Want To Level Up Your Life? Find 3 Hobbies.

In this podcast, host and founder Dean Denny, discusses the importance of having three different hobbies to enhance your life and business. The first hobby should tap into your creativity, allowing you to explore new ideas and perspectives. The second hobby should focus on fitness, keeping you physically and mentally healthy to perform better in your business endeavors. The third hobby should be one that generates income, providing an additional source of financial stability while also offering a fresh perspective on your business.

Engaging in these hobbies not only adds color and balance to your life but also connects you with like-minded individuals who can support and inspire you.


Here’s what you will learn:

1) Balancing work and personal life: The podcast emphasizes the importance of having hobbies outside of work to prevent becoming too consumed by business. It suggests that focusing solely on work can lead to burnout and affect the quality of your work. It’s essential to find a balance and engage in activities that bring you joy and fulfillment outside of work.

2) Cultivating creativity: The podcast suggests that having a hobby that allows you to tap into your creativity can benefit both your personal life and your business. Engaging in creative activities helps you exercise your creative muscle and brings more vibrancy and inspiration to your everyday life. It can also lead to innovative ideas and approaches in your business.

3) Prioritizing physical and mental health: The podcast highlights the significance of staying fit and taking care of your physical and mental well-being. Engaging in a hobby that keeps you active and promotes a healthy lifestyle can have positive effects on your overall well-being. It can improve your focus, productivity, and cognitive abilities, ultimately benefiting your business performance.

4) Creating additional income streams: The podcast recommends having a hobby that can generate income. Having a secondary source of income through a hobby or side business allows you to explore new opportunities and perspectives. It can provide financial stability and a different lens through which you can view your primary business, potentially identifying new strategies or avenues for growth.

5) Building communities and connections: The podcast emphasizes the power of hobbies in connecting like-minded individuals. Engaging in hobbies can help you meet new people, form relationships, and join communities where you can share experiences and learn from others. These connections can provide support, networking opportunities, and even potential business collaborations.



[00:01:20] Winning is more fun than fun.

[00:02:08] Level up life with hobbies.

[00:06:18] Find creative hobby, get fit.

[00:08:20] Hobby for fitness, health, confidence.

[00:10:21] Find hobby, make money, feel better.


Hey, everyone. Welcome to open-source growth. I am your host Dean Denny, founder and director of Owendenny digital. And today guys, this is a unique podcast. This isn’t going to be one on software. This isn’t going to be one marketing. But it will influence your ability to launch incredible marketing campaign. So it will also enable you the opportunity to become a bigger and better version of yourself. Because one of the things that entrepreneurs and growth marketers and e-commerce business owners. Like we all just get totally obsessed with our businesses. Right. So it doesn’t matter. Whether you’re a freelancer, who’s aspiring to take their digital marketing agency from one person to five people. Or if you own a software company.

That’s you know, 20 people deep with you, but like 15 devs, a couple of marketing people, a couple of sales guys, whatever. Or your a accounting firm or even a fish and chips shop. It doesn’t really matter where you are. On your journey. You know, Running and growing a business can be addictive purely because of the fact that.

You know, winning is addictive and.

There was this really famous podcast by, um, Andy Frisella where they talk about. How winning is more fun than fun is. And. It got me thinking. The other day. Well,

If winning’s fun.

And winning is more fun than fun. I can spread a pretty dangerous message. Don’t you think? Because. What it can force us to do is just get totally. Completely and utterly obsessed with our businesses. But we can fail to focus on other things which are. Supplementary and. Other things, which I personally believe can make a bigger difference in your life.

See, I personally believe that. You need to have three. Different kinds of hobbies. To level up your life. And here’s why. See, if you’re just focusing on business. You can often just get so caught up in your own shit. And get caught up in the sales tent and get caught up in the marketing in, get caught up in the podcast.

Like the one I’m doing today. You can get caught up in your content creation or your products development or your. I don’t know your HR issues or whatever. And.

There’s this expression, which I’m a firm believer on that, you know, all work and no play makes Charlie adult boy. And it’s true, you know, if you watch. You know, The workaholic type business owners. And if they’re trying to run their marketing at the same time, More often than not the marketing style. It’s flat. It’s boring. And no one’s going to want to actually go back clicking on that content offer..

So far or that sales call or whatever. See, I personally believe you need three different types of hobbies because hobbies provide you with so much more energy, so much more life and so much more. You know, So many more colors to paint the palette. Of your life and paint the palette of your dreams. Now I’m not just using the word or the number three, just to be like, Hey, you need three hobbies. Go.

off and you know, Go create or go whatever, purely because of the fact that. Quite frankly. Um, it’s not like that. You need three different types of properties and each hobby needs to serve you. See, I personally have a few different hobbies and they also meet in unique ways and they’ve all together.

Enabled me to become a more complete person that enabled me to become. Uh, prouder person, someone who’s not just, you know, grinding it out, but also expressive and creative. And it’s enabled me to, you know, find real. You know, find that real like life force again. And I think if you’re feeling a bit flat, if you’re feeling a little bit out in that app, um, it down and out.

No, this could be the message you need here. In your life and I’m giving you permission. To follow your dreams and follow your heart. Yeah. So without further ado, what are these three hobbies? So. If you, I personally believe you need three different types of hobbies. You need a hobby that. Enables you to tap into your own creativity.

You need a hobby that makes you money. And you need a hobby that keeps you fit.

Now you could be thinking, oh, well, Sheesh. Why do I need these three things? You know, for instance, you might be an accountant. And you might be thinking, oh, well, I run an accounting company. Why do I need to be creative?? Well, quite frankly, you might need to be creative with tax laws. You may need to be creative with your marketing campaigns. You may be creative with your HR or your resourcing. You might need to be creative with.

Um, the way you coordinate meetings and. Figure out a way to wow. Your customers. So in hobby one, you need to find something which enables you to tap into your own creativity. For me. I love music. It’s no secret here. I love jazz and I love hip hop and R and B and soul music. And I love. Playing guitar. So, you know, if it was any given Sunday or any given weekend, you can find me composing and rehearsing and playing guitar and trying to learn new songs or figure out how to play something or whatever.

And with a hobby that enables you to be creative. Like there’s such beautiful tangential benefits. Not only are you able to exercise that creative muscle in your business, but it really does breathe life into your, into your everyday. Because if you think about it, you’re being creative. You’re actually.

Physically, like from the word you, by definition, you are. Taking things from concept and turning them into reality. So if you like, music’s my thing, but it doesn’t have to be yours. Perhaps you’d like to write stories, perhaps you’d like to, um, paint or you’d like to draw. Or you like to play with pottery?

Sculpt stuff like find a creative hobby and work at it every weekend. I’m not saying you’ve spent like all Saturday and Sunday constructing, you know, Furniture and tables out in the backyard or whatever. What I am saying though, is. Give yourself the permission to step away from the business and find a hobby that enables you to create, because you will see such incredible tangential benefits.

Inside of your business and it would just, it’ll just flow through and we’ll make you feel so much. More ease with everything. And we’ll give you confidence and self-esteem so. Get onto that guys. It’s a really incredible. Um, way to add the X factor to your business. The next one, which I’m sure that a lot of you already know is finding a hobby.

That makes you fit. Now, this is where. Yeah. Everyone knows that, you know, your health is your wealth, right? Like it can’t be said enough, especially when you are a high-performance founder. Business owner. Who’s trying to, you know, wake up early, stay up late work, long, hard, arduous hours. But the craziest part about this.

The longer you work, the fitter you need to be, not only do you need to be fit physically, but you need to be fit mentally as well. And, you know, When stress builds up, you know, you start seeing the mental cloud and the mental fog setting in. It’s not good. It’s not kosher. It’s not nice. And it’s really, really difficult because as your cognitive ability, declines,

Your tasks, the ones you. You know, 35, 40 minutes now take three fricking hours. That’s. It’s not efficient at all. So if you are thinking, well, man, I’ve got to get fit. Don’t just get fit for the sake of getting fit. Get fit for the sake of having a hobby. Now, for instance, my hobby is boxing. It used to be cycling, but I love boxing now. Like I’m obsessed with boxing. Um, you know, I would go box three to four times a week. I’d also go lift weights.

You know, three to four times a week in any given day, I’ve been a bit sick lately. So I’m eating to get back out there, but the reason why having a hobby, which that you get obsessed by and consumed by that heaps you healthy. Is that not only does it enable you to you. To get fit like with boxing, you ha you started developing nice shoulders and back muscles and chest muscles and arms, and you lose weight. You look good. You feel when you feel strong, you develop this reinforced level of confidence, but honoring yourself and making those personal commitments to yourself to get healthy, to get fit, to get wise.

It’s going to help. You and your business settings. For instance, with boxing, I now stand taller in marketing meetings. I’m I lead better. I’m. Better at dealing with conflict and, you know, there’s so much. I can’t really speak highly enough of boxing. It’s made a huge difference in my life. Um, but what I am asking you here is that if you don’t have a hobby, which gets you fit.

Look inwards and ask yourself if I’m going to play a sport, if I’m going to do something, which gets me fit. What would be good for me? Maybe it’s powerlifting, maybe it’s um, you know, doing like muscle comps or is it. Table tennis. Is it? Um, is it, is it, is it running? Is it cycling? Is it triathlon?

Um, look into something. That. You know, enables you to work on yourself, which forces you to get up early, to get to the gym. To clear your mind before the big day enables you to blow off steam, super crucial, like. If you think about ways in which humans can blow off steam. He can, he can take the health driven path, which is, you know, going out for a run, getting healthy journaling, all that stuff. Or you can take the not so enlightened path of, you know,

Doing drugs, it’s doing alcohol. Bitching with your friends, et cetera, et cetera. And that’s not going to help you out long term. So like find a hobby that keeps you healthy. That enables you to eliminate that brain fog. Enables you to develop some form of discipline and enables you to, uh, how do I say this enables you to get healthy, get fit.

And makes you look better. Uh, you’ll feel better and you’ll be able to step out into the world as a confident. Reinforced ironclad human being. And now this is the final one, and I think. That this is crucial because again, this makes you look at. The world in a slightly different way. See the last hobby that I recommend everyone have is a hobby that makes the money.

Now this hobby that can make the money. It doesn’t just have to be, you know, buying and selling real estate or buying shares or, you know, could be, um, you know, purchasing bonds or investing in other business. Stuff like that. Like, they’re all fine. They’re good ones, but it could be something as simple.

A simple though. Um, as unique as, oh, I have a hobby business. I have a little e-commerce store I do on the site, a little side hustle. You may teach guitar. You may teach clarinet. Um, you may, you know, you may, you may clean other people’s houses because you really enjoy being able to help out the elderly or whatever, but.

Have a secondary source of income through somebody that you really, really enjoy. You know, Like I’ve enjoyed. You know, trading on the stock market historically, and I really love that. I can’t wait to get back into that soon. AKI, you know, I’ve taught guitar on the side. I’ve sold dog biscuits to cafes on the side.

Um, you know, I’m just trying to think about all the other things I’ve helped out. I coach marketers on the side. You know, there’s a whole heap of. I would say, you know, heart led business that I do. Away from the marketing agency, because it enables me to see the world in a different way, but also.

Enables me to. How do I say this? You know, It recharges me because it provides me with something different from the business and trying to scale up. And, you know, if you have that additional hobby that makes you money, you start looking at things differently. For instance, just say you’re into buying and selling, um, company stocks. It enables you to look at your own business.

Through the eyes of a share trader or a fundamental investor or institution. Um, that does invest in companies. And you think, why would I invest in my company? Well, The balance sheet isn’t very good. Or I would invest in my company. I’d be throwing the house at it because my profit. Um, my profit to earnings ratio is so damn high, et cetera, et cetera. You know what I mean? So,

Finding that hobby that makes you money. Can also enable you to look at your own business with a new set of eyes. And enable you to find additional profits in your business, but you get to have a whole lot of fun along the way, too. Like it doesn’t really matter what it is, but just find something you enjoy. You might love restoring and selling furniture. You may love restoring and selling cars. You may love flipping and selling bottles of wine.

The find that hobby commit to it and have a good fun there because what’s interesting in all of these three unique hobbies, not only will you be able to tap into your creativity. You’re not only will you be able to reinforce a level of confidence and bring a whole new level of discipline to your life, or even put a few extra hundred, if not thousands of dollars into your pocket every single month.

It will also enable you to tap into new communities. See. Hobbies are incredible because they aggregate like-minded people. All together. That can share in what you love. That can. You know how stories they’ll people who are looking to bond and you’ll feel like you’re connected and you’re part of something. And as a founder, you know how lonely it can be.

And with hobbies, it enables to bring all these people who are just like you together, you get to bond and you get to. Um, enjoy and share. In this. And what’s often really interesting is that not only will you meet people from different walks of life, but you probably will also meet people just like you, who are using this hobby as not so much an escape from their business, but also something which may supplement their business as well.

And, you know, what, if you’re a B2B business, you may even be able to make some money from these communities in these networks. And you’re able to form through your hobbies. So guys. That’s my thoughts. I have three hobbies. I’d love to know what your three hobbies, heart. If you do have three hobbies and how they go about influencing you in your life and in your business. Shoot me an email. My email is dean.denny@owendenny.com. You can check that out in the show notes below.

And I’d love to know about the hobbies that you, um, take part in every single day, because they do make a massive difference in your life. It can make such a magnificent. Difference in your business and all enable you to really think and push the envelope in the pursuit of your dreams. So guys, thank you so much for tuning in today. If you want to know how we can help you grow your business through the latest and greatest in direct response, advertising, social media marketing.



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