Strategists, Tacticians, Doers: The Owendenny Team

We don’t just make pretty websites and Ads. We make them work for your business.

Let's Begin With Our Strategists



Let’s face it. Dean’s the heart, soul and the little devil on your shoulder whispering “Do it” when you’re out on a Friday night.

With almost a decade of Growth Marketing up his sleeve, Dean enables our clients to generate more free trials, demos, and paying users through the fundamentals of Direct-Response Advertising and understanding human behavior.

Away from work, Dean’s found drinking coffee, reading books or collecting Cuban cigars. (He is the boss, remember).

timmy from best digital marketing agency in melbourne

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Every once in a while, you have to poach a team member.

But, it’s more interesting when you poach a client.

When we worked with Tim, we knew we were onto something special.

We recognized the genius, whipped out the elephant rifle, and brought him back to the office ready for the taxidermist…

(…ok, we’re kidding 😉 ).

As CMO, Timmy oversees all aspects of the marketing and our processes.

From developing customer avatars to messaging and positioning for each product and service. Timmy’s productising abilities are everything you ever wanted plus more.

Timmy loves Snowboarding, story telling (don’t add him on IG or you might get Haiku DMs), and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. But be careful – he’s a Kiwi, so he might try and take you out 😉

And Next, Our Direct-Response Advertising Tacticians


Head Of Web

Kathleen has been a digital project manager for over 7 years. Her role includes operations management, client relationship management, process development, and team leadership. Kathleen’s goal is to help companies grow by designing SOPs, execute best practices, and develop strategies that will take them to the next level.

Head Of Copy

There’s no smoke and mirrors here. Hannah is a copywriter by profession and a teacher at heart. She strongly believes in the power of words and their ability to change lives. Hannah knows how to craft a message that speaks to the deepest desires of your customers and compels them to take action.

Head Of Design + Development

Warning: If you don’t love a colorful turban, our company is not for you.
Harry, our brother from a Web Designing mother, is the gift that keeps on giving.
Not only does he design beautiful, conversion-optimized websites.
He’s also the genius behind our landing pages that get results.
When Harry’s not making the world a more colorful place, he listens to gangster rap and explores new fashion trends.
Along with that, he loves watching the Indian Premier League with his friends and family.

And Finally, Doers - Our Digital Marketing Ninjas


Facebook Ads

If Samuel could have any superpower, it would be to be able to clone himself.
Because he’s that good at Facebook Ads.
Seriously – the guy is a ninja.
He knows how to create results-driven campaigns and has helped our clients generate millions.
When he’s not working, Samuel enjoys going for walks with his family, reading, and worshiping the marketing gods.

will from owendenny digital

Google Ads

Rarely do we ever use the word ‘BEAST’ to describe a team member.
But with Will, there’s no other word that’s more fitting than that.

This guy knows Google Ads like the back of his hand and has helped our clients generate millions of dollars in sales through Google Advertising.

When he’s not working, Will enjoys playing touch footy, going to the beach, and watching Seinfeld (he’s a bit of a 90s kid).

banjo owendenny digital


Aiden is our TikTok Ads guy.
The guy knows how to create high-converting campaigns that get un-freaking-believable results.
And – all while being (and acting) a whole lot more Gen-Z than the rest of the Owendenny team.
When he’s not working, Aiden loves booking a cheeky holiday online, flipping NFT’s, and worshiping the marketing gods.


Marketing Assistant

Beverly is the glue that holds our team together.
She does a bit of everything and helps us keep on track.
By taking care of our loose ends that naturally arise in our day-to-day operations, she makes the world a better place.
In her spare time, Beverly enjoys dancing, going to the beach, and spending time with her family and friends.


Sales Support

Gem, oh what a firecracker she is!
This legend is one of the newest members of our team and is killing it in the sales support role.
In her short time with us, she’s done more than help us land great new clients.
Gem’s other main responsibility is to ensure the right kinds of clients work with us.
She helps us in assessing, researching, and determining whether your company is ready for rapid growth.
Outside of work, Gem loves spending time with her family and friends, dancing, and going to the beach.



Our ‘Nigerian Prince Of Print’.
Banjo is our international Copywriting superstar hellbent on getting your campaigns to perform.
The guy knows how to write copy that sells and has helped us generate millions of dollars in sales for our clients.
When he’s not working, Banjo is studying to pass his MBA, listening to music, and exploring the depths of his neighborhood.

And Of Course, How Could We Forget Our 'CGG'


CGG (Chief Goodest Girl)

When you jump on a Zoom or Google meet with Dean, you’re sure enough to see (or at least hear) Zoë rollin’ around his office.
At the time of writing this, Zoë is the team’s Standard Poodle puppy.
She keeps the team happy, empathetic, and ensures we don’t take ourselves too seriously.
In her spare time, Zoë loves playing with her dog friends, going on walks along the Geelong Waterfront, and eating (she’s a bit of a pig).

Got Great Marketing Chops? You're Welcome Here

If you’ve landed on this page to see whether working at Owendenny could be a fit for you. We look for subject/channel expertise over generalists, and you will need to be committed to idea validation through testing. If this sounds like you, we’re open to having a chat.

Send Dean an email (dean.denny@owendenny.com), outline how you think you’ll be a good fit for the team, and he’ll do his best to get back to you in 24 hours or less.

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