Podcast Episode 1: Digital Advertising Won’t Solve Your Strategic Problems

Digital Advertising Won’t Solve Your Strategic Problems

In episode one of the digital marketing gangster podcast, digital marketing expert Dean Denny talks about the myths, trials and tribulations of the current state of the Internet marketing industry. In under 15 minutes, he explores the ideas of why your business model may be the primary issue of your success instead of the marketing campaign you are seriously trying to roll out.

Strap yourselves in everyone. This is the Digital Marketing Gangster podcast coming at you live, wherever you choose to listen.

Hey, welcome to the Digital Marketing Gangster Podcast. I’m your host, Dean Denny, the managing director of Owen Denny Digital, and I am the digital marketing gangster. Now, guys, this is episode one. This is podcast one, uh, numero uno, as they shall say. The funny thing about all of this is that I’m making a lot of this up on the fly because a lot of people have reached out and asked me to create a podcast on digital marketing, on what’s working on business development, on life in general, and a lot of the psychology and motivational stuff that I post on my own personal Instagram.

Which you can go about following digital marketing gangster. Now guys, what do we wanna achieve here? It’s pretty simple. We wanna share the good word of digital marketing. Digital marketing can transform businesses. It can do so, so, so, so much Good. And believe it or not, we want to reinstate its genuine legitimacy in the marketplace.
We understand the digital marketing world has had so much crap flung at it over the years, whether it be the old days of seo. Um, you know, a lot of the agencies claiming that they can do all these wonderful things, which are driven by account men and know people really being able to fulfill the work on the backend or just seemingly incompetent human beings who see it as a cowboy opportunity to make a lot of money in a short period of time with little to no skills, which is the complete opposite of the truth.

You can’t have a sustained business for a long period of time. If that is the case. So, um, ultimately here, guys, this is essentially an anti agency movement. This is going to be something where we’re going to be dropping strategic knowledge. We’re gonna be dropping some really cool trench level tactical things that you can implement in your business today, tomorrow, and the next day, which will continuously pump out new customers continuously,
you know, pump out new leads who are essentially nurtured along the line and essentially pump out some new sales, which will enable you to grow your business. And that’s the plan here. Uh, we really want this to be something of value and of benefit for you to listen to. Now the cost of this whole shamozzle is free.

I’m giving you all my best knowledge, which I’ve paid tens of thousands of dollars to acquire and accumulate over the years, whether it be through courses, through books, through seminars. Through business coaching, through digital marketing, coaching through, I don’t know, government programs, you name it, whatever.
I’ve been through it and I just wanna give it to you all for free because I honestly think that our game needs to lift if we want to be successful in the future. And I know. By delivering more good content here, I’m going to be able to really impact your lives, and by delivering more content, I’m gonna force myself to learn more about this whole space and therefore become a better marketer.

You know, yes, there is some, probably some selfish motivation by me creating a podcast to help all of you out because, hey, I wanna see how much further I can push myself as a digital marketer. So, Bugger it. That’s just the way it is. But all I do really ask of you is that if you really enjoy whatever we’re talking about here, if you genuinely enjoy the message and does it actually resonate with you, and if it does, please subscribe and if you think that other people will benefit from this same.

Well get them to subscribe, to, send them a link, share this with them and be like, Hey, I’ve got a dude. It’s your boy Dean. He knows some shit about marketing. He knows some shit about sales. He knows some shit about business, life and motivation, and I want y’all to listen to him because you know what? He’s been able to fix a few people’s lives with their business, and guess what?

He’s got some results on the board. He’s not full of shit and he tells us how it is. So guys, strap yourselves in. This is episode one coming at ya. I’m about to rant, so be prepared for something a little unusual.

So guys, you’re probably wondering why is another digital marketer yet another digital marketer creating yet another podcast? And it’s fairly simple. The digital marketing space, the industry has lost its marbles. And what do I mean by this? There are so many flogs out there selling you on the idea of implementing a funnel, selling you on the idea of having email or chatbot automations, selling you on the idea of Facebook ads changing your life, or Google search ads or YouTube ads or this, that, and the whatever.

And then there are some people that will say, oh yeah, no, you don’t even need to pay for traffic or whatever. Ultimately, all you need to do is X, Y, Z organically on Instagram and it’s all gonna be fine. And that’s not true either. And it’s really pissing me off. Like I have a paid traffic agency, uh, called Owen Denny Digital, and we exclusively work with clients who want paid traffic.

So we’re. Facebook ads, Instagram ads, YouTube ads, Google search, Google Display, LinkedIn, even Snapchat nowadays. And the reason why people come to us isn’t for the paid traffic. It’s because of the people who have done paid traffic previously with them and never got results. And this has got me totally concerned, totally bamboozled, and in fact, a little disenchanted by the industry guys, the people who are listening here, whether you be a business owner, whether you be an entrepreneur, whether you be the director of marketing within your larger organization, or just a guy on the ground implementing, um, campaigns, whether it be a Facebook ads campaign, Instagram campaign, or just a copywriter like you are all valued here.

But what I value most is being able to provide value in the form of being able to understand that technology isn’t going to so solve all your problems. And this is essentially what this all boils down to. The digital marketing space has sold innocent business owners, innocent marketers, innocent aspiring entrepreneurs.

And it has made them delusional and led to them to the idea that a technological solution can solve all of their strategic problems. Let me repeat that one more time. The marketing space, the digital marketing experts and gurus and this, that, and third, have all conveyed to you all that a technical solution can solve your strategic problem.
And seeing it’s episode one, I just want you all to understand this, that that line and all those digital marketing guys out there are full of fucking shit. It does not work. If your business has a genuinely alarming strategic issue, whether it be your statement of value, um, or your unique selling proposition, or the way you are positioned in the marketplace, or a fundamental business model flaw, if it has any of those things, plus a lot more. And there’s so many different, uh, business issues with coming from a positioning in a marketing standpoint. Um, if you’ve got any of those problems, these are never solve by marketing. In fact, these are exacerbated by marketing. If you’ve got a poorly converting website, sending more traffic at that.


Just means you’re gonna have more traffic on your website that isn’t converting. And in fact, you probably will have less people converting and your, your conversion rate’s just going to drop. And just hearing all of these people saying that you can just change your life with a bit of paid traffic or your business model will just be saved by digital marketing.

It’s just not going to happen. And. The point I really want to drill home here is that I want people to understand if your business isn’t growing organically in the first place, you may have a strategic issue. A strategic problem within your business? How do you under, are you understanding your, you know, your, your audience correctly?
Um, do you understand what makes your customers stay up late at night? What keeps them up? Do you, are you position? Are you, are you priced at the right price? Like, are you pricing yourself outta the market? And what are your competitors doing? Are they doing it better than you? Or are they doing it worse? Or more importantly, do you actually know why people do business with you in the first place?

See if we really understand who we’re already delivering amazing work for. If we already understand why people love us already, if we understand why they come to us instead of seeking their competitors. Your competitors, you know, other people in the industry who can essentially fulfill the same service or deliver the same product, you’re going to be so much further ahead than the rest of your market.

And I think this is the timely message in episode one that I really want to drive home is that this podcast isn’t going to be telling you we are not gonna be promising you shit. We are not gonna be promising you that Facebook ads will transform your life. We’re not going to be promising you that. Just get a Google Search campaign and you will be, you know, you, you will have all forms of customers racing to your doors, banging down the windows, and essentially creating kind of like a cash flow stampede.

It’s not going to happen. But what we’re going to be discussing here are the fundamental. How to craft a beautiful sales message, how to write sick headlines, which actually click through. Um, how to develop a, you know, a multi-touch Facebook funnel for an e-commerce store, which will generate a ROAS north of 2.5 at scale.
Like we will go through all of these things, but please remember, all of these future podcasts will be moot if you don’t understand your own business and more importantly, your own customer. So remember guys, if you do not have your own strategic problems addressed and you’re not working towards solving them, No form of digital advertising will fix it.

Well, hey, and thank you so much for listening to the very first episode of the Digital Marketing Gangster Podcast. If you loved it, remember, please do subscribe on whatever platform you choose to listen this through and share it with your friends if you think that they too are getting led to the, I guess ,heebie jeebie water, which all these funnel experts or automation experts are trying to sell you on being able to fix your business with digital marketing.

It’s not entirely true. Now guys, this is episode one and I would love to make an episode two and I will need your help. If you’ve got any ideas or anything you need me to cover on a podcast, which I will happily do for free for you. Please send your ideas for podcasts to me via Instagram, and the best way to get in touch with me is by just sending me a DM and my Instagram handle is pretty simple.



It is. @Digitalmarketinggangster. So basically just type in digital marketing gangster in your search bar. Well, alternatively, you can just search my name, Dean Denny, and guess what? I will pop up. There’ll be a line like, Hey there, I’m Dean Denny with a little sparkle emoji. Just pop on there, give me a follow and send me a dm. And think about what you want me to cover on the next episode of the Digital Marketing Gangster Podcast. If I can speak the Digital Marketing Gangster podcast, and guess what? I’ll cover it. So guys, I’m signing out. Thank you so much for listening. It means the world to me, and I hope you all have a great day.


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