The Most Destructive Word In Your Business Isn’t “No”

The Most Destructive Word In Your Business Isn't No

On this episode of Open Source Growth, Dean Denny shares his personal development insights on sales and rejection, emphasizing the importance of definite answers and avoiding the destructive word ‘maybe’. He also discusses the common problem of small businesses not knowing their target market and the transformation they offer.

The conversation also touches on the fear of rejection in sales and how to overcome it. Dean suggests that rejection is not personal and that the more one puts themselves out there, the more likely they are to find success.


Here are some lessons you will learn from the podcast:

  1. Don’t be afraid of competition. It’s important to realize that competition is inevitable and can actually be beneficial in driving growth and innovation.
  2. Identify your target market and the transformation you offer. Knowing who you serve and how you serve them is crucial in developing a successful business.
  3. Don’t be afraid of rejection in sales. It’s important to understand that rejection is a natural part of the sales process and can actually lead to more opportunities for success.
  4. Don’t sell yourself short. Believe in yourself and your abilities and don’t let fear hold you back from achieving your goals.
  5. Personal development is important. Taking the time to reflect on your own personal growth and development can lead to greater success in all areas of life.



[00:00:54] – Empowering women to succeed.

[00:01:47] – Helping woman in need: Pick pocket or help?

[00:03:54] – Fearful of marketing: Rejection or Acceptance?

[00:06:53] – Yes/No: Decisive Action.

[00:09:05] – Definite answers needed for success.

[00:11:21] – Create certainty, take risks.

[00:12:12] – Think clearly, say yes or no.


Hey everyone, how are we going? Welcome to open source growth. I’m your host Dean, Denny founder and director of Owendenny Digital Australia’s number one, SaaS marketing agency. And. I found myself with some idle time this morning between pruning back. Keywords in our companies. AdWords account.

And waiting for my phone to charge. So I thought I would jump on here and have a very short. Personal development driven podcast today, which I believe could help you if you’re in this position. It’s really fascinating. I was having a conversation with my wife, Hannah, who also is our head of copy here at Owendenny Digital and.

We were talking about sales efforts and selling in general. And.

We had a friend over. And she’s a business owner herself. I think she’s at the very early stage of her business. And.

This woman was so brilliant. She’s incredible. She came over here. She’s overcome insurmountable odds. She runs these very small women driven businesses, which help women unleash. What’s inside of them and enable them to grapple with all the traumatic events they’ve gone through. Understand what sits really within them and then how to put one foot in front of the other to live a better life, or don’t make the same mistakes that she’s made. And she’s truly a magnificent person.

But she she didn’t know. What I did for a living, which was really refreshing to be Frank. And. This lady she was talking to my wife then talking to me and was asking. Ah, can I pick your brain? If that’s okay, because I’ve heard you’re in marketing. Had obviously told her at this time,

And typical me throwing down the old Joe Polish quote if you pick my brain, you picking my pockets too. So if you’re in professional services and people ask you to pick your brain and you can’t stand it because you sell. Strategy for living. Always use that line. Hey, if you’re going to pick my brain.

You’re picking my pocket. People get very defensive at that point, but that’s just the truth of the matter. Anyway, let’s just get to the, let’s get to the main potatoes of today. And.

Because I saw where she’s coming from and I could sense that she was a woman in need. I decided to help and listen and hear what was going on in her business. And she told me that she wanted to shut the thing down. Because too many other women in her area. Launching very similar. Businesses. Which are women’s circles. And she was getting afraid of the fact that she was seeing people.

Launch events where she would normally get five to eight women there. And these other people would get 15 women there. And. She was so deeply passionate about the work that she does. She’s deeply competitive. You could tell, but she was smoked screening, both Hannah and I with the fact that you wanted to shut it down because she’s had too much of it. And other people are more successful than her.

Which is complete bogus and. I took it upon myself to just give her the hard word and be like you’re full of shit. You simply are afraid of competing your simply. Trying to sell yourself on. Your victim story. You’re not able to grapple with the truth you, in that you are afraid of marketing and advertising and selling.

And then you just saw this. Look, come over her face and she was just like, oh, marketing. Oh, man, it just takes so much. I hate using Canva. I hate advertising for myself. I hate trying to do all this stuff. I hate putting myself out there. And you’re thinking, oh, wow. Wow. This is awful.

But it’s interesting. This person’s assuming that. Oh, wow. If I put myself out there, that means I’m going to get rejected more times, but on the flip side, Doesn’t that mean you’ll get accepted more times. You’ll actually go through enough through the law of averages you go through enough prospects and you’ll sell more people and you’ll bring more people into your service and they’ll be able to praise.

And you’ve got that more opportunity to generate more advocates for your business and promote your business through word of mouth. So you could see that there was a lot of like inner things with this person, which were very challenging. To overcome, but we got on top of it and we had some pretty good business chats and Like a lot of these small businesses that we see and evaluate the bigger problem is that they just don’t know who they serve and how they serve them. So they don’t know who they serve, i.e their target market, but what they actually do for them, what’s that transformation they offer. Because again, people are just buying transformations at the end of the day.

That was a big conversation and I’m 100% certain that there could be three or four podcasts span off of the back of this. Off today’s podcast. But. What was really fascinating was the conversation I had with my wife afterwards. And I was talking to her about sales and.

There’s. We were talking about rejection. And it’s interesting that. When people say Oh I don’t like sales because I’m going to get rejected. I used to be like, yeah, that’s going to eat away at my self-esteem to. But through listening to so many sales trainings over time and many ways to reframe your mindset around sales. Rejection is actually a good thing. No, isn’t the most destructive word in your business.

Believe it or not, it is far from it. See? Yes. Is a great word for your business, because that means you decisive. You’ve done the deal and you keep moving forward or this is confirmed yes, it’s a very positive word in your business, but I want you to think this through no is also a very positive word in your business. So yes and no, a great words because they tell you what you.

Have done or what you have, what you don’t. Or you haven’t done. What you do have, or what you don’t have, is this the right fit or is it not. Like these are amazing words, especially in the context of sales. See the most destructive word. Isn’t no. The most destructive and your word is simply not. Yes. Either the most destructive word in sales. And I would argue in your business and in your life.

Is maybe.

Let me repeat that again. The most destructive word. In your business. In your selling. In your marketing. And in your. Life. Is maybe. Why. Maybe it’s a half-built bridge. Maybe is. Half-built bridge, which you step over the side of, and you have a crack at doing something, but then you don’t follow through.

Maybe is lying in limbo in deep indecision. And you’re simply just putting off things if you say, oh, I might do this one day. Why aren’t you doing it now? You may not have the resources and stuff like that. How about you just commit to doing it when you have the resources? Or say no. And then just put it behind you and then focus on other things. See, maybe occupies your mind, maybe gets in the way of you writing great ads maybe gets in the way of you being able to explore other.

Opportunities and projects may be slows your sales cycle down, maybe clogs up your pipeline with all these half built bridges or these half done deals. And you’re perennially chasing your tail on things which rapidly decay in likelihood of closing in your sales process. See the most destructive word in your business is maybe it’s never been no.

See. When I look at rejection, I look at great. I’m one, no closer to a yes, because probably speaking one in four prospects that I speak with that are sales qualified. Going to become clients because we understand the clients. Sorry. Damn. However, What you see here with a lot of people is that they hang their dreams on maybes instead of yeses or nos.

There’s nothing worse than erode your self esteem than trying to Go on a date with someone that might go out with you. Like you’ve got a risk for the biscuit, but get a definite answer. Definite answers, concrete information.

That enables you to move on with your life. It enables you to move on with your marketing funnel, your marketing campaigns, your sales promotion, your sales activity, your operations, your hiring. Guys be real here. If you spoke to a builder. And he, you asked him, Hey, What’s soil. Are we building on what soil are we what soil are we digging into to lay these foundations? And he goes, oh, it may be sand. It may be this. And maybe that you would fire him because he’s building.

Your precious resource, your house on. Incomplete information or information, which is simply guessing, or he’s got no real idea of what’s about to happen. If you did know. If he does know what he’s drilling into or what he’s digging into,. You’ll be fine. You’ll be good. Great. Okay. If you don’t know what you’re drilling into. Okay, great. How do we find out what we are drilling into? Not this maybe thing, and then going after it, it doesn’t work out. So If I can give you something today for your business and for your life. I think it’s so totally. And it’s so insidiously destructive to have maybes in your life. If your wife or your husband asks you, Hey, Let’s go to. Let’s go to Bali this year. Can we do it say yes or no?

Or if you say no. Come to another alternative and actually create some concrete plans. Develop some certainty in your life.

Because certainty enables people to be competent. Competence, breeds confidence enables you to level up and take bigger risks, which enables your life. To be bigger than it was before. Like guys, come on. So next time you see yourself in your business using the word, maybe.

Realize that you were killing yourself. You are eating away. You are clogging up your brain. You’re clogging up your mind, your Headspace your what’s the word, your capacity to be able to think clearly, whenever you stuff, a maybe in there you’re creating a a door that’s a jar your committing to building a bridge, which leads nowhere.

But when you say yes or no. You can get somewhere. Guys that’s it today. I thought I would drop this one. I’ve been really excited to. Talk about this topic today. I do love the personal growth side of things. In.

In business, because business is truly. Related to. Your personal growth in so many ways and businesses often stop growing when the personal growth. Stops. So guys, thank you so much for tuning in today. I really appreciate every single one of the listeners. That tune into this on a weekly basis. Guys, it’s insane. What we’re seeing a hundred percent growth in the number of listeners and also the a hundred percent growth this month alone in the number of listens.

We’ve had to this podcast. So I thank you all for tuning in. I really appreciate and love you all. You’ve got anything you wanted here feel free to drop me a line. Denny@owendenny.com. You can check out the note. You can check out my email address in the show notes, but again, if you found this episode truly valuable.

Or you think that someone who could benefit from this information. Share this podcast like this podcast, subscribe to this podcast, give this podcast a five star review, do whatever you can to promote and share this. Because again, we don’t get paid to do this. We’re never going to stuff an ad in front of your face. With this podcast. We may have a cool jingle at the start soon.

I’m writing one. That’s going to be the focus of another podcast very shortly, but. I just want to say. Don’t give up.

Focus on your dreams.

Take action every day. And remember. Don’t ever let the word maybe. Enter your vocabulary guys. It’s been an absolute hoot. Thank you so much for tuning in today. God bless, stay safe. And if you do need help with your direct response advertising efforts, your Facebook marketing efforts, or anything to do with your SaaS company.

Wanting to achieve T2D3 growth this year, you know what to do. Jump on our website owendenny.com. Schedule a 10 minute friendly chat and we’ll speak there. I’ll talk to y’all soon. Cheers for now. Bye.



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