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Get amongst “The Search” with our Google Advertising solutions.

Every minute, millions of people are heading to Google to solve their problems. It’s time for you to help them.

Tap into the world’s highest intent users and set yourself up for success by engaging our Google Ads Agency.

Get Your Google Ads Humming With Geelong’s Google Adwords Partner

Great Google campaigns drive hungry users to websites, get phones ringing and make easy sales happen like clockwork. When you launch a search campaign (SEM) with us, don’t expect one call – expect hundreds every month!

Target Your Customer’s KeyWords

We’ll reveal what your customers are searching for and develop a campaign to drive the most targeted, hungriest potential customers to your website.

Test, Measure, Scale.

With our capabilities and industry-grade tools, our team will get you as many conversions from your Google Ads campaign as possible. We'll uncover the keywords and creative ideas resonating with your audience and rapidly grow your business!

Powered By Exceptional ROI

We'll launch your Google Advertising to generate leads and sales with only one thing in mind: results for your business. At Owendenny, our data-driven Google Ads campaigns are designed to get you the most bang for your buck.

We’re A Proud Google Partner

Our team is Google Ads (Search, Shopping & Youtube) Specialists and certified in all Google Ads products. Our marketing specialists have the technical and strategic know-how to guarantee your campaign’s success.

Google Everything Agency

Google Ads isn’t just for finding high intent users via search. Google advertising has a range of products so we can find you cold leads, nurture warm ones, and close hot prospects using:

 1)  Google Display Advertising Agency

 2)  Google Shopping Advertising Agency

 3)  Google Search Advertising Agency

 4)  Google Youtube Advertising Agency

Combine these together for cross-channel results that will multiply your effectiveness, and drive acquisition costs down to the floor. 

SEO Isn’t Enough. You Need Google Pay-Per-Click Too!

The days of forgetting your competition exist are over.

You can’t monopolise google with light SEO tweaks any more.

The Market has caught up. And as we speak, your competitors are plotting their revenge with a search marketing assault for your customers.

Will you overcome this inevitable fate? You will with the right team around you.

Get in touch with our search marketing experts and we will reveal a few sneaky, legal strategies to help you win search engine results page!

No slicked back haircuts, cheap suits or shady SEO practices.

Our team of direct-response advertising specialists are certified Customer Acquisition, Paid Traffic and Search Marketing Specialists by

On top of that, we’re an endorsed Google Partner which keeps us informed and up-to-date with the Google Ads platform.

Our team of specialists are in the trenches every day ensuring your campaigns are generating hot leads, ROI-positive, and achieving your business goals.

Get The Growth You Deserve On Your Terms With Our Online Dream Team

Determine your growth bottlenecks, unravel your messaging, and get a game plan in place to scale your revenue and reach your (or your investor’s) customer targets.

Hit “Run My Growth Diagnostic” and watch our specialist team leap into action, diagnosing your marketing stack and putting together a growth plan customized for you

From there, it’s up to you whether you want to take the plunge and work with us – but we’re pretty confident you will.