Your Last Digital Marketing Agency Sucked? Here’s 20 Reasons Why You Were DOOMED To Begin With…

Your Last Digital Marketing Agency Sucked

In this podcast episode titled “Your Last Digital Marketing Agency Sucked? Here’s 20 Reasons Why You Were DOOMED To Begin With…,” the host, Dean Denny, discusses common issues faced by companies when working with digital marketing agencies. He emphasizes the importance of selecting an agency that understands the target audience and has technical knowledge of the product or service being marketed.

Dean highlights the need for agencies to specialize in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry and understand its unique challenges. He also points out problems related to inflexibility, communication gaps, lack of transparency, and short-term focus over long-term growth. The episode concludes with a discussion on data ownership and control, urging businesses to be cautious when choosing a marketing agency.


Here’s what you’ll learn:

1) Select an agency that understands your customer: Ensure that the agency has a rigorous market research and customer profiling process to effectively target your audience.

2) Look for a marketing agency specializing in the SaaS industry: SaaS companies have unique challenges and marketing requirements, Avoid agencies with limited industry expertise.

3) Communication is key: Look for an agency that communicates effectively and promptly. Misaligned expectations and communication gaps can lead to mistakes and hinder progress.

4) Demand transparency: Ensure that the agency provides transparency in their strategies, tactics, and results.

5) Avoid a one-size-fits-all approach: Each SaaS company is unique, and marketing strategies should be tailored accordingly. Steer clear of agencies that apply the same solutions to every client without considering individual needs.

6) Prioritize long-term growth over short-term gains: Avoid agencies that focus solely on quick wins

7) Retain ownership and control of your data: Be cautious of agencies that claim ownership of leads or landing pages they create.



[00:00:24] – “Scale up success through marketing solutions.”

[00:01:56] – Failed with other professionals/agencies.

[00:02:18] – one size fits all” approach.””Agency’s “One Size Fits All” Fail”.

[00:02:35] – Understand customer needs deeply.

[00:04:45] – Lack of technical knowledge = game over.

[00:08:00] – Adapt Quickly to Changes.

[00:08:31] – Misaligned expectations lead to mistakes.

[00:09:54] – Lack of transparency in results.

[00:10:18] – Gray hat growth hacks: risky.

[00:14:07] – Long-term growth over quick wins.

[00:14:27] – Lack of data ownership, control.

[00:16:43] – Media buying without strategy.

[00:19:27] – Track end-to-end performance with HubSpot.

[00:22:53] – Clear ownership, documentation key.

[00:23:36] – Overpromise, underdeliver: Beware!

[00:26:14] – “Bootstrapping? Skip the agency.”

[00:28:13] – Know needs, plan, coach, prove, nurture, value.


Hey, everyone. Welcome to open-source growth. The number one destination to help you and your SaaS company, take it to the next level with direct response advertising, paid traffic and all sorts of growth hacking. I’m your host Dean Denny, founder, and director of Owendenny Digital. And if you like what we do on this podcast, I urge you to subscribe, share and distribute the message that we’re spreading here because at the end of the day,

It is our mission on the planet to help as many scale-ups, startups, and enterprise SaaS softwares. Blow the hell up through the latest and greatest in marketing strategy, direct response advertising solutions and a whole lot more. Now in today’s episode, this is going to be a little bit of a controversial topic for you all. And this may be myself cannibalizing or throwing the paint back at my colleagues in the digital agency world. But. More often than not. When we see customers come into our door at Owendenny digital, they’ve had a bad agency story before, whether it’s someone reputable or they’ve hired a freelancer, or they’ve gone with a more obscure agency that I’ve never heard of, but we always hear the same five to 10 problems that come through or the same things. I’ve we’ve paid the invoice and nothing happened. And we had a few nice chats, but there was no real deliverables achieved. Or that is ran all these ads. They overspent by a hundred percent and they spent like an extra $7,000 on our credit card last month with the Facebook ad campaign or.

They’ve done. Something wrong or they just didn’t hear anything back from the account manager. There’s a plethora of excuses here. Or a plethora of reasons why these agency relationships fail with SaaS companies and not just SaaS companies. You could be an e-commerce brand, a small business, a services based business, like an accountancy or a bookkeeper, or even a fellow.

Marketing professional and you’ve worked with another marketing professional or agency someone, not us, but someone else obviously. And it’s all been pear shaped. So in this episode, I’m going to give you 20 compelling reasons why you would doomed to begin with when you worked with your digital marketing agency and to get this one kicked off, I want to talk about.

The agency’s ability to understand your customer. The reason number one. Especially when you’re a SaaS company and you have a highly technical product. You need to ensure that when you select this marketing agency, that they really do understand your target audience. See at Owendenny digital we get sent into the deep end with some of the trickiest target audiences to tackle on the planet. We’re working at targeting CTOs to fill them with great developers were working with.

Governance, risk and compliance professionals to sell them additional software that they need to make their life a whole lot easier. We’re working with MSPs, we’re working with all these really exceptionally technical and difficult. Companies in terms of being able to pitch to that target customer. So if the agency doesn’t have a rigorous market research and customer avatar profiling

Process in place, you may have really fundamental issues when it comes to getting your marketing to work. That’s just an undeniable fact. So again, if the customer avatar hasn’t been profiled correctly, And there’s a real inadequate understanding of the target audience. You’re going to be in a whole heap of strife. That’s reason. Number one, reason. Number two.

They simply don’t have the technical knowledge of your product or service. Like I know this is going to sound like me. Teaching you how to suck eggs, but you would be shocked. See marketing was never a super technical thing. 20 years ago or even 10 years ago, and then not really teaching kids these days or interns or graduate marketers, even senior professionals.

How to get amongst your product and understand what it does. See. And this has something to do with the client as well. So I’m not going to say that the agency’s fully liable here, but here’s the thing. If your marketing team doesn’t want to run through a product demo with you, or it doesn’t want to sit through.

The sales presentations that you’ve created. Or it doesn’t want to even get an instance of your SaaS product, like to say your slack, if you, if that team’s not using slack. How will they ever be able to sell your product effectively and how will they ever be able to develop the technical knowledge they need in order to create compelling marketing messages? That’s a real, crazy thing. So if the person doesn’t really understand the technical knowledge of what your business actually does.

It’s going to be game over. So that’s reason. Number two, why you may suck. Number three, and this is more of an industry specific thing, but a lot of marketers simply do not understand the software as a service industry and its unique challenges. See if you go to an E commerce agency for your SaaS company, you’re going to be in for a world of hurt.

Because the way at the e-commerce marketers work may have a really strong content, heavy, direct response advertising approach. However, with the SaaS industry, That’s only part of the puzzle you have to do with marketing qualified leads. Sales qualified leads. Booking appointments, getting customers on board, reducing your customer acquisition costs. So your CAC is, and then developing a solid nurturing sequence to again, reduce.

Your churn rate and also increase your likelihood of people turning from a free user to a paying user. See, these are completely different. So working with. An e-commerce agency, which may only be truly focused on a free guide, which nurtures them into a cheap purchase and then upselling them along the way. It’s a completely different kettle of fish. There’s truly unique challenges. And.

They need to understand how do you maximize customer lifetime value with a SaaS product, with respect to an e-commerce business? It’s completely different. Because. This now leads into number four because it is the thing. If they don’t understand the SaaS industry, they’re going to number four, lack the limited.

They’ll have limited industry expertise and specialization in marketing SaaS products. That’s the truth. See if you’re a SaaS company and you need a SaaS marketer, you don’t go find an e-commerce marketer. And it’s the same thing. If you’ve got a foot problem, you don’t go see a dentist. You see a podiatrist and that’s what we’re starting to see.

If you are a SaaS company, if you are a software company, or if you’re involved with reselling. Software as part of the space, I urge you to book a call with us and see how we can help you partner up to to reduce your customer acquisition costs, to make your dollars go further, but also achieve that level of growth.

Which your CEO. Or your directors, or even you as the entrepreneur are really ambitious and hungry for. So they’re for massive reasons when it comes down to the company and the avatar. But now I want to talk to you about the actual marketing solutions that you’re investing in. Now let’s just talk about the team you’re working with to begin with this is number five.

And in flexibility and inability to adapt, to changes quickly, see a good marketing agency, a good direct response advertising agency recognizes that some of the best ideas. Come out of the ether when you least expected and you need to attack when you can. It’s a bit like boxing you just can’t go in there with a premeditated attack and it’ll all be fine. Sometimes you need to roll with the punches and be able to count it like Floyd Mayweather does in his fights.

So if there’s a really an, a flexibility or inability to adapt to changes quickly, You’re going to really struggle here. See the thing is the world of PPC and social advertising is truly dynamic. If that’s not understood when you know the cost of advertising rise. Decrease there’ll be additional competition.

There’ll be ad accounts going down at accounts coming back online. If that’s not really considered, it’s going to be so much hurt here. So again, you need to have a really solid workflow process, which is all agreed upon between agency and client. And if that’s not done well, You’re gonna have some challenges. If you know what I’m saying.

Number six, communication gaps leading to misaligned expectations and mistakes. Again, as I said, there. If there’s high quality. Expectations. Established at the beginning and the expectations are established and aligned effectively. You can really knock a lot of these things over.

But more often than not. Your expectations are misaligned and communication gaps just open up and they flood. Your business. At the end of the day, if your agency isn’t communicating effectively with you enough within reasonable time if they’re not getting back to you within that 48 hour window,

You’re going to have to ask some real questions about your company and how it’s really performing there. So that’s what I would be really looking into. Ask your agency or your next agency hire. How quickly do you get back to us with respect to correspondence? If they say within 72 hours or 48 hours, that’s about standard. If they say same day,

Yeah that’s unbelievable. And again, you just have to see if the proof is in the pudding. If you decided to engage that agency. Number seven lack of transparency in strategy, tactics, and results. This is a big one. Man a lot of agency was right now. I promising growth hacking solutions for e-commerce businesses or Saa S companies or a whole heap of crazy stuff there. And the thing is that growth hacks are exceptionally gray hat. And when they’re gray hat, these growth hacks have a short window where they work and if they don’t work it’s game over.

Not only for your account, you could get shadow banned or whatever. If it’s an organic growth hack, or if it’s a paid growth hack, you could probably lose your account and your ability and your right to advertise on these big platforms. Again, if you don’t have this right, if you don’t have like true transparency of what you’re doing, if they’re not giving you an understanding of the tactics they using for your SEO efforts and the results they giving you more importantly.

I run for the Hills. Like you need some transparency here. And we’ll get into that in a second. So let’s get to number eight. There’s a one size fits all solution. Policy at that agency. Now, this is where it is crazy because. SaaS companies are as broad as e-commerce companies like don’t get me wrong. The solution is similar, but it’s never the same. See some e-commerce businesses may have a lifetime value of a customer of several thousands of dollars, and some may have only several hundred dollars. And the way you market to someone who spends a lot of money with you.

Versus only a little bit of money with you, that’s completely different or that the frequency in which they purchase and here’s the thing that like a lot of SaaS companies we work with have a monthly recurring Invoice with their clients of a thousand dollars a month. Some may only have 150.

Others may have three and a half thousand dollars a month. And the way you nurture these customers. Is so different. If it’s $150 a month, it’s probably a couple of emails and some really simple, direct response advertising stuff. That’s cool. No sales calls, nothing. Just getting buying on the page. Sweet. We’re good. But if it’s a complex SaaS product, which is a $3,000 investment each month, there’s sales calls, there’s lead nurturing campaigns, there’s marketing qualified leads or sales qualified leads. There’s individual metrics, all of that stuff. And you can’t just copy and paste the same approach. Four different SaaS companies, more importantly as well that each SaaS company sits within its own vertical in itself. It’s not just like a generic SaaS that helps everybody.

So that’s a really big one here. That’s number eight, number nine. This is one that kills me every time. Short time focus, prioritizing quick gains over long-term growth. If your agency is constantly prioritizing the quick gains over the longterm growth of your business. This is something you need to be alert and about.

The reason why you need to be alerted to this is purely because of the fact that. Short term gains are generally tactical. You need an overarching strategy, which powers long-term growth. If you don’t have that, you’re just going to be chasing the next, hit the next flood of cheap leads or the next flood of cheap customers, which will do bad things for your business longterm.

And you won’t be thinking about playing the long game. So get on top of that. It’s a cancer. It’s not fun. Number 10. There’s a lack of long-term commitment and investment in the SaaS company success. So if you’re again, a SaaS company here, what we do see is because there’s this short term focus of everything, there’s no real lack. There’s a lack of longterm commitment. And.

This is partially the agency’s fault, but it’s also the client’s fault and it’s also the markets for it. No, one’s really a blame. It’s just what it is. See the world we’re going into is a month by month culture. We’re not committing to working with an agency for six, 12. 18 months, two years at a time.

And because that is the case. What we’re starting to see is that the agency doesn’t have the promise from the customer that we’re going to be here 12 months. We can build out your 12 month plan. I get the strategy, right? So there’s real legitimate growth over the long term, but what we’re now starting to see is people are just constantly forced to perform month in, month out, and you’re pursuing the quick wins over the long-term. Juggernaut, which you could create. So again, It’s not quite everyone, but again, get on top of your agency hiring process and see where they sit. Are they focused on the short, the quick wins or are they focused on the long term or do they do a blend of both? That’s where you want to see.

Alright, the next one. How many have we done so far? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Holy smoke. We are at number 11, which is. This is a marketing solution issue. There’s a lack of data, ownership and control. Be very careful who you sign up with as a marketing agency, because I’ve heard some agencies own the leads or they own the landing pages.

Which they create and you never get access to that. In fact we’ve heard. Many times where clients have come in the door and they’ve had to literally copy the landing pages which they paid for and then get it redone by another developer. So they can basically keep their ad campaigns going live.

Purely because of the fact that the web agency or the digital marketing agency. Held them hostage. It was crazy. So you got to get on top of that guys. So just. Understand who owns the data. Who controls all that stuff. And how do we ensure that you remain in control as the client, all of the data and controlling that.

And the products that are created, of course, Number 12 inconsistent results with varying levels of success. This kind of harks back to that whole understanding of the short term focus versus the longterm growth. If there’s inconsistent results. It’s probably something to do with the angles that they’re using. So you can ask yourself, how often are they refreshing their creatives? If there’s inconsistent results, you’ve got to ask yourself I, we in a seasonal business, if there’s inconsistent results, like why is there inconsistencies?

Can you see the data? And if there’s any data here that promotes the inconsistent nature of these results, how can we go about mitigating or working with this to our advantage? Anyway. Number 12, I believe. Lack of integration with overall business strategy. Again, marketing agencies, especially the nature of the game and the agency.

Industry. What we’re starting to see is that a lot of clients come to us or they come to our competitor agencies. We all talk. We’re all friends, right? And what we’re starting to see is people are just coming in and they, all they want is just media buying. They don’t have a business plan. They don’t have a.

Marketing calendar. They don’t have any form of promotional calendar. They just want meat. They just want a quick jab in the arm and there’s no. Integrated marketing calendar that is embedded within their business plan. And because there’s no planning, there’s nothing here. The business goes nowhere. And because there’s no integration.

There’s never, there’s really no results. Again, this is one of those things where the marketing agency needs to prod and prime you to see, where are you in your business maturity. Have you got my business plan? Have you got a marketing plan? Does your marketing plan have a promotional calendar where do say Facebook ads, Google ads, LinkedIn, all that sort of stuff fit in.

If you don’t have any of that integration, you need to invest in some form of strategy. Level engagement with that agency or with a third party provider again. I’m just speaking from experience here, the clients that get the best results with us are those who invest. In chief marketing officer engagements, where we go about doing many things, which where it’s about building out a marketing calendar, building out a marketing strategy, then figuring out the tactics that we’ll use week in, week out, or the initiatives, which we will be rolling out and then being able to measure them against a matrix.

That has all the KPIs in it, but again, see how that’s integrated. That’s a whole suite of stuff. That’s not just running Facebook ads, but that’s the way you go about really getting results. We can talk more about that. We’ve got some really exciting things coming in the pipeline at a later date. But again, that’s where.

A real marketing agency absolutely crushes it for you. Next on the agenda, inadequate reporting and ability to measure ROI. Guys, if you haven’t done it already ensure that you’ve got a really high quality Google tag manager slash Google analytics 4 slash. Hotjar measurement stack. It’s so crucial because you need to ensure that your marketing agencies using the right.

UTM parameters, which are basically strings on the end of your URL, which give you the source, the medium, the campaign, et cetera, that your traffic is coming from. So you can go about tracking conversions effectively, especially with these platforms not working out well. But the big thing that we’re starting to see more importantly, is just get HubSpot, hurry up and just do it.

We’re a HubSpot provider. We can help you here. Because HubSpot is seriously early platform that measures end to end advertising and sales. In the sense that you can track all your marketing efforts and the context has come in all the way from literally the email address through to the amount of money you’ve made on that client longterm, where they came from.

What pages did they hit? What ads did they click on? What agreements did they sign? What invoices have they paid? What haven’t they paid, et cetera, et cetera. It’s all there. Use HubSpot again, need some support here. Let me know more than happy to chat. But again, get some really high quality CRM inside of your business.

So you can go about measuring your agency performance. In fact, I would take it on upon your own to have that prior to engaging in agency. Either get another agency to build the CRM or a really good ROI process. Otherwise it’s going to be game. Over. All right. Next. Limited adherence to brand guidelines, leading to inconsistencies in messaging.

And branding. If you don’t have brand guidelines established for your business. Your going to be in deep doggy. Do’s when you give an agency a brief, this is what we want us to look like. Bloody, blah. This is the copy. This is the words we don’t use. These, the words that we do use this is how we refer to our customers. Here’s a work example. If you don’t provide any of that and give it to the agency and they were on wild.

Game over. It’s really difficult to get it right here. So if you’re unable to. Provide people with Brand and guidelines, I would suggest find an agency that has similar brand guidelines or a brand that has something which you can borrow and massage it to your own before handing it across the agency. Get that right. And then there’ll be real congruency between what you already have and what they’re delivering.

And then finally, and this is the last of the marketing solution bullets. How many have we gone through here? We’ve gone through 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15. And this is number 16 here. There’s not too many left. But this is this one kills me. This, and this is number 16. There’s limited campaign ownership.

And inability to make changes or iterate on successful strategies. Yeah. This is a fascinating one because often the lines need to be drawn between what the agency’s allowed to do. And what they’re not allowed to do because. If they don’t. Get that opportunity to be able to separate things out properly.

It’s game over. See, what we’re starting to see is that. We hear of my friends agencies or other ones we hear. That the agency sent something live. They wanted to make some changes. They couldn’t get it approved all of a sudden All of a sudden someone higher up in the client’s company talks to the marketing manager and says, Hey.

You’ve let these marketing campaigns go live. You need to shut them off. Now we’ve got to stop things with this agency. This is completely wrong. It gets them on the moment of rage or whatever. And then all of a sudden the agencies like literally hung out to dry purely because of the fact that.

They haven’t been able to get their own stuff. Reviewed and approved by say the marketing manager or the CMO that they’re working with. So What I want to you. Emphasize here and let you know, is that. Having really clear campaign ownership in. And documentation to support that.

Is paramount and getting this right. So that’s from a marketing solutions perspective, there’s about 12 things where things can go wrong, but let’s now talk about the HR side of things here. Here’s the big one. Over promising. And under-delivering that’s item 18 here today, guys.

So many times in so many things like the always gets sold by some slippery sales dude. Over promising oh, your life’s going to be cited for an all these inquiries. What can you do? How many inquiries do you close? Has all kinds of great based on this ratio, you’re going to be able to get a 20 times.

Return on investment blahdy, blahdy, blah. And then they under deliver. I wonder why you just got hyped, the living hell out of, by some slippery sales guy. Just be careful when you jump on these calls with these agencies, don’t get me wrong. A professional sales guy is a great person to have an, a great person to talk to in your In your pursuit of hiring an agency, but ensure that you get a chance to speak with the marketer as well, because if you don’t speak with a marketer, How do you really know? Because the sales guy doesn’t have the experience when it comes to profiling a customer I’ve taught, they don’t have the experience when it comes to.

Profiling your product, developing a feature benefits, matrix, understanding what the functional, the emotional and the financial benefits are of your product. Like how would they know? They just salespeople come on. Get that right? You. So you’ve got to really understand who you’re talking to. I understand that there will be bold promises because that’s how they get you in the door and they will under deliver.

If they don’t have the right to him, behind them to deliver what they promise. So again, check that out, evaluate the team who are you going to be working with? Who is going to be your copywriter. Who’s going to be your media buyer. Who’s going to be your protocol. If something goes wrong, who do you pick up the phone to and be like, yo, fix this right now.

You know what I’m saying? And then number 19. Is the time constraints leading to generic and misguided campaigns. Guys, you have to be fair and reasonable. When it comes to working with clients and So you have to be fair and reasonable when it comes to working with agencies. See. More often than not like agencies are given ridiculous timeframes or totally misguided timeframes. And because the timeframes are so compressed or they’re just like, so out in the distance, nothing either gets done or not enough gets done.

So having an agency, which can truly give you pushback, but it’s Hey, I don’t think this is right. We’ve got to do something else. We need more time to do this. This is a deadline we can’t commit to. If you start hearing that from your agency, it’s actually a good thing. Because if you’re hiring an agency, which is willing to push back on you.

It will mean that they have a better understanding of what it takes to get something like there. Really big things. And more importantly, you’ll get the product you’ve really wanted to begin with. Finally. Last thing today. And this is something we always have to talk about the money. A lot of agencies just are really expensive. And if you’re an early stage startup and you don’t quite have a customer acquisition funnel, and if you’re bootstrapped, like all get out.

Hiring a marketing agency may not be for you. So if your say. Into your journey and you’re not making over 5,000 or $6,000 MRR. In your SaaS company. I just don’t think hiring a marketing agency is the right thing for you at that time. Investing in a program to learn digital marketing or investing in a program to be coached as int into getting your.

Customer acquisition funnel, right? That’s a different story. I think investing in a coaching program so you can figure out the basics to begin with yourself. Is the way to go, but if you’re a low, if you’re just a small fry and you’re just starting out and you’ve got two, three, $5,000 a month coming into your business.

That’s when hiring an agency is not right for you. However though, if you are doing better, if you have got 15, $25,000 coming in every month from your software as a service company. That’s when an agency can start to make sense for you. Now. When you’ve got the I’d call this type of company, not so much the danger zone, but there’s a very precarious line in getting this right. Because if you’re not investing.

Money in advertising. You’re not going to get ahead, but if you invest too much, you’re going to destroy your cash flow.. This is when people can get hooked on the concept of tactical. Initiatives, which are short-term versus long-term because they need to get. Some from where they are now to where they want to be way too quickly. And it doesn’t make any business sense to do such a thing. My belief here. Is that you need to know what you need. You need to have a great marketing strategy in place. If you can’t invest in a agency to do everything for you, get them to build out your, a great marketing calendar and a marketing promotional plan. Get them in some form of coaching arrangement to begin with so you can get some stuff done.

And then as soon as you’re able to prove your customer acquisition funnel, as soon as you’re able to nurture those customers from marketing qualified to sales qualified, To closing and you can go about stretching out your customer lifetime value. That’s when there’s some real value in working with an agency, but.

If you’re not quite there yet. If you’re less, if you’re earning less than say $10,000 a month, it’s not worth the conversation for managed services. You’re doing more. If you’re fully, if you’re fully venture capital strapped different story, but if you’re bootstrapped and you’ll literally rub and knives together to make things happen.

An agency relationship is probably not for you. But guys that’s it. There’s the 20 items I have penned this morning. As to why. Your why your agency relationship was doomed to begin with. So guys, I know this has been a big one. If you like this, and if you found this valuable, please. Shoot me a message. My name is Dean. My email is dean.denny@owendenny.co m. I’d love to hear what you thought about today’s episode. If you do need support with your demand generation, your lead generation, or just general business growth, we can help you with your sales as well. So if you do want to see. Whether or not a relationship with Owendenny is the growth partner you need in your back pocket. So you can succeed this year.

Jump into the show notes. There’s two links. If you just want to have a quick chat and see whether or not we’re a good fit. Book a friendly 10 minute chat, no pitch, nothing, just simple diagnosis, simple evaluation of where you’re at and we can go from there. But if you do. If you are actively looking for an agency who doesn’t do the 20 reasons, why you’re doomed them to begin with? I have boom.

All you need to do is click on the, fill in your growth. Diagnostic assessment. Link in the show notes. You’ll see it there. And that will provide us with enough information to understand where you’re at. Where you want to go, what you’re trying, what you’re doing and what you’re not doing. So then we can start developing a prototype.

Marketing calendar or a marketing promotional plan for you. So therefore going into your next quarter. You’ve got a, an option. Which is not your old option, which was clearly doing the same thing, getting the same results again. And again if that sounds like something you’d be interested in doing remember to hit the link in the show notes.

It will take you to a Typeform leaves, some details with. It’s there and we’ll book a call. We’ll jump on that call together and we’ll see where you sit. So again, guys. Totally. Thank you all for tuning in. If you like what we do here, please subscribe to the podcast yet. Like this with your friends.

And if I don’t get to speak to you soon. Please get your business growing for us long lived growth. My name’s Dean I’ll talk to y’all soon. Cheers for now.



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