Mikro Coffee Roasters
Case Study:

Taking Mikro Coffee Roasters from low App Downloads to Soaring eCommerce Sales in Less Than 30 Days with Our Innovative Marketing Approach

Client Overview

Mikro Coffee Roasters, a well-established and highly regarded Australian coffee roaster and retailer, aimed to capitalise on their robust eCommerce platform and cultivate a larger user base for their mobile app.

Despite making several advertising endeavours, they encountered difficulties in generating substantial app downloads and driving sales, prompting them to venture into unorthodox approaches in order to overcome these challenges.


The primary objective of the marketing campaign was to revolutionise Mikro Coffee Roasters’ existing marketing approach.

The focus was twofold: to significantly boost the number of app downloads and to achieve remarkable success in terms of eCommerce sales.

Recognizing the need for a strategic overhaul, the aim was to implement fresh and innovative tactics that would captivate the target audience, entice them to download the app, and ultimately convert them into loyal customers who regularly made purchases through the eCommerce platform.

With these goals in mind, a comprehensive plan was devised to revitalise the marketing strategy and propel Mikro Coffee Roasters to new heights of success in the digital landscape.

Goals And Measures Of Success

Success would be measured by a notable increase in app downloads and a spike in eCommerce sales, along with a reduction in customer acquisition cost.

Drive App Downloads:

The primary goal was to generate a substantial increase in the number of app downloads. By implementing effective marketing strategies and captivating campaigns, the aim was to attract a larger audience and encourage them to download the Mikro Coffee Roasters mobile app.

Success would be measured by a notable surge in app downloads compared to the previous performance, demonstrating an expanded user base and increased engagement with the brand.

Boost eCommerce Sales:

Another crucial objective was to achieve a significant boost in eCommerce sales. Through strategic marketing initiatives, the focus was on driving conversions and encouraging customers to make purchases through the eCommerce platform.

The measure of success would be reflected in a considerable spike in sales revenue, highlighting the effectiveness of the revamped marketing approach in driving tangible business growth.

Preserve Mikro's Brand Image:

Maintaining Mikro Coffee Roasters' premium brand image was a paramount goal throughout the campaign. While pursuing increased app downloads and eCommerce sales, it was essential to ensure that the brand's reputation for quality, craftsmanship, and excellence remained intact.

Success would be gauged by the ability to enhance customer perception of Mikro Coffee Roasters as a prestigious and trustworthy coffee retailer, reinforcing their position as a premium brand in the industry.

Maintain Customer Loyalty:

Customer loyalty was a critical aspect of the campaign's objectives. In addition to attracting new customers and driving sales, preserving the loyalty of existing customers was imperative.

By delivering exceptional experiences, personalized offers, and maintaining a strong connection with the customer base, the measure of success would be reflected in the retention of loyal customers and their continued engagement with Mikro Coffee Roasters.

Overall, the campaign’s success would be measured by the achievement of these goals, showcasing the tangible business growth and enhanced brand reputation for Mikro Coffee Roasters.

Our Strategy

To captivate the target audience and create a powerful connection, we harnessed Mikro Coffee Roasters' 'Inner-Business Drama' (IBD) as the foundation of our marketing strategy. This approach involved crafting a compelling emotional narrative that resonated with potential customers. We highlighted Mikro's surplus of unsold coffee, a consequence of losing a wholesale customer, and their commitment to giving back to the community.

Central to our strategy was the development of a compelling offer: “Double your order for FREE.” This enticing proposition aimed to incentivize customers to make purchases and contribute to Mikro’s mission of community support. By doubling their orders at no additional cost, customers were not only gaining value but also actively participating in Mikro’s philanthropic efforts.

To amplify the reach and impact of our campaign, we adopted an unconventional ad buying strategy known as Alternative Objective Strategies (AOS). This multi-objective approach encompassed various campaign types, including Reach, Engagement, Video Views, and App Instals. By diversifying our objectives, we maximised the potential for customer engagement, brand awareness, and app downloads.

Through Reach campaigns, we aimed to expand the campaign’s visibility to a broader audience, ensuring that Mikro’s narrative reached as many potential customers as possible. Engagement campaigns encouraged active participation, fostering meaningful interactions with the brand and its message. Video Views campaigns allowed us to showcase Mikro’s story through captivating visual content, generating emotional connections and driving engagement. Finally, App Installs campaigns specifically targeted potential users of the mobile app, directing them towards downloading the app and experiencing Mikro’s offerings firsthand.

By implementing this multi-objective approach and weaving an emotional narrative around Mikro’s Inner-Business Drama, we aimed to engage and inspire customers, ultimately driving them to take action, make purchases, and download the app.

The Results

The campaign led to Mikro’s biggest sales month ever.

The outcomes of the campaign were nothing short of extraordinary, generating exceptional results and propelling Mikro Coffee Roasters to unprecedented success. Here are the notable achievements:

1) Investment in Advertising: A total of \$5,142 was allocated for Facebook Ads, strategically utilised to maximise the campaign’s reach and impact.

2) App Downloads: The campaign yielded an impressive number of over 564 app downloads. This surge in app installations demonstrated the effectiveness of the marketing efforts in attracting a substantial user base.

3) New Customers Acquired: The campaign successfully acquired 352 or more new customers for Mikro Coffee Roasters. The remarkable conversion rate of 62.4% highlighted the campaign’s ability to not only attract customers but also convert them into loyal patrons of the brand.

case study of mikros coffee roaster

4) Reduced Cost per Customer Acquisition: The cost per customer acquisition was significantly reduced from $82.35 to $14.00, showcasing the campaign’s efficiency in acquiring new customers at a much lower cost. This reduction in customer acquisition cost reflected the optimization of resources and the effectiveness of the revamped marketing approach.

5) Increased Return On Ad Spend (ROAS): The immediate Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) experienced a substantial boost, reaching an impressive 3.08. This metric demonstrated the campaign’s ability to generate valuable returns and achieve a favorable balance between advertising investment and revenue generated.

6) Expected Lifetime ROI: The projected Lifetime Return On Investment (ROI) for Mikro Coffee Roasters stood at an astounding 46.21 times the initial investment. This calculation indicated the long-term profitability and sustainability of the campaign, showcasing the significant impact it would have on Mikro’s bottom line.

The campaign’s resounding success translated into Mikro Coffee Roasters experiencing their biggest sales month ever. The record-breaking sales figures were a testament to the effectiveness of the revamped marketing strategy, underscoring its ability to drive tangible business growth and secure a prominent position in the market.

Mikro Coffee Roasters emerged as a frontrunner, solidifying its position as a leading coffee retailer and affirming the effectiveness of the innovative marketing approach employed.

Client Praise

Mikro Coffee Roasters couldn’t contain their excitement and delight when they witnessed the exceptional results achieved through the campaign. The tangible surge in sales and the impressive number of app downloads were cause for celebration.

The team at Mikro Coffee Roasters were thrilled by the way we skillfully showcased their commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and excellence while simultaneously driving substantial sales growth. By skillfully balancing these elements, we not only ensured their brand integrity but also amplified their sales to unprecedented levels.

Our strategic approach successfully resonated with their target audience, resulting in heightened loyalty, enthusiastic support, and an ever-growing community of passionate coffee aficionados.

We have loved playing our part in Mikro Coffee Roasters’ remarkable journey, where tangible success seamlessly intertwined with emotional engagement. The resounding praise from Mikro Coffee Roasters serves as a testament to the profound impact we strive to create in every campaign. With each accomplishment, we are driven to surpass even the loftiest expectations and deliver transformative results that leave our clients exhilarated.

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Our Process

Our approach seamlessly merged strategic planning with the art of storytelling, resulting in a powerful and effective marketing campaign for Mikro Coffee Roasters. Here’s how we accomplished it:

1) Our Unique Sales Copy Framework: To maximise the impact of our messaging and leverage Mikro’s Inner-Business Drama (IBD), we employed our unique 8-Step B-D-O-C-B-S-S-P Sales Copy Framework. This framework allowed us to craft a persuasive and engaging narrative that resonated with the target audience. By following a structured approach, we ensured that our communication was compelling, coherent, and aligned with Mikro’s brand identity.

2) Leveraging Inner-Business Drama (IBD): Recognizing the potential of Mikro’s Inner-Business Drama, we skillfully incorporated it into our storytelling. By highlighting their surplus of unsold coffee due to the loss of a wholesale customer, and their intention to give back to the community, we created an emotional narrative that struck a chord with the audience. This emotional connection fueled engagement and enhanced the overall effectiveness of the campaign.

3) Alternative Objective Strategies (AOS): To optimise our ad campaigns for multiple objectives, we implemented an unconventional ad buying strategy called Alternative Objective Strategies (AOS). This approach allowed us to diversify our campaign objectives beyond mere conversions. By including Reach, Engagement, Video Views, and App Instals campaigns, we maximised the reach, engagement, and visibility of Mikro Coffee Roasters’ message, ultimately driving both app downloads and sales.

4) Crafting an Emotional Narrative: We meticulously crafted an emotional narrative that appealed to customers’ hearts and desires. By combining storytelling techniques, Mikro’s Inner-Business Drama, and an understanding of their target audience, we created a compelling story that resonated deeply. This emotional connection served as a powerful motivator for customers to engage with the brand, download the app, and make purchases.

5) Data-Driven Strategies: While the campaign relied on storytelling and emotional appeal, it was also grounded in data-driven strategies. We utilised data to inform our decision-making, optimise ad targeting, and measure campaign performance. By analysing key metrics and insights, we could fine-tune our approach, ensuring that our efforts generated tangible results and a solid return on investment.

Through the seamless integration of strategy, storytelling, and data-driven techniques, we delivered a compelling marketing campaign for Mikro Coffee Roasters. Our approach effectively captured the attention and emotions of the audience, driving both app downloads and sales while maintaining the brand’s integrity and premium image.

Lesson Learned

This campaign underscored the profound impact of storytelling in marketing. We witnessed firsthand how the fusion of a compelling narrative with a data-driven approach can amplify the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Here are the key lessons we gleaned:

The Importance of Storytelling:

Storytelling is a potent tool in capturing the attention and emotions of the target audience. By crafting a compelling narrative that resonates with customers on a deeper level, we were able to forge a strong connection between Mikro Coffee Roasters and their audience. The emotional appeal generated through storytelling served as a catalyst for increased engagement, app downloads, and sales.

Synergy of Data-Driven Strategies:

The marriage of storytelling with data-driven strategies proved to be a winning combination. While storytelling created an emotional connection, data-driven insights guided our decision-making process, enabling us to optimise ad targeting, measure campaign performance, and make informed adjustments. The integration of data into our approach allowed us to fine-tune our strategies, maximise efficiency, and achieve tangible results.

Diversification of Ad Objectives:

Diversifying ad objectives can yield significant benefits. By incorporating a range of objectives such as Reach, Engagement, Video Views, and App Instals campaigns, we broadened the scope of our campaign and optimised results. This multifaceted approach ensured that we not only attracted potential customers but also nurtured brand awareness, engagement, and app downloads. Diversifying objectives reduced costs while maximising the impact of our marketing efforts.

These invaluable lessons serve as a guiding light for future campaigns, empowering us to continually refine our strategies and deliver exceptional results. By harnessing the power of storytelling, merging it with data-driven techniques, and diversifying ad objectives, we unlock new opportunities for brands to connect with their audiences, drive conversions, and achieve remarkable growth.

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