels, and tested a huge number of campaigns.

With in 6 months we had:
graph modular marketing
Get results like these for yourself. Execute your plan.
Are you hitting every marketing deadline?
Or are you struggling to balance
‘business as usual’ with strategic marketing plays?

You probably have skilled team members, a solid marketing plan, and some fantastic internal resources. After all, no one is successful by accident. We don’t exist to reinvent your winning strategy, or shove a one size fits all approach down your throat.

We want to give you the power to run the marketing department of your dreams. Get exactly what you need, for precisely how long you need it, to achieve your goals.

How would you feel if you knew your plan would get expertly implemented?

Some marketing managers love to move all their BAU (business as usual campaigns) to our agency, leaving their in-house team to test crazy new ideas, or launch new products.

Others love having their marketing coordinators run the BAU, while they collaborate with experts to launch new campaigns or channels.

Most of our clients work with us quarter by quarter swapping between modules depending on their plan and priorities.

Do you have any good ideas that have got kicked from quarter to quarter without being launched because you are under-resourced?

Who benefits most from the Modular Marketing Agency?

Skilled marketers with vision and a great product can benefit most quickly from the modular marketing approach. If you have a solid plan in place, a good market-fit, but are struggling to scale… We can help you roll out campaign after campaign month after month.
Have less than $1MN of revenue?
We would generally encourage you into a more specific validation and early scale programme. But feel free to book a call, we will help if we can.

Do you have a skilled marketing strategist doing grunt work?

Imagine what sort of high value work your strategist can do when freed up from low value work. What would happen to their motivation, work satisfaction, and stress levels? Retain your key staff by providing them with the resources they need.
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