GroBuild Construct Group Case Study

Powering Up GroBuild Construct Group, an AI-SaaS + Service, With Rapidly Executed Facebook Ads
Client Overview

GroBuild Construct Group is a dynamic and innovative AI Lead Generation Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that caters specifically to construction companies.

Their platform connects businesses with high-quality commercial and residential job opportunities worldwide.

With a global sales team focused on securing lucrative projects, GroBuild faced the critical challenge of acquiring immediate leads to expand their own business.

To address this challenge, GroBuild turned to us, a reputable SAAS Marketing Specialist, known for our track record of rapid execution and exceptional results. Our expertise in driving effective marketing strategies made us the ideal collaborator for GroBuild's ambitious lead generation goals.

Together, we aimed to propel GroBuild's lead generation capabilities to new heights, solidify their position as an industry leader, and fuel continued growth in the construction sector.



The primary objective of GroBuild Construct Group was to launch a swift and highly effective lead generation campaign that could provide their global sales team with a continuous stream of high-quality construction clients.

Recognising the need to stay ahead in a competitive market, GroBuild sought the expertise of Owendenny Digital to drive their lead generation efforts to new heights.

Goals And Measures Of Success

GroBuild and Owendenny Digital aimed to create a robust lead generation system that provided an abundance of high quality prospects to the sales team whilst staying within allowable cost per acquisition metrics.

Launch a comprehensive lead generation campaign in 14 days or less:

The primary goal was to execute a comprehensive lead generation campaign swiftly, leveraging Owendenny Digital's expertise to design and implement targeted strategies.

The measure of success was the successful launch of the campaign within an accelerated time frame, ensuring a rapid and efficient start to the lead generation process.

Generate a significant volume of qualified leads to fuel the global sales team:

The focus was on generating a substantial volume of qualified leads that met GroBuild Construct Group's criteria for high-quality construction job opportunities.

Success was measured by the number of leads generated, ensuring that the global sales team had a consistent and reliable stream of potential projects to pursue.


The Facebook advertising component of the campaign involved strategically targeting the ideal customer avatar and crafting compelling ad copy to attract the attention of GroBuild’s target audience.

Owendenny Digital swiftly devised and implemented a comprehensive and multi-faceted lead generation campaign for GroBuild. The campaign utilised a strategic blend of targeted Facebook advertising, compelling copywriting and the right HubSpot and analytics stack.

Drawing upon our expertise in digital marketing, we meticulously replicated GroBuild’s existing ad account format and nomenclature. This approach ensured consistency and seamless integration with GroBuild’s internal systems, facilitating a smooth transition and maximising campaign effectiveness.

The Facebook advertising component of the campaign involved strategically targeting the ideal customer avatar and crafting compelling ad copy to attract the attention of GroBuild’s target audience. 

By optimising ad placements and targeting, Owendenny Digital aimed to maximise the visibility and click-through rates for the ads, effectively driving traffic to GroBuild’s landing pages.

In addition to the Facebook advertising efforts, Owendenny Digital’s copywriting team crafted persuasive and engaging copy that resonated with GroBuild’s target audience. The team carefully curated messaging that highlighted the unique value proposition of GroBuild’s AI Lead Generation SaaS Platform, compelling potential customers to take action and engage with the platform.


The collaboration between GroBuild Construct Group and Owendenny Digital produced remarkable results, exceeding expectations and driving significant business growth. The following outcomes were achieved during the campaign:

Throughout the campaign, Owendenny Digital’s strategies resulted in significant growth and tangible value for GroBuild Construct Group. The impressive number of impressions and reach showcased the campaign’s effectiveness in increasing brand visibility and capturing the attention of the target audience.

The lead generation efforts led to a steady increase in the number of leads acquired each month, demonstrating the campaign’s ability to attract and engage potential customers. The cost per lead remained competitive, and the overall pipeline value continued to rise substantially, indicating the quality and potential of the generated leads.

These outstanding results not only solidified GroBuild’s position as a leader in the industry but also showcased Owendenny Digital’s expertise in deploying targeted Facebook advertising and optimising lead generation campaigns for maximum impact. The campaign’s success further reinforced the reputation of Owendenny Digital as a go-to marketing partner for SAAS businesses seeking rapid and exceptional results.

GroBuild Construct Group commended Owendenny Digital for our extraordinary speed of execution and the remarkable value delivered. Our ability to generate high-quality leads within a short time frame was instrumental in empowering their global sales team and accelerating business growth.

Our Process

Owendenny Digital is renowned for its exceptional ability to execute projects with speed and precision.

In the case of GroBuild Construct Group’s lead generation campaign, we embarked on an intense and efficient process that set us apart from the competition. 

Here’s a breakdown of our process:

Understanding Client Requirements:

We began by deeply understanding GroBuild Construct Group's immediate need for high-quality leads within a limited timeframe. Our team meticulously analysed their objectives, target audience, and desired outcomes to ensure a clear understanding of their requirements.

Assembling the Marketing Dream Team:

With a clear understanding of the client's needs, we swiftly assembled a specialised marketing team tailored to GroBuild's specific goals. Our team consisted of experts in Facebook advertising, copywriting, landing page optimization, and campaign management.

Agile Development of Campaign Assets:

We rapidly developed an entirely new ad account, HubSpot account, conversion tracking system, captivating ad copy, and an effective campaign strategy. Every aspect was meticulously fine-tuned to ensure optimal performance and alignment with GroBuild's brand identity.

Swift Implementation:

The hallmark of our process was the ability to execute with lightning speed. Leveraging our expertise and efficient communication channels, we seamlessly translated the campaign strategy into action. Remarkably, the campaign was up and running in less than five days, surpassing the client's expectations.

Constant Optimization and Communication:

Once the campaign was live, we closely monitored its performance, making data-driven optimizations to maximise results. Our team maintained open lines of communication with GroBuild Construct Group, providing regular updates, insights, and suggestions for further improvement.

Scaling with Confidence:

Throughout the process, we demonstrated our unique ability to scale confidently within short periods. Our deep understanding of the client's industry and requirements allowed us to adapt quickly and deliver exceptional results. This empowered GroBuild's sales team with an abundance of leads to pursue

The success of the GroBuild Construct Group campaign was a testament to our streamlined process, agility, and the expertise of our marketing dream team. Owendenny Digital’s ability to swiftly grasp client requirements, assemble the right team, and flawlessly execute within tight deadlines sets us apart in the SAAS marketing landscape.

Lesson Learned

The collaboration between GroBuild Construct Group and Owendenny Digital provided valuable insights and lessons that can be applied to future marketing campaigns and business endeavours. Here are the key lessons learned from this partnership:

Speed and Efficiency Drive Success:

The ability to execute swiftly and efficiently played a pivotal role in the success of the lead generation campaign. The project demonstrated the importance of rapid implementation without compromising quality, allowing us to exceed client expectations and deliver exceptional results.

Clear Communication and Understanding:

A solid foundation of clear communication and a deep understanding of the client's requirements were crucial in driving the campaign's success. By closely collaborating and aligning our efforts with GroBuild's objectives, we were able to deliver a tailored and effective solution.

Agility and Adaptability Yield Results:

The campaign's success was a testament to our team's agility and adaptability. We quickly adapted to changes, fine-tuning strategies and optimising campaigns based on real-time data and insights. This flexibility allowed us to maximise results and stay ahead of the competition.

Data-Driven Decision Making:

Data played a vital role in shaping our campaign strategies and optimizations. By closely monitoring performance metrics, we were able to make informed decisions and implement changes that resulted in higher lead generation and improved conversion rates. This reaffirmed the importance of utilising data to drive marketing efforts and achieve optimal outcomes.

Expertise and Specialisation Matter:

Assembling a specialised team with expertise in different areas of marketing proved to be highly effective. Each team member brought unique skills and knowledge to the table, enabling us to deliver comprehensive and impactful solutions. The campaign's success highlighted the importance of partnering with specialists in the respective fields to achieve outstanding results.

Continuous Monitoring and Optimization:

The campaign's ongoing monitoring and data-driven optimizations were crucial in maximising results. Constantly evaluating performance metrics, testing new strategies, and refining our approach allowed us to continuously improve and generate better outcomes. This highlighted the significance of ongoing monitoring and optimization for long-term success.

These lessons learned will serve as valuable insights for future marketing campaigns and client collaborations. By leveraging speed, clear communication, agility, data-driven decision making, expertise, and continuous optimization, we can continue to drive remarkable results and exceed client expectations in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing.

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