Need To Find New Users (Or Product-Market-Fit) Fast? Try This…

The Amazing SAAS Customer-Acquisition Secret Of A Desperate Nerd In Geelong

Dear Entrepreneurial Leader and Marketing Maverick

If you need new users at lightspeed for your SAAS Company, this may be the most exciting message you read this week.

Here’s why:

G’day, I’m Dean, and like you – I’ve struggled like crazy in the past trying to generate leads, demos, trials, and sales in my businesses.

And – also like you – I’ve failed countless times along the way.

I’ve launched dud products…

I’ve run outta money (and owed a lot of it to others)…

I’ve tried to ‘change the market’ only to find myself stranded, and lonely.

Heck, I was damn well embarrassed about my situation.

It got so tough at one point, I went to my local cafe one day. I couldn’t even afford to buy myself a cup of coffee from my local cafe.

Owendenny best digital marketing agency in melbourne

But then, days later, good fortune came my way.

After a myriad of google searches, I worked my way down a forum and heard a phrase for the very first time.

Direct Response Copywriting.

At first, I thought…

“Copywriting? Oh, that’s just words…

“And what about the direct-response bit? What’s that about?…

“They’re just words – right?…

“They shouldn’t need an explanation about my products. It should make *immediate* sense to them…

Friend, this was me only five short years ago. But it was in this moment, like lightning from the sky, I received the most powerful truth of them all.

A truth so stinking obvious, I fell to my knees while my spirit soared.

Want to hear it?


“Without Words, We Cannot Communicate With Any Form Of Exactness”

Doesn’t sound like much, right.

Allow me to paraphrase it…

(Let me just clear my throat…*cough cough*)

Here it goes…

If Your Marketing Messaging Doesn't Communicate What You Do, You'll Never Achieve Massive Success


It makes sense, doesn’t it?

If you look at all the greatest tech companies of all time, they all had complex products.

But, it was how they boiled their products down to what mattered most to their customers’ lives that enabled them to change the world.
Whether it was Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon – they’ve all had this one trait in common.

And that is the ability to make something so complicated look like a complete no-brainer to use.

These companies have done such an amazing job at marketing their products, they’re able to charge a hefty price tag for access!

Would you agree?…

Of course, you would…

But enough about them – let’s get back to you and your company.

You see, I’m willing to bet my entire life savings (which isn’t much) that you’re currently facing one of these three problems right now in your business…

Your messaging isn't resonating with your target market,

You're not sure what your company's superpowers are, and...

You don't know how to position your product in the market!

If any of those resonate with you, then you’ll want to keep reading because we may have something that can help…

Introducing The Growth Unleashed Messaging Program
This is a program designed to help early-stage SAAS businesses rapidly scale without the risk of wasting money.

The problem most SAAS products experience isn’t technical or ad platform-related.

The greatest challenge you face is how you will develop your marketing message.

A marketing message that’s transformative, immediately understood by your target market.

A message so compelling, life without your product would be total misery for your customer.

Let me put this another way.

No amount of Cold Emailing, LinkedIn messaging, Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Cold Calling or Networking will fix your growth problem if you can’t tell me (old mate, Deano) how your product will change my life.

The only thing that will ever do this is the beautifully assembled words that hit the page or that come from the tip of your tongue.

We’ve created a program from the ground up to fuel you with every word, statement, sentence, and marketing idea you’ll ever need to unleash the growth monster upon your business.

Be Equipped For All-Out Marketing War With Every Marketing Angle, Benefit, Bullet, Statement, and Paragraph You'll Ever Need To Succeed!

Here's what you'll get when you sign up for the Growth Unleashed Messaging Program...

Uncover Your Market's Hidden Desires Through Our 'All-Out' Customer Persona Development

We'll help you understand your ideal customers - you probably have more than one - so your marketing message speaks to them.

Reveal, Benchmark, And Devise How To Obliterate Your Competition Through Brutal-Benchmarking

We take your top competitors, expose their weaknesses and show you exactly how to crush them with your messaging.

Craft A Compelling, Credible Story That Will 'WOW' Customers And Journalists Alike

The story of your product is one of the most important elements of your success. We'll help make sure it's as good as it can be.

Get A Step-By-Step Blueprint For Developing irresistible Marketing Messaging That Hooks Customers

We'll give you a complete guide for creating powerful, persuasive marketing messaging that will have customers clicking to buy.

Have All Your Emotional, Dimensional, And Functional Benefits Documented, Written Out, And Ready For An All Out Customer-Acquisition Assault

We'll make sure you have everything you need to know about the emotional, functional, and dimensional benefits of your product.

Create Your Life-Altering Unique Selling Mechanism That'll Put You In A Category Of One - FOREVER

We'll help you identify and articulate what makes your product unique and how to make sure it's always top-of-mind for customers.

Plus, You'll Also Get...

The 5 Types Of Content That Every High-Growth SAAS Business Needs To Create (And How To Write Them) (Value $1997)

The 5 Different Ways You Can Take Your Messaging And Positioning And Turn It Into Sales Fuel (Value $1997)

How To Rapidly Test Your Messaging In The Market Before You Go 'All In' On A Campaign (Value $2497)

The One Metric That Matters More Than Any Other When Measuring The Success Of Your Messaging (Value $PRICELESS)

So if you’re ready to get started on uncovering the messaging that will help your business scale rapidly, then click here to sign up.

Get The Entire Toolkit You Need To Succeed, Including Email Templates, Social Posts, Landing Pages, Ads, Scripts Plus More!

We want you to have everything you need at your fingertips so you can hit the ground running with your messaging.

But that’s not all – we don’t just leave you hanging here.

While we create your ‘Marketing Warchest’ and as you walk through our IP-protected processes, we also are granting you access to our…

Monthly Group Coaching Sessions Led By An Experienced Growth Marketer

…who will help you apply all the messaging concepts in this program to your own business.

Sound like a good fit for you?…

If so, then click the button below to sign up

OK -So What's All This Going To Set Me Back?
OK, let me break it down like this. Not only will you be receiving the following:
Direct-Response Advertising Ready User Personas
(Value $1997)​
Your Competitor Messaging Exploitation Roadmap And Breakdown
(Value $1997)​
Your Company 'Hero's Journey' Story And Credibility Piece ​
(Value $1497)​
The 'False Market Lens' Diagnostic And Opportunity Workshop ​
(Value $2497)
The Dimensional, Functional, And Emotional Benefit Blueprint
(Value $1997)​
Development, Iteration And Execution Of Your Unique Selling Mechanism​
(Value $2997)​
The Only Copywriting Warchest You'll Ever Need Tailored To Your Product Full Of The Headlines, Sub-Headlines, Marketing Bullets, and Benefit Statements (Plus More) To Succeed ​
(Value $3497)​

Total Value so far… About $19,379.

Plus You’ll Also Get Our Secret Guides Showing You Step-By Step…

The 5 Types Of Content That Every High-Growth SAAS Business Needs To Create (And How To Write Them) - (Value $1997)
The 5 Different Ways You Can Take Your Messaging And Positioning And Turn It Into Sales Fuel - (Value $1997)
How To Rapidly Test Your Messaging In The Market Before You Go 'All In' On A Campaign - (Value $2497)
The One Metric That Matters More Than Any Other When Measuring The Success Of Your Messaging - (Value $PRICELESS)

So that’s another $6,491 or so…

Total Value: $25,870.

But Price is what you pay, and value is what you get – right?

So, let’s talk about price.

Because you’re kicking off now in your SAAS Journey, it would be beyond reasonable for you to front with the cash now.

So, that’s why we’ve created a special payment plan for you.

We’ll deliver all this for just $2997 (including GST)!

…or just 3 easy monthly payments of $1197 if you prefer a monthly commitment.

You can get all of this valuable information today.

Here's what other people are saying about the Growth Unleashed Messaging Program
steve jackson
steve jackson
My experience with Dean was positive. I found he was able to grasp the details and components of my particular business.Dean is seasoned a good listener and responds well. His enthusiasm and encouragement was a great help to me. I look forward to reconnecting in the future.
Lee Brown
Lee Brown
We have worked with Dean and Josh for a number of years on a variety of different projects for numerous businesses that we have owned and ran. I could not speak highly enough about the level of service and relationships that the guys work to create with us, it is exceptional. When we run adwords and various marketing campaigns the guys are extremely hands on and regularly checkin with us to see how things are going, whilst fine tuning and optimising the campaigns in the background to deliver the best results for us. We look forward another year of success working with you guys!
Ben Couch
Ben Couch
Great company to work with. Very attentive and gets great results
Timothy Brown
Timothy Brown
In my professional capacity we had been looking for an online direct response agency for several years but had been unable to find one that we gelled with or could keep using profitably. Getting Dean on board has been amazing. I am a good marketer, but I have grown professionally from conversing with him and learning as he unpacks audience insights. So much so that a personal project I have been building for years has now been launched successfully and profitably. So both personally and professionally: Thanks team - I am so thankful I contacted you.
Alan Howlett
Alan Howlett
Dean is a very switched on Professional who is totally customer focussed. He quickly grasps customer requirements and has an amazing breadth of contacts. Stand back and let him open up the future for your business.
A Word Of Warning: This Program Is Not For Everyone

This program is not for everyone.

And to keep the quality of delivery high, we only have the bandwidth to onboard one new client per week.

If you’re not ready to invest in your messaging and positioning, then this program is not for you.

But if you’re willing to put in the work and follow our tried-and-tested process, then we can help you get the results you’re looking for.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?…

If so, click the button below and fill out an application form now.

Our 'Whack-A-Black-Poodle' Money-Back Guarantee

As a client of Owendenny, you’ll get our famous ‘Whack-A-Black-Poodle Guarantee.”

After 14 days, if you wouldn’t whack our office dog, Zoë, to stay on as a customer, we’ll refund you in full.

No. Questions. Asked.

So there’s nothing to lose – and everything plus more to gain.

Apply now and let’s get you started on the messaging program that will help you scale your business.

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