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Increase brand awareness, and boost your revenue with our well-executed Facebook ads strategy . Now is the time to call on our facebook ads specialist to help you grow your business. You’ll wish you’d done it sooner.

Target Anyone - Anywhere!

With over 2.27 billion users worldwide, leverage Facebook’s powerful custom targeting and talk directly with your audience – even if they’ve never heard of you!

Where Creativity & Analytics Collide!

Unlike offline advertising, Facebook hands power back to the best marketers (and not the biggest budgets). Create value-driven, conversion-optimised campaigns and watch your business skyrocket!

ROI Driven

Facebook Ad Campaign reporting lets you know how many leads or sales you’re getting, at what cost, and your ROI in real-time. At Owendenny, we let the numbers drive your campaigns to get the bang for your buck your business deserves.

It’s Social Too!

By extending your reach through Facebook Advertising, you are able to touch and interact with your followers in a whole new way! Connect, engage and nurture your prospects with Facebook Advertising and watch the new customers roll in.


Outsmart Your Competitors with Facebook Ads

Face it: If you’re not retargeting your website visitors with Facebook Ads, you’re leaving thousands (or even millions) on the table.

We get it. Online marketing is tough. You have an amazing product yet you’re wondering “Why aren’t the people visiting my website buying?”

Based on research, your target audience needs to hear about you 7 times before they feel comfortable to do business with you. And the BEST way to do this is through Facebook Retargeting.

Implement Facebook retargeting campaigns with Owendenny Digital now and get returns hat need to be seen to be believed.

We're A Growth-Obsessed Melbourne Facebook Ads Agency

Our Facebook Ad Campaign services are an all-encompassing solution for rapid business growth.

There’s a lot of wannabe Facebook Marketing Agencies and self-proclaimed experts in this space. Sadly, most simply don’t know what they’re doing.

We’ve been testing, optimising and scaling Facebook Campaigns with ‘house money’ longer than most of our competitors have existed.

With industry-leading returns, we know a thing (or two) about getting your Facebook Ads working for you.

Want to pinpoint where you’re leaving money on the table and where you’re flushing money down the toilet?

Get your Growth Diagnostic to discover how you can take your business growth to the next level with Facebook advertising and other strategies, tactics, and channels.


Result-Driven Facebook Ads That'll Blow You Away

We're a Facebook Marketing veterans that know the game.

In an industry where everything is always changing, we’re committed to evolving with it, and more importantly – ahead of it.

Embedded within our culture, our team explores the depths of the universe to find the best strategies, knowledge, and tactics to give you (and ourselves, obviously) the edge in your market.

You need a growth partner that’s always learning, testing, and pushing the envelope.

You need Owendenny Digital. Now.

From user persona and strategy development to media buying and CRO, our team will handle every step of the process so that you can focus on what you’re good at – creating amazing products and making your customers happy.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
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Our Facebook Marketing Solutions Drove Client's Success


The campaign led to Mikro Coffee Roasters' BIGGEST SALES MONTH ever.

The outcomes of the campaign were nothing short of extraordinary, generating exceptional results and propelling Mikro Coffee Roasters to unprecedented success
Conversion Rate : 62%
New Customers: 352
Lifetime ROI: 46.21x

Unleash Your Business Growth Potential With Facebook Ads

If you’ve made it this far down the page – congratulations, you’re the kind of person we wanna work with.

With a tight-knit team and an in-demand client roster, it’s paramount we work with great leaders who understand what we do, recognize the synergy we must create to thrive and have the appropriate resources available to make the growth partnership feasible for all.

To determine whether this is you, old sport, hit “Start With A 10-Minute Chat” and follow the steps.
Once completed, Dean (aka the Director Boss Guy) will be in contact with you to support your next steps.


Our Clients Eclipsed Their Facebook Marketing Goals

How We Generated 429+ Investor Leads In 31 Days Using Facebook Ads Strategy For A Glamping Business:

When you work with us, you'll instantly recognise a very subtle yet-wildly-powerful difference.

We have worked with Dean and Josh for several years on a variety of different projects for numerous businesses that we have owned and ran.

I could not speak highly enough about the level of service and relationships that the guys work to create with us, it is exceptional.

When we run Adwords, Facebook and various marketing campaigns the guys are extremely hands-on and regularly check in with us to see how things are going, whilst fine-tuning and optimizing the campaigns in the background to deliver the best results for us.

We look forward to another year of success working with you guys!

- The Founders, Glamping Business
"I'm Sharing My Tightly Held Customer Acquisition Secrets With You...": A Word From The Director

SAAS Founder and Marketing Leader, I applaud you for making it to this point on our landing page.

Now, I know it’s tough figuring out ‘who’s who in the zoo’, especially when there are no ‘guarantees’ in life.


Studying Facebook Ads and building this Marketing Agency has been my life’s work.

We’re no flash-in-the-pan agency.

Like a lot of you, I’ve put every single thing and resource I possibly could to achieve the success we’ve had to date.

And it’s through these hard times, lessons, and the battle-tested principles I’ve executed to achieve marketing success, I stand behind this bolder-than-believable guarantee.

Owendenny best digital marketing agency in melbourne
Here’s my promise to you:
If working with us doesn’t enable you to achieve the level of growth targets your growth plan demands of us, we’ll work until we reach your goals – FOR FREE.


Complete a growth diagnostic and book a call with me – and I’ll explain myself there.

At Owendenny, we guarantee growth. All you need to do is guarantee your best self shows up to every moment you spend with us.

Sounds fair enough?

To your success,


Dean Denny

Director, Owendenny Digital

P.S. I still can’t believe you’re reading. If you’re a real Direct-Response cat, I know you’ve been waiting for this very moment. There are no discounts embedded in this P.S. clause, no bonuses, no time-sensitive offers (what a letdown, huh!). But, seriously – let’s talk. Hit “Run My Growth Diagnostic”, book a call, and let’s build a remarkable business together.
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steve jackson
steve jackson
My experience with Dean was positive. I found he was able to grasp the details and components of my particular business.Dean is seasoned a good listener and responds well. His enthusiasm and encouragement was a great help to me. I look forward to reconnecting in the future.
Lee Brown
Lee Brown
We have worked with Dean and Josh for a number of years on a variety of different projects for numerous businesses that we have owned and ran. I could not speak highly enough about the level of service and relationships that the guys work to create with us, it is exceptional. When we run adwords and various marketing campaigns the guys are extremely hands on and regularly checkin with us to see how things are going, whilst fine tuning and optimising the campaigns in the background to deliver the best results for us. We look forward another year of success working with you guys!
Ben Couch
Ben Couch
Great company to work with. Very attentive and gets great results
Timothy Brown
Timothy Brown
In my professional capacity we had been looking for an online direct response agency for several years but had been unable to find one that we gelled with or could keep using profitably. Getting Dean on board has been amazing. I am a good marketer, but I have grown professionally from conversing with him and learning as he unpacks audience insights. So much so that a personal project I have been building for years has now been launched successfully and profitably. So both personally and professionally: Thanks team - I am so thankful I contacted you.
Alan Howlett
Alan Howlett
Dean is a very switched on Professional who is totally customer focussed. He quickly grasps customer requirements and has an amazing breadth of contacts. Stand back and let him open up the future for your business.

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