Propelling Melbourne Land Surveyors from Minimal Web Presence to Lead Generation Powerhouse with Strategic Google Ad Campaigns.

Client Overview

Established in 2006, Melbourne Land Surveyors (MLS) is a leading land survey and property development consultancy serving industries like town planning and construction across Victoria. Renowned for their precision and modern approach, MLS works closely with various council organisations to minimise red-tape, ensuring efficient project execution.

With over 50 years of combined experience and offices in Melbourne and Geelong, they utilise the latest technology to provide accessible, reliable, and stress-free services throughout Victoria.


Melbourne Land Surveyors (MLS) partnered with Owendenny Digital to bolster their online presence and client engagement via Google Ad Marketing. 

Their objective was to create targeted ad campaigns to attract new customers and reinforce relationships with existing ones, showcasing their services and expertise in the process. 

This case study explores how Owendenny Digital’s marketing strategies have enhanced MLS’s visibility, improved client interactions, and stimulated business growth across Victoria.


Goals And Measures Of Success

For Melbourne Land Surveyors, the primary aim of their partnership with Owendenny Digital was clear: to leverage Google Ads effectively in order to generate valuable leads. The focus wasn’t merely on quantity, but quality; they aimed to reach potential clients who would truly benefit from their extensive suite of property development services.

The success of this campaign was measured by a set of defined metrics:

Lead Generation:

The most straightforward metric of success was the volume of new leads generated through Google Ads. However, the emphasis was on the quality of these leads - the target audience was potential clients with a genuine need for property development consultancy.

Conversion Rates:

It was not enough to just draw in leads; turning those leads into clients was an equally important metric of success. An increase in the conversion rate indicated a successful alignment of the marketing strategy with the targeted audience's needs.

Return on Investment:

The ultimate measure of the campaign’s effectiveness was the ROI. By comparing the revenue generated from new clients against the costs of the Google Ads campaign, Melbourne Land Surveyors could quantitatively assess the value derived from their partnership with Owendenny Digital.

Website Traffic:

A significant increase in the number of visitors to the Melbourne Land Surveyors' website was another indicator of a successful campaign. This demonstrated that the Google Ads were not only reaching the intended audience but also successfully prompting them to learn more about the offered services.

Through these clear, quantifiable metrics, Melbourne Land Surveyors could effectively measure the success of their campaign and the value added by Owendenny Digital’s expertise.


In order to meet Melbourne Land Surveyors’ objectives, Owendenny Digital developed a comprehensive, multi-faceted strategy:

1. Audience Identification and Segmentation:

The first step was understanding who the target audience was and segmenting them accordingly. This included property developers, construction companies, and urban planning bodies within Victoria. By identifying the characteristics, needs, and online behaviour of these segments, Owendenny Digital was able to tailor the Google Ads campaign to resonate with the intended audience.

2. Keyword Research and Optimisation:

Owendenny Digital conducted exhaustive keyword research to understand what potential clients were searching for online. Google Ads were optimised to include these high-volume, industry-specific keywords, ensuring Melbourne Land Surveyors’ ads appeared in relevant search results.

3. Ad Creative and Messaging:

The creative aspects of the Google Ads were tailored to highlight Melbourne Land Surveyors’ unique value proposition – their experience, the breadth of their services, and their presence across Victoria. The messaging was crafted to appeal to the pain points and needs of the target audience, showcasing how Melbourne Land Surveyors could provide solutions to their property development challenges.

4. Performance Monitoring and Optimisation:

Post-launch, the campaign’s performance was continuously monitored and adjusted. By analysing engagement metrics, click-through rates, and conversion rates, Owendenny Digital was able to refine the Google Ads over time, maximising effectiveness and ROI.

Through this strategic approach, Owendenny Digital aimed to not only increase Melbourne Land Surveyors’ online visibility but to also convert this enhanced visibility into tangible leads and, ultimately, new clients.


Melbourne Land Surveyor’s Google Ads campaign led to impressive results.

Over the course of two years, from July 1, 2021, to June 30, 2023, the results were as follows:


1. Financial Performance:
With a total expenditure of A$28,157.16, the campaign successfully generated 987 high-quality leads, reflecting an excellent cost per lead of just $28.53. More importantly, these leads translated into a substantial pipeline value of $2,467,500 (assuming an average order value of $2,500 per project).

2. Lead Generation and Conversion:
In terms of lead generation and conversion, the campaign proved highly successful. The landing page’s conversion rate was an impressive 13.52%, indicating a strong alignment between the Google Ads messaging and the needs of the target audience.

3. Return on Investment (ROI):
The high pipeline value in relation to the campaign’s cost provides a clear indication of the excellent return on investment (ROI) achieved.

It's clear from the data that the Google Ads campaign implemented by Owendenny Digital resulted in significant lead generation and a substantial pipeline value. The precise targeting, compelling messaging, and continuous optimisation yielded a significant ROI for Melbourne Land Surveyors, marking the campaign as a resounding success.

Our Process

Working with Melbourne Land Surveyors, Owendenny Digital followed a structured yet flexible process, adapting and responding to challenges as they arose.

1. Discovery Phase:

Our first step was to immerse ourselves in the world of Melbourne Land Surveyors. We studied their business model, services, target audience, and existing marketing efforts. Understanding their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats allowed us to tailor a Google Ads campaign specifically suited to their needs.

2. Strategy Development:

Based on our findings from the discovery phase, we formulated a comprehensive strategy. This included defining target audiences, optimising keywords, developing compelling ad creatives, and preparing landing pages that convert.

3. Implementation:

With a solid plan in place, we launched the Google Ads campaign. We closely monitored the ads' performance, making necessary adjustments in real-time to ensure optimal engagement and conversion.

4. Analysis and Optimisation:

Through continuous monitoring and analysis of key metrics, we were able to identify what worked and what needed refinement. We optimised the campaign based on data-driven insights to maximise lead generation and conversion rates.

Challenges and Solutions:

The project was not without its challenges. One of the major obstacles we encountered was the diverse nature of the target audience. Catering to various audience segments, each with unique needs and behaviours, required us to develop multiple ad variations and adjust our messaging accordingly.

Through a combination of rigorous planning, creative problem-solving, and continuous optimisation, we were able to overcome these challenges and deliver a highly successful Google Ads campaign for Melbourne Land Surveyors.


Lessons Learned

Reflecting on the campaign, we gleaned several valuable insights that will inform our future projects:

1. The Power of Precise Targeting:

The success of the campaign underscored the importance of accurate audience segmentation and targeted messaging. Understanding the distinct needs and behaviours of different audience segments enabled us to create highly relevant and compelling ads. This approach will be central to our strategy in all future campaigns.

2. The Value of Continuous Monitoring and Adjustment:

The campaign’s success hinged on our ability to respond swiftly and effectively to the performance data. Regular monitoring and data-driven adjustments helped us maximise engagement and conversion rates. We learned that flexibility and adaptability are just as important as careful planning.

3. The Impact of ROI-focused Approach:

The significant return on investment (ROI) demonstrated the effectiveness of our results-oriented approach. Keeping an eye on the ultimate objective – generating high-quality leads that convert into valuable clients – ensured all our efforts were focused on achieving this goal. In future campaigns, we will continue to prioritise ROI to deliver the best possible results for our clients.

By applying these lessons learned, we’re confident we can continue to deliver exceptional results for our clients in their future digital marketing endeavours.

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