Automating Your Marketing with AI In 2023 The First 5 Things You Must Do 1 min

Automating Your Marketing with AI In 2023: The First 5 Things You Must Do

Hey guys, how are you going? Welcome to open source growth. The podcast where we explore the latest SAAS marketing trends and tactics to enable your business to achieve T2D3 growth on your terms. I’m your host Dean Denny director of Owendenny Digital, Australia’s leading SAAS marketing agency.

And in today’s episode, we’re going to be discussing the first five things to automate in your marketing strategy with AI. Now, again, this is wildly contextual because there is so, so many things you can go about automating with AI, but if you just woke up this morning and you’ve finally discovered that chatGPT exists.

Or that you’ve been using Jasper and you’ve realized there’s all these new things you can do. And all these new programs that have come into the forefront. Um, you probably wondering holy smoke. What can I do? There is so much more leverage I can now go about pulling on and I’m bringing into my business to give my customers and Walker here at an amazing experience. Um, so.

As businesses like yours are now starting to rely more on automation to streamline your processes. We want to explore the top five marketing activities that you should definitely automate right away with AI, just to improve the efficiency and drive growth within your business. And more importantly, profit as they say.

Revenue is vanity profits are sanity. So let’s talk about the top five.

Number one, the first thing that comes to mind is automating your customer service and support. Now, I don’t mean just implementing a chatbot on your website, because again, they’re coming out left right. And center. But also to some really little things, there are plugins that you can use.

To, you know, just to jump straight into Gmail where you’re able to get chatGPT to respond to your emails for you. Now, if you’re an account manager or something like that, I’m not saying that let AI take over your job. But what I am saying is allow AI to help you publish these emails with your clients.

To save yourself 5, 10, 25 minutes per email, especially those long complex, hairy ones, which chatGPT can often cut through to the bullshit and get straight to the point. So if you are in a client facing capacity where you have some form of customer service and support to provide. chatGPT paired with Gmail or with office or with whatever your email. Um, whenever your email server may be, you can go about making some amazing gains here in your business and always shave 25, 30 minutes per email, especially those long ones, if you do it correctly. So get right into it. Have a lot of fun there.

Uh, because honestly, if you get the customer service and support and just that client communication thing down, pat. It’s going to make a wild difference in your business. In addition to that, just say you have a chatbot on your website, you can really start to leverage chatGPT, providing it integrates with your chat bot to go about providing contextual responses, providing you train, chatGPT on how to respond as if it’s coming from your company. You can do some amazing things. So again, you need to get on top of this sort of stuff.

Um, so if you do have any questions with training chatGPT to predictably communicate in your tone of voice, get onto it. I’m more than happy to help you out there. Just send us a polite email and we can go about helping you make this happen for your business.

That’s part one.

Part two: predictive analytics and personalization. It’s no joke. That, with these advances in AI, we’re able to come up with better understandings and analysis of numbers. From what I’ve seen with chatGPT or a lot of the new AI tools that are coming out here, you can literally give them so so much data and they can cut through and identify wildly effective insights in seconds. Things that you would need to throw it a BA or things you would normally need to throw at some form of marketing analyst or some sort, would you take hours to compute the real truth? Is this all happening in minutes? In addition to that, you can actually go about sending chatGPT on regular intervals. Large sums of data. And then ultimately what it can do is go about plotting out that data into tables, which you can then go about doing additional work. You know, establishing graphs, identifying customer acquisition costs, identifying what your MRR is or your ARR is in a more granular detail as to what’s driving and underpinning that growth.

So again, if you’ve got anything that you want to do from a predictive analytics perspective and forecasting the future, just just data warehouse the living daylights to it, flood, fling it at open AI. Um, and let her do the heavy lifting for you. There’s going to be so, so, so, so, so much here.

Now, once you actually can go about dissecting all that data, you’ve got this unique opportunity to then go about personalizing your marketing messages and your content and your strategy to go about targeting those particular segments to. So again, um, this is going to come down in one of the lighter parts of this, um, this podcast. But again, this is huge opportunity here to go about personalizing your marketing campaigns going forward.

Number three: email marketing and automation. Um, well, look, we already know that AI is embedded within a lot of great email marketing tools, and we’re going to see more of that come to the forefront. I know that active campaign and HubSpot they’ve been talking about implementing AI and contextual data and all and contextual content, um, you know, content based on your IP address, which is then matched to you and the database. Therefore it provides you with different information. HubSpot’s been a master of that game for many, many years, and I know Salesforce has done similar things to. So in terms of like, what you want to go about doing in achieving, um, the implementation of say, copy and things like that, based on the new insights that you have from a predictive analytics perspective, to create that new content and then go about creating, you know, niche campaigns per segment. Um, per audience segment, that’s where there’s going to be some massive value here. So if you can go about making that happen. Um, with AI, you’re really going to be on a winner. See machine learning algorithms, they just get better and better every single day. Like if you’ve got great. Email content. And then you’re able to feed back information from your analytics. To then drive. You know, open AI to constantly learn and figure out what are going to be the best headlines. To you know, for instance, to open, to increase your open rates and drive additional conversions, that’s where, you know, using these AI powered tools is going to be value because again, the more information you feed it, the better and it gets it predicting what’s going to happen.

Now let’s talk about number four, because again, this is going to be the big one, which everyone has been terrified about. It’s content creation and optimization. It is so easy. No one has an excuse to miss out on creating amazing content and improving the quality of your content these days. There’s things like ad,, or

uh, I’ve found on top of many, many other things there are new tools that are just emerging every single day. We in fact have a tool which we’re developing in house. That just so, so exciting and it’s going to blow up and I think we’ve got a real honest belief that it’s going to be the very, very best AI tool on the market.

Um, for those who really want to go about dominating their industry. And, you’ve got to get across these new tools, because if you don’t get yourself across these new tools, everybody, um, it’s going to be game over. So if you’re doing any form of video, um, video, transcriptions, or video, um, editing or wanting to publish a podcast, jump on and download the script. It’s super, super important.

Um, if you’re thinking about, uh, developing a whole heap of ad creatives, Phoenix, Facebook ad campaign, just go ad creative or AI. It is so powerful. It’s so easy to use. If you want me to write some killer copy, you use, or even just run it with chatGPT. Like it’s just so, so simple.

Um, and, you know, there are more and more tools coming to the forefront every single day. Like only last week, I cloned my voice using, and now I can have seamless content being created with my voice, which I’ve trained it to do. So, you know, going forward, we don’t even have to worry about that. Like, I can be a thought leader on any topic in the world, providing I have the right scripts for Jasper, not Jasper, sorry for descript to, to pump out.

It is absolutely amazing. Let’s talk about Part five though. Um, and this is advertising and recap targeting. Now, we know that Facebook’s been using AI for a very long time to improve the targeting. Uh, let’s see. You better results. That’s why there’s this massive push within Facebook at the moment, especially if you’re a SAAS, business looking to drive, um, you know, sales qualified leads or, you know, soft leads being the marketing qualified ones with Facebook ads with whether it be a free offer, an ebook, a checklist, a demo or whatever.

Like there’s been this massive push by Facebook to be like, Hey, yo, go broad. Don’t micro target. Don’t try to splinter your audience down to like six people. Because we have better technology, which gets you better results, which makes you spend more money. Um, and again, It’s an advertising platform. They have to walk on a fine line where they want you to spend as much money as possible, but they also want you to get results. So they need to obviously make that work. In addition to that, um, they need to reduce the barrier to entry. So every business can be incentivized to use it with Facebook. Google is doing very similar things with PMX campaigns right now. But again, they are starting to really heavily leverage AI in their tools. To get you better results. Now, you can use AI powered tools like hi Ross to go about analyzing your ad performance.

You can just extract wild amounts of data and upload it directly into chatGPT. And, you know, through the analysis and through the combing through the data, which can be mostly machine powered, you can radically improve your ROI when it comes to running your Facebook ad campaigns, your LinkedIn ad campaigns and your Google ads campaigns.

I look Outbrain, whatever. Like, it doesn’t really matter. As long as you can feel the data, you can extract it, package it correctly, upload it into a particular tool and then get some insights from it, which are meaningful. That’s all that really matters because again, the whole point of being able to use AI effectively is by being able to provide it with the right amount of data, the right inputs, the right everything on a periodic basis. So it gets better at understanding you and your business. So then you can really accelerate and punch out the end of it and get, and that’s where it gets really, really exciting.

So guys, this is a short episode today. Thank you so much for tuning into open source growth with me, your host Dean Denny from Owen, Denny digital. Australia’s leading software as a service marketing agency. And if you found this useful, please be sure to subscribe to this podcast and share it with friends.

Because at the end of the day, we do go about publishing and creating this content to help good people. Just like you take it to the next level online with their direct response advertising efforts. T2D3 growth is possible, my friends. So we appreciate your feedback and suggestions for future episodes. Be sure to tune in next time for more marketing insights and strategies for business growth.

I’ll catch you guys soon. Have a great day.



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Will AI Replace Your Growth Marketing Team or Agency?

It’s true. The robots are coming for our marketing jobs. But the bigger – and better – question is this: How can we as marketers use this technology to better serve our clients? That’s the question we’re exploring and we’d love for you to join us. Come listen, learn, and let’s see where we end up!

In today’s podcast, Dean Denny from Owendenny Digital, Australia’s leading SaaS marketing agency, poses the question: Will AI Replace Your Growth Marketing Team or Agency?

After many weeks of testing the latest and greatest AI Marketing tools and pushing ChatGPT to its limits, Dean’s reached the conclusion that this is the most exciting time in human history to be a marketer.

While the technology improves every day, Dean emphasizes the importance of human oversight and interpretation of AI generated analysis and insights for successful campaigns. He also stresses the need to consider human behavior and emotions when it comes to writing creative content.

AI is wildly powerful when it comes to analyzing the data, make real-time adjustments to campaigns, and replace team members in order to improve targeting and segmentation. However, we’ve still got a long way to go (thankfully) when it comes to replacing your entire marketing team for a computer.

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Hey everyone. It’s Dean here and welcome to Open Source Growth, a podcast about SAAS, founders, directors, and marketers, trying to grow their businesses online, using the latest in organic and paid marketing strategies, brand positioning, direct response advertising and so, so, so much more.

And in today’s episode, I want to cover the topic. Will artificial intelligence or AI replace your growth marketing team or even your marketing agency.

So, what we want to do today is discuss the role of artificial intelligence in growth marketing. Whether it will replace your team. The benefits, the drawbacks, and what’s the overall impact going to be on the industry as a whole.

Um, again, There’s no better place to start this podcast in regards to the fact that we need to have a really clear cut definition of what artificial intelligence truly is before we can then talk about its application within growth marketing, direct response advertising or anything to do with your PPC efforts or, you know, pay per impression efforts.

So if you ask Chat GPT, what is artificial intelligence? It will give you this definition, artificial intelligence or AI refers to the development of computer systems that can perform tasks that would typically require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, language translation.

AI involves the use of algorithms and mathematical models that can analyze vast amounts of data to learn from patents. And improve performance over time. It can be applied in various fields, including healthcare, finance, transportation, education, and it’s taming among others. The goal of AI is to create intelligent machines that can replicate human, like intelligence, improve efficiency, productivity, and problem solving capabilities.

Wow. If it was me reading that definition of AI, I’d be thinking, well, it looks like everyone’s on borrowed time and the machines are taking over, but I don’t quite think that is the case. Because if you think about AI, it can really be translated to everything. Any good growth marketing person needs to do, needs to go about analyzing data.

He needs to develop. Creatives needs to make. Good decisions based on high quality data, et cetera, et cetera, it could probably provide you with the strategies, but. It’s, it’s not quite that clear. Cut. So with AI, we know that there are so many great tools out there. And I want to name a couple that we are using in our agency to help bolster our own internal growth marketing efforts and also the growth marketing efforts of our clients.

So how are we using AI at Owendenny Digital? Well, first things first we’re using open AI chat, GPT, um, and Jasper pretty much on a day-to-day basis when it comes to content creation. If we are getting lost, when it comes to determining and understanding a topic, we can use CHATGPT to simplify complex ideas. A good example is that we work inside the GRC, which is the governance risk and compliance industry and alongside cybersecurity professionals. Now, more often than not, I’m constantly scratching my head when it comes to, okay, what does this standard mean? What does this abbreviation mean? What does that mean? And how does it impact this, that the third and the other.

And what I find myself doing is asking chatGPT, what is this? Explain this to me as if I was a 10 year old. Make this easier for me to understand. How does this relate to X, Y, or Z? And that’s where ChatGPT can really simplify things for the marketing team. So then they can develop some really clever marketing messages. When it comes to blog content for our clients and our agency. We are using and we’ve been using it since 2019 to go about writing high quality blog contents. Which is ultimately very human directed, but it’s AI supported. See, if you want to write quality blog content, you really need to understand your customer. And sometimes you can’t feed all the necessary inputs into, um, artificial intelligence. So you often need to really just get in there, um, make some minor changes, direct AI in the right direction, and then pretty much point at where you need to go to go about creating these things.

When it comes to video editing, we used Descript and we’ve been using it for very long. In fact, this podcast is recorded on the Descript and it’s really helping us, uh, go about editing things easily. In fact, I edit a lot of these podcasts myself, and I’m no video editor. Like it is just on believable. It is transformative. Uh, for our team to go about creating amazing content for good people like yourselves. Um, we use, um, Too Long; Didn’t View (tl;dv) for our Google meets to go about getting live transcriptions of every single, po.., every single meeting that we do. And that’s all recorded and transcribed using artificial intelligence.

You know, Google. Um, Google mail uses AI to go about determining what you need to say in an email based on the language you’ve programmed it with. So, you know, AI has been used everywhere. As in chatbots, in automated email campaigns, but where we find it most exciting, um, is in its ability to sift through data that’s meaningful.

Now, I’m not sure about you, but if you’re a creative marketer in your SAAS business, or if you’re an entrepreneur looking for the latest amount of not the latest, but as many users as you could possibly obtain, or if you’re just a growth marketer wanting to just go for it. But sometimes you can just have way too much information, way too much data and it’s so, so, so difficult to actually really put your finger on the pulse, unless you have a really high quality CRM of course, and determine what’s going to push your needle forward. And where I see the value of using artificial intelligence in your growth marketing efforts or your lead generation or your demand generation efforts is in be able to go about defining and determining what really matters most in your business, and then doing the data crunching to do such a thing. We’ve been doing a fair bit of this using up the ChatGPT, um, platform and we’ve had some truly amazing results.

So, if you think about it, artificial intelligence is really going to 10X your productivity at the very latest. Now at the very least. I don’t know why latest came up, but you know what I’m saying at the very least, and it will enable you to be able to make human-like levels of personalization too. So like, that’s kind of what we see happening in the open AI ChatGPT, artificial intelligence infused marketing world that we live in.

So like, What, what are those overriding benefits going to be? Well, I personally believe AI is going to help us analyze so much more data than we’ve ever been able to analyze. Especially if you’ve got multiple data warehouses, all sorts of different types of information, being able to synthesize the data and develop meaningful business insights and identify the patterns to improve your targeting and your campaign segmentation. That’s where it’s going to really, really improve things.

I think that AI in time, we’ll be able to help you make real time adjustments to your campaigns. Like real time personalization. It’s a really improve your performance. And to be honest, I think that AI will replace a lot of team members in your team. So you may just be a small business. You may be a solo hustling, SAAS founder, and you’re thinking that you need a six person marketing team. Well, maybe you only need to make one good hire. One good strategic high-level thinker in your team that can go about setting up a whole heap of automations using Zapier and particular triggers. And then getting them to execute on the strategies. See, there’s going to be an explosion of noise in the, um, in the world we live in, people are going to believe that there’s so much more content that’s getting created and consumed and et cetera. And the worst part about it is that the number of impressions is probably going to stay the same. The only thing that’s going to differ is the number of pieces of content or the websites or sources who are fighting for those same impressions. So, it’s going to be increased noise. More, you know, more content on the internet, but just the same amount of impression time of every human that’s participating, unless we double the amount of humans. We’re going to have this really noisy world, which we need to be able to cut in from.

Now. If you think about that. Yeah. You’re okay, cool. Now we need to get better. And this is where there are drawbacks when it comes to your implementation of artificial intelligence in your growth marketing stack. So, like, what are some of the limitations of using AI and AI-led platforms and programs? Well, If you’re in an undefined industry, if you’re in a truly blue ocean industry, you need to truly understand the impact of human behavior and emotions when it comes to writing high quality creative that converts. I’ve spoken on a previous podcast, you know, “Should ChatGPT replace my copywriter?” I’d check it out. You haven’t seen it. That ChatGPT doesn’t know what it doesn’t know because it’s only leveraging content pretty much all the way from 20 all the way up to the, from the advent of the internet, all the way through to 2019. It still won’t understand really what makes people cry? What makes people excited? What gets people up in the morning, et cetera, et cetera. What’s not being said by your customer that they’re thinking about every single day. What’s, what’s to socially unacceptable the same private, no, into, in public, but you’re screaming in private.

You know what I mean? And if, like they are the sorts of, that’s the sorts of insights you need and an understanding of your customer avatar, and what’s going inside the psyche. And if you understand that, ability to, to locate that in connect with that. That’s when you can make some really amazing gains as marketers. And that’s when you can have those winning promotions, but if you don’t have that, you’re going to have some real challenges. And that’s where using AI, we’ll not really enable you to create the best promotions on the planet earth, but it will be able to, help you create, say a six or a seven or even an eight out of 10. Um, in the promotion development game.

So that’s one of the many drawbacks.

The other thing I believe when it comes to another drawback and a failing of AI is that you will miss and make mistakes. And you’ll, you will often get led down the wrong path, because if you’re heavily dependent on AI, you may just be, you may not. It’s kind of like this. Instead of traveling at 10 kilometers an hour and being able to quickly correct back to the course, you need to travel. You’ll be traveling at a thousand kilometers an hour. So you go so far in the wrong direction that you’ll need to start coming back. And you’re only going to be as good as the inputs you providing AI.

So I think that. If people are making mistakes in the strategy level, in the inputs level, in catching the insights around the human psyche, which is relevant to their product and service, especially in their software. Um, I think that’s where things will go really skewed. And these wildly, executed campaigns mades not result any, um, any leads, any demos, any trials or anything which is relevant for your software company? So, that’s really going to be one thing.

And then the last thing I really want to just mention here, in terms of artificial intelligence. Um, is that there is always going to be a need for human oversight and interpretation of anything, which is anything to do with AI generated analysis and insights.

So again, It’s never going to replace the fact that you do need people to look at the data and do need people to vet things. And you do need people to review and analyze and give things the final tick of approval. We can’t just abdicate our responsibilities as growth marketers and, and SAAS founders and everything that, um, is encapsulated within this direct response advertising and growth marketing sphere. We do need to be there. Um, And this isn’t me just fighting for my job or fighting for my agency or whatever, but it’s. It’s under having like, the reason why you’re working with a marketing agency or if you’ve got a marketing team, is that everybody recognizes that every business is different.

And every business needs contextual, re…, well-reasoned and well-structured well-researched um, evidence and insights to compose a well-structured, hi..high likelihood of success marketing in advertising campaign. And that’s where humans. Uh, the best at this stage.

What is also interesting as well, is that. AI won’t be able to really do. Uh, AI, weren’t take the Liberty of taking what you see inside of one vertical and then transforming it to another. And that’s where being human is really going to reign Supreme. So, again, this is what we are talking about inside of our agency at the minute.

Is that every team member needs to become more strategic. Every team mem.., every team member has to get off the tools or understand that you have to now watch the tools in action, edit and develop higher level strategy and project management skills. So. Again, We’re now increasing our input. We’re now, you know, we are now doing things 10 to 30 times faster.

Our team’s getting our life, getting their lives back. It’s overly really exciting. But again, there will always need be that need for human oversight and higher level of strategic thinking in order to get AI to truly work at its highest potential. So. What does that mean for the future?

Like, is there a future for artificial intelligence and growth marketing?

It is an over whelming. Yes.

If I thought. I knew what this would look like in the next five to 10 years. Like I’m not going to try and be Nostradamus here because that would be a losing, um, that would be a game I’m going to lose instantly. But. When it comes to the role of AI in growth marketing and the role of AI in SAAS. It’s going to be everywhere you go. It will be in your chatbots. It’ll be in your support, in your help desk, it will be in your data, crunching your business analysis work, it will be in your bookkeeping. It will be everywhere, but when it comes to your growth marketing, I think that your days as a purely executional practitioner, uh, are numbered. You’re on borrowed time.

But. Where your time will come. Is that if you’ve been investing your time and energy in learning about how to build. Uh, StoryBrand or blue ocean strategy or anything done by Jack trout, or like any of those great marketing type of people when it comes to positioning marketing, pricing, advertising, like you’ve, you’ve done the high level understanding and study.

It’s your time to go. It’s your time to fly. If you understand how SEO works, if it understand how direct response advertising works in a strategic level, this is your time because the barrier to. Moving on. Everything has completely dropped. It has almost vanished. So if you’re able to go about building a marketing campaign. You’ve got all the tools you need . It doesn’t take you a hundred hours to do it. And only now take you 10 it’s so, so exciting.

How will our industry change?

Well, I think that. I think our marketing agencies will get smaller. Personally. I think that marketing teams that used to require a hundred people then shrink to about 10.

But the 10 that are kept on are going to be exceptionally good. So again, it’s going to be a case of reducing the size of a lot of marketing teams. And then those team members may, this is assuming that the output required stays the same. If the output required stays the same, that marketing team will shrink probably to anywhere between, look a hundred to 10 is probably a little bit over. That’s right, but I’ll say it go for about a hundred to 30 people. Um, The team will be required to be more strategic, more high level. Better understanding and better insights around the humans, themselves, the people that they’re selling to. Marketing will become a lot more creative, a lot more authentic.

And it will be. Uh, world, especially in the software. Um, industry where we’re begging for it. Where creativity, authenticity and, um, strategy reign Supreme. And I’m so excited about that. That’s what makes. The next 10 years of marketing, I would say the most exciting. They have ever. Um, that have taken place in that world.

So. I think that. In the agencies that are intelligent. So I’m going to say that. They’re going to maintain the same amount of teams. They’re going to be able to offer solutions, which are 10 times better for their clients. They’re going to be able to make more profit with those, um, these solutions where they can offer 10 times the result at say five times the cost. So again, people are going to be winning here.

Market, is it going to need to retrain in terms of how to understand, um, if this, then that or Zapier or any of those automation tools that are going to have to understand triggers? They’re going to have to really value qualitative data once again, which is super, super exciting. If you’re a direct response advertising, not like myself.

And. I think that. They’re going to need to. Just embrace it. Or they’ll be left behind.

So. There’s 20 minutes of me. Jabbering away on open source growth. Talking about. Artificial intelligence. And the implementation in growth marketing. In SAAS, software marketing. Online products, et cetera, et cetera. Should you be scared? No.

Should you embrace it? Absolutely. Will it replace you? No, but it will replace certain parts of your job function. The most effective approach always will be a combination of both humans and machines. And enabling the machine to do the data analysis, enable it to do the real time campaign adjustments and the real-time personalization.

Where the humans provide the inputs, high quality capture of all the qualitative stuff that they need in order to really tap into the customer. And more importantly, humans have got to bring that authenticity and that. Ah, that that creativity we’ve been begging for.

Digital marketing has been an exceptionally boring craft for many, many years. And it’s time to bring back the love and the joy and the energy of the 1950s, sixties and seventies with the Ogilvy Mathur campaigns and those big, long form advertorials like, do you make these mistakes in English and the desperate nerd?

No. Hire out by Gary Hall, but I’m just, oh, I am so, so, so excited. Now, if you do need any assistance, when it comes to determining, whether you need any AI led marketing support. Feel free to hit us up again. My best email is You can shoot me an email, ask as many questions as you like, because again, we are really developing this AI led marketing function within our business.

We’re unapologetic in the sense that we love AI. We’ll be using it as much as we possibly can to deliver amazing results for our clients. The moment it doesn’t yield results. We’re back to pen and paper guys. But the truth here is that AI is the future. We’re all going to need to embrace it. And if you are a small business owner, a small software company,

This is your opportunity.

Let me put it to you this way. If you actually follow your competitors every single day.

And this is going to be a gold nugget, I know it will be.

If I give you a pro tip here, hope you implement it. Set up an RSS feed of your competitors and watch their publishing strategy. If their publishing strategy doesn’t get any better. You know that they’re publishing. Is not up to scratch. They’re not embracing chatGPT or openAI or or or descript or anything. Right.

I look, if you’re not embracing this stuff here and your just doing sweet FFA. As we like to call it in Australia. You’re going to be left behind. See, with a little bit of hustle right now, you are going to have the opportunity to make leap years of change in your business. And if you do this, you will be so far ahead of everybody else. This is there’s a first mover advantage, here, which is taking place at Lightspeed. You have to jump on the enterprise and go with all the Trekkies to the, to the moon. You know what I’m saying? So if you don’t have that, Um, drive or that energy, you need to Frickin’ find it. Right. It’s so, so important. If you don’t find that drive. To get yourself out of bed, learning these platforms exploiting all the different prompts and things that ChatGPT can do.

Here’s a hint.

It can pretty much do anything. Or using to develop amazing blog content and lifting yourself out of the ghetto with your rankings. Like you were, you, you were crazy. You are cooked, like just do something for yourself. Do yourself a favor, set up an RSS feed. Follow your competitors. Every single move.

And if you can out publish them right now, you are going to be so far ahead of everyone. In the next five years.

And we’re going to eat our own dog food there too, because that’s what we’re doing. And it’s working.

So guys, thank you. So, so much for tuning in this is open-source growth. If you did like this episode, please like this episode, if you’re watching it on YouTube or share it with a friend, if it makes a difference to you.

So in conclusion, AI will never replace your growth marketing team. It will reduce the size of your growth marketing team. If you need the same output, it will just make your growth marketing team 10 times more effective. And. As we’ve mentioned, the true limitation of AI is that there is always a need for humans to see what the hell’s going on and devise better strategies, bringing authenticity and creativity to just get things working together.

And that’s why you engage a marketing agency like, Owendenny Digital. We are the top ranked SAAS marketing agency in Australia, in Melbourne, and in many, many, many cities around the country. And the reason why we’re able to get there is because we provide unique approaches to businesses just like you. And we eat our own dog food, and that’s what gets us amazing results. Whether it be PPC results with our clients. We’ve got enterprise software clients, which are absolutely crushing it with Google ads right now. Facebook ads as a Facebook marketing partner, we’ve got some amazing campaign’s going with one of our AI led chatbots startups. Or you can talk about just our local services, businesses that were helping with this brilliant strategy, amazing web development and Google ads. Like we’ve got end to end marketing happening right here.

And, you know, what. It’s exciting and it’s all working. And again, That’s why you have humans in your team because they can see where you are. I understand the context and make things work. So again, That’s us. That’s how we’re saying things. And that’s how we believe that what we are doing right here right now in this world of artificial intelligence is telling you to make hay whilst the sun shine’s. It’s not going to replace your growth marketing team. It will only 10x it.

It’s been great guys. Thank you so much for tuning in God. Bless. Stay safe. And please do everything you can to make this opportunity of a lifetime yield in your favor.



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The-Proof-Olympics-The 10 Disciplines-Of Believability You Must Master To Convert More Customers

The Proof Olympics: The 10 Disciplines Of Believability You Must Master To Convert More Customers

Wondering why your customers are hitting your landing pages and they’re not becoming customers?

More often than not, you’re sitting on an awesome product. You know it, I know it, and your mom knows it. So why aren’t people buying?

The answer is social proof.

People want to see that other people have used your product and loved it before they’re willing to shell out their hard-earned cash.

Think about the last time you made a big purchase. Whether it was a house, a car, or even a pair of shoes, you probably did some research first.

You read reviews, talked to friends and family, and looked for any indication that this was a good purchase. And if you didn’t find that social proof, you probably didn’t make the purchase.

The same goes for your potential customers

If you’re not incorporating social proof into your marketing strategy, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to increase conversions and sales.

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon that occurs when people are uncertain about a decision and looks to others for guidance. In other words, it’s the influence that other people have on our decisions.

There are many forms of social proof, but some of the most effective include testimonials, reviews, case studies, expert endorsements, and customer testimonials.

When used correctly, social proof can be an incredibly powerful tool to increase conversions and sales.

In Today’s Episode of Open Source Growth, we explore the 10 Disciplines Of Believability You Must Master and incorporate into your business to increase leads, conversions and sales.

Show Timeline

00:00:00 PROOF OLYMPICS: The One Thing You Need to Make People Believe in Your Products!

00:01:13 HARNESSING BELIEVABILITY: How to Use Video Testimonials to Skyrocket Your Sales!

00:01:58 CREATE VIDEO TESTIMONIALS, PRODUCT DEMOS, BEFORE/AFTERS: The Secret Formula to Persuade Your Prospects!

00:04:13 TRANSFORMATIVE BEFORE-AND-AFTERS VIA FACEBOOK ADS: Get Ready to Blow Your Competitors Away!

00:05:38 COUNTING TOOLS FOR PROOF: Discover the Tools You Need to Create Credibility and Boost Your Sales!

00:06:41 INCREASE PREDICTABILITY WITH REVIEWS: How to Use Reviews to Make Your Prospects Trust You!

00:08:51 GROW YOUTUBE PRESENCE FOR REVIEWS: The Ultimate Guide to Using YouTube to Build Your Social Proof!

00:09:55 GAINING PRODUCT REVIEWS, SOCIAL PROOF: How to Get More Reviews and Make More Sales!

00:11:14 INCREASE CREDIBILITY WITH TESTIMONIALS: The Ultimate Tool to Persuade Your Prospects and Close More Sales!

00:12:42 GROW BUSINESS COST-EFFECTIVELY: SOCIAL PROOF: Learn How to Use Social Proof to Take Your Business to the Next Level

00:14:14 SHARE STORY, EXPLORE OPTIONS, STAY WELL: The Essential Guide to Building Your Brand and Boosting Your Sales!

Hey everyone, it’s Dean here and this open source growth and in today’s episode I want to talk to you about the Proof Olympics.

Now, this isnt to be confused with the real Olympics in a form of games for that matter. Shout out to the Aussies that are competing in absolutely crushing it over there, including Kristina Clonan, a girl I used to ride with when I was cycling back in the day, she’s now just won a gold medal in the 500 meter sprint on the velodrome, which is so darn cool. And why I’m calling today the Proof Olympics is that consumers need believability. Like they need to see your product working. They need to see it operational, getting results and seeing the program, the product, the widget, the service that you provide to do something for them.

Remember, we’re all talking about WIFM – what’s in it for me? Radio, you know what I’m saying? So if you can really demonstrate with your products and services, what they actually do, and then provide the visual proof, audible proof, or videos or graphics or reviews. You’re gonna be in a much better way. And in today’s episode, it’s all about harnessing and bolstering your believability.

So what can you go about slapping on your website, injecting into your Facebook Ads? Talking about or making sure it’s part of your organic ecosystem to ensure that people actually believe that you can help them. So I found 10 things you can do right now to go about increasing your believability, increasing your conversion rate, and making it a hell of a lot easier for your inside sales or your door-to-door sales guys to go about getting those deals over the line.

So number one, this is no secret video testimonials, reign Supreme. If you can get a video testimonial from any of your great clients who have had a transformative time working with you, do it. Plaster it everywhere. Video testimonials are the hot topic when it comes to e-commerce right now. From a user-generated content perspective, video testimonials are deserving for every sales page you’ve seen underneath the sun.

They’re great in your organic feeds, whether it be Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, whatever. But again, those video testimonials have to be part of your inventory of proof assets. So again, ensure that you go about getting these video testimonials each and every single day. So I’m talking over a phone call, Hey, would you be so kind to shoot me a video testimonial in lieu of X, Y, Z?

You can’t pay people to do a video testimonial. That’ll be completely illegal and against terms of service of the marketing world. But again, do something that you can see as a value exchange in order to drive those video testimonials. That’d be really, really handy. The next thing in terms of believability proof is actually showing somebody how your product works.

Like show them a demonstration. Like I know us in Australia, we’ve all grown up with Godfrey’s vacuum cleaners, and we’ve seen with Godfreys, although those examples of when people get the Hoover vacuum and it picks up a balling ball or so, Or people see I vacuumed one side of the carpet and it looks nice and clean, and then I used a crappy vacuum cleaner. It looks really bad, and that’s because I’ve got the super duper vacuum cleaner. A product demonstration can go a very, very long way. Now, if you can capture it in a video form and then stick it onto your landing pages to sell the products that you want to sell, you’re going to be in a much better place.


So if you’re an e-commerce store, just go about ensuring that. Product video demonstrations are on your product pages to increase the believability, increase those conversion rates get more people adding to cart and therefore making more conversion sales at the end of the day. It’s a pretty simple process, which leads me to number three, the before and after photos.

Now, I know anyone who’s an organic fitness marketer, you guys be all up in here, let before and after photos. As much as we’d love to smash them on Facebook ads, just doesn’t cut it. Now, I do know that the before and after is being done exceptionally well by the man shake company. I’m not sure if they’re still running Facebook ads. But one little strategy I can give to you is if you wanna demonstrate a before and after video, what you go about doing is that alluding to someone’s had a transformation in the Facebook ad and driving the click, using curiosity to the landing page, where you showcase actual transformation, you just can’t do the before and after video or photos and slapp ’em together and enjoy them and shit. You just can’t do that in the Facebook ad. But again, the before and after has been the weight loss 101 marketing secret of all time. Go about slapping that into your, your challenge pages and all that stuff, and you’re gonna be in a much better way And check out ManShake. They do it exceptionally well. Number four, screenshots. Now, these are so falsified in the e-commerce agency drop shipping world. Like you have absolutely no idea how many people are duping you with recycled screenshots. Like I’ve seen so many IG Instagram influencers showcasing that you can get rich quick with Shopify dup, uh, dify you, you with these damn screenshots.

Again, be skeptical. Word of caution. Just make sure that you see the screenshots. See more inform. Do the phone call before you buy the guy’s product. You know what I’m saying? Just, you know, just do it guys. But again, screenshots are, are a currency. How many people have tried to sell me stuff for my agency to grow my agency with a striped bank account screenshot, or a Shopify, you know, point of sale screenshot or a number of calendar appointments booked in Calendly screenshot.

Like, guys, everyone has done it in some way, shape, or form, and you gotta just go about fixing that. The next one you could use, and this is number five, is a set of scales or anything that you can count. So weight loss isn’t an amazing market, is an amazing outcome for anybody because when you take phone or a certain of scales at one point and then a certain of scales, the next point, it’s before and after, just based on numbers.

And it, you can utilize photos of scales and the change of scales. You can then essentially show a before and after, and it’s kind of a cluey way to demonstrate the proof. Again, we’re here in the believability game, so again, using scales, using not just scales, but. Tools, which enabled you to count. So whether it’s a, a weighing tool or a money counting tool or anything, which seems like a system which people believe because people do believe systems more than reality a lot of the time.

So we get using some form of scales to demonstrate or some form of measuring tool, and then having screenshots of that measuring tool in action, showcasing your transformation. That’s gonna be a way you can increase the believability and the proof of your product. Actually working.

Number six, the Google reviews. Now the humble Google Review is doing amazing things for my business. We’re doing a fair bit of Google My Business optimization at the minute, and we’re ranking so aggressively either three pack in my local area for things like Facebook advertising, digital advertising, AdWords services, AdWords Management, P P C.

You name it, this, that, the third, whatever, getting your Google reviews going is such a low touch, easy way to get your business scaling aggressively. Like it will make such a massive difference in your business. I can’t emphasize this enough. And there are platforms, tools, and third parties that you’re doing this exceptionally well. Like reviewer. That’s a great business. Can’t recommend that highly enough. Checkout reviewer, and that’s review. Invest time, money, energy, and effort into getting Google reviews for your business. It’s not only great in the three pack on Google, which is pretty much like the top of the search engine results page, but it looks up say, you know, sandals near me that you are the right of the top three places in the Google Map section.

The best thing about the Google reviews as well, that you can plaster that all over your website, all in your Facebook ads, all in your creatives, to again, increase stub believability and the proof that you can actually help people.

The next thing, which is kind of like the poorer cousin of the Google Review is the Facebook review. People still go to Facebook pages. People still engage businesses on Facebook. It is the truth. It’s not going away anywhere, anytime soon. So again, try and push people into those Facebook reviews. We’ve been Slack doing such a thing. I’m not gonna lie. It is a bit like the the carpenter’s porch here at Owendenny Digital.

That’s why we’re trying to have a crack at getting this podcast out to you in helping good people. But again, get some Facebook reviews, make that happen for you and yourself.

The next thing is kind of like a user generated content opportunity for you, and it’s about ensuring that your products get out to the hands of people who create YouTube.

YouTube’s the second largest search engine on the planet, and if your content or if your business isn’t on YouTube, you’re really missing out, including us. I’m guilty of this, I’m not gonna lie, but if you are not able to get your products on YouTube, In the hands of good people and they’re not able to go about doing honest reviews on YouTube.

You’re really, really missing out on a massive opportunity. Like I know when I’m looking at a product or I’m gonna buy something which is a high ticket product such as a car or a box of cigars, or a coffee machine, or a blender, or an appliance. I’m going onto YouTube to check out all I can around particular product.

Particular reviews and to actually see whether or not I’m gonna spend and invest the time edging into this. So again, those YouTube channels, one of those things that if you do it well for your own business, but then you ensure that other YouTubers are reviewing your products, you’re going to be in a much better place, in a much better way.

So again, somehow figure out a way to get those product reviews into your ecosystem cuz you can then embed them into your landing pages. You can embed them into blog posts, you can embed them into product pages, which will increase your conversion rate or your sales pages, you name it, this, that, and the third, whatever.

It’s going to help you out. The next thing, the as seen on now, this isn’t strictly proof, but it is a demonstration that you have credentials behind you. Now we live in a world where a university degree is becoming less and less relevant for people selling products on mass, unless you’re like a medical practitioner or an accountant or a lawyer.

Skyrocket Your Business - Saas Marketing Agency

So the next closest thing we can use is have you been seen on any publications, any, any news sources, any magazines, journals, articles, books, whatever. Just ensure that you’ve got some form of social proof. Like for instance, I was featured in Blue Ocean Strategies website. I’ve been featured on the Channel seven news for one of my startups.

A couple of my other startups have gotten me onto 3AW. It’s got me to the local newspaper, it’s got me to their old sun. All those things enabled me as a marketer and a business owner to getting myself a point a, a place of credibility and again, increasing the proof.

And the last, but not least, this is an naughty, but it is a goodie. Get some written testimonials from your clients. So again, you’ve got video testimonials. The written testimonials do work just as well. To this day. Now with written testimonials, you can take screenshots of mobile phone conversations. You can have handwritten notes. You can have photos where your client’s given you a gift with like, oh, thanks for all the hard work.

You’ve done this. You guys have absolutely crushed it from a business, bloody blah, blah. If you’re in the B2B space, that would absolutely crush it for you. But again, like these are all things which could really, really help you grow. So there are 10 there, there are 10 disciplines of the proof Olympics.

Maybe that’s what I’ll call this episode. So you’ll see it in the, in the title of this podcast. But they’re all gonna really help you out, do something massive, enable you to convert more leads and convert more sales. If you do a lot of organic, it may increase the number of leads. It will increase the amount of reach, maybe.

Anyway, we can talk about organic marketing another day, but look, these are TED strategies you can go about deploying instantly right now in your business to go about increasing the conversion rates on your landing pages to get people to add more products to cart. In fact, you could even use a lot of these proof assets in your checkout pages.

Like I know Russell Bronson with ClickFunnels and a lot of his things, he’s starting to slap testimonials. Fill out your payment details here on that cart page is last through these social proof assets there, and it’s making a massive difference to his conversion rates. This isn’t just for your social feeds, this is for your product pages.

This is for your homepage, your long form sales pages. It’s for your checkout pages. It’s even for people who are taking your courses. People just need to believe that what you are offering them is actually going to work, and the more proof you can offer, the better off you’re going to be acquiring new customers cost effectively, and that’s what we’re in the business of doing.

Growth is a pretty simple business. It’s about determining who your target market is, putting a great offer in front of them, and then figuring out a way to get that offer into their hands most cost effectively, and then keeping that customer for a long period of time. It’s really quite a simple process, how to grow a business and then, oh, actually, obviously number five, build a team that can actually do the work.

But it’s all pretty simple at the end of the day. So if you liked this podcast, please like this podcast, share it. Do whatever you can in order to get this good gospel of direct response advertising out into your. We’re doing this for free because we love you, but we also love the people we attract and we can bring into our ecosystem to see whether or not we can scale their monthly recurring revenues to three x five x, 10 x and beyond what they were already doing.

So if that is you, jump on, fill out the form, go run through the type form. Tell me a little bit about you, cuz I’d love to know about you, your business, and if you’d like, we can even take up a free strategy call to see what you can do and how we can help you. So let’s take it all from there. I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode and stay well.

Catch you soon. Bye.


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Your Personal 'Hidden Goldmine' For Scroll-Stopping Marketing Angles

Your Personal ‘Hidden Goldmine’ For Scroll-Stopping Marketing Angles

Welcome. Hey guys, how you going? It’s Dean here and this is Open Source Growth. In today’s episode, I’m going to talk to you all about a unique discovery I’ve just made only about an hour ago, and I hope I’m the only person that hasn’t made this discovery. But before I do go talk about this unique discovery, which will dramatically improve your ability to write winning ads which convert customer.

Just hit that subscribe and like button because at the end of the day, everything does help. And we do want to continue this podcast of being able to help you implement actionable steps to go about achieving T2 D three growth in your SaaS company or 10 x your e-commerce business, or simply just grow your business, irrespective of the form.

And in today’s episode, I’m gonna talk to you about something that we all struggle with in including my agency, funnily. See, I have a marketing agency, as you would, as you may know. It’s called Owendenny Digital, which is the concatenation of my middle and last name, and that’s all cool. That’s all sweet.

That’s all fine and dandy like a bag of chips. But what’s really interesting is yes, I may have a marketing agency, but that doesn’t mean I’m a fantastic business owner. And what that could often do is put me in precarious situations. And this is my damaging admission here, that like I know with my own personal skillset, I can market exceptionally well.

Can I market myself exceptionally well? Probably not because I’m too occupied with running a business. So often what does happen in our agency is that we get to a point where we are growing and growing and growing our monthly recurring revenue and then all of a sudden we have some client attrition and then all of a sudden our monthly recurring revenue starts to dip.

Like any type of business, like that’s pretty stock standard in 99.9% of businesses that you work with. What’s complicated about running an agency though, is that there’s a huge amount of teamwork. With marketing agencies, you can have web teams, you can have software teams, you can have graphics, copywriting, media buying, conversion tracking, web development, you know, you name it, it’s there.


It’s inside an agency, and agencies essentially a shell company for a whole bunch of creatives, contractors or whatever. You know, let’s just tell it how it is. But the one thing I’ve always struggled with is business operations, because quite frankly, I don’t like doing it. I love marketing. I love sales, I love leadership.

But God, the fire details, the minutia, it heals me. So what can happen is this in our agency. I can get really involved in the business. I can start doing a lot of great strategy work for our clients. We get a whole bunch of referrals. The business starts to grow. I’m not actively marketing on Facebook or Google or LinkedIn or YouTube or Snapchat or TikTok or Spotify.

And then all of a sudden we have a couple of unfavorable moments. Clients have a change of heart. You know, our, our lifetime value of a client. You know, that obviously is expended and we start to have some natural attrition. Then all of a sudden you can go from a massive big month all the way down to a wild contraction, purely because of the fact that you get so caught up in your agency life fulfilling and doing the strategy that you don’t get to further your own nest and run your own ads and do your own marketing.

And that’s a massive downfall that I have personally. That is what does happen and it’s really interesting, like the transformation a marketing agency offers is such an easy one to go about documenting and selling to people like I personally know how easy it is. Do you wish to grow your business? Can you rely on your internal marketing team?

Are you struggling to get your traffic to convert? Are you, are you actually getting the people that you’re converting as your marketing qualified needs to show up to trials or demo calls, or to sales appointments or whatever? And are you actually getting a measurable return on investment from your paid traffic?

Like it is all super, super simple. Like it’s such a no-brainer, a “duh” marketing plan. Or an advertising campaign or whatever, you get the drift. But what is interesting is that because I’m so caught up in helping out clients succeed, that I often fail to look after myself, and that is a massive, massive issue when it comes to business owners being selfless.

At the end of the day, you’re not a charity. You need to work on your own stuff. And this is something I’m personally working with. The reason why I’m mentioning all this stuff today, guys, is that this is a useful divergence to what I’m about to reveal to you. So with all this being considered with the pending ideas of a recession, the pending, you know, end of financial year, just gone and past.

There’s a lot of people who are just like sitting back having a bit of a breather and they’re not really, they’re not really making active efforts to engage people to help them with their marketing right now. Our SEOs down our Facebook advertising campaigns, we’ve been doing some tests last month, which be awesome, but we haven’t really pushed our demand generation, so to speak.

But the general consensus as a whole in the business community is that things are slowing down a little bit here in Australia.

But, I was considering all this, and I wasn’t sure if it was a story I was telling myself, so I decided to write what I was thinking and how I was feeling, and this was such a crazy experience. See, i would recommend to every marketer or every CMO or any person willing to get onto their own two feet and do something amazing with their business or life, who wishes to choose the path of entrepreneurship or you know, CEO leadership or whatever, that the number one skill that you must develop, and some people simply just do not make a leap, is developing your own emotional intelligence.

And when you are a marketer, especially a direct response advertising person like myself, the most important thing that you can go about developing is your ability to recognize what’s going on inside of other people. How are they feeling? And as a rule of thumb, people either want to move away from where they’re at, or they want to become a better version of where they are right now.

They’re either escaping a pain point or they’re moving to the promised land. Now, if you start to recognize that case and you are feeling a certain way, you’re, you’re sitting on your own unique marketing goldmine. So in terms of developing your emotional intelligence and all that sort of stuff, one of the easiest ways to get, to develop your emotional intelligence, and I would say develop some self-awareness is to develop a journal and write your journal every single day over the past 4-5 years, actually, if you see my shelf just back there in my office, I’ve rather got about six months worth of journals there. But one thing I like to do basically every single day is write in my journal and I like to write in my journal at different times during the day on different days just to see and monitor how I’m feeling, how I’m thinking, and whatever.


And like this month we are way down on our own internal marketing lead targets. Like it is absolutely insane how far behind we are. But what was amazing was that I encapsulated this feeling, this spirit, this business owner, frustrated arrhhh you know what I’m saying? And was able to document all those little thoughts that came through my mind. Now, if you’re a b2b, guess what, every single business owner that you sell to is going through exactly the same thing. So if you’re a B2B seller and you to sell directly to the owner of the company, you and them, they may have exactly the same feelings.

They may have exactly the same emotions that stir up. They may have exactly the same fears that keep them up late at night. It was really funny. I started writing down all these things about myself, about my own situation, what I was feeling, bloody blah. And by coming up with all these ones, you wouldn’t believe it.

I literally have all the hooks for my future marketing campaigns to sell to B2B SaaS product owners. It is so simple. Let me give you some examples of the things that I came up with. Hmm hmm, my bills are piling up. I’m not sure how we’re gonna get over the top of August. If I leave in September, will my business service my clients without me?

My internal marketing team isn’t meeting our growth targets. These ads are simply not converting. WTF is iOS 14 Tracking got to do with the ability for us to grow our business. My lead flow is drying up. I wish I could just tap into YouTube. Why isn’t Google ads working for me? I paid good money to have these marketing people and what did they really even achieve?

Do I literally need to engage another agency to help my own? It’s a business here to grow. I’m not a video editor. I need the content team to support me. I wish I could just pick up the phone and get honest, truthful, and real advice that will make a bloody difference. Bootstrap growth right now will funding even really help me.

My competitor just raised $1.3 million. How in the world do I even stand a chance? Can you see what I’m getting at here? These are all these little weird thoughts that are popping up in your mind and when you are feeling blue and when you are feeling out as a business owner selling to another business owner, this is a great time.

You are literally sitting on a gold mine of hooks to that you can basically repackage as part of your direct response advertising campaigns like this is such a oh oof a rare opportunity. So when you are feeling out and when you are feeling down, Down in the dump, so you know, down and out in London, as George Orwell would call it.

What you’ve gotta do is pick up your pen, place it on your journal, and write every single little thought that comes out of your mind. So let me say that again. You pick up your pen, you open your journal, and then you write every single little thing out. And boom, guess what? You may have a little bit more success. In fact, you may have your winning campaign staring you in the fucking face.

That’s useful. That’s very valuable. See, it’s so fascinating when you get caught in your own shit, when the stories you’re telling yourself, you just can’t even see the forest from the trees. And when you are able to delaminate the forest or extract the forest from your brain onto paper, you can, you can see all the trees in as as a collection of ideas and thoughts and inspiration.

And then when you’ve got all that, you can actually then be like, ah, sick, do this, do this, do this, do this, do this, run this campaign, these headlines, this big marketing idea, and wham bam ala kazan, you may even have a winner. Through these thoughts, through these ideas, you have literally identified all the pain points and all those insecurities, and all those spheres.

So whenever you are feeling blue, I’m going to suggest this to you, especially if you have anything to do with direct response marketing or advertising in your business that every single freaking time you’re feeling out and out of touch, frustrated, concerned. Write down exactly what’s upsetting you or frustrating you at that point, because this will serve as a catalog for great hooks, great marketing ideas, and how you can go about improving and developing your offer to convert more customers, get them paying egregious prices for what you do and offer, and more importantly, keeping them happier than ever.

So guys, that’s it from me today. That is open source growth, looking for quality, high performing multi six, seven, figure eight, figure, nine figure, and more business owners to jump on this podcast with me to talk marketing, talk, growth, talk lead and demand generation systems that can be implemented in real time.

We don’t all have to pay those egregious prices. These damn agencies are charging. Hey, we’re quite reasonable, fyi. But you know, I’m here for you. I’m the marketer for the people. So once again, this is open source growth. I’m your host, Dean Denny, founder of Owendenny Digital signing out. Have a great day.



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Get leads and sales without websites

Episode Four: Why You Don’t Need to Build A Website To Get Leads, Sales And Customers

Hey guys, it’s Dean here and this is Open Source Growth. And in today’s illustrious Soul recording, shall I say, it is currently 5:17 on one of the Chilliest days in, I personally believe to be like my own history, I’m 32 years of age, but in Victorian history, I think I woke up this morning and it was about zero degrees Celsius here, which for you American folk that would.

Way, way, way, way too normal for you. Us Australians are pretty soft, especially us coming from Victoria. We do love our heating systems. We do love all that stuff that keeps us lovely warm. But look, today’s episode of Open Source Growth, I wanna talk about the ultimate source, the ultimate type of open source growth and that business growth, which costs you absolutely nothing. In fact, you don’t even need to go about developing a website, and that’s why I’ve titled this podcast, why you Don’t Need to Build a Website to Generate Leads, sales and Customers, because quite frankly, that’s what I did at the very beginning of my freelancing career.

Now, When you have a high ticket service like sales, um, coaching or marketing coaching or um, marketing services or web design or whatever, more often than not, there’s a prospect in your neighborhood. Like, don’t get me wrong. Yeah, it helps to have a Facebook profile or an Instagram profile or whatever, but more often than not, if you exist and if you have a pulse.

I’m pretty sure there’s going to be a prospect somewhere around that corner of yours. And for me, when I got started in the marketing agency world, when I kicked off my freelancing career, I remember it was about 2017 towards the end of that year, and I was working in a marketing agency. And when I was working there, I used to take my dog for walks on the beach.

And I remember thinking and pondering, Hmm, maybe I wanna start my own marketing agency. Well, maybe I want my own clients. Maybe I want a whole heap of additional money just to keep me going. Like I was only working at a marketing agency two to three days a week, and probably taking home at most as, as much as $600, um, a week.

It wasn’t huge money, but it was what it was, if you know what I’m saying. And I remember going to the beach one day and talking with a business owner and they were asking me what I do and I told ’em what I do and it’s like, ah, you are one of those guys who can do digital marketing. You’re one of those people that I see on the internet, but I can never trust and like, and that led from one thing to another. And then all of a sudden I had a web design project. And to be frank, at the time I didn’t really even know what I was doing with web design. I knew how to build a Squarespace website fairly cost effectively. I knew how to get it up and going. I knew how to turn it into a lead generation machine, which it still is to this day, and it’s been an exceptionally successful little business since I worked with them.


But, That was me without a social media profile pretending I was a digital marketing that was me without a Facebook profile and DMing everybody under the sun. That was me without a website or presence showing people that I did digital marketing, because I didn’t up until that point. But I had the belief that I could do that, you know?

So if you are out there on your journey, what do you actually need to get started? Like, do you need a website? No, you don’t. Do you need, uh, a LinkedIn profile that says that you do this? It helps, don’t get me wrong, but that’s not going to, that’s not really going to push the needle forward. What you really need is conviction and self-belief.

Like if I could. Invest every single dollar into my own personal education, and if I could split it, I would say that I would spend 85 to 90% on my self-belief and 10% on the information that would get me to where I want to go. Because at the end of the day, that self-belief enables you to do whatever you want in life, any business.

When I got started out, it was that self-belief of knowing, Hey, I can help this person. I can generate leads. Yes, I know I can help this person attract new customers with Facebook or Google Ads. Yes, I know I can help this person go from where they are to where they want to be, and I could even teach them about sales at the time.

See, by backing myself and teaching myself digital marketing whilst working at an agency, I was able to develop a skillset, but then it was also on top of that, and I want to be abundantly clear here. It was that ability to just believe in myself and go about selling myself in front of other people there. And then that’s what really enabled me to grow a business without any marketing.

It was quite literally free growth, and I think that you can do that too. I’m still a firm believer that the best place for you to get started, um, in business is your local coffee shop because it forces you to talk about you, your products and services every single morning with new people. If you are in any form of high ticket sales or any direct to consumer sales, you should never be buying coffee at home.

See, up until recently, I would always be out every single morning for coffee because I knew that every year I pick up three to five customers at cafes and that would offset my coffee bill. So realistically, you don’t need a website, you don’t need a social profile. You just need to be near the customers that you can help.

See, when you’re in marketing and agent, like when you’ve got a marketing agency like myself, or if you’ve got, if you’re a coach that helps a certain type of avatar, whatever, you know exactly where your customers are. You know the conferences they’re going to, you know, the places they’re visiting, you know the shops, they’re buying stuff.

If you’re looking for, you know, boxers to help you know that the boxers are going to the fights, you know that a boxer goes to the MMA fight store in Melbourne to buy boxing gloves, or they go to a particular supplement place to get specific boxing specific supplements. I’m not sure if that even exists, but you get the point.

You just need to be where your customers are. Not only do you need to know where your customers are, you need to know how to speak their language. So it’s a matter of targeting and their messaging. What do they say? What do they do? What keeps them up at night? All that stuff, like knowing who you’re targeting, what really drives them, knowing how they speak so you can communicate in their language and then communicate the transformation which you offer, i e your product or service in a means, which they totally understand.

See, this is the process of marketing, but it doesn’t just happen on a website. It doesn’t just happen on a Facebook ad. It happens everywhere you go. And if you understand that you’re gonna be in an incredible place, like it’s gonna be so, so good for you. , so that’s why I’m bullish on this, that if you are getting started in the marketing world, yeah.

Or if you’re wanting to get started in your own marketing agency or your own services type of business, especially when most people with an ABN or an LLC or a proprietary limited company need you and your service like you’re an accountant or a lawyer or a doctor, not a doctor, sorry, an accountant, a lawyer, a mortgage broker or whatever.

All you need to do is have a pulse and be at a cafe or just know where your customers are and communicating with them. You don’t need that website to get started. It’s only once you’ve got proof of concept, people that are actually paying you money to do the hard work that you love to do is when you start thinking about investing in marketing.



But if your offer is not converting, I’m sorry to say it and I hate to break it to you. It is not worth investing any money to build that website or start any marketing or whatever. But it’s all just about making sure that people want your services. So like this is just a short, quick 9-10 minute episode today.

I just wanna say I love you all. It’s just been something that’s been on my mind. I’m a huge believer in the best place to start selling is your local coffee shop. Um, and that’s just been me. So this is open source growth today. Um, I’m your host, Dean Denny, founder of Owen Denny Digital Geelong’s leading SaaS focused marketing agency.

We love online brands and e-comm too, but most importantly, software as a service is our shit. But again, if you liked what you heard today, if you like the candidness of this, Communications. Just hit subscribe. Let me know what you think, and if you need to get in touch with me, I used to be the digital marketing gangster on Instagram, but hit me up.

It’s Dean Owendenny, and that’s OWENDENNY, for Owendenny. So Dean, d-e-a-n. That’s where you can find me. Shoot me a message and we’ll talk soon. I love you all. God bless and stay safe. Peace out.



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Critical Metrics You Need To Grasp Before Scaling (Or Killing) Your Facebook Ads.

Podcast Episode 3: The 3 Critical Metrics You Need To Grasp Before Scaling (Or Killing) Your Facebook Ads.

Strap yourselves in everyone. This is the Digital Marketing Gangster podcast coming at you live, wherever you choose to listen.

Hey everyone. Welcome to the Digital Marketing Gangster Podcast. This is Dean Denny speaking, managing director of Owen Denny, and this is episode three. This week we’re gonna dive into something a little bit more technical. This week we’re actually going to be discussing when to kill a Facebook advertising campaign, and what are the key metrics that we look for.

When we decide to pull the pin, I guess keep it going scale, and we just wanna explore in general what to look for in terms of whether or not a campaign’s a winner or it’s a real big fat loser. So guys, strap yourselves in. It’s gonna be a fairly technical discussion, but I can nearly guarantee you if you go about applying everything that you hear in this podcast today, you will truthfully, and I mean truthfully achieve some remarkable and magnetic results with your Facebook advertising campaigns.

So let’s get down to it.

Okay. So episode three of the Digital Marketing Gangster Podcast, Facebook Ads Optimization and Knowing When to Kill Your Campaign. Well, ultimately you could say it’s the converse, when to double down, drill down, optimize and scale the living shit out of your campaigns. And before I really dive deep into this discussion, I really want to break it down to two key discussions today.

Discussion one is going to address cold traffic, and then discussion two is going to address warm and hot traffic. Now, For those who are just becoming aware of the flexibility and the power that Facebook ads has in one’s business, believe me, I am totally obsessed with them, and I literally built my agency of being able to deliver Facebook ads for our clients.

Now, for those who are getting started in digital marketing, let me just tell you this, today’s subjects. Be a little technical. I’m not gonna say too technical for you, but if you stick with it and you try to listen through it and pay close attention, I’m sure you’re gonna be able to get something out of today, and what we will.

Really, really do is try to give you somewhat of a framework to know whether you’re on the right track and or if you’re on the wrong track. Another thing before we really dig into the discussion today, guys, is that with your campaigns that you’re going to roll out using Facebook, whether you’re already doing them at the moment or you’re planning to do it or whatever, I want you to just ensure that you’ve validated your products first.

Now, again, if you can’t sell your product right now, Facebook ads aren’t going to fix that. All they’re going to do is focus that attention on. Your product, and in fact, it’ll only exacerbate the results that you’re currently achieving. If you are failing right now in business and you’re not selling any products, maybe you need to look at your products first before you even decide to pursue Facebook advertising in your business.

So guys, today’s discussion will be at. Cross between, you know, top of funnel traffic and warm and hot traffic. And what we are going to define as top of funnel traffic is people who have never heard of you or who have never jumped on your website or have never engaged with you on Facebook and Instagram and you’re going to be using things such as look like audiences, which are essentially something we will dig deeper in about five minutes time.

Or you’re gonna be using interest targeting. So that’s leveraging Facebook’s abilities to target people by demographic age interests, and a bunch of a suite of cool stuff. So guys, before we dig into it, that’s, this is just a quick precursor of what’s going to be covered. We’re going to be really dividing this whole conversation up into top of funnel traffic, which is going to be cold traffic, and then we’re going to be dividing it up into the second half of this, into middle of funnel and bottom of funnel traffic, which is essentially just warm traffic. So guys, let’s get to it.

So let’s start this conversation on cold traffic optimization and knowing when to kill or scale your campaigns. Using Facebook advertising. So, cold traffic at the core of things is essentially targeting people based on either interest or based on what Facebook believes is your target customer through lookalike audiences.

Now, in this conversation today, we’re not gonna talk about how you go about doing such a thing. Uh, we’ll cover that at a later date, and that’ll be more of a, you know, a beginner or a junior’s. I guess podcast topic, but the whole point of today is podcast, um, especially this section of the podcast is to give you some ideas, give you some strategies, and give you something that you can go about actioning to make better informed decisions in regards to what to look for at the top of the funnel.

Um, and with cold traffic and when to keep those campaigns going, when to dull down the budgets and when to essentially scale them because of the optimization. So guys, with the top of funnel, you are often bottlenecked by the audience size, which you were targeting. Now guys, what I want you to think about here is, Okay, if I’m only able to target a hundred thousand people and we have a winning campaign, and we’ll define what winning is shortly, does that mean I can just keep on pouring it on and spend more money and more money and more money and more money to keep on getting these results?

And, uh, unfortunate answer is: only sometimes. Now, the reason why I’m gonna say only sometimes here, guys, is that when you have a defined audience, and if the audience is small, the more money. You throw at that particular advertising campaign, the more people within that audience you’re going to reach. And there’s going to be a point within that campaign when you reach everybody in your audience and you saturate your marketplace.

So what starts to happen is that the number of impressions starts to exceed the number of people reached, which means. I guess generalist advertising terms is that your frequency, i e, the number of times your advertisements have been shown to people online is going to increase over that 1.0 number. Now in terms of whether or not you should continue in advertising campaign to call traffic or not.

I think, yeah. At Owendenny, we have this firm rule that no ad should be shown more than twice at the top of the funnel. I e to people who have never done business with us, people who have never interacted with us on Facebook or Instagram, or ever jumped on our website. And the reason why we have that is this, if people are getting touched more than twice by that same message and they haven’t taken any form of action, it’s probably not going to correlate with them. It’s not going to, uh, resonate with them. And it just ultimately shows a lack of respect for the market in the sense that we’re not really understanding them. So, in order for you to go forward at this point, what you need to consider are the following, um, you know, is my message right?

Is my copy tight, um, What’s my call to action and what ultimately, at the end of the day, if I get people to either engage with this post or click through this post, is the promise on the other side of action good enough? Remember, When you are running Facebook advertisements, people don’t want to see Facebook ads.

The only people that like advertisements are marketers. Let’s just understand, conceptualize that and just ingrain that into the back of your heads. No one cares about advertisements in their day-to-day. They just wanna be on Facebook. They just wanna chill. They wanna be on their Instagram accounts. They just wanna chill.

They wanna do whatever the hell they want, wanna catch up with their friends. Whatever. Only marketers are looking for ads on Facebook. So again, the first nugget we’re gonna throw down here is, remember with top of funnel advertisements, if the frequency of that ad exceeds two, it’s probably a time to kill that ad.

Now what I mean by the frequency exceeding two, I don’t mean that across the entire ad sets. Well, actually I do. What more importantly, you can’t touch that audience twice with the same ad. Or any more than that, it’s just not going to work out. I hope I’ve explained that clearly. If I haven’t remembered, guys, just touch me up on Instagram with at Digital Marketing Gangster, and you can searchy ask me questions, ponder about that and work it out from there, and we’ll, we’ll go through it together.

The second big thing that I look for when we’ve got a campaign. Um, you know, if it’s not really performing that well is click through rate. Now with top of funnel ads, the idea is to drive as much cheap traffic or as much cheap engagement into your Facebook page or onto your own personal website while your business website more so now.

One of the things you need to look for in terms of, you know, being able to get that cheap top of funnel. Action and results is to ensure that you’ve got two things going for you. You’re gonna have to have a really strong quality score. Now, what I mean by a quality score is that Facebook individually scores each ad that comes up into people’s feeds, and ultimately the quality score is subject to like, how good is your ad?

How good is the back end of the ad? So the landing page. What you want people to do, is that congruent with your audience? So if you can get your quality score right, Like a higher than seven or eight or nine, you’re going to have a really, really good time and get some really, really cheap clicks. Some really, really cheap post engagements, some really, really cheap landing page views, or even like pixel conversions.

It’s going to happen. You might have a really great

now if anything’s lower than 8%. Now we’re not talking about rate, we’re talking about. Thanks for. I’m not sure about the official ruling here, but if you just select ctr, which is click through rate in your, um, in your Ads manager, what that click through rate also depends for is people, you know, basically just click on getting through to the landing pages accounts for people clicking a copy with no links.

It basically any form of interaction and then any clicking within the surface area of the ad, essentially. Uh, part of you as I’m walking squad, that’s considered click and Facebook actually considers that it’s doing its job, and that’s not what you want as an advertiser, unfortunately. So remember guys, when you go about selecting those metrics , select the outbound clink.

Link, click through rate, outbound link, click through rate, and if that number is less than 0.8%, you really need to work on your copy and your offer there. Now. That all comes with a caveat though. Now this is a pretty important caveat and it’s going to run, I guess, consistently across consistently, sorry, across all of today’s themes and.

That caveat is this, you need to have at least 2000 impressions on each of your advertisements in order to make a calculated decision. And quite simply, it’s this, in conversion rate optimization theory, you need to have enough statistically significant data points to drive a, you know, a conclusive decision. Now, one of the worst things that you can do, especially when you’re buying Facebook ads is consider, hey, uh, we’ve had, you know, only 124 people see this post, and we’re getting a 7% click through rate.

Therefore, this is gonna be the winner when in fact, And this is the sickening part. As that campaign, you know, starts to scale out, unfortunately people don’t really get a chance to see that those results really aren’t scaling at all. So when you go about making any of these decisions today, in shortly, you’ve had more than 2000 impressions in the first place.

And if you do have 2000 impressions on each of your ad sets or each of your ads, that’s when you really gotta be making those calculated decisions in order to do what you want to do online. So in recap, think about that frequency for the top of funnel traffic. Is it less than two? Okay, great. Keep letting it run.

Okay. Number two, click through rates. Is it, is the outbound link click through rate greater than 0.8%? Yes. Awesome. Let it run. But

again, it all comes back. To do, we have at least 2000 data points or 2000 impressions to justify us leaving these campaigns run. So for instance, hypothetically you have three or 4,000 impressions on a campaign. We just got a a 0.5% link, click through rate, or an outbound link click through rate. At that point, you know, it’s had more than 2,000 impressions, and we know based on the data we can see that the outbound link click through rate isn’t very good. You’ve gotta kill that campaign immediately. And one thing that we do at Owendenny Digital is implement automated rules to do such a thing. So we don’t actually ever have to touch the ads in order to achieve the results we really wanna achieve and would totally recommend you guys check out how to use automated rules.

They’re a little bit more advanced, but I’ll tell you what, it has reduced our ad management time by a good 25% at Owendenny Digital, and they are the duck’s, guts, the cat’s pajamas, the bees knees, you name it, whatever. We really, really love them. So that’s something you might want to consider and think about doing.

Um, and finally guys, just to recap the whole frequency discussion, if you’ve got a huge audience, just say your audience is like 15 million and you have an absolute banger of an ad, like you’re getting, you know, 1.5 click through rates, um, you know, you’re getting just outta control, cheap traffic, outta control, everything, even getting like purchases and sales or whatever.

There is more than a fat chance that you can just scale that thing to the moon and really, really push the traffic there. Um, so once again, this whole reach frequency sort of thing really does only apply when you’ve got smaller audiences. But if you’ve got a huge audience, just ensure that that frequency does never exceed two, otherwise you’re gonna get some mad, ad fatigue. Your costs are gonna raise up and the actual results that you’re looking to get are more than likely just to drop off and trail away really, really quickly. So guys, this is part one, part two is coming up shortly and my apologies for all the wind.

I am walking by the beach as per usual launching this podcast for you guys. And um, I hope this all really helps. The next part’s gonna. A little bit more exciting on top of this yet again. So guys, we’ll talk shortly.

So guys, ah, part two. Middle and bottom of funnel traffic, which is essentially warm traffic, but you could also consider it to be hot traffic using Facebook ads. Now guys, this is a somewhat technical discussion. Again, however, I want to clue you in on something I was thinking about just I would say five minutes ago.

Um, and I think this is pretty damn exciting in regards to utilizing automated rules to ensure that you’re getting the most juice out of your middle of funnel and bottom of funnel campaigns. And.

It just dawned on me that if you leverage automated rules to regulate your frequency, you can really do some incredible amounts of damage just by using a somewhat runge cutter approach, which is somewhat of a Montecarlo simulation for those who understand, you know, simulation strategies in the whole, you know, engineering modeling space.

To really ensure that you’re not over-delivering your middle and bottom of funnel ads. And the reason why I’m going to say this is that your middle and bottom of funnel traffic, the sources that you are targeting are generally at least 10, if not a hundred times smaller than your cold traffic audiences. Now we’re talking about people who have been on your website in the past, say 30 days.

We’re talking about people who have interacted with you on Facebook for the last two weeks, or on Instagram over the past two weeks. Using Facebook ads to target these people is an amazing opportunity because it gives them a problem chromatic like experience, which is sequential. And it enables you to continue that discussion, which they just had with you, either on your website or ultimately in their social media feeds.

And that’s a really neat, unintrusive way to do such a thing. But the key is, Ensure that you don’t over-deliver your ads because the audio sizes are too small. Now, what I would recommend here, you guys, that this is strictly the frequency, the number of times you’re delivering your ads. Per person. And secondly, the other thing you really want to lock down, understand and track here is the click through rate.

So guys, again, I would say the click through rate in all of this sort of thing needs to be north. Of 0.8%. That’s going to be a common theme throughout today’s discussion on the podcast. However, guys, um, I really want you to consider that this clickthrough rate is really, Going to plummet if your frequency really decides to ramp up.

Now, this is where it can get really, really, really, really, really concerning for some advertisers because they’ve got this great campaign that’s doing all these, uh, this, that, and the third, but they see the link click through rate. The drop its ass and simultaneously it’s gonna be dropping its ass. And also your cost per click has just gotta skyrocket.

And that’s simply because the fact that you’ve over delivered your ad. It’s just not cutting the mustard anymore. Now, one thing you can do in Ads Manager, which is really, really nifty, is have two simultaneous rules working against each other in. The Ads manager in the ads manager to ensure that your ads aren’t being over delivered.

So what I would suggest is running two automated rules like this to ensure. Well even three, and I’m gonna show you how you set them up on this podcast. So I hope you got your pen and paper ready. Um, and we’ll do it. Set up these so many rules to ensure that we’re not over-delivering those ads. So number one, the key metric you wanna look for here isn’t so much impressions because you may not get 2000 impressions per ad set or per audience is if frequency increases more than three. Now we’re saying three here at the bottom of the funnel because there is some science to this, but if your frequency of delivering your ads increases above three, then adjust your campaign budget. Negatively. So reduced your campaign budget by 25%.

Okay, so let me just repeat that again. If your campaign Frequency Inc is greater than three, Reduce campaign budget by 25%. That’s going to ensure that you know, when you’re not getting enough traffic to your website, which is stimulating those audience sizes, which essentially your ads are being delivered to if you’re not getting that traffic and Facebook is just delivering willy-nilly and it’s really pushing those ads to those people. What I want you to consider here is just dropping that amount of traffic off and reducing your daily budgets. Now you can set this up to work every three days and give this, set this up to, you know, run every day or multiple times a day. This rule, I would just say set it up daily. So that’s the first thing you want to do.

So if the frequency doesn’t, you know, if the frequency. Is greater than three reducing budgets, but then at the same time, on those same ads, what I would recommend you do is have a second rule is if the frequency is less than, say two. Increase your budget by 25%. So let me say that again. If the frequency of your ad delivery is less than two, increase your ad budget by 25%, so that draws that.

The ad is always going to be sitting anywhere between two and three times per week. So that’s something. You may want to consider for each of those adset, so that’s a sneaky little trick you can run there. On top of that, if you can really see some crazy amounts of a fatigue, I would also overlay a third rule, and once you’ve got a benchmark of your allowable click through rate, it might be say 0.8% or 0.9% or whatever.

As soon as the click through rate or the link click through rate, or the outbound link, click through rate, which is my personal favorite, drops below a certain percent, reduce budgets by so much. And, um, you can have that running every day too. And that will essentially enable you and your business to ensure that you’re not over-delivering those warm traffic and hot traffic.

Ads to those audiences. So that’s a really, really sneaky way to ensure that you’re not overdelivering those ads. Now again, if you wanted to go about doing all of this manually, that’s no problem. Remember, if the click through rate drops below 0.8%, you may really need to work on your creative. You really might need to work on your offer, or you might just need to drive.

Cold traffic to your website, to those Facebook engagement posts that you were doing previously in order to ensure everything is kosher. But there could be some issues just with your offer. That’s just with your audience. So again, I understand the audience. Most of these things are going to be solved by, um, at this, this stage, at the middle, in the middle, and the bottom of your funnel, your creative powers matter, don’t get me wrong. More importantly, if they’ve already been on your website, this is just a subtle reminder, be like, You haven’t taken action last time. How about you do this instead and you push them along the customer journey? Sorry guys. It’s really windy. I want, I’m at the beach still doing this podcast, part two.

Just having a light walking, you know, talkie, it’s beautiful town Victoria, Australia. Um, so again, guys, that’s something you really can’t consider here in the sense that yes, you may not have those 2000 impressions, which you did have. You can’t be like completely, utterly, and totally conclusive with what is actually working.

However, what you can do is. Well, these ads are being delivered multiple times to people who already know me, and if these guys aren’t reacting, these guys aren’t taking any form of part. They don’t want anything to do with these ads, which again, consumers don’t really want to see in the first place.

Maybe we need to work on the creative. Maybe we just need more people to the website, or maybe we just need a better offer. So, Again, guys, this is part two of the podcast. Um, and I really appreciate all of you for listening so far to this. Um, I, I think we’ve had, you know, maybe three or four people even subscribe and it’s been an absolute shock and I’m really excited to see that.

So, yeah, I’m gonna jump off this now and I’m gonna follow up with you in just a minute.

Once again guys, it’s Dean Denny, the digital marketing gangster, saying a big, massive thank you for listening to this podcast. I really do hope you got something out of it, guys. These are the exact rules which we are using in Owens De Digital to help our clients achieve tremendous results utilizing Facebook ads, Google ads, any form of Google Ads product.

In fact, LinkedIn, Snapchat, you name it, whatever, but literally whatever. I am spitting outta my mouth right now. We live. Breathe and practice this shit. So guys, this isn’t some fluffy digital marketing podcast to get you to buy anything. This is 100% totally free. In fact, this podcast right now isn’t even designed to get you to work with Owendenny digital.

My own personal digital marketing agency. All we really want to do here is to enable entrepreneurs who are bit down on their luck, who can’t afford, you know, those private coaching sessions, all those masterminds or this, that, and the third of whatever. We want to give them that information, which they can go about using in their own Facebook campaigns to be successful going forward.

Um, this is for marketing teams, this podcast guys, this is for more than just, you know, the entrepreneur or. Business owner or even the big business owner. This is for anyone who’s got somewhat of an interest in digital marketing, in marketing strategy, or basically advertising in general. Guys, this isn’t something I do for any form of profit, and the only way I really desire to be paid right now is through your time, your energy and attention, and if you truly enjoyed today’s experience, if you truly enjoyed the content.

And if you think that this content is valuable, please do one thing. And all I ask of you to do today is to subscribe to this podcast on whatever platform you choose to listen to this on. You might be on Anchor, you might be on Spotify, you might be on Google Podcasts. Um, we aren’t on the Apple Store yet, but hey, we are totally working on it.

And guys, this is. I’m the digital marketing, gangster speaking, it’s Dean Denny. And I’m just signing out and saying a big, massive thank you. And if you’ve got something from this today, please subscribe. And then, you know what? Even share it with a friend, it’d be like, yo, my boy Dean, um, d o d, he knows his shit.

Why don’t I, why don’t just give you this podcast. Have a listener. He’s got some really unusual ideas about automated rules. Ensuring that, you know, hey, we’re not wasting money on Facebook, or, hey, um, this is the way when we know when we have to kill the campaign because it totally sucks because of the click through rate.

Or this is totally awesome because the click through rate’s great. And we’ve got so much an audience to go after. So guys, this is way too exciting. So dear boy, d o d, signing out, I just wanna say, Thank you for listening, and tune in for episode four shortly next week. All right, cheers for now. Catch ya. .



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Podcast Episode 2: The “Forgotten” Golden Rule Of Marketing

Strap yourselves in everyone. This is the Digital Marketing Gangster podcast coming at you live, wherever you choose to listen.

Hey everyone. This is Dean Denny, the digital marketing gangster coming at you live for episode two of the Digital Marketing Gangster Podcast. Once again, this is completely Freed’s show and the whole show right here is designed on the fly. It’s low-fi, but it’s high impact and high value, and it’s all coming at you free.

The whole point of this. Is to actually showcase the digital marketing works. It’s a totally respectable profession, and also we’re gonna give you a lot of tools, a lot of ideas, and a lot of strategies that will ultimately enable you to grow your business online, offline, and. Do it as seamlessly and as quickly as possible without the hoorah and all the other bullshit that comes through in the digital marketing world.

So guys, remember there is absolutely no fee for this podcast. It is absolutely free. And all I do ask is that hey, if you do get something from this today, subscribe and share it with a friend and you know, spread the love. I would totally appreciate that. So guys, this is episode two. Let’s get started.

Guys, episode two, and I thought I would kick this one off with a bang. Uh, I thought, you know what? I recorded everything last night, so I’m gonna go just back it up again on a Sunday here in Toki. I’m walking along the beach at the moment. It is absolutely sublime and beautiful. I wanted to give you the golden rule.

In fact, I would consider this the forgotten golden rule of all marketing. Now, this does not matter if you’re an accountant trying to get more new clients, whether they be in a personal tax returns, business tax returns, or even some business advisory clients. This doesn’t matter, you know, this, this also totally applies to an e-commerce store. That’s, you know, they’re selling yoga products or yoga mats, or yoga headbands, I don’t know, applies to digital marketing agencies.

This, this totally applies to everything. Whatever you do, this applies to Amazon. This applies to Rip Curl. This, you know, um, this totally applies to even Lucky Chan’s Chinese restaurant out and on the Crown Promenade in Melbourne at the Crown Casino. And this is a really simple, yet totally integral truth that a lot of marketers just do not comprehend.


A lot of business owners just do not comprehend, and ultimately a lot of people just do not comprehend it. It all comes down to one small thing.

It’s pretty simple. Um, and it’ll probably offend you if you totally grasp this, and the truth is the unforgotten, well, not so much the unforgotten, but the totally forgotten gold rules of marketing is this. You are not the customer. Let me just repeat that again. You are not the customer. Now. Yes, you may use the product.

Yes, you may love your product. Yes, you may love how it changes people’s lives and hey, that’s totally cool. But unfortunately, at the end of the day, in my business at Owendenny Digital, we come across so many new businesses that come to us with a great business idea, and they show us how amazing their products are.

You know, they’re like, oh, this is terrific. Oh, this is fantastic. Oh, this is just so cool, you know, and we do this, that, and the third, and it’s really exciting and whatever. And I’ve created this free report, and I’ve created this trip wire, and I’m gonna sell them this, and then I’m gonna upsell ’em this, and I’m gonna do that.

That’s all great, but at the end of the day, they’re providing that service to that customer, but they’re not the customer. So of course they’re gonna be biased. Of course, they’re not gonna be able to see the forest from the trees because at the end of the day, they think they’re more important than the customer, and that is just complete fucking bullshit.

So what do you. Honestly need to do in order to overcome this as a business owner. Now,

there’s no real concrete answer to this, but understanding that you are not your customer ultimately underpins your entire marketing strategy. It ultimately underpins everything that you touch in your business. It underpins every piece of collateral, every piece of copy, every Facebook campaign, every Google search campaign.

And realistically, it’s, it is at the core. It’s, it’s everything. So without me going too deep and talking about all these certain things, that, and this, that, and the third, I want you to distill it all back to this simple concept. Now, a lot of people talk about the unique selling proposition of the business. You know, we’re an Australian company that does this, that and the third.

Or you know, we’re a new age accounting consultancy that uses the, the latest and greatest in all marketing methods to acquire customers. And we do this, that, and the third, you name it, whatever. There’s so much trash in our marketplace that indicates how unique and special we are, but it’s really not showing how you help your customer.

So I honestly feel that having a unique selling proposition and clinging to that is like wearing a pink tutu, an AC/DC top being tremendously overweight, showing up with a pink pair of Doc Martin’s boots with a green mohawk showing up to a bar and expecting everyone to love you.

Because you are unique and that’s complete trash. It’s not true. It’s complete bullshit. So instead of thinking of your unique selling proposition and trying to push that through all your marketing collateral, what I would be thinking, and I guess shifting your paradigm too, ultimately is as follows instead of thinking of a unique selling proposition.

I think the more important thing to do is to create a statement of value. Now, a statement of value is a pretty simple thing to craft, but to do it well will take a few hours. I’m gonna say it’ll probably, it might even take a few months for you to really dial in your messaging, to dial in how you help people and how you bring value to the marketplace.

Um, A statement of value could be something as simple as this. Just say you are a plumber, right? And you are based out here in Toki, near Bells Beach, um, in Australia on the Great Ocean Road. And just say, as a plumber, you help out, you, you help residential homeowners achieve success with their plumbing. So, and just say, your name’s Jack, and you’re Jack the Plumber, and that’s your business name.

So an example of a statement of value could be Jack the plumber helps moms, dads, and homeowners on the surf coast ensure that all of their water runs all of their heating, gas heating runs. And all of their, I don’t know, their toilets flush successfully 24/7, 365. You’ve got a pretty good understanding that Jack the plumber helps people ensure that their water runs and their toilets flush and all of the plumbing in their houseworks.

It’s nothing about, you know, oh, Jack the plumber. We are so great because we have a a three man team that all drives Silver Toyota HiLuxs and we use carbon fiber plunges and stuff. No one gives a shit about that. But what they do care about is how you can help them. So remember guys, there’s probably two big things here, um, on this podcast.

And this is gonna be a deliberately short one because again, uh, this is a completely low fire podcast. We’re doing this from literally an iPhone, but we are doing this because of the fact that. We want to be able to provide speed to you guys who do listen, and we want to be able to provide tremendous value, which is super digestible, which you can go about actioning and have little ideas and thoughts.


Plant it into your mind every morning when you pick up and listen to this podcast. So again, let me recap this. There’s really just two points here. The forgotten golden rule of marketing is that you are not your customer. Remember this, if you.. Just remember every single day, you are not your customer. And then number two, if you are not your customer, how do you help your customer?

So what you need to do ultimately is stop thinking in terms of a unique selling proposition. No one cares, but what they do care about is how you help them. So transition your unique selling proposition to more of a statement of value and try to come up with in one compelling sentence, how you help X person with Y problem achieve Zed success.

How do you help X person with Y problem achieve Zed success? So guys, that’s it.

Hey, and thank you so much for listening to episode two of the Digital Marketing Gangster Podcast. I am your host, Dean Denny, and I just want to cordially, invite you to subscribe to this channel on Spotify or whatever platform you decide to listen to this podcast. If this totally resonated with you today, I’d really, really appreciate you to do one extra step, and it’s totally simple, and all I’d really love for you to do is tell a friend about this podcast.

You know, I’m giving away some of the most overlooked, most underrated, most instrumental marketing strategies, techniques, and tactics on this podcast for three fifths of nothing. That’s right. This whole thing is absolutely free, and it’s because of the fact that I really wanna be able to help business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers, digital marketers, sales funnel guys, copywriters, you name it, this, that, and the third.

I want to help you all with the latest, greatest, and often the most cutting edge marketing strategies and techniques in order for you to grow your business. So guys, if you’ve got any other great ideas for this podcast, please send me a DM via Instagram. So jump onto Instagram, go at digital marketing gangster, and you will find me, or I’ll just type in digital marketing gangster and I should be the first thing that pops up.

Again, thank you so much for listening. It’s your boy D.O.D, Dean Denny, managing Director of Owen Denny Digital signing out on episode two. All right, have a cool one, y’all.



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Digital Advertising Won’t Solve Your Strategic Problems

Podcast Episode 1: Digital Advertising Won’t Solve Your Strategic Problems

In episode one of the digital marketing gangster podcast, digital marketing expert Dean Denny talks about the myths, trials and tribulations of the current state of the Internet marketing industry. In under 15 minutes, he explores the ideas of why your business model may be the primary issue of your success instead of the marketing campaign you are seriously trying to roll out.

Strap yourselves in everyone. This is the Digital Marketing Gangster podcast coming at you live, wherever you choose to listen.

Hey, welcome to the Digital Marketing Gangster Podcast. I’m your host, Dean Denny, the managing director of Owen Denny Digital, and I am the digital marketing gangster. Now, guys, this is episode one. This is podcast one, uh, numero uno, as they shall say. The funny thing about all of this is that I’m making a lot of this up on the fly because a lot of people have reached out and asked me to create a podcast on digital marketing, on what’s working on business development, on life in general, and a lot of the psychology and motivational stuff that I post on my own personal Instagram.

Which you can go about following digital marketing gangster. Now guys, what do we wanna achieve here? It’s pretty simple. We wanna share the good word of digital marketing. Digital marketing can transform businesses. It can do so, so, so, so much Good. And believe it or not, we want to reinstate its genuine legitimacy in the marketplace.
We understand the digital marketing world has had so much crap flung at it over the years, whether it be the old days of seo. Um, you know, a lot of the agencies claiming that they can do all these wonderful things, which are driven by account men and know people really being able to fulfill the work on the backend or just seemingly incompetent human beings who see it as a cowboy opportunity to make a lot of money in a short period of time with little to no skills, which is the complete opposite of the truth.

You can’t have a sustained business for a long period of time. If that is the case. So, um, ultimately here, guys, this is essentially an anti agency movement. This is going to be something where we’re going to be dropping strategic knowledge. We’re gonna be dropping some really cool trench level tactical things that you can implement in your business today, tomorrow, and the next day, which will continuously pump out new customers continuously,
you know, pump out new leads who are essentially nurtured along the line and essentially pump out some new sales, which will enable you to grow your business. And that’s the plan here. Uh, we really want this to be something of value and of benefit for you to listen to. Now the cost of this whole shamozzle is free.

I’m giving you all my best knowledge, which I’ve paid tens of thousands of dollars to acquire and accumulate over the years, whether it be through courses, through books, through seminars. Through business coaching, through digital marketing, coaching through, I don’t know, government programs, you name it, whatever.
I’ve been through it and I just wanna give it to you all for free because I honestly think that our game needs to lift if we want to be successful in the future. And I know. By delivering more good content here, I’m going to be able to really impact your lives, and by delivering more content, I’m gonna force myself to learn more about this whole space and therefore become a better marketer.

You know, yes, there is some, probably some selfish motivation by me creating a podcast to help all of you out because, hey, I wanna see how much further I can push myself as a digital marketer. So, Bugger it. That’s just the way it is. But all I do really ask of you is that if you really enjoy whatever we’re talking about here, if you genuinely enjoy the message and does it actually resonate with you, and if it does, please subscribe and if you think that other people will benefit from this same.

Well get them to subscribe, to, send them a link, share this with them and be like, Hey, I’ve got a dude. It’s your boy Dean. He knows some shit about marketing. He knows some shit about sales. He knows some shit about business, life and motivation, and I want y’all to listen to him because you know what? He’s been able to fix a few people’s lives with their business, and guess what?

He’s got some results on the board. He’s not full of shit and he tells us how it is. So guys, strap yourselves in. This is episode one coming at ya. I’m about to rant, so be prepared for something a little unusual.

So guys, you’re probably wondering why is another digital marketer yet another digital marketer creating yet another podcast? And it’s fairly simple. The digital marketing space, the industry has lost its marbles. And what do I mean by this? There are so many flogs out there selling you on the idea of implementing a funnel, selling you on the idea of having email or chatbot automations, selling you on the idea of Facebook ads changing your life, or Google search ads or YouTube ads or this, that, and the whatever.

And then there are some people that will say, oh yeah, no, you don’t even need to pay for traffic or whatever. Ultimately, all you need to do is X, Y, Z organically on Instagram and it’s all gonna be fine. And that’s not true either. And it’s really pissing me off. Like I have a paid traffic agency, uh, called Owen Denny Digital, and we exclusively work with clients who want paid traffic.

So we’re. Facebook ads, Instagram ads, YouTube ads, Google search, Google Display, LinkedIn, even Snapchat nowadays. And the reason why people come to us isn’t for the paid traffic. It’s because of the people who have done paid traffic previously with them and never got results. And this has got me totally concerned, totally bamboozled, and in fact, a little disenchanted by the industry guys, the people who are listening here, whether you be a business owner, whether you be an entrepreneur, whether you be the director of marketing within your larger organization, or just a guy on the ground implementing, um, campaigns, whether it be a Facebook ads campaign, Instagram campaign, or just a copywriter like you are all valued here.

But what I value most is being able to provide value in the form of being able to understand that technology isn’t going to so solve all your problems. And this is essentially what this all boils down to. The digital marketing space has sold innocent business owners, innocent marketers, innocent aspiring entrepreneurs.

And it has made them delusional and led to them to the idea that a technological solution can solve all of their strategic problems. Let me repeat that one more time. The marketing space, the digital marketing experts and gurus and this, that, and third, have all conveyed to you all that a technical solution can solve your strategic problem.
And seeing it’s episode one, I just want you all to understand this, that that line and all those digital marketing guys out there are full of fucking shit. It does not work. If your business has a genuinely alarming strategic issue, whether it be your statement of value, um, or your unique selling proposition, or the way you are positioned in the marketplace, or a fundamental business model flaw, if it has any of those things, plus a lot more. And there’s so many different, uh, business issues with coming from a positioning in a marketing standpoint. Um, if you’ve got any of those problems, these are never solve by marketing. In fact, these are exacerbated by marketing. If you’ve got a poorly converting website, sending more traffic at that.


Just means you’re gonna have more traffic on your website that isn’t converting. And in fact, you probably will have less people converting and your, your conversion rate’s just going to drop. And just hearing all of these people saying that you can just change your life with a bit of paid traffic or your business model will just be saved by digital marketing.

It’s just not going to happen. And. The point I really want to drill home here is that I want people to understand if your business isn’t growing organically in the first place, you may have a strategic issue. A strategic problem within your business? How do you under, are you understanding your, you know, your, your audience correctly?
Um, do you understand what makes your customers stay up late at night? What keeps them up? Do you, are you position? Are you, are you priced at the right price? Like, are you pricing yourself outta the market? And what are your competitors doing? Are they doing it better than you? Or are they doing it worse? Or more importantly, do you actually know why people do business with you in the first place?

See if we really understand who we’re already delivering amazing work for. If we already understand why people love us already, if we understand why they come to us instead of seeking their competitors. Your competitors, you know, other people in the industry who can essentially fulfill the same service or deliver the same product, you’re going to be so much further ahead than the rest of your market.

And I think this is the timely message in episode one that I really want to drive home is that this podcast isn’t going to be telling you we are not gonna be promising you shit. We are not gonna be promising you that Facebook ads will transform your life. We’re not going to be promising you that. Just get a Google Search campaign and you will be, you know, you, you will have all forms of customers racing to your doors, banging down the windows, and essentially creating kind of like a cash flow stampede.

It’s not going to happen. But what we’re going to be discussing here are the fundamental. How to craft a beautiful sales message, how to write sick headlines, which actually click through. Um, how to develop a, you know, a multi-touch Facebook funnel for an e-commerce store, which will generate a ROAS north of 2.5 at scale.
Like we will go through all of these things, but please remember, all of these future podcasts will be moot if you don’t understand your own business and more importantly, your own customer. So remember guys, if you do not have your own strategic problems addressed and you’re not working towards solving them, No form of digital advertising will fix it.

Well, hey, and thank you so much for listening to the very first episode of the Digital Marketing Gangster Podcast. If you loved it, remember, please do subscribe on whatever platform you choose to listen this through and share it with your friends if you think that they too are getting led to the, I guess ,heebie jeebie water, which all these funnel experts or automation experts are trying to sell you on being able to fix your business with digital marketing.

It’s not entirely true. Now guys, this is episode one and I would love to make an episode two and I will need your help. If you’ve got any ideas or anything you need me to cover on a podcast, which I will happily do for free for you. Please send your ideas for podcasts to me via Instagram, and the best way to get in touch with me is by just sending me a DM and my Instagram handle is pretty simple.



It is. @Digitalmarketinggangster. So basically just type in digital marketing gangster in your search bar. Well, alternatively, you can just search my name, Dean Denny, and guess what? I will pop up. There’ll be a line like, Hey there, I’m Dean Denny with a little sparkle emoji. Just pop on there, give me a follow and send me a dm. And think about what you want me to cover on the next episode of the Digital Marketing Gangster Podcast. If I can speak the Digital Marketing Gangster podcast, and guess what? I’ll cover it. So guys, I’m signing out. Thank you so much for listening. It means the world to me, and I hope you all have a great day.


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