Never Read A Marketing Book? Read These 5 First!


In today’s episode, Open Source Growth host Dean Denny discusses the five most impactful books on marketing that he recommends for businesses to read and implement. He emphasizes that the principles discussed in these books are timeless and rooted in human behavior, making them easy to execute in different forms and industries. Dean also shares his passion for reading and how it has helped him in his personal and professional growth.


Here’s what you will learn from this podcast:

1) Reading influential books can help increase revenue in your business.

2) “Breakthrough Advertising” by Eugene Schwartz is a great book for understanding the psychology and mindset of consumers and turning it into compelling messages.

3) “Ready, Fire, Aim” by Michael Masterson provides a framework for businesses to focus on when going from zero to a million or a million to 10 million in revenue.

4) “Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind” by Jack Trout and Al Ries is a must-read for understanding how to occupy a position in someone’s mind.

5) “Blue Ocean Strategy” by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne is a book that explains how to create your own market and make the competition irrelevant.’

6) Implementing strategies from these books is not always easy but can provide significant benefits to your business.



[00:01:54] – Five Impactful Books for Success

[00:02:16] – Figure out product, stand out competition.

[00:04:35] – Advertising is the lifeblood of any business.

[00:05:37] – Psychology-based, not tactics-based.

[00:07:59] – Crush success with market awareness.

[00:08:57] – Five stages of market awareness: UPSYD

[00:15:55] – Zero to Million: Growth Framework

[00:17:28] – Positioning: Battle for Your Mind

[00:20:37] – Lovely book: Blue Ocean Strategy.

[00:23:14] – Creating Unrivaled Opportunities: Blue Ocean.

[00:23:39] – Create Your Own Market.

[00:24:43] – Be remarkable: Seth Godin’s Purple Cow

[00:27:28] – Build remarkable business, stand out.

[00:27:59] – Five amazing books recommended.


Hi, everyone. How are you going, it’s Dean here and welcome to Open Source Growth, your #1 destination for growing your SaaS business this year with the best, latest and greatest in direct response advertising strategies, Digital advertising and a whole lot more guys. I hope you’ve all been well. We are so thrilled to see all of you, lovely people tuning in and subscribing to this podcast. It means the world to me.

And it’s so exciting to see that our numbers are slowly growing. You know, we don’t do this for any commercial gains. This podcast. We only create this podcast to help out the people who are really struggling, just like you getting their business to grow in more importantly, their online software or software as a service company to grow. You know, you may be in a challenging spot.

You may have be running thousands of dollars a day on Facebook ads and nothing’s converting, or you’re under significant pressure from your manager to meet your, you know, booked demo targets or your SQL targets or your CAC, um, targets. You could just be a person who’s curious about SaaS marketing and thinking about how you can translate the good stuff that comes from this very unique discipline across to your e-commerce brand or your fish and chip shop.

Like it doesn’t really matter because what we do here, isn’t just a flash in the pan. Uh, set of tactics that work in this podcast. Everything we do is timeless it’s based on principles that are proven and principles that are. Rooted in both human behavior and they’re just damn simple and easy to implement. So, you know, everything we do here is executable in so many.

Different places and forms. And in today’s episode, I want to talk about the five most impactful books that will help you grow your business online. Whether or not you’re in a SaaS. Um, company, or if you’re, you know, just to start up, trying to figure out your product. Or if you’re a fish & chip shop, not showing.

And you’re not too sure on. How are you going to delineate yourself from the rest of the competition? And in today’s podcast. I know you guys can’t see the. There’s no camera here, but what I have created and what I’ve managed to do is race out to my business library and picked up the five most influential books that I’ve.

Um, read over my time. When it comes to marketing and sales, and I’m just really going to focus on marketing today. Because I think if you have a chance, Get through these books, read them and implement them because there’s going to be some massive things. But you can take from these books. And then literally turned that into additional revenue in your business. So this is all pretty exciting. I do love reading.

Um, If anyone knows my story that is listening to the podcast. I used to read about a book a week. Um, in marketing sales or personal growth or spirituality, and, you know, it’s been a really exhausting last three years and I haven’t had the chance to really dive deep on reading a whole heap of books recently. So.

It’s good to, you know, blow off the old cobwebs off the covers. So let’s get right into it. Um, I think like it, there’s no secret here. For me, my number one book, when it comes to. You know, figuring out. You’re advertising and getting your marketing to work. Um, There’s no other book for me other than Eugene Schwartz’s breakthrough advertising. Now, you know, Breakthrough advertising. Thanks to Titans publishing and Brian Kurtz. Mad shout out to Brian. Um, They have recently republished this book over the past five years. And it’s now accessible to the average punter like you and I. Um, Breakthrough advertising was first published. I think in the fifties. Let me just quickly double.

Double check this. Um, It was first published, you know, the last. Hang on a second, not the 1950s in 1966 by Barbara Schwartz, which was Eugene Schwartz, his wife. Now.

This book is a juggernaut. When it comes to helping out marketers and entrepreneurs and founders. Get the advertising to work. Because, you know, you’re, if you’re listening to this, you’re somewhat touched and impacted by digital marketing. You’ve arrived at this podcast because we’ve either optimize the SEO on this podcast page. Alternatively, you’ve landed on our website, which is SEO optimized, or we’ve driven traffic to the website.

You’ve seen one of our Facebook ads. I know, you’re listening to me. Speak to you. Um, you know, digital advertising has really taken over, um, the focus of many marketing professionals nowadays. And what’s really interesting. Here is that. Not only are you. Uh, being swept up by the digital advertisers nowadays, but there’s a whole.

Focus of the digital marketing world to keep people dependent on the Gurus because the gurus are perennially selling you tactics. Now. The problem with that is that you become dependent on tactics all the time, because what happens with the tactic is generally as a rule of thumb, a tactic has a half-life.

And when tactics have a half-life, you’re never really going to be able to develop something which is evergreen, which always works, which you just need to tweak. 20% of the left and 20% to the right all the time. And what this book was all about. It’s not about tactics. Like it was written in 1966 for goodness sakes.

Like this book, breakthrough advertising is all about understanding what goes on between the two ears and the mouth. Of the human being and the psychology and the mindset that a consumer is literally going through. And how do you wrestle with that? And then turn it into compelling messages. That sell. How do you turn it into compelling sales letters and advertorials and classified ads, which get people to pick up the phone and be like, yo, I am interested. And that is what breakthrough advertising is all about. In terms of some like top three highlights here for me with breakthrough advertising is the concept of mass desire and basically the concept of mass desire. I’m going to have a go at explaining it very badly is that you can’t create desire because humans. Have their own unique and personal desires. The only thing that you can do is tap into it. So when you understand like your ambitions and your goals and your dreams of your humans, that you’re trying to target with your SaaS product or your online brand or your e-commerce strategy,

What you really need to have a drill. Good understanding is what they really want. And then recognizing that your, your product doesn’t create the desire. Your copy doesn’t create the desire, but it’s your responsibility. As a creative, whether you’re developing a video sales letter or some, you know, you know, some UGC or if you’re doing long form copy, that’s more my style. Um, the whole point here is that you need to get that right.

Um, and understanding on how to actually tap into that desire. And then. Tap into it with your copy and your creatives. So people feel that. Okay. By reading this, the fulfillment on my desire may happen. And by purchasing and taking the next step, that’s going to happen, too. So that’s like the big, the big idea. Um, again, it’s worth the 200 us dollars that you have to spend to buy the book, just to understand that concept, because I can honestly say that that’s been responsible for 80% of the success.

That we’ve had within our own agency at Owendenny Digital with our clients and we’re practicing it even with our own campaigns. It’s absolutely crushed at one, we properly leveraged.

The next big idea, um, from breakthrough advertising. Is the levels of market awareness now. I’m I can’t, I’m not going to do it enough justice here today, but the whole point is that in any given market, which you enter, the buyer is either not aware at all of the problem that they have, or they’re so aware of the problems and the solutions on the market that they’re literally just waiting for a discount.

Now there are five stages of market awareness, which indicate the level of buyer sophistication or how clued on they are to you. You and what you offer. So I’m going to make it really easy for you today. So if you want to pin this on the back of like your vision board or. Understand having the car with you. I think this is a really valuable acronym for everyone to remember. It’s called upside that U P S Y D. Now, if you remember upside, you’re always going to remember your five stages of market awareness.

Stage one unaware of the problem that they have now. A good, a good example of people not being aware of a problem that they have is selling people like a novelty. T-shirt they’ve never needed a novelty. T-shirt just fulfill any form of desire. And there’s no real intrinsic. Um, problem that had solved was like, yeah, you could argue that. Yeah. It keeps someone protected from the sun that keeps them from the elements.

It’s socially acceptable to wear a t-shirt. Um, it can make them feel. It can enable you to tell who you are. It’s all about self-expression. Yeah, whatever, but like, in terms of like burning problem, which is going to see someone walk all over hot coals to go about achieving and figuring out there’s no real compelling, um,

The reason to go about buying one of these. So when you’ve got these products where there’s no real immediate problem, or the prospect has no idea that he or she needs the problem. That’s the first level of market awareness. The second level of market awareness is, uh, people who know they’ve got a problem, but they have no idea that there’s a solution on the market. So you’ve got, you are unaware of problem.

P is problem. A it problem aware. Now, this could be, you know, you wake up one morning and you’ve got a twinge in your back and you’re like, oh,

Good God almighty. I’ve got, I’ve got back pain. I’m not sure what to do like, and then all of a sudden you start, you know, Googling on the internet. You start thinking about, Hey, what do I. Um, I’ve got back pain, lower back pain. How does it, how do I fix that? And then all of a sudden you start landing on all these search engine optimized, blogs around, um, you know, figuring out.

What you can do to alleviate your back pain. Is there exercise and all that sort of stuff, but you’re problem aware, but you’re not necessarily. In the market for a solution yet, which then leads to the next, um, level of market awareness or buyer awareness. So my buyer sophistication. And that is people who are solution aware. Now, for instance, just say you’re a business owner. You’re listening to this podcast.

You know that you’ve got a problem, which is I can’t get my business to grow fast enough. Now if you’re one of those many people, let’s be Frank. Most of us are those people. You’re probably thinking, oh goodness gracious me. I’ve got a problem. I’ve got a leads problem. I’ve got a conversion rate problem. And your solution may be, oh, I need to run a, I need to engage somebody to run my Facebook ad campaign or my Google ads and my YouTube ads on my LinkedIn ads or my Snapchat on my take, talk on my Taboola or Outbrain campaigns, you know, like that is that typical.

Um, How do I say it? The person who knows that there are solutions on the market. And there are people who can serve that salute that serve that problem for the prospect. And that’s kind of the third level, which is the solution aware, so let’s just recap that quickly. You’ve got the people who are unaware of a problem, and you get the people who are problem aware.

And now you’ve got those who are solution aware. The next level is Y so upside with the Y. Which is your solution. So they’re so aware. Of the products in the market. Now they are aware of your solution. So for instance, just say, SaaS owner is like, oh goodness gracious me. I’ve got a lead problem. I need to look up a SaaS marketing agency.

That can help me bolster my growth and truly make T2D3 growth, a complete reality for me. So I need this to happen. Now they can get onto Owendenny’s website. So they understand that we’re a solution for them. Or a company which can provide a solution for them to, you know, fix up their conversion rate optimization.

Plug the holes in their funnel. I figure out exactly why, you know, people aren’t showing up to their appointments and why people aren’t jumping onto like proposal calls or whatever. And then we can go about tweaking the website, rewriting the copy, sending traffic to that landing page, and writing compelling ads. It’s for those.

Traffic campaigns. Now. Like what I’m getting you to think about here guys, is that, that this person is solution aware and they’re also very aware of what you do and what you offer. Which comes to the last level of market awareness or buyer awareness and market sophistication, whatever, what you want to call it is deal awareness. And what that means is.

They are just waiting with an elephant gun in the bushes. To fire their one round and purchase from you based on a deal or offer that comes to the ground. I’ve always wanted to work with Tony Robbins. You know, I’ve always wanted something from him, but it’s always been too expensive. Oh, wow. He’s just on a flash sale. 97% off all courses.

Three days only, I’m going to buy everything. Black Friday. Boom. That’s another example of that. You know that D level or the deal and offer awareness. That’s the very, very bottom of your marketing funnel. So that’s kind of like number two for me, number three, in this, like there’s so much gold here, but really the importance, how it lays down on headlines. I think that headlines nowadays in the world, which is so creative first, not copy first.

That we forgot if we failed to understand the importance of headline testing and how do we intensify headlines. If you want to know how to write compelling ads, study the living crap out of this book. And. Not only is it a course in copywriting and direct response advertising? It’s also a course in understanding the psychology. So this is an absolute banger book.

Get onto it. Make it happen. Let’s get some book. Number two. Um, is ready, fire aim by Michael Masterson. Now I’m not going to really go about like a three point, um, summary of this book. But the biggest thing with Michael Masterson is that he recognizes that every single business has its own unique set of problems.

When it goes from zero to 1 million, 1 million to 10 million. 10 million to 50 million and then 50 million to 100 million. So what Michael Masterson’s done has provided you with a framework as to what you need to focus on when you’re going from zero to a million or a million to 10, et cetera, et cetera.

Now the cool part about this book is that it really one of the first books I read before I jumped into books like traction or, um, any of the other SaaS related growth books. Um, is that. He provides you with a framework as to what to focus on. If your business hasn’t got from zero to a million a year in annual recurring revenue.

Full transparency, where in that boat to the main focus and the main game should always just be marketing and sales, get sales and marketing squared away. So you can scale the thing up and then you can get to the next level. But then when you go from 1 million to 10 million, you start thinking about operations and then as you go higher and higher up the size of organization and corporation, it then turns into a game of governance and boards and strategy and et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

So if you want a complete guide to. Getting your direct response advertising and your sales to work and what you need to focus on at the particular stage of comedy that you were at ready. Fire aim by Michael Masterson is a masterpiece it’s super easy to read. Michael Masterson is one of the greatest.

Direct response copywriters of all time. And, you know, He’s just amazing the way he explained everything, even like upsells and how to sell, like, you know, proposals, complain, BS, you know, brevity is the soul of velocity. Like there’s some real Gold in this book. So check it out. I love it. Um, I need to probably read it a few times more.

Which leads me to Book number three. And this is again, if anyone knows me. Um, everyone wants to have a talk or chat with me about marketing. I am totally obsessed with Jack trout and Alvarez. Like I love these guys. These two. Uh, some of the greatest marketing strategies of our times. They came up with some brilliant books, like the 22 immutable laws of marketing. They also came up with bottom up marketing and trout on strategy. There’s like a lot of amazing books that these guys have read, but no book is better. And I repeat better than positioning the battle for your mind. And let me give you an example of what positioning is all about.

I see with positioning the battle for your mind. You and your business occupies a position in someone’s mind. But there are rules around what position you occupy. For instance, if I ask you. Like do this with me on the, uh, whilst you listen to this podcast. Name a sports car manufacturer.

What did you guess? You probably guess Ferrari. If I ask you name a luxury watch manufacturer, what are you going to guess? You’re probably going to run down with Rolex. Like you’re not going to be talking about tag huger, a long gene or. Um, smaller ancillary brands. Or if I ask you to name a name of soft drink, you’re probably going to say Coke.. And that’s because of the fact that they’ve adopted and they’ve figured out a way to intersect.

What’s actually going on. Inside of the customer, and they’ve been able to tap away at that over a long period of time. So it’s kind of like if you’ve got a word. For instance, just say, you’re a SaaS company. You want to be, you want to own a word? You, if, if someone says, Hey, uh, I want to own the category. Our owner want to own that word.

For instance, just say you’re a, um, a governance software. That uses AI. Like I want to be known as the AI governance software.

Or just say your a recruitment platform or a recruitment chat bot platform. You want to own? Recruitment chat bot and basically positioning gives you a whole heap of examples and options and solutions to go about making this happen for your business. As you can see our positioning, we’re trying to aim.

And be the tip of the spear when it comes to SaaS marketing in Australia, like Australia’s number one SaaS marketing agency that could be us. Purely because of the fact that we’re the only people focusing on it. You know what I mean? So just have a think about that. Um, because again, that’s how positioning matters and it makes it a lot easier in the mind of your customer to make a decision with you.

If your positioning is correct, and it’s congruent with what they’re looking for. So again, check out positioning by Jack trout. Love this book it’s super easy to read. I think it’s only about 145. No.

Only about 210 pages and it’s super easy to write. So jump onto this. These guys. Uh, masters and brevity something, which I haven’t quite mastered. Um, But yeah. You’ll love it. Now. A book, which got me in a bit of trouble. Uh, but I do love, there’s a very strong place in my heart. For this book, um,

Because I didn’t quite implement it correctly, but you know, going back and having a look at this book now, I look at it and think okay cool cool. I know how to do it. And it’s called blue ocean strategy. And basically the whole concept of a blue ocean business is a business, which is simply. Uncontested in the market and it makes the competition irrelevant.

See, you know, a great example, which they talk about in this book is Cirque de Solei. Now Cirque de Solei, the French juggernaut that it is. Is the quintessential night out. You know, there was two markets before it existed, though. You had the theater crowd. And then you had the circus crowd. See when Cirque du Solei came to the floor.

The guy who founded it, looked at it and said, Hey, circuses are always very. They’re always very low brow. It’s smelly. It’s big gross. It’s disgusting. You’re under this big top. You feel like you’re literally just entering a barn and there’s animals and all these things. I don’t ethically agree with.

But then when you go to the theater, You your, your experience, isn’t the same. It’s not that dynamic, you know, you’re only on a single stage it’s it costs a lot of money. Um, and you know, it’s, it’s not, it’s not truly like a fully immersive experience at the theater. And the guy. Who sat down and credit Cirque de Solei realized. Hang on a second. There are people by the truckloads willing to spend.

150 250 $300 a ticket to go see these theater. Um, applications because they’re cause they consider themselves, you know, Oh, I’m cultured. I go to the theater. I, I like going, seeing an Opera or the ballet or whatever, and they recognize that, Hey, people are paying good money for this. But there’s really nothing.

That we could. There’s like, we can talk, we can replicate this or we can create our own category. And then you have a look on the other side. They were like, well, we’re circus performance, but we don’t want to be tacky. We don’t be low brow. We don’t want to be this, that. And the third, how about we create something in the middle?

Which we are in our own category of one. So no one can compete with us. And that’s how Cirque de Solei became a thing. You know, it was immersive, it was, it was intelligent. It was sophisticated. It was this incredible business. And it was this incredible offer and opportunity because no one can simply compete.

You know, you like. The, uh, you know, the pricing, it doesn’t really matter. What can you compare it against like a trip to the F1? No, it’s not even, um, it’s not even comparable. So like that’s the whole concept of blue ocean strategy. How do you develop products, services and businesses which create their own market space?

Now there’s a really amazing book called a hundred million dollar offers by Alex Hormozi. I’m surprised I didn’t even include this on this list, but the reason why I haven’t is because of the fact that I want to give you like a very large. Grounding today of like w if you have never read a marketing book, these are the first five you must read.

Just get it done. But, um, The whole concept here is how do you do this? Based on the market information that you have, how can you create your own market? Now. Please be warned. This is not a very easy thing to execute. Uh, but you know what? There are elements within blue ocean strategy, which you can pick and choose and implement within your own business.

You know, being able to cater to new markets and expand markets or being able to satisfy customers, they’ve never been satisfied.

That’s what this is all about here. So. Give it a listen, give it a go. And see how it goes. It’s a best-selling author and your boy here. Dean Denny from Owendenny Digital ended up on their website. For my previous startup, which I’ll talk about in a later episode.

Which leads me to probably like my all-time favorite marketing book and.

Oh, well, this is probably something which not only. Applies to your business, but it also applies to your life. And it’s Seth Godin’s purple cow. Now the whole concept of purple cow is too. Pretty much develop a business, which is so remarkable that it stands out and that people are like, wow. They actually speak about it.

Now. You know, every business owner aspires to have a remarkable business, but Seth Goden really. Clearly defines why you need to create a purple cow business. Let me give you an example of what he means by a purple cow. Just say you’ve packed the kids into the SUV and you’re driving down the highway and you’re driving into the countryside and you, you know, you’re starting to see life’s a lot slower out there. You know, there are.

There, there are barns. There are, you know, dilapidated. You know, You know, petrol stations, there are. You know, the odd, you know, random spot tuck shop and, you know, there’s all these. It’s just, it’s just dusty, it’s dirty and whatever. And then you start jumping along and you driving along and you see like the rolling Plains and all of a sudden you see a cow and you go, you know, you point out to your wife and kids or your husband. And you’re like, oh, wow. Look.

A cow, a brown cow, how exciting. And everyone thinks it’s like the coolest thing in the world. You’ve just seen a cow. Right. And then all of a sudden you’re driving along and you see like, Uh, white cow and you’re like, whoa, what. We’ve seen a brown cow and a white cow. And then you see a black cow and then you see a black cow with a white spot and you’re like, whoa, this is fricking amazing. I can’t believe it. But then all of a sudden you drive through a pasture and there’s cows fricking everywhere and you’re like, hang on a second.

They’re all just cows there. That’s, nothing’s that remarkable? I’ve seen 377 of these things today. Like what’s the point? But then if you’re driving along right.

He is what could be really amazing here.

You could see a purple cow. And how would you feel. When you see a purple cow. You’d be like, holy smoke. This is incredible. I cannot believe I’ve seen. A. A purple cow. Like this is, this is fricking amazing. And you’re going to be talking to not only your friends and your family, but you can talk about everybody that you’ve spoken to and seen about this. And it’s fricking cool. It’s so amazing. So what I’m trying to talk to you about here is that.

You need to stand above the rest. And create your own business, which is truly remarkable. Otherwise you’re going to be totally forgotten. So check it out. It’s super easy. It’s written, written in the kind of way of a fable. Um, to begin with and then talks about being this whole case studies and all that sort of jazz.

You need to build out a remarkable business, something which is worth speaking about which cuts well above. Um, It cuts well above the rest of the market.

And guys. Look. That’s it for today. I hope y’all are having an amazing day. These are five amazing books. Starting with breakthrough advertising by Eugene Schwartz. Ready? Fire aim by Michael Masterson. Positioning the battle for your mind by Al Ries and Jack trout blue ocean strategy by Renée Mauborgne, and then Seth Godin’s purple cow.

They’re my top five marketing books. If you get something from this, please feel free to like share and subscribe to this channel. We really appreciate everything. Um, that you, you hard devoted listeners do for this place. And if you have anything you want me to cover on a podcast, there’s going to be some really interesting ones for learning’s about.

Launch, please let me know. And we’ll make it happen for you. Because again, I’m devoted to making this a space where people can get their problems solved for free. So guys. Do some good today. I love you all. Stay safe. And till next time.




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Hey everyone. How are you going ? It’s Dean here and welcome to Open Source Growth and this is a classic. Um, of a podcast that I have for all of you today. Um, purely because of the Fact that I nearly made a massive mistake on my last advertising campaign.

Like we’re talking a colossal mistake, thankfully it was only for an internal agency campaign. So it was for my business, but I want to share with you. Some of the mistakes I made. Or nearly made. And. Ultimately a 6 Step flight check that you can run through. Every single time. You wish to run paid advertising. Now, if this is your first time listening to open source growth today, we are the quintessential destination for SaaS companies, online brands and beyond who are wanting to grow their business with paid advertising, direct response advertising, and the latest and greatest in growth hacking in demand generation.

Now. What’s exciting. About today’s podcast though. Is that I’m going to admit that I’m human and I’ve made many mistakes. I’m happy to admit that I probably have made more lead generation and direct response advertising mistakes than anybody. I know, thankfully you know, over my years of writing ads and running traffic and building funnels and implementing CRMs and all the cool stuff that I’ve had enough, I’ve made enough mistakes and I’ve had enough experiences to actually get good at things. And.

You know, that’s led to the formation of a multi-six figure agency. And we’re very proud of the work that we have done, um, at Owendenny Digital. Now I do want to say though. That I was about to launch. A campaign. Literally yesterday. So I was talking with a very close colleague of mine. I won’t name his name today because I want him to have him on a future podcast is probably the best copywriter in Geelong when it comes to property, um, copywriting, I would say is one of the best of the world. In fact, That’s a little bit unfair for me to say, so. But. I was going through a moment of creative doubt and unable to really get. You know, my, my juices flowing for. Our own personal awareness ads to drive traffic to our website.

And, you know, not highly targeted or highly qualified traffic, but we just want to traffic to hit particular landing pages. So we could then, um, remarket those people, which is the process of chasing people around the internet. If they land on your website. Uh, it’s like the pesky, um, the pesky pair of shoes. You’ve been looking at how it chasing around the net, same sort of thing. We want to be able to remarket them and then push them through the customer journey. Now.

I was struggling after getting a little bit confused around, um, this guy’s advice. With writing the ads. And then it just occurred to me. Hang on a second. I’m over cooking the goose. I am. Over-complicating everything. Because.

I took inventory of what I’ve got. Okay. Cool. I have a high converting website. Great check. I’ve got the right content to close people on our website. Okay. Check. And. I have. I have the chops to write the ads and I have the chops to drive things. So why, why over complicate things. Now the reason why it is complicated is.

That with this campaign, I was about to run. I was deciding to target. You know, SaaS founders, just like you or online brand founders or whatever. Um, Three interest targeting using Facebook ads. Driving to our website. And then. Pretty much. You know, based on the ads. That we’ve wrote. That’d be fairly targeted, willing to take action that hit the website. They get inspired to take action and book a call with us right to work before I’ve done it many times.

Um, But I realized that there wasn’t much simpler, easier way instead of having to use. Long form copy or some complex, you know, big idea. Um, you know, David Ogleby type campaign, we could just run Google ads, traffic now. If you’re not familiar with Google ads, Google ads is unique with respect to Facebook, because with Google ads, you can target users who are already in market.

Looking for your products and services. By firing off particular key words, which enables you to show. Your ad to your customer when they’re trying to look for services that you. Distinctly offer. So it’s pretty exciting. So. I thought, hang on a second. Why am I trying to run these crazy Facebook ads? Why am I thinking about writing and, you know, scripting and storyboarding?

Uh, Facebook ad video, let’s just run some Google ads. So we decided to run some Google ads, but then I was thinking, oh, hang on a second. I haven’t checked. Anything I haven’t done. Anything I was literally about to spend, you know, the best part of a hundred to $200 a day on Google ads for my own marketing agency.

And I hadn’t checked anything, so. In order for me. To be able to. Not only hold myself accountable to make sure that these are all fixed, but also help you not make the same mistake. I’ve created a six step flight check for anyone. Who’s about to roll out any form of advertising campaign, any form of lead generation campaign or demand generation campaign. Because look at the end of the day, if people do push through your customer journey, there’s nothing worse than having a fully fledged ad campaign.

Dry generating leads and the leads go nowhere. Or they’re not tracked. Or they are. Not even captured in the CRM. Um, or that the booking links don’t work or there’s no email auto responder. So when it comes to you and your next advertising campaign, I want to ensure that you’ve got everything you need at your fingertips to ensure that everything’s going to work out well for you.

Now, if there is, is there a strategy? Is there a best approach? In order to check how your paid ads are going to perform and, you know, Is have you got the infrastructure in place to. Ensure that customers not only convert, but they’re being tracked, converting from your ads. So you can confidently invest.

Moving right. Uh, long, um, that’s where this is really, really important. Now I’m going to develop a checklist. So please hold me accountable to this. I haven’t quite developed it at the time of this podcast, but if it is done, it will be in the show notes. But if there is there an approach? Yes, there is an approach that everyone can take. Everyone’s scenario is going to be slightly different.

But this six step flights. Um, flight check. We’ll be everything you need to ensure that your campaigns go off without a hitch. So when we start. The six step flight check. Step one is find the bottom point of your marketing funnel. Now for instance, in a marketing agency setting the bottom part of the marketing funnel.

Is the point where the prospect books a call from us.. Bottom the very bottom. Um, the point of the marketing funnel, where we want the user to take action. So just say you’re a SaaS company and you want someone to book a demo. That is your very bottom of the marketing funnel. You want to check and work all the way up to ensure that your marketing.

Funnel is going to work. So the first thing you need to check, especially if you’re using a schedule app like HubSpot or Calendly, or any of the other scheduling apps on the planet. Is that your marketing calendar link works, not your marketing calendar, your. Your sales calendar or your. Your, your calendar link works. So again, jump into your customer experience, jump into your funnel and evaluate whether your calendar links, when people click on the counter links that it works. Okay, great. Then work your way back.

Now if you’re generating leads and you’re any form of business, I don’t care if you’re brick or mortar, or if you’re a services business, or an agency or a SaaS product, you need to have an email auto responder. So again, Uh, fire off the automation when. People go about, you know, submitting their form on your website or in your lead form on Facebook and ensure that the lead.

The, um, the email automation fires off. See, here’s the crazy thing I was about to launch our marketing campaign. I was in such a frantic mess the other day for my own business, and I always find it funnier and more difficult to mark on my own business. I didn’t even have my email auto responders switched on.

So literally straightaway check the calendar links. That was great. Next thing we needed to check in. Step two is fix your or email auto responder. As soon as those leads hit your inbox, you need to send them an email. Confirming. Hey. We’ve got your email. We’re going to be addressing your inquiry. And in the meantime,

Here’s a resource or in the meantime, here’s a free gift. Build some rapport in email one. Email two. Give them some opportunities to get to know you and the work that you’ve done and some of the amazing products and projects that you have to offer your customers. And then email three. This is just a simple three-part email sequence.

You know, You know, get them to rise to a challenge. Show them a case study, show them some testimonials and then ask for them to jump onto a call with you. Okay, now you’ve set up your email auto responder. You write those out effectively, you ensure that they’re sequenced at the right intervals based on your customer journey.

Great Calendar links working step 2 your email auto automated, um, email auto responder is sorted. Perfect. Then it’s step three. And here’s something that people don’t do very well at all. Is your post lead submission. Thank you page. In fact. Our thank you. Page is a dog’s breakfast at the minute, and we are currently renovating it to ensure that it looks so magnificent when people go about submitting their form with us on our website, your thank you page should spell out exactly what’s going to happen next. You don’t want to give your customers and your prospects, any surprises here when it comes to the sales process.

So as soon as they fill out the form, tell them what’s going to happen next. Oh, okay. Cool. I’m going to receive a couple of emails. I’m going to get a free resource. I’m going to, um, hear from one of the sales agents. I’m going to be given the opportunity to book a demo, et cetera, et cetera. It doesn’t really matter, but just spell it out after they fill out that lead form.

That. They know exactly what’s going on. See, at the end of the day, when people investigate and they work with other businesses, just like you, they’re not paying for uncertainty. Unless they’re buying a lucky dip, but most of the time, like 99.95% of the time. They are wanting absolute certainty. You just do not.

Want to be giving people. Flimsy solutions because flimsy solutions never purchased. Now. Once you’ve got your calendar links firing in step one. Number two, your email auto responders are working based on a form submission. And you’ve polished up your thank you page to really position yourself as an expert in this field.

You then need to think about the technical side of your lead generation campaign. Okay, so this is step four and this is a massive one for us were staunch advocates around the Google tag manager product. And you need to ensure that you’ve used Google tag manager to effectively capture and track all the conversions, which make sense for your business. So when you’re using Facebook ads or Google ads or LinkedIn ads,

That you have got the correct conversion event tracking. So make sure with your Google tag manager that you’ve dry tested the conversions multiple times ensure that the tag fires. When that person has hit the thank you page or when that form has been submitted, like, there are many ways to go about doing a proper Google tag manager implementation, but it needs to be done right. And effectively and accurately.

So get that sorted, find their professional. If you need some support here. Google tag manager tracking could be the difference between you knowing what you’re getting on your marketing spend or having absolutely no idea. So again, get that sorted, ensure that your conversions attract. They’re imported into your media buying platforms. And most importantly, those conversions are also tracked and imported into your Google analytics instance, super crucial, super critical. Most people screw it up, so get it right. Get it done well, and I’m sure you’ll have some more success when it comes to being able to attribute.

Your Facebook advertising or your LinkedIn advertising. Google ads. Whatever. All right. And you’ve got your, you got your conversions tracked. You’ve got your post leads and missions done. Where your email auto responder fired up and you’ve got your calendar link sorted that’s for the six necessary steps.

Step number five is ensuring that you have remarketing tags as part of your Google tag manager instance. So you’ve done all the event tracking you’ve you’ve tracked the goals. You’ve been pulled them to Google analytics. They’re all congruent with the rest of your media buying platforms. You need to now make sure that you have a LinkedIn insights tag or a Google ads, remarketing tag, or a Facebook pixel.

And they have to be implemented correctly in this iOS 14.5 world that we live in right now, everybody we need to ensure. Sure that our remarketing tags are only firing, but they’re also sending the right information back to the necessary ad platforms. So you can make the most of the AI and machine learning algorithms, all the cool stuff that happens in the background too.

Practically give your media buying platforms a better chance of creating success for you. In the auctions. So. Again, You’ve set up your Google tag manager, you’ve done the conversion tracking. Don’t forget to install those remarketing tags. Otherwise you may never be able to remarket to people. And we all know.

As people hit the website and they get chased around them more and more likely to be buying from you. If they see you again and again and again, because you’re just submitting yourself as number one in your marketplace. So make that happen. So then once you’ve got your remarketing tags, your conversion tracking and your Google tag manager, all set up, you’ve done all the other stuff. There’s one last thing. And I.

Personally believe, and this is before we even talk about the. Um, ad campaign. And I don’t want to talk about it today. I just want to talk about the infrastructure on your website and your funnel. The last thing you definitely need, and this is an absolute must. Vital crucial. Like undisputable essential is having a very good CRM that possesses.

Functionality and capability to integrate effectively with your Google analytics and your ad platforms. So you can get true. Like contact tracking all the way through your. Your your, your marketing efforts, the reason why you want this is because of the fact that most people will fly blind by relying on Facebook’s data and Google ads’ data. If you do this going forward, you are more and more unlikely.

To FA you are more and more likely to fail because the tracking’s only getting worse. If you have a HubSpot CRM instance, like whether it be sales starter or the standard free CRM, you’re going to have. Uh, an infinitely better time. Knowing how many leads you’re actually generating because of the fact that the HubSpot CRM and the necessary HubSpot forms or the integrations with your existing forms in your WordPress website.

It all works like clockwork, and you’re able to actually see the leads coming into your business and you need to see those leads coming into your business. Being able to track them from the lead source to the. Um, to the platform, to the campaign, to the ad creative. So you can then do really effective.

Um, rapid iterative testing style advertising, where you’re able to then dissect what things work, what doesn’t work. This is what we’re going to be doing going forward. These are the learnings we’re carrying through into the next test. And. I’ve spoken a lot about rapid iterative testing in the podcast. If you want to learn more about that, feel free to hit me up. Going to answer every single one of you who sent through an email or pose a question to this podcast. So that’s really the six step program. Or the six step project that we would undertake with every ad campaign that we do for our clients. Before we hit a button and send it live.

So in my case, right in the campaign we were about to launch. I literally. Had no email auto respondent. I had to lightening speed. Build an email autoresponder. I had to double-check and spruce up landing page. I was like, oh, goodness gracious me. This happens on, I then had to double-check our conversion tracking. In fact, our thank you page for some reason.

Had been removed when the last time we tweaked our Google tag manager. So then we’ve fixed our Google tag manager, conversion tracking, and it was all good. The remarketing tags were there, but I did have to go about double checking that and then finally, thank God. HubSpot was the rock in this.

And our CRM was perfectly fine. My Facebook account weeks ago was hacked that I had to go about reinstalling, um, all the plugins for HubSpot to ensure that it all was kosher. Um, with our HubSpot instance, because that then affects was effectively. Um, Connected to my Facebook account, which is connected to my HubSpot.

I’m just connected to all the ads, managers and lots of stuff that we were running. So again, we went through this, this flight check and from a technical media buying an asset infrastructure thing. We’re all good now. And this campaign is going to go live and we’re going to get some great results. So that’s really a technical perspective. Like you cannot run ads until you complete.

This six step checklist like that is the truth, the flight check, whatever we want to call it. Take these six steps applied them into your ad campaigns and your processes today. And I’m sure you’re going to have a lot less wasted money and you’re going to have much clearer and real, real clarity around like what your advertising is actually doing for yourself. Again, if you love this episode, please do like share and subscribe.

Um, this podcast and tell your friends about it. We love. Hearing. Nothing more than when I receive a text or a message or an email from people like you listening to today’s podcast and thinking, Hey. Dean really appreciated this absolute goal in this podcast. Please keep doing it. We love what you’re doing. And that really makes me.

Feel like I’m doing the right thing. For my community, which is you. Thank you so much for being part of it. Unofficially. And, um, like if you have any further questions, Um, just shoot me an email. If you are looking to partner with a digital marketing agency, though.

There is in the show notes two links. If you’re not sure what you need, book a free 10 minute chat with us. Now it’s not just a chat where we talk smack. It’s a chat where we go about diagnosing your current growth focus areas and why they’re not working for you in your business. We will go about looking into your revenue vitals.

What’s happening with your customer acquisition costs, your. Marketing campaigns. And you know, it’s just a quick 10 minute laser call to really go about identifying whether or not we can help you. But if you know that you do need a digital agency, please feel free to fill out a growth diagnostic form.

I personally review every single growth diagnostic form that gets filled out on our website and what our growth diagnostic form does, is it pretty much provides us with a full picture of where you’re at in your business and what support you truly need. And then from that information, we can build you out a tailored growth marketing plan.

To ensure that we crush. Not only crushed, but absolutely succeed with you going forward. In your growth marketing journey. So guys, thank you so much for tuning in. I really appreciate you all for being here and listening again. Don’t run ads until your campaign passes, the six step checklist.

I’m your host Dean. I’ll see you later, I’ll speak to you when I speak to you. Talk soon




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AI-Powered Growth Marketing

AI-Powered Growth Marketing

In this podcast episode, host Dean Denny shares his personal success trip to Bali and how it gave him perspective on the world of marketing. He emphasizes the importance of critical thinking in developing a successful strategy and the potential pitfalls of relying too heavily on AI-powered growth marketing. Dean also touches on the shift in the digital nomad community and the growth of software as a service companies.


In this episode, you will learn:

1) AI-powered marketing is not a magic button that can solve all problems. It still requires skilled marketers to create effective strategies and execute them.

2) Critical thinking is crucial in creating successful marketing strategies. Don’t rely solely on AI to make decisions for you.
Incorporating AI into your growth marketing team can be useful for executing tasks such as creating content, voiceovers, video editing, and ad creatives.

3) Focus on delivering great strategy. Having an effective marketing strategy is still the most important factor in achieving business growth.

4) Don’t discount the value of data in informing your marketing strategy. Gather data effectively and use it to make informed decisions.

5) Don’t get caught up in the belief that AI can make do more than you’re capable of as a human.



[00:01:24] – Rewarding success with a trip.

[00:03:40] – Sentimental journey to Bali.

[00:07:06] – Valuable marketing insights revealed.

[00:07:56] – Embrace AI, join the hype.

[00:09:03] – Understanding big marketing strategy.

[00:09:43] – “AI won’t solve everything”

[00:10:54] – AI-driven growth marketing strategy.

[00:11:26] – Bad Strategy, Poor Outcome.

[00:12:42] – AI-driven growth with 10x output.

[00:14:39] – “Unlock New Opportunities With GPT-4”

[00:19:00] – Real-time contextual data response. [00:20:04] – Build product for growth.

[00:20:19] – Level up with OpenAI docs.

[00:21:11] – Grow SaaS with us!


Hey everyone. It’s Open Source Growth. Welcome. I’m your host Dean Denny, founder and director of Owendenny Digital. And in today’s episode. I just want to go about disclosing what I have been personally up to over the past two and a half weeks. And what it will mean for you as a marketer. So. Just to start off today’s episode, guys. I want to say a big, thank you. To everyone who is tuning into this podcast, we’ve had a few new subscribers and a few new listeners come here over the past few weeks. And it means a lot. I’m just a guy doing this out of his study in Geelong Australia, talking about software as a service marketing.

Uh, strategies and techniques and all sorts of cool stuff, which can help you grow your business. Like that’s the fundamental reason why I’m here, because I want to help you make your business blow up online and with the software as a service company. That’s all you really have. All you have is direct response advertising, a little bit of inbound content marketing, some strategy, some PR, some growth hacking this then the third, but you really don’t have the blessing and the privilege of having someone walk past your billboard and be like, I’m going to use you today.

If you’re big enough, you may, but that’s not the way it really works. Uh, but. Over the past two weeks, I have been blessed enough, um, as giving myself a little bit of a success trip now. If you haven’t heard of what a success success trip is, I’m going to happily describe it to you today. A success trip is a trip that I would give myself. If I met my targets.

Now, just to disclose with you December was the biggest month ever for Owendenny Digital. And it really enabled us to really be so fiercely proud of everything that we’ve achieved over the past 5 years, you know, this business started from very humble beginnings. As a freelancing operation when I was just literally on my own with a laptop, um, living out of my parents’ house because I was totally broke.

And I was literally freelancing and I’m like 30 or $40/hr.. And that’s how I managed to take my business for a while. Take myself off the couch. Um, you know, earning a good living, um, and then building and blessing others with this skill. Um, and you know, building a team of like accomplished digital marketers, but that all just started in a bedroom. It really did.

After a failed entrepreneurial attempt with an e-commerce brand. So. You know, We hit this wild milestone. I’m not going to disclose the figures but it was a massive, like 25, 30% increase from what we’ve ever done. In a month and we were so, so proud of that as we are now positioning ourselves to work with larger, more advanced, more sophisticated software company clients. And we’re just so freaking excited. So what we decided to do.

Was, you know, I spoke to my wife, Hannah, who is also the copywriter in our business as well. I was like, honey, if we hit say this monthly recurring revenue, We’re going to, we’re going to book a trip to Bali, and I remember writing down. This literally about 14 days before we did it. And I was like, oh, we’re not going to be able to hit that. Whatever.

Little did you know, BAM, it was all sorted. It was all done.. We blew through the, um, we blew through the goal in like, Two seconds flat. It was just the most surreal feeling. So here we were at the end of December thinking holy smoke. We’re going to have to book a trip to Bali. This is amazing.

And, you know, Bali for me has such sentimental. Um, What’s the word, this. There’s such a sentimental place in my heart. With Bali too, because whenever you go, when I went to Bali, the first time I went was to not only visit a client. Um, in Bali as they had retail outlets in Canggu but it was the first time I was truly introduced to the digital nomad community and I was a digital nomad for a very short period of time living there. In 2018, the nomad lifestyle. Isn’t for me. Right. But. I just was, I just reminded me of all those times and all my youth when I was a single, like,

You know, carefree guy or whatever, it just reminded me going over there to Bali to see all that. And it was so, so exciting. Um, So, you know, the last two weeks have been awesome. I got really sick though. Um, That’s one of the worst things about Bali. You don’t know what you’re going to get. Um, I ended up on an IV drip even, uh, it was pretty crazy.

But. You know, Like.

I think Canggu has changed. Like I really do believe it has changed when I was in Canggu. In 2018, Canggu was definitely the, it was definitely the heart and soul of, you know, digital marketing on the planet. I would say it’s right up there with Silicon valley is like, One of the key outposts of e-commerce and digital marketing and SEO.

Everywhere you went when you were at say dojo, Bali. Um, or any of the other. You know, great coworking spaces, you would see like-minded hardcore digital marketers like there, and then living their best life drinking from coconuts, smashing Facebook ads. It was just. It was, it was such a vibe, then. It really was.

And. Going to Canggu again and going just through Seminyak I just really does kind of feel as if things haven’t really quite picked up after the COVID 19 pandemic. Um, you know, Bali’s infinitely quieter. Um, going through, going through Canggu, It didn’t feel the same crowd was there seemed a little bit more like the cool kids from Seminyak.

Pushed across to, to Canggu and then the kids in Canggu jumped across and an hour in Uluwatu. And in fact, I felt those same digital nomad vibes in Uluwatu, that I once felt in Canggu. So I think there’s been a real shift where the digital nomads are. Uh, camping out. In the whole. You know, being digital nomad and live in Indonesia and live in paradise thing and, you know, do the whole currency slash wide job.

Uh, triage thing to live your best life on less than $50,000 a year. So that’s kind of like where we’ve been for the last two weeks, but what’s been awesome about that going there, obviously as a married man with my beautiful wife, Hannah. Um, As been that it’s able to give me some perspective on my business and perspective on what’s going on in the world of marketing and.

How we are starting to see things and what’s really valuable, enable. Well, what’s valuable in enabling us to become the best version of ourselves, but also create the best version of our organizations.

Which. Has now got me thinking about the whole AI powered growth marketing team. Like is, is AI powered, marketing, the best thing for us. Will you get great results with AI? Um, And. The more I think about it.

Especially with. The way things are. I am going to be fully cognizant. All of this and I’m going to own it. I believe that I’m probably like a lot of you. Getting swept up in the hype. Of AI.


AI gives you this illusion that. You can just click a button and it’s all done. It’s not going to be like that for a very long time.

Or AI gives you this illusion that you’ll be all mighty and powerful. Because you know, everything before anybody else knows about it, that’s not going to happen either. You still need to be an accomplished marketer. And if you want to do, if you want to do amazing work, if you want it enable your business to achieve T2D3 growth on your terms, you know, triple, triple, double, double, double growth.

Um, Double double level three times, right? Um,

You still need to be an absolute gangster marketer to begin with. So.

Where I am now stacking my own. Effort and opinion these days is into. Understanding big marketing strategy. Like I think that’s going to be the biggest thing. The most underrated, the hardest skill set to teach is going to become the. It’s always been an. Uh, well-paid commodity. No. It has never been a commodity. It’s always been like that.

The treasure trove of the chest, you know, it’s been the thing that everyone really needs to pay for. But it’s almost like, it’s almost like love you. Can’t put a price on it, but it’s the most valuable thing in the world. Um, you need to have your strategy chops. Right. Absolutely Dialled in and squared away.

Because if you don’t have those chops, like going forward, y’all gonna be in shit. But the fact of the matter is I still think that that whole argument around O I R is just going to do everything. Content creators gone, blahdy, blahdy, blah. That’s still a moot point. I’d still don’t think it’s going to be a thing.

However though. Um, If you are. Looking at building a growth marketing team. You’d be crazy not to incorporate it. In the sense that hey, we need lots of content. Great. You need Hey, we need to do some voiceovers. Okay. 11 labs. Hey, we need to do a whole heap of video editing, et cetera, et cetera. Use descript like we are.

Oh, yeah, we need to go get a pump out whole heap of ad creatives. Okay. Ad Um, You know, there’s so, so, so many things that you will still need to incorporate, incorporate and use to get ahead of your competitors where you know, your competitors are only publishing three things where you can publish 30 with the same amount of effort.

All right. So. Like you, if you are going to build a growth marketing team,

Like hard code it so AI is like right there in the execution front. Right? But. Don’t think that you can shortchange yourself on the critical thinking that needs to happen before you execute that strategy. That is something. That will not happen like that please do not shortchange yourself. Otherwise you’re going to be experiencing some pretty.

Nasty ramifications of poorly thought out things and beautifully executed is still a poor outcome. Right?

See it’s funny. I always had a mentor. Tell me it’s like Dean, you can have a really bad strategy, but you can execute a beautifully, you still going to have bad outcomes. And. That there’s never been a time, which that’s rung more true than ever.

You know, what’s funny, like I think with AI, we’re going to have this. Belief that we can do so much more. We can run so much faster. We have all the data right at our fingertips. We can crunch the numbers and develop insights yeah. And that’s all true. But there’s going to be this. Desire for us to think that we could do more and more and more and more and more.

But. You know, As a human, you could almost do more and more and more and more without the assistance of a machine for the most pragmatic sense of the term. You know, you didn’t always have to create 40 more social assets to get. 10 times more hair like. You may only need to create five social assets. If you create, you know, say 50.

You may only receive 10% more. Um, 10% of it. The marginal gain may be there, but you know, you’ve done 10 times more output. So like, I think where I’m starting to lean with this whole AI powered growth marketing. Debate. Is that we need to, and I repeat, we really read the really need to just focus on delivering great strategy. Like please do not discount having an incredible marketing strategy to begin with, which has been, you know,

Where the data has been gathered effectively. Um, with a custom avatars to be profiled correctly. We’ve done the SWOT analysis. You understand the competitive landscape. You know, the value proposition that you have, it’s dealing and catering to the gains needs, desires, challenges, and. The financial barriers, which our customer may experience.

You know, um, that’s where, you know, that’s all the classics, you know, You know, The four P’s of marketing, all that stuff. That’s what’s going to be really important. Because the execution. You know, the barrier to entry is almost, it’s almost non-existent to be a creative nowadays. Um, I probably switched over with the video, editing myself, but you know, that’s why I have a good team that can help me.

So, you know what I’m saying, guys, like that’s where I’m sitting at the minute with AI powered growth marketing.

But. As always, it’s probably going to be a bit of a twist in this episode, because we’re about to now disclose what may be the biggest.

This may be the biggest change in marketing and.

Anything that uses AI right now that we have ever experienced. And it is ChatGPT 4.

What does this mean for you? As a white collar, professional or blue collar professional, anybody who has a heart, a soul, a pulse and the ability to wrestle with a keyboard and a mouse.

This is going to be the most powerful thing you will have ever seen on the planet. What chat GPT version four or GPT four. Is going to provide people to the marketplace with is contextual information in real time.

What you can now do with the GPT four solution is provide. Provide, you know, GPT four, um, with an image and it will then be able to delineate who each of the people are in the. In the image and then how they may be interrelated. GPT four can also. View and analyze information of live things on the internet. In real time, you can pretty much copy and paste a YouTube link into GPT four.

And it would then. Spit out. A summary of the. Of the video in seconds saves you having to pump out. A 57 minute. You know, Jordan Peterson lecture, you can just go watch it all there online, and it would be. Fricking unbelievable. You know, It is truly unbelievable.

I’ve always struggled with describing what chat GPT three can do. Um, because. It’s a lot like Alladin’s lamp. See with, if you wanted to talk about those products, which have such crazy value propositions.

They’re always super hard to describe, you know, when you’ve got Google, right. That was such a wild thing. It’s like, I have any question I can, I want on the internet, I can type it into this thing and then boom, there’s going to be an answer. An SEO optimized answer, but there’s going to be an answer nonetheless.

See, it goes that step above it in the sense that it’s like, not only can it provide me with an answer, but it can also create an, it can create an informed answer and decision for me, based on information, I provide it. And then not only do you provide that information, you can then feed in live contextual information. Like.

This sort of, um, this sort of technology could change so many professions. Like you can change, you know, it could, it could change the financial trading desks. It could. Poof. It could, it could change the way we handle pandemics. It will change the. You know, it could change the way, you know, airplanes fly through the sky or on autopilot.

Who knows where this is leading. Um,

Wow. Aye. Aye. Aye. I’m. I’m just I’m gobsmacked by how this is all going to play out. Don’t miss on this, just get in there, get into the platform and have a real good go..

See how all of these things can. Help better. And influence your day-to-day life as a product founder or product leader.

The last thing I do want to speak about though. And this is what I think is really exciting.

We’re now able to see, okay, cool. We can do all these crazy things, but how many people are actually getting in there and doing the work? I don’t really see too many people doing anything. Which is great because if your counting in your game, you can just go for it. So. Kudos to you. If you’re that person.


The thing that I believe that’s probably going to Trump GPT four in terms of its ability. To really change the game is the fact that GPT has been super freaking clever. And what they’ve managed to do is create an API, which every single developer can discuss. Bootstrap into that product. I think this is what’s most exciting personally right now.

Because if you have a great product and you want to be able to embed contextual information based on data that you’ve fed a system that can pretty much respond to you in real time. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. See, my biggest criticism of Jasper and please, don’t get me wrong and don’t get misled. I’ve been using for a very, very long time. I love that software.

I was using, I was using that software when it was called Jarvis. In fact, I was using it when it was called I don’t even know why they renamed themselves personally.

With Jasper. They failed to create an API. I’m not sure whether they had the opportunity to create it because I do believe they’re built on the open AI technology. But.

Chat GPT has one. If you’re a developer. Figure out how to drill, how to use it, how to interrogate it, like do whatever you can to have functional outputs come from this system and build a better product. You know, We always talk about, you know, product led growth or just do it so well, build the product, which marks before rolling fricking will blady blah. But like seriously guys, this is the time to start leveling up your products. If you haven’t already check out the developer documentation, which the guys at open AI have created. So you can then go about figuring out a way to implement this in your product. Um, so that’s it guys. That’s that’s today’s episode. I hope you’ve enjoyed tuning in. I know it’s been a bit of a ramble. So our hope, this has been fun. Um, don’t forget to like, and subscribe to this podcast. Really appreciate. Um, anyone who tunes into this? Um, podcast again. I love you all. And please do stay safe out there. Um, again, if you’ve got any further questions, feel free to shoot me a message. My email is Um, otherwise feel free to hit me up via Instagram, Dean Owendenny.

You’ll see me there. Check out our website and if you need help growing your SaaS product online. With the latest cutting edge, direct response advertising techniques and SEO led strategies. Hit us up. We’re here to help. God bless. See y’all soon.



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Owendenny Digital, Australia’s #1 SaaS Marketing Agency

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What Your Personal Trainer Can Teach You About Growing Your SaaS Company

What Your Personal Trainer Can Teach You About Growing Your SaaS Company

In this podcast episode, host Dean Denny discusses the importance of accountability in achieving fitness goals and how it relates to marketing your business. The host shares his experience working with a personal trainer who provided a plan and held him accountable for his progress.

Dean emphasizes the importance of having a plan in place and tracking progress to achieve success in fitness and business. He highlights the importance of tracking progress to get excited about personal development and achieve success.


In this episode, you will learn:

1) Having a plan in place is crucial to achieve goals, whether it is for personal fitness or business growth.

2) Accountability plays a significant role in achieving success. Personal trainers hold clients accountable for following the plan, just like how businesses need to hold their marketing strategies accountable for delivering results.

3) A good delivery model can significantly enhance the effectiveness of a plan. The podcast talks about the online platform created by the personal trainer to deliver content and track progress.

4) Results are not possible without proper execution of the plan, which requires the client’s commitment to following it.

5) Historical data is essential to measure progress and track success. Businesses need to have metrics in place to measure their growth and analyze their marketing strategies’ effectiveness over time.



[00:01:01] – Engaged personal trainer, lifted weights.

[00:02:57] – “Gym and Business: Compounding Progress”

[00:03:25] – “Become a category leader easily.”

[00:04:39] – “Great plans, no marketing action.”

[00:05:01] – Clients execute plans, results follow.

[00:06:39] – Track progress, measure results.

[00:07:20] – Test, measure, analyze, scale.

[00:09:00] – Crazy parallels: marketing, sales, fitness.

[00:11:19] – Assess, strategize, execute, measure.

[00:13:09] – “Learn from fitness, grow your business.”


Hey everyone, how are you going? It’s Dean here and welcome to open source growth. The number one destination for all things, blowing up your SaaS product, using the latest and greatest in direct response advertising, digital advertising, and anything to do that will enable your business to go from here to T2D3 growth and.

This episode is going to be a short one. Because. Recently, I have been going to the gym more. Um, I’ve, I’m feeling pretty exhausted today was leg day. And. I’m. Following the instructions of my trainer. I’m doing the work. I’m getting up nice and early. I’m really flipping my entire morning routine on its head. As many people know.

Um, if you didn’t, I’ve given up caffeine. So, you know, these early mornings powering through the day. Um, It’s there’s a lot to get used to. That’s for sure.


I’m like a lot of people who just go to the gym and lift weights and whatever. I really don’t have any background in lifting weights. So when I signed up to this local gym near my house, Uh, they asked me whether or not I wanted to engage a personal trainer to develop some form of program to get me lifting engaged in the gym and all that sort of stuff. And.

When I was signing up, I thought, yeah, why not? Why not. I did. And I engaged a young fella out here in Geelong.. Um, his name is Sonny and he is. Uh, phenomenal. Personal trainer. And. I remember having the discussion with them over the phone. Um, you know, study was talking to me about his program, what my goals are, et cetera, et cetera. What’s it going to cost to work with him per month then?

All that. And, you know, We did the deal. You know, Sonny has got a really great online platform called the nourished club. There’s a bit of a plug for you, Sonny.. Um, or wish you all the best with that. Um, but what’s amazing. The way Sonny works is that he has this amazing delivery model.

How Sonny delivers a lot of his content to you. Online using his app, which he has gone about developing himself. So full credit to you there, you know, obviously it has all the exercises and everything you need to do. One thing that’s also really interesting about Sonny is that he offers a monthly, um, one in one session to obviously make sure that you’re doing everything right. And he checks in on you every day and messages you via the app, et cetera, et cetera.

So there’s like a lot of good stuff that he’s implemented there., but. Here’s what was really interesting. And it got me thinking about. A podcast that I should be doing on this. Because there is so, so, so many parallels between getting fit and, you know, trying to put on muscle and making progress in the gym.

And marketing your business and growing your business and seeing how things can compound over time. And. You know, Ultimately watching your business go from a little, a minor in your category to, you know, the whale of your category. Because it’s really quite simple. Personal trainers. Don’t need to teach you.

How to exercise. Every person knows how to exercise. But they do need to hold you accountable. Now what’s really interesting here is that. How can you hold someone accountable? That’s a big question. You can hold people accountable if they know what they need to be doing. So in order to hold someone accountable, they need to have a plan in place.

So the personal trainer. Yeah. You don’t need the motivation to get up. You want to get fit. Obviously, this person is just here to hold you accountable. He’s provided you with the plan and your executing upon the plan. And then if things aren’t going so well, We’ll give you a call, call you out. And get you.

Back. On plan. In alignment with your goals. And I was thinking, well, this is fascinating. Why don’t people do this with their marketing? And.

It really had me scared to think that here, these great personal trainers. They put plans in place. They, they build plans around your goals. And then they handle these, these plans to their clients, the clients then do the plans and they execute them in align with the plan. And if they’re not executing in align with the plan, guess what? The results aren’t going to come. And the best part about it is that if the.

The customer or the client isn’t inputting their reps and their weights and everything into the app. And they’re not getting any results. And then they’re complaining. Guess what? Well, clearly you’re not, you’re not following scripts. You’re not getting results.

And then. If you are getting results. You know, if you’re putting in your information correctly into your plan or into your app or whatever. And then you’re starting to see that. Turn into magical results. You’ve got the historicals to see, Hey, well, you know, this week we, you know, we did. 30 kilos, bicep curls or, um, your, your, your squat was 120 kilos. The next week you went up to 125. Then the next week after that you went to 140.

But if you’ve got the historicals and you knowing what’s leading to results, you going to want to do more of that, right? Because humans want to become better. They want to earn more money. They want to look better. They want to be perceived as sexy. Like we want to be. Perceived as you know, a complete enlightened individual.

And, you know, by being able to track your progress. Obsess over the numbers and watch yourself grow. In a personal development or a, you know, Uh, physical, um, Way or means. What this is going to enable you to do is get excited about what you do. And you’d never question whether or not going to the gym works because you’re tracking your progress. You’re measuring it from week to week.

You’re seeing the results. Um, Manifest through your changes in your body, you’re feeling better. Your brain’s starting to work. Everything else in your life starts to work. But. And that’s all amazing with fitness and that’s amazing with going to the gym and trying to put on muscle and all that stuff. But why don’t we do that with our marketing?

Well, why don’t we build a strategy? Why don’t we execute a strategy in alignment with our goals? Why don’t we. Um, how do I say this? Uh, why, why don’t we test and measure our results? Why don’t we. Look, dig for insights and historically catalog them. So we’ve got something to look back out over time and then use the, what has worked and go that scaling that accordingly.

And putting that into future marketing campaigns as part of a greater marketing calendar. It’s fascinating because these personal trainers have got it down, pat. And what’s interesting about fitness is that fitness is a lot like marketing. Yeah, without marketing. Your business can survive for a. Substantial amount of time just through like word of mouth or referrals or your existing projects keep on coming in or, you know, people just keep on walking past.

Your, your shopfront and they come in the door, or if you’re a SaaS that, you know, your organic traffic that’s been there. Since the Dawn of time, people will keep on coming back. But if you’re not actively. Working at it. Your assets going to decay and what’s going to happen is that if you’re not proactive about your fitness of proactive about your marketing,

There’s going to be a point when your fitness completely drops off and then you have serious health, risks, or business. Uh, health risks were. Hang on a second, the person hasn’t been doing their marketing every day, the person hasn’t been doing their fitness every day. Oh well, you’ve got cancers, creeping and you’ve got disease is you got people. Who’ve got their blood sugar levels all over the joint. The person needs a pacemaker. The person needs resuscitation.

Isn’t there some crazy ass parallels here. Oh, wow. Well, we didn’t have any leads this month. The sales people are really pissed off. Oh, wow. No way. We were losing money this month. We’ve been losing money for the last three months because we’ve got no leads coming in. We’re just. Continuously just churning through the existing clients we’ve got, oh, well, you know, we have to.

You know, we have to amputate a leg or we need to reduce. Um, our head count by a number of 10 to ensure that, you know, we can make it through the next six months. Can you see how there’s some wild. Parallels between marketing and sales. And your fitness? See, your personal trainer doesn’t teach you. Healthy habits. Your personal trainer teaches you the importance of looking after you first. And in your business, you need to look after it first. And the only way you can really look after it and pro actively fix things is by ensuring that every single day that you are doing something for your marketing in your team, whether that’s running ads, whether that’s launching new content, whether that’s.

Um, You know, Developing some form of. Um, organic marketing story. Like I don’t care, but it’s marketing. You need to assess this as like your V it’s not just about, you know, swallowing, the old vitamin it’s about, you know, showing up every single day and focusing on how can we tell the best story, how can we create the best product? How can we distribute all the amazing work we’re doing to the audience that really needs what we offer?

You need to do that every single day. And it’s the same goes for your body. You need to be feeding it, the right food. You need to be getting enough sleep. You need to be drinking high quality filtered water, getting to the gym every single day. Eating well. Um, you know, the list goes on getting your proteins, you know, whatever, whatever the bloody hell you need. Right.

So. Like. It’s fascinating because I’ve just started going to the gym. I’m starting to see results. Sonny’s taught me a lot. But what he’s taught me more. Than anything is the importance of having a plan. That you can measure your results over time against your outcomes. And then being able to assess what has worked and what’s not working.

And I can almost guarantee you that if you apply that same rationale to your business, Things are really going to go amazingly for you. So what can you do? Like what sort of things can you implement? To have that same personal trainer going to the gym. Lifting weights and making gains approach in your business. Well, first things first, you need a great marketing strategy.

Number two, not only do you need a marketing strategy, you need to figure out. Inside of your marketing strategy. What are the, what’s the, what are the outcomes you’re looking for? Once you’ve identified those outcomes. Developed two to three initiatives for each outcome to get them to happen and then place them inside of a marketing calendar.

Now here’s where people cock it up. They don’t follow their marketing calendar and they just let things go haywire. So what do you need to do instead, instead of going haywire and doing all sorts of random stuff, you’d need to execute as per your marketing calendar. Number four, you need a test to measure your results, have a CRM that does the right thing and actually tracks the data that you need to track and catalog your results. Ensure that you figure out which marketing angles worked best.

Um, which copies. Converted better. What videos. Command the attention of your ideal customer profile. What led to free trials? What led to sales qualified leads? What led to sales appointments? Getting booked? You see what I’m saying, guys? And if you’re able to catalog that and then watch your progress, guess what? You’re going to get addicted to growth.

And getting addicted to growth. Isn’t the worst thing in the world. It’s one of the better things that you can be addicted to inside of your SaaS company. So. This isn’t really a podcast about sweat equity. It’s about what you can learn from fitness. Today’s podcast is a episode where you learn from what a personal trainer does and how you can apply exactly what they do.

Into your company. So you can blow it up. I hope you got something useful out of today. This is going to be a short one. My name’s Dean, I’m the founder and director of Owendenny Digital, Australia’s leading SaaS marketing agency. And if you do need any support with your digital marketing. Or SaaS growth.

Uh, conundrums or problems or any of the things that you are currently grappling with. You’ve got two options in the show notes today. You can see that you can book a free 10 minute chat with me to see and determine what you’re actually going through. Do you even need a marketing agency? Why is your customer growth strategy? Not playing out the way you want to play it. It’s completely free. No pitch, nothing. Just pick my brain for 10 minutes flat. It’s all kosher.

Alternatively, if you’re really serious about wanting to work with an elite group of SaaS marketing professionals. Look, no further than us. What you can do is preemptively book, a free growth. Strategy diagnosis again, link is in the show notes today and we’ll go head to toe. And develop a lightweight strategy for you and your business.

To tackle your current customer acquisition pains. And transform your business from a fat sloppy. Low-performing lead-generation machine into something, which is a true powerhouse of your industry. So again, guys, thank you so much for tuning in. I love you so much. God blessed. Stay safe. Say hello to your mom. For me, goodbye



Connect with Dean Denny, host of Open Source Growth and Director at Owendenny Digital

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Owendenny Digital, Australia’s #1 SaaS Marketing Agency

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double your business in just 90 days

Double Your Business in Just 90 Days

In this podcast episode of Open Source Growth, host Dean Denny discusses the importance of analyzing business and marketing data in order to drive growth for a software company, marketing agency, or e-commerce brand. He encourages his listeners to review the last 90 days of data and offers advice on what to look for when analyzing the data. Dean emphasizes the importance of having a solid system in place for capturing and tracking conversion data, including a CRM and data analytics studio, with HubSpot being his recommended solution.

By identifying what made the business successful over the past 90 days, SaaS entrepreneurs can develop strategies to double, triple, or 10X their business.


In this episode, you will learn:

1) How to analyze your business growth and marketing growth data
2) The importance of having a good means of capturing data
3) The significance of a system that gives you end-to-end tracking of conversion data
4) How to evaluate website traffic and identify what’s working and what’s not
5) The importance of keeping people engaged with videos and SEO optimized blogs
6) How to evaluate conversion rates from organic SEO and paid traffic perspectives
7) How to honestly evaluate CRM data and analyze lead sources and landing pages
8) The significance of maintaining a high-quality CRM and good data hygiene
9) The impact of having poor data hygiene and sloppy sales teams on your business growth.



[00:01:03] – Reviewing last 90 days data.
[00:03:04] – Analyzing data for business success.
[00:06:30] – Analyze organic website performance.
[00:10:08] – Analyze CRM data for sales.
[00:12:17] – Optimize, sources, close, time, rate, analyze.
[00:12:59] – Analyze customer journey data.
[00:15:01] – Review campaigns, learn, reject, succeed.
[00:15:47] – Analyze data, improve sales, increase AOV, improve lead quality.
[00:17:45] – Driving traffic for massive growth.
[00:18:48] – Facebook remarketing works: conversions via chat.
[00:20:05] – Blow up SaaS with direct response.
[00:23:33] – Master Paid Traffic, Organic Lead Source.
[00:25:12] – Stay relevant with SEO, content.
[00:26:32] – Publish, Analyze, Scale, Repeat.
[00:27:03] – Check CRM, get HubSpot
[00:27:44] – Double business in 90 days.

Note: This podcast episode is available for free on Spotify, Apple Music, and the website.

Hey, how are you going? It’s Dean here and welcome to Open Source Growth, the number one destination for software as a service growth marketing advice, strategies, and anything you can do to double, if not triple your software as a service company in 2023. Now. Believe it or not. I’m just like you.

Sometimes I don’t actually sit down and look at marketing data. In fact, Just before. I started recording this podcast. I was bebopping away with my jazz guitar and a backing track. In fact, I love jazz guitar. I’ve been playing guitar since I was a wee little boy. I remember distinctly when I was about four or five years of age that I wanted it to be a jazz musician. And, I just loved it. I love Frank Sinatra. I loved Wes Montgomery. I love George Benson and you know what? That was one of the first dreams that I lived out in my life. But the reason why I say this is that. Before recording this podcast, I was procrastinating just like you. Just like me.

All. Not impervious to that disease called procrastination. And what was I procrastinating from? What I’ve been procrastinating from, believe it or not is going through the last 90 days of data in my business. And I’m going to encourage you to do the same thing in your software company, in your marketing agency, in your e-commerce brand, in whatever type of business that you’ve got.

It’s time to go through. At the end of each quarter, the last 90 days, the last 12 weeks, the last. Decent amount of chunk that decent chunk of time to see how you have really stacked up now. A lot of people like to do these massive convoluted analysis in regards to your business growth and why things did work and why things didn’t. And they’d be bebopping all the long around about, oh, the cost of traffic went up. CPMs are doubled. If not tripled or the cost of every click is going up three times. That’s why we haven’t grown as much. Oh the sales team didn’t do enough last month, blah, blah, blah. look. Don’t overcomplicate this because if you do this right, and you look for the right things, which I’m going to reveal to you today, the right things you need to look for in your data.

What you can do is essentially. Any good growth market or any great entrepreneur can do is determine what made you successful over the past 90 days and figure out a way, how to double triple if not 10 X, that so you can go about doubling your business in the next 90 days. It is totally possible. In fact, we’re going through that process with ourselves right now, because we didn’t have the best 90 days. Hey, we went on holidays. Hey, it was January. Hey, there’s a lot of things going on in the market, but why didn’t we succeed? This is the best part.

You can check it out because you’ve got all the data in front of you. If you’re a discerning business owner. Sorry. If you have a pad and pen with you, if you have a writing instrument, if you’ve got notes open in your iPhone or your Android or whatever. Get ready to jot down some nuggets here, because what I’m going to reveal to you is what we look for internally.

And with our clients to help them be successful by blowing up the businesses, doing the most appropriate, scalable and leveraged activities. So number one, when it comes to being able to analyze your business, Growth and your marketing growth and getting all the data in place. It’s you’ve got to number one, have a very good means of capturing your data in the first place. Now I’m not just talking about slapping a Google analytics code or Google tag manager code on your website or getting rims and reels of data from, I don’t know from Facebook ads or Google ads or whatever. What I’m talking about here is the. In order to do this efficiently, you just cannot simply rely on spreadsheets and crap like that. You need a fricking system. You need a fricking system, which gives you end to end tracking of conversion data. Now I know if you’re in the e-commerce game, you’d be really interested in things like blue whale or high ROAS.

I know in our world, especially with our clients, we totally recommend everybody have some instance of HubSpot’s so they can see end to end deal data for their customers. So if you’re a high ticket SaaS, there’s nothing more important than having something like HubSpot implemented into your business. So you can see end to end where the leads are coming from, what landing pages are they hitting? And then not only what landing pages are they hitting, what actions are they taking? And then if what actions are they taking and how are they turning into deals? The first thing you need to do before you get into this stage of analysis is have a solid CRM, Data analytics studio, in place. I’m not saying Google data studio is going to be the perfect solution. It’s a very good solution. If you want to free and cheap and cheerful way of doing this, it does need some massaging with stuff like Kissmetrics to get the right data imported into it. However, if you want to do this well.

You need a proper system. And what we would recommend is HubSpot every single day of the week, hands down, it is the ducks guts. If you’re a SaaS company or a high ticket services company. Like an MSP or a cybersecurity provider or whatever. Does, if you’re in high ticket sales the drill get HubSpot. I’ll leave a link in my in my show notes below. So you can go about getting yourself a free trial.

The next thing you then need to do. Is evaluate your website traffic. Now, this is something HubSpot does relatively well, but if you want a more granular look at things, you need to jump into Google analytics. Over the last 90 days. How did your website traffic fair with respect? To the 90 days that you’ve just gone through. So have a look at what happened between January and March, and then look at October and December. And then see from an organic perspective. What hit the website? What are we ranking for? Are we getting people through to the website without our paid ads? How is that happening? The next thing you really need to look at with your Google analytics data is have a look how long people are staying on your website for the reason why that might be the case is that.

Peoples. Choices of what they want to digest over time. That changes. So for instance, you know what used to be cool on the internet way back in the day. It’s no longer cool now, so no, one’s going to be engaging with your content. It may be high value, but it may just not be the right. Presentation.

You may need to be doing more videos, not just pumping out SEO, optimized blogs, to keep people around on your site. It’s pretty simple, but you got to move with the times, man. So again, see how long people are staying on your website for the next thing you need to have a look at is your conversion rate.

And your conversion rate on your website from an organic perspective, because at the end of the day, that’s like the ultimate litmus test. The reason why the conversion rates can often get totally misrepresented and totally skewed in our game. Is that if your conversion rate on your website, Is. Is 3%.

As a rule of thumb, you can run bad campaigns to your website to key services, pages or key feature pages or product pages or whatever. And generate leads. That’s your worst case demand generation situation. If you’re able to increase your conversion rate on your base website without offers or not, you’ve got a really good leg to stand on. If your demand generation efforts are half average.

So evaluate your conversion rate. Now, when it comes to looking at your conversion rate, look at it from an organic SEO perspective, but also look at it from a paid traffic perspective too. So when it comes to your conversion rate, You have to have the right events set up, is what would you consider a conversion rate? Your conversion rate on phone calls may only be like 0.5 of a percent.

But your conversion rate on say the marketing qualified lead or subscribing to your website may be 1%. Or people booking a call with you may be 3%, but again, have your conversion rates mapped against your conversion actions and then analyze. What conversion actions took place and see not only which conversions actions took place and where most of them took place. See what source and medium the traffic came from. Was it from paid ads? Was it from Facebook, was from whatever.

Because then you’re going to start seeing what conversion. What audience is most conversion centric. See the biggest problem that we see with all of our clients. Not only do they have no marketing structure. Or no marketing strategy or no marketing calendar or promotional activity. They often just have a marketing strategy, which is simply not sales led. And you need to get that totally resolved. If you want to succeed in growing your business.

So what I mean by sales led is that everything you do with your demand generation, everything you do with your brand. At some point needs to be attributed to getting the sales team active. So again, Looking at your conversion actions, what is actually leading to the sales team being active? What actions are getting them on the phone? What sources of traffic are providing the sales team with the most sales hungry buyers? That’s what we need to have look at, so you’ve looked at your website. You’ve looked how long people are staying on the pages for you’ve seen your conversion rates for the right actions you figured out and identified. Which of those conversion rates? Attributed to which traffic sources. So then you can identify, okay, these things are scaling well.

Now you’ve got like a top down view of what’s going on. You need to then honestly evaluate.

You honestly need to evaluate your CRM data. Once again. Now the best part about having a CRM. Especially HubSpot is that you get into end tracking. What we analyze every 90 days is the number of leads that came through our website. What landing pages did they come through? What traffic sources did they come through and did they close? How long did they close? How long did it take to close them?

And then what can we do into improve things? So there’s a handful of metrics that we look at. First things first when it comes to the deal flow in the sales team. We look at the following things. Number one, the source of the lead. Number two, the landing page in which the lead landed on first, was it a Facebook offer page or was it organic SEO page?

Was it a just a standard Facebook traffic campaign or a LinkedIn traffic campaign. Did they come through this podcast that you’re listening to today? Like we look at the source of how they landed on the website. Once we’ve identified the source. As to how they’ve landed on the website and then how they’ve gone about inquiring. What we then do is we look at, okay, what’s the show up rate from particular sources. If they inquire with the website. What’s the likelihood we’ll be able to get on a phone call within 48 hours of inquiry. Okay, cool. How do we optimize that? And what sources are performing well? The next thing we want to look at too, is the time it takes for the deal to go from. Initiated to closed now.

You need to also weigh in the deals that don’t close and why they don’t close. So in that 90 day period. Like what your average deal closed what your average deal close time is for us, it’s normally anywhere between. Two to three weeks. And then our closing rate is generally anywhere between anywhere between 40 to 65% every quarter.

So we’ve analyzed. How much. Oh, how many of the deals where they came from? What landing pages they came through, what was the overall customer journey? We’ve looked at how long they take to close.. What’s the average order value of each of these deals that we do. And then we map that against the last 90 days.

Because what you can then start to see by analyzing this data, is that okay? Certain traffic sources are fast, the close certain traffic sources. If they come through certain landing pages, You can, your average order value is wildly increased. The referral traffic closes more aggressively. Does it, or does the D do the word of mouth referrals perform better?

You have to have all this started in front of you. Uh, In order to determine whether or not your marketing is working for you. Now, again, this is going to be a massive emphasis here and I can’t. Go short on this and you simply cannot skimp. Maintaining a high quality CRM and a really good data warehouse for all of your growth marketing data is fundamental to getting this right. If you have poor data hygiene, if you have poor collection processes, if your sales team sloppy.

Kiss your chances of growing your business goodbye, because you’re not going to actually have anything you can paint by numbers with. And that’s the whole point of growth marketing. See. Doubling your business. Isn’t just a matter of doubling the number of leads that come into your business because you may not be able to afford that.

But if you can increase the number of leads in your business up 20%, if you can increase the show up rate for your first meeting by 20%, if you can then improve your closing rate from say 40% up to 50%. That’s where the real magic happens because those compound effects. As what double was your business. And you can totally achieve that in the next 90 days, if you do the growth analysis. Correct. See what you want to go about finding through your 90 day quarterly marketing review is what campaigns worked. And why did they work? What actions did your campaigns drive?

What hooks, what did we learn about our customer? In the last 90 days. And what are the fish we wish to reject to make this business blow up? See, these are really good questions to ask yourself every 90 days, because if you don’t guess what game over, it’s not going to work. See you later. Stay tell your story, walking.

I can’t emphasize to you guys enough. That by just analyzing the data every 90 days that enables your business to grow like wildfire. Simple things like improving your sales closing rate. We’ll really make robust growth. A possibility for you. Increasing your average order value by 20%.

That’s going to provide you with robust revenue growth. Improving the quality of your leads by say 50%. That will do the same thing. Again, I’m not saying generate more low cost sales qualified leads or generating more low cost marketing qualified leads. I’m talking about lead quality.

Are you scoring your leads? So if I was in your position,

I would ask myself, what can I do in the next 90 days based on the data that I have. To blow up my business. And now here are a few suggestions from me. Again, this is, this was probably more in line with what we’re going to be doing over the next 90 days to get our business to grow. And what I’m suggesting here is that you’re more than welcome to rip them off and give it a crack yourself to make things really.

Go well for you. Here’s what we’re going to be doing. So at Owendenny Digital, we’re really focused on SEO at the minute. Now, the reason why we are focused on SEO is because we are a niche agency. We have a small lean and mean it’s like a tight knit team of 10. And our tight-knit team of 10, we can’t handle more than six enterprise clients at a time. Like where a small agency.


If we focus on high quality SEO traffic, we will have more than enough inquiries. For us to field and also enable our business to grow. So by focusing on high transaction high commercial intent terms around SaaS marketing, Facebook ads management, Google ads, management, Google ads, agency, Melbourne, et cetera, et cetera.

Those high transaction high commercial intent terms are what we will focus on driving traffic to our website through organic means. If we can do that effectively, believe it or not, that’s going to result in massive growth for our business. So then what we need to do is think about the SEO publishing strategy that we have in place and seeing what is working and what’s not working. Why are we losing rankings? Why are we gaining rankings?

We need to do that effective evaluation at this time. The next thing that we’re going to be looking at Owendenny Digital is our remarketing campaigns. In fact, for just from remarketing alone, we spend at least a thousand dollars a month chasing you around the internet. So we get to see which ones of those campaigns worked.

Now, what’s really funny here with iOS 14.5. It’s sometimes very difficult to see what features are working when it comes to running your Facebook ads. See, I’ve had people reach out to me via the Facebook ads that they’ve seen, but they haven’t been catch captured as a conversion because they then converted through the chat section on our website.

Like how incredible is that guys? That’s so crazy. Like our HubSpot chat on our website is where a lot of our leads are coming from because we’re able to reply to them in real time. And sometimes people are simply not ready. To jump on and leave all their business details through the growth diagnostic or book, a friendly chat with me, but they would rather just low key, just type way. Hey, I want to grow my business. I need these services. Can you help me? Let’s go with it.

See, the funny thing is that’s not being tracked through our Facebook ads. And I don’t think you can with the HubSpot chat, if you can. I need to speak to my HubSpot specialists about that. But. What. I can then tell you, is that anecdotally, that Facebook remarketing campaign has worked and a likely client may come from that this month. So the cost to acquire that customer from a pay traffic perspective is a thousand dollars to potentially sell that person a really amazing website or get them involved with an amazing marketing solution to blow up their trades business or whatever it may be.

So again, that’s going to be a big focus of our next. Our next 90 days is to get those remarketing campaigns, the next thing we will be focusing on is our top of funnel campaigns to bring new. Pro. It’s problem aware people into our business. They may be solution aware people into our business that are within the software as a service niche, and we need to get them either nurtured or.

I find the people who are ready to buy and drive them to our website and get talking with them, to provide them with honest, brutal, no nonsense, direct-response advertising advice to blow up their SaaS company. Now there’s going to be heaps of approaches. We can take from this. We can be thinking about LinkedIn, YouTube, or Facebook ads.

I’m a big believer in Facebook ads for SaaS companies and for any company in general. So again, we need to then evaluate over the next 90 days. How are we going to do this? Our last efforts haven’t been successful. So there are some of the things we’ll be looking at. Uh, Within the 90 days from a marketing perspective, but we can also do the same thing from a sales perspective.

Why have certain deals? Taken so long to close and some they’ve taken so little to close. What about What about the landing pages where people have come through from organic traffic, if we’ve got certain pages which are ranking well, which are two, then turning into inquiries. We know that our highest converting page on our website is our software as a service landing page, because that, again,

Drives high intent, SaaS companies wanting someone to help them with the growth marketing. So again, we’re going to be looking at these landing pages and ensuring that these are at the top of the search from an organic perspective to get us going forward. But now talking about those focused narrow sales changes that we can make to double our business.

Now. From, and this is this is a 100% transparent with our clients. Is that a lot of our services prices will be going up in the next three to 12 months. And. By increasing the price of your services and adding more value to our clients. We’re going to be increasing our, say our business revenue.

Not only will it grow our business and more money will come into the business. We’ll be able to provide a much better service to our clients and it’s going to be super exciting. To see this happen. So again Think about it. We’ve just analyzed marketing. We’ve analyzed where deals are coming from. We’ve analyzed landing pages. We’ve analyzed the, not the sales numbers. And we’re now talking about improving our products to increase our business and get it to double in the next 90 days.

We’re then going to think about, okay, cool. If these people aren’t ready, how do we nurture them? How do we get our email marketing more effective in the next 90 days? How do we commit to building a really amazing newsletter? How do we nurture that newsletter for the next 52 weeks? And absolutely blow it out of the water.

These are all the things you need to think about in your quarterly marketing review. But without over cooking the goose right here. Keep this whole thing. Simple. If you could only focus on one or two or three things over the next 90 days. This is what I can totally say is like the lowest cost. And not so much the lowest cost, the highest impact.

Three that you can focus on. Number one have one. Paid traffic source, which you will master in the next 90 days, whether it’s Facebook ads, Google ads, LinkedIn ads, Tik TOK ads. YouTube. I don’t care. One pay traffic source, master that in the next 90 days. We’re mastering Facebook. That’s that it’s happening. It is done.

Number two. One organic lead source. Now this organic lead source can be direct direct outreach. It can be cold email. It can be SEO master one. Outreach source and get it done. The next thing you need to think about though, if you want to talk about really improving your business growth.

Is then what’s one low. How do I say low intent brand building exercise that you can do on one platform to ensure that you are forever relevant in your space?

For us, we’re sticking to the podcast and we are sticking to the blog and then distribution of the blog and the podcast is going to be our perennial effort over the next. Nine to 12 months because we do believe that blowing up the blog and the podcast. We’ll be the fastest way for us to stay relevant. It will improve our SEO. It’ll do a whole lot of stuff, which is going to make it so much easier for us to crush it online with our direct response advertising strategies, and also stay relevant to software company, founders, CTOs, CMOs, and the works.

You know what I’m saying? So again, they’re going to be our three big focuses over the next nine to 12 months. But again, your next 90 days, Focus on one pay traffic source focus on one organic source. And then focus on one content piece. So you are forever perennially publishing to your target market. It’s just crucial. I know a lot of people, especially myself, I’m totally guilty of this.

Being one of those guys where it’s oh yeah, no, you don’t have to worry about it. I just run ads. It should be sweet.. Just acquire clients that way. Those days is now coming to an end because people want to check you out before they even click on an ad nowadays. In fact we see what’s the word we see so many people. Seeing our ads on Facebook, then jumping to the website instead of hitting the call to action button and inquiring on the website instead of touching the link. It’s crucial. You’ve got to get it right. And you need to be publishing and you need to be relevant.

And if it doesn’t smell right, it’s game over. Sorry. Ta-da. Toodles. Bye. Bye.

That’s what we’re going to be doing. We’re going to be analyzing our data from the last 90 days. Determining what’s really worked and then planning. And scaling those activities over the next 90 days. And I’m going to encourage you to do the same. Being the end of the quarter. I suggest you check out your CRM. If you don’t have one, hurry up and get HubSpot, hire us, or one of those data suites, which is totally the right way to go forward in your business.

Identify what traffic sources have led to results. What traffic has provided you with engaged people on your website, what traffic has involved in, what traffic has led to higher converting users on your website, our particular campaigns, mostly responsible. And why are they responsible? You need to dig into this.

Is it the angles? Is it the. Oh, goodness gracious me. Is it the creatives? Is it the offer? Get into why certain things have absolutely crushed it and just remember. Nine times out of 10, it’s your offer and what you provide. The next thing then you need to do is thinking about your sales data and seeing what has led to the massive and sustainable growth in your business. So is it the.

Is it the SEO campaign that you wrote as the remarketing campaign after people hit your website from your SEO campaign that rolled out, is that how you’re sending cold traffic to your website from LinkedIn or Google or Snapchat or whatever, or TikTok? I don’t care, but something. So then you’ve identified where the sales activity is starting and whereas a coming from.

How can you go about scaling that up and then optimizing your sales process from. You know the time to get people onto a call shortening your sales cycle. So deals close faster, increasing the average order value because you don’t have to just double everything in your business, because if you doubled the number of leads and doubled this, and you have the deal time and you double the AOV, that’s not like double, that’s not two X growth.

That’s six X growth. But if you’re just looking to double your business in the next. 90 days, all you need to do is get 20% or 20% more leads from your favorite lead source into the door. You need to have the amount of time. If not less. You probably only need reduce your your deal close time by 20%.

You then need to increase your average order value by 20%. And then all of a sudden, Hey, Presto. Yes. What you’ve doubled your business in 90 days. But that’s how simple it is. And it shouldn’t be any more complicated than that. In fact, if anyone tells you that needs to be more complicated than that, the fricking lying to you.

That’s it. It’s time to focus on your last 90 days of data. Go through this process with a fine tooth comb. But don’t overcook. The goose don’t complicate it. And then put some plans in action for the next 90 days. Starting with your traffic source with a bugger paid traffic source and organic traffic source. And then finally an organic oh.

An organic content play to ensure that you are forever and perennially relevant to your ideal customer profile. And that’ll help you blow up your SaaS business in 2023 in just 90 days. It’s Dean here from open source growth. I love you all. Thank you so much for tuning in, and if you need that support to figure out what happened in the last 90 days in your business. And you’re really looking for a growth marketing provider.

To deliver on its promises. Please hit us up in the show notes. So you can go about booking a friendly chat with me. Alternatively, we can uncover all the reasons why your business isn’t growing through completing a free growth diagnostic. It’s a free tool, which we enable all our business owners, all our SaaS founders, and all the listeners of this podcast to use.

All you need to do is click the link in the show notes, book, your free growth diagnostic, and we’ll get we’ll race into action to make. Make sure that we can tell you exactly why your business isn’t growing and how you can help make this happen. So again, if you want to do stuff with us, It’s all up to you. Otherwise you can always just tune into this podcast. It’s going to be perennially free. No crap about buying this no advertisements, nothing. It’s just, if you want some help.

You can always tap the link, but again, it’s forever free. Go about applying this stuff. I’ve dropped a lot of good shit in this podcast today. If you really want to succeed, this may be the podcast for you.

This is open-source growth. My name is Dean. Thank you so much for tuning in. I’ll see you when I see you. Bye.


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facebook ads for saas

Facebook Ads For SaaS: Scale Your Product In Less Than 30 Minutes

In this episode of Open Source Growth, host Dean Denny covers everything about Facebook ads for software as a service (SaaS) companies in under 30 minutes. He emphasizes the importance of Facebook ads for achieving T2D3 growth and the need to revisit customer personas.

Dean covers objectives, creatives, targeting and bid strategies, landing pages, and CRMs to optimize Facebook ads for SaaS companies. He highlights how Facebook ads can effectively target ideal customers, making them cost-effective for businesses. Dean urges listeners to take action and start using Facebook ads to grow their SaaS business.

Tune in to this valuable and informative podcast to learn how to crush it with Facebook ads.


In this episode, you will learn:

1) Importance of Facebook ads for SaaS companies and why they need to have a Facebook ads campaign to achieve growth.
2) How to go back to your customer personas to make the most out of Facebook ads.
3) Objectives you must set and the creatives you must develop for your Facebook ads campaign.
4) Targeting strategies and bid strategies that are effective for SaaS companies.
5) Importance of effective landing pages and how to roll them out.
6) Use of CRMs with Facebook ads for SaaS companies.
7) Cost-effectiveness of Facebook ads and the ability to target people based on interests or demographics.
8) Ability to target people at all stages of the customer journey.
9) Set up conversion tracking and track your performance to determine the cost of leads, marketing qualified leads, demo calls, and booked meetings.
10) Different placements available on Facebook ads, including Instagram and Facebook audience network.



[00:02:09] – Grow business with Facebook targeting.
[00:03:12] – Target audience with tailored messaging.
[00:05:27] – Bid for clicks, conversions, ads.
[00:06:36] – Target audience with laser focus.
[00:11:21] – Tailor content to different personas.
[00:14:10] – Testing ad creatives and copy.
[00:15:45] – Target customers with remarketing and Lookalike Audiences.
[00:19:01] – Test different platforms for success.
[00:21:13] – Track leads for better AI results.
[00:24:11] – Track and measure SaaS performance.
[00:26:30] – Facebook: Brand Awareness & Conversions
[00:28:54] – Scale your SaaS with Facebook Ads.

Note: This podcast episode is available for free on Spotify, Apple Music, and the website. 


Hello, everyone. Welcome to Open Source Growth. And this is Dean speaking. And in today’s episode, I want to go through everything I possibly can, in 30 minutes around Facebook ads for software as a service companies or SaaS companies for short and in today’s episode, I’m going to go through everything I can in under 30 minutes. We’ll go see how long we go for at the end of the episode, but I’m sure we can get it all covered in less than 20, but Hey, let’s just go with 30 minutes to, for starters.

And in today’s episode, we’re going to go through the importance of Facebook ads, the history of Facebook ads. Why your SaaS needs to bolster a Facebook, facebook ads, campaign and function in your business to really achieve that T2D3 growth. You’re really looking for. Why you need to go back to your customer personas to make this happen.

The objectives, you must set the creatives. You must develop, the targeting strategies, the bid strategies, the effective landing pages. You must roll out and a whole lot more even touch on CRMs and things that you can use with your Facebook ads for your SaaS company to really crush it. And then I’m going to give you that massive urge and that kick in the gut to be like, Hey, if you’re not doing this, you’re missing out. Get to the ad manager platform and just go for it guys. So it’s going to be a really valuable jam-packed podcast for you all. I hope you’re all tuning in. Get your pad. Your pen, pour yourself a coffee or green tea or lemon grass and ginger tea. I don’t care. Just do something.

Because what I want to go through with you today could really change and alter the course of your company. So let’s just get straight to it. Now. If you’re like any digital marketer that’s been around the block that Meta or Facebook ads or Meta ads. A powerhouse for when it comes to growing your business, it doesn’t really matter whether you’re a cake shop, a.. An e-commerce brand selling gym products or your local services business. Facebook has everything you need to go about targeting your ideal customers. Who are either in market or they’ve been on your website or they’ve shown interest in particular things that your offering and being able to turn them into customers . Now, will this work for every SaaS company? Probably, it probably will. But there are cases where Facebook doesn’t work as well.

But here’s the thing. I can almost guarantee you that your customer avatar is going to be on Facebook. That is a total given SaaS founder. I don’t care. What tech crunch, articles, reading, or whatever they are definitely there. So why is Facebook ads important? First things first. It’s cost-effective to run these ads.

It’s important because you can target people based on interests or demographics or job titles or whatever. You can target people who are at all stages of the buyer awareness not the buyers, all stages of the customer journey. So like in terms of being able to target and tell your messaging for each stage of buyer awareness. It is the ducks guts.

Now the best part about Facebook and it has been a little bit of a sticking point. Is that the ability to go about setting up conversion tracking and tracking your performance. So then you can determine the cost of leads. The cost of marketing qualified leads, the cost of your your demo calls and your books meetings. That’s all able to be captured within the ads manager, which makes it super easy for you to really understand how powerful this is and that’s Facebook for you. Now, it’s hasn’t always been like that. When we talk about the history of Facebook ads. See when Facebook kicked off its advertising platform. I think it was in about 2007 and 2008. Let me just quickly pull that up. I’ve got a digital advertising timeline.

Here. Now checking out my timeline right here. It was Facebook ads that was generated in 2007. So it was in 2004 that it was founded as a social networking site. But in 2007, they offered a targeted advertising and sponsored story solutions to advertisers and that’s what really enabled us to change the game from an interest in demographic, Intent advertising standpoint. It’s really cool. It was a bit of a wild west situation to begin with, like the quality of the quality of the data wasn’t crash hot to begin with the attribution and the data tracking wasn’t that fantastic. And then they rolled out the Facebook pixel and that made it a whole lot easier.

To go about getting true ROI estimates on what you were doing. See, over the years they’ve been able to. You’re able to bid for clicks, then they changed it. So you can then bid for conversions. They’ve had Facebook ads, which were. Either on the side of the screen, on the desktop experience or there’s previews before videos they’ve had obviously those in-feed placements, there’s so many placements now available using meta ads or Facebook ads that the sky is the limit.

Myself personally, I like. Feed ads because we find they’re the most effective, but. I think we should also mention here is that you don’t just get the placements on on Facebook ads. When you’re running Facebook ads, you can run placements on Instagram and you can also run them on the Facebook audience network, which is a lot like the Google display network. However, with the Google display network, we find that the Facebook audiences are higher.

Converting, unlike the GDN ads to be Frank, we haven’t had much success with them. From a top of funnel level, but remarketing, it’s a little bit different story. So if we want to talk about what’s the real benefit of running Facebook ads for your SaaS company as a founder or a chief marketing officer.

Oh, look, it’s pretty simple. You’re able to get laser focused with your target audience. So if you have your ideal customer profile or your buyer persona you’re really able to just get straight to the point and target, Hey, this guy is likely to be on HubSpot. Oh, okay. No, my, my guy likely is to follow Tony Robbins or Robert Kiyosaki. Oh no. My productivity app, they all follow Brian Tracy. So we can target that person or you can target that particular city.

So just say you have a product which is customized to the Turkish market. You can just target Turkish, speaking people and people who live in Turkey there’s some really amazing things that you can do with Facebook ads. Another benefit is that it is generally. Cost-effective now we have seen the cost of Facebook ads really increase over the past few years. Like when we got started, we remember seeing CPMs or the cost per thousand impressions sitting at around about six to $8. Now that’s sawed right up to $20.

But again, You’re able to get amazing targeted traffic to your website at a very low cost approach, and it’s also not only low cost, but you’re able to really convey amazing positive sales messages to get them to convert on your website too. You’re really able to warm them up. So they have a congruent ad to website experience. And it’s not a big shock for them when they arrive. So again, it’s a really cost-effective platform.

As I’ve mentioned before, like the Facebook pixel enabled things to be totally measurable. You could really get down to the fine art being like every $50 we spend on Facebook, we generate a lead. And then every $125. We spend on Facebook, we generate a booked meeting. Again, you need to set up all this conversion tracking with the Facebook pixel. There is a Facebook.

Facebook pixel wizard. Obviously you need to do the conversions API nowadays, but there is so much good stuff that you can do. So go about measuring your results and then feeding it back to yourself and seeing whether or not this strategy is working for you. And lastly, the best part about these self-serve advertising platforms is that they’re wildly scalable.

Facebook wants to spend your money and in exchange for spending your money, they’ll put your ads in front of more and more people who fit your target. Your target customer or your ideal customer persona. So there’s again, If you’re looking to take your SaaS from acquiring, say a thousand users a month to 10,000 users a month, Facebook has the users. Facebook has the eyeballs and the attention of its customers across both the audience network, Facebook ads, and obviously Facebook and Instagram that you can really go about scaling things out again.

There’s the metaverse, which is down the line too. But again, this thing is wildly scalable. Now. A word of warning here is that if you don’t have a good strategy and you’re just going to be like sending your Facebook ads, Willy nilly, you’re probably going to have a little bit of trouble here. Because at the end of the day, good advertising campaigns come down to how good you understand or how well you understand your target audience. So again, don’t skimp out, create detailed buyer personas of your ideal customer. And really go into what keeps him up at night? What TV shows is he watching? Is he on shark tank? Is he reading tech crunch? Is he on is he read listening to how I built this by Reed Hoffman or think about your ideal customer profile, what they’re doing, what keeps them up at night and the interests they may have the job titles they may have and then think about.

Obviously. Okay. Now we can target these people based on these. Particular interests, but also tailoring your ad content to those different personas, because we know with all the different SaaS clients that we have, that they have multiple and multiple different types of customers.

We work with a company that has an AI led. Construction lead generation service. And it’s really exciting, but they don’t just work with small builders. They work with architects, they work with commercial builders. They find leads, which are from $50,000 renovation projects all the way up to $5 million builds. And.

And they have multiple different customers and with their Facebook strategy, we have multiple different messages and that’s the way you need to play it. You really need to go about tailoring your content. So your different personas. Now, when it comes to setting clear objectives and KPIs with Facebook.

It’s really important to define your campaign goals. Are you going for awareness brand recall? Are you looking to generate marketing qualified leads, which you can nurture in your email sequences? Are you wanting to generate more sales appointments or are you trying to just convert as many free trials as possible again, know what you’re aiming for and develop a congruent strategy to achieve it, and then go about documenting those KPIs and then establishing a really structured marketing promotional calendar that you can test and measure from every single month.

And that’s a big thing that we offer our clients here. They absolutely fricking love it. When it comes though down to it. Your ads are only as good. Not only just the targeting, you can’t solve all your problems with targeting. You need amazing and compelling. Ad creatives. Now this is what a really helps to have an amazing content creator in-house to develop amazing eye-catching visuals. You can use tools like Canva to create these things. There are plenty of AI led design tools that can help you develop really nice creatives. But again, you need to think about what your customer wants to see and ensure that you grab their attention with these visual creatives.

A lot of SaaS companies we’re working with right now are pushing for. User generated content because at the end of the day, the contents so relatable. It comes from a third party. It seems like there’s an element of social proof embedded in these campaigns that it works really well. Now when it comes to writing persuasive ad copy.

It doesn’t always have to be concise, but it has to get to the point. Now again, we’re advocates for long form direct response, copywriting at Owendenny Digital, because we know it really sells well. I know the SaaS world or the software. The software industry, they’ve really all about concise copy, but does it actually.

Really paint the right picture of what that software company offers or what that product can do. Not always the case. So again, when you’re writing your copy, like obviously no fluff, none of that shit, but what’s really essential here is that Your copy really can sweep someone off their feet and get straight to the point and show you the life altering benefits of downloading your app, jumping on the free trial, and then handing over your credit card details and being like, yo, let’s go. I’m using motion like myself right now. I’m loving motion.

So anyway, that’s one of those things. So when it comes to writing that ad copy again, have your persona right in front of you. I write to them and then go about highlighting your USP and really dramatizing and exhilarating the benefits and intensifying them in your copies. Because then what we can do is then roll out some amazing AB testing on your ad creatives. We can test creatives, we can test copies.

We can test headlines. We can test landing pages. You can test whatever the hell you want. But again, it needs a really solid AB testing structure to make this succeed again. That’s what we do really well at Owendenny Digital we get to the heart of the matter and really get. And really figure out like what makes this person tick on the inside?

So like you. You’ve set up your KPIs. You know who your persona is. You’re smashing out these ad creatives. You’re launching ads. Now you gotta think about like your targeting. So how are we going to be targeting these customers on Facebook ads for my SAS product? First things first, you can think about your demographic.

What city are they in? What about, sorry, not, that’s not a demographic. Your demographic is how old the person is. The geography like, wow, where are they? What sort of behaviors are they displaying? Are they frequent? Shoppers online. What sort of custom audiences and lookalike audiences have you set up? A custom audience on Facebook is generally a audience which is designed around activity on either your social profiles or your website. An example of a custom ordinance, which you can set up is everyone who’s visited your website within 180 days, or someone who is interacted with your Facebook page over 365 days. You can get really clever here with custom audiences.

Especially on that remarketing journey where you chase them around the incident. After jumping on a product, I know everyone who’s listening to this podcast has been chased by a product, which they jumped on eBay, or they’ve jumped on a An e-commerce site and you see it in your feed again and again, like we all have experienced the nasty remarketing ad.

And it does work. It’s fricking annoying, but goodness gracious me, it works well. So again, look into that. Another really unique option as well to target people, especially those in the awareness stage is with lookalike audiences. Now, if you’re running lookalike audiences, what you can do is actually upload all that purchase data, all those free trial users, all those people on your databases and then your face and just.

Throw it across to Facebook and Facebook can be like, Hey, you’re all right. This is what your customer look like. It looks like I’m going to give you. A million more customers who just look just like these people, and then you can go about targeting those people with your Facebook ads too. So it’s really exciting.

Again, retargeting your website, visitors, and existing customers. We can do that too. But again, You need to be coherent with your testing strategies. Now. Once it comes. Once you get down to that, you’ve figured out your ad creatives, how are you going to target people? You know what your objectives are.

You need to think about then how you go about bidding or how you optimize your ads. Now there’s so many different bidding strategies. You’ve got lowest cost cap, or target cost with the automated strategies. But also you want to consider, do I want a daily budget or a lifetime budget again, totally up to you. One of the other things though, that hasn’t really been disclosed alongside a lot of people.

In the SaaS world is that they’re not talking about ad set budget or campaign budget optimization, where you can pretty much delineate between. Okay. I want my overall campaign to spend a certain amount of money. Or I want particular audiences or say ad sets within your Facebook ad structure to spend more. So for instance,

You may be wanting to spend 10 times more on users who use HubSpot and that’s one of your ad set. Instead of people who use active campaign, you may only want to spend say $20 a day targeting those people in the United States. Whereas, if you’ve running with a campaign budget optimization perspective, you’re really throwing Facebook, the keys.

And enabling Facebook to go about identifying. Okay, cool. I’m going to give you $300 a day to get me some new customers. You figure it out, but I think. These six audiences are going to be the audiences you need to chase. And then Facebook will shuffle the budget around accordingly. Again, test.

You’ll see what works best for you and your business. Once you’ve got all that sorted. You’ve got to pray a little bit and hope that your landing pages convert. Now, if you’ve already been running Google ads or Reddit ads, YouTube, LinkedIn, whatever. I’m sure you’ve got a pretty good understanding of what is actually working.

And funnily enough, what works on one platform normally works on another, but you always need to test if you have a conversion rate optimization. Program schedule, calendar that you’re currently adhering to in your organization. Please include your Facebook ads as separate tests. Again. This is because.

Some things we’ve seen the convert on LinkedIn just simply do not convert on Facebook. It’s a weird world that we live in, but you have to be good and you have to be well-structured and concise. Otherwise it may not work for you and you may just be scratching your head and it’s just no fricking good.

With these landing pages. Again, heaps of social proof, slap the testimonials on your USP has to be really front and center. Benefit statements, features the whole shooting match, but again, focus more on the transformation of going from confused to in control or feeling like I’ve got nothing in my life. And now by downloading this, I’ve got everything in my life. Just think more about that positive transformation state really harp on about how amazing their life will be.

Instead of focusing on your features. And this is one of my biggest gripes when it comes to SAS companies, all they talk about is that features. And they don’t really think about what does this feature do for my organization. You can be the change that you want to see in the world has gone, even when say.

And please be that guy for me. And finally, once you get around to developing the landing pages and running traffic at it, You need to make sure that you’re tracking and measuring bloody everything. Now, when it comes to that again, use the Facebook pixel. And then with this Facebook pixel implemented on your website and track all the events, that means something to you. So if someone ends up on a thank you page after being on your squeeze page for say a.

A lead magnet you might be offering. A free checklist on how to run fast. And then they hit a thank you page. Make sure that’s a lead and that’s tracked. So then Facebook can use that information. To leverage the AI that sits within Facebook. To get better results for you. So that’s a massive thing. You must do. Track the marketing qualified leads, then track your sales, qualified leads, track your appointments, track your free trial signups, track your.

Paying user signups, give conversion values to each of these things. So then you’ve got a really good understanding of how much money you’re spending on Facebook ads and how much money you are actually bringing back to your business. Now, again, if you’re a SaaS marketer like myself, we know that sometimes you may not see customers.

Or pretty much anything valuable. For in terms of your customer lifetime value, mate, you may not see a profit until the third or fourth month. So that’s why you need to really have a good understanding of how much money you’re spending. How much. How many customers are you requiring and then long, obviously how long are they staying for? So again,

Get that right. Super, super crucial. You can do all of this stuff and go about analyzing all your campaign performance from Facebook ads manager. And you need to go about tweaking these campaigns all the time. Unlike Google, you can go about tweaking your Facebook ads, campaigns fairly frequently. Again, you, the best practice though is getting it out of the learning phase. And often you need to be getting 50 results within seven to 14 days.

For your ads to get out of the learning phase. We’ve experimented with the learning phase and without the learning phase. And normally it’s okay. If you do fiddle with it within the learning phase, knocking things back, it does reduce the effectiveness, but probably not enough for for everyone to lose sleep over.

So again, be regular and optimize and adjust these campaigns. One thing we would recommend though, if you’re a SaaS company is to have a world-class CRM solution and we are massive advocates of HubSpot. The reason why we push for HubSpot over any other platform is that the dashboarding solutions. Absolutely phenomenal enables you to really go about interrogating, which one, which like Facebook advertising campaign that you’re rolling out or Google ads or organic SEO.

Is working really well. And you’re able to then determine, okay, this landing page is really performing these Facebook ads aren’t performing, but they’re generating heaps of leads and this Google ads campaign, which is doing. Average numbers is actually generating all the paying customers. Without having a good CRM. You’re not really able to get the full picture of how good your marketing’s performing. So when it comes to tracking and measuring your performance online, With your Facebook ads for your SaaS company. Think about implementing a SaaS friendly CRM and we can’t recommend anything more than HubSpot. We absolutely freaking love it here at Owendenny Digital. So again, get a good CRM, Facebook pixel, and optimize and manage the campaign on a daily, if not weekly basis. Because the thing is like, Running Facebook ads, like actually doing the mechanics of the media buying. Is fairly simple. It’s going to use a friendly interface. In fact, that site has the best user interface out of all the ad platforms for most SAS companies.

There’s plenty of access is plenty of support. Heaps of dude’s gurus, fake people on the internet, whatever, showing you how to get started to do the things you need to do. So like a big push from me is that if you haven’t got your feet wet with Facebook ads, I’m encouraging you to get started. Really have a look at what you’re doing and see if you can scale your free trials. See if you can get some marketing qualified leads over the line. Let’s see if we can get people into your app with Facebook ads, because we have seen some.

Sensational results and success stories with Facebook ads. And it doesn’t really matter what you do, whether you’re a SaaS company or not. Like we’re working again with an AI led an AI led. Lead generation SaaS company at the moment. And it’s really exciting to see this, like we’ve been generating them sales qualified leads again and again at 30 to $40 per lead, and it’s just blown up and these guys have amazing lifetime value.

With their customers and they just absolutely crush it online. There’s other examples, like we’re currently running some ads for a wedding company and they’re blowing up. They never thought that they were going to have a chance at. Running a wedding campaign in winter, and now we’re able to create this wild. Fantastic. Super-duper knock it out of the park offer and they’re closing deals, which they never would have dreamed of closing in the middle of winter.

From this beautiful Facebook app we’ve written and this amazing landing page, which is just converting people like crazy. So and it’s not just conversion campaigns, Facebook is a sensational place for brand awareness and engagement to remember Facebook’s one of those platforms. People can just share their opinions, share their thoughts, join in a conversation. And if your brand is part of that conversation, it’s more likely that it’s going to stay top of mind when they come to making a purchasing decision.

So have a think about that. Facebook isn’t just going to be your demand generation. One of your many demand generation platforms, you may be running your YouTube ads, your Google ads, your LinkedIn ads. You might be doing some SEO and content marketing and inbound or whatever, but do you got to get onto Facebook?

To see what it’s all about because every, nearly everyone on the planet has a Facebook account, which kind of tells me that you can target. Almost anybody. In any industry apart from people who work in the secret service or the president of the United States, et cetera, et cetera, like this, obviously gonna be some limitations there.

So just in summary. Get out there. Experiment with Facebook ads and really go about. Taking one foot and pulling in front of another. To develop an amazing, predictable, scalable growth machine for your SAS company, you may be pre users. You may be pre revenue. You may be. Pre profit or you may be post profit and you’re going for it.

On your own two feet and you may be self-supporting. You may be. Full of venture capital. There’s I know the SaaS game pretty well, and there’s just so many places in stages you can be out, but I just want to say that you cannot sleep on this as a SaaS advertiser. a SaaS founder or chief marketing officer or whatever, even if you’re in an agency, I don’t care. Like I’m just preaching the gospel here of digital advertising and.

All I’m trying to say here is that you want to give it a go. Again, I hope this has been a really valuable. Video for you to check out. We’ve just been, we’ve sort of video. It’s just audio. What am I saying? But again, we’ve done this in under 30 minutes. This was Facebook ads for SaaS. Everything you need to scale your product in less than 30 minutes. I am your host Dean.

This is open-source growth. Be well. Have a great evening or a day. Whatever. I’ll talk to y’all soon. Peace.



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I Quit Caffeine. Here's What Happened..

I Quit Caffeine. Here’s What Happened..

In this podcast episode, Open Source Founder & Host Dean Denny discusses why he quit caffeine after being a regular coffee drinker since his teenage years. He talks about how coffee and caffeine have been a big part of his life and culture in Australia, especially Melbourne’s cafe culture. Despite this, he has successfully quit caffeine for the past 30-31 days and shares his reasons for doing so and how it has benefited him as a founder of a marketing agency.

He also recommends that people who are addicted to caffeine should seek help to quit and explore alternative options.

In this episode, you will learn:

    1. The host’s experience of quitting caffeine after it being a significant part of his life for a long time.
    2. The reasons why he decided to quit caffeine and how it has benefited him as a founder of a marketing agency.
    3. The role of coffee in Australian culture, including its social and community significance.
    4. The history and cultural significance of caffeine.
    5. The benefits of quitting caffeine, including increased performance, better health, and reduced dependence on substances.
    6. The challenges of quitting caffeine, especially for those with addictive personalities, and the importance of seeking help from healthcare professionals.


[00:00:00] – Quitting caffeine: My journey.

[00:01:56] – Coffee: Fuel for Life.

[00:04:26] – Caffeine: Performance, History, Benefits.

[00:06:37] – “Coffee: Anxiety, Poor Output, IV Drip”

[00:07:56] – Quit caffeine, healed dyspepsia.

[00:10:22] – Caffeine: Increased Focus and Performance

[00:11:20] – Replaced coffee with water: Huge success.

[00:13:22] – Necessary indulgences for pleasure.

[00:16:33] – Quitting caffeine, feeling better, thanks!

[00:17:47] – Improve life with better water.


Note: This podcast episode is available for free on Spotify, Apple Music, and the website. 


Hey everyone. It’s Dean here. Welcome to Open Source Growth, the #1 destination for direct response advertising strategies for software as a service companies (SaaS) to help you enable T2D3 growth on your terms. Now today’s episode. It’s a Saturday afternoon. And I’m making a faux pas with my regime and it’s more like my routine anyway. Because for the past 30 days or 31 days in March. I haven’t had a single dose of caffeine on a weekday. So essentially I’ve quit caffeine.

And in today’s episode, I want to go through.

Why I’ve quit caffeine.

Why it hasn’t been as difficult as I thought at once would be. And the wild performance improvements quitting caffeine has enabled me as a founder to lead this marketing agency. Now. Caffeine is something that has been a massive part of my life. For, I think ever since I was about a 16 or 17 year old boy

My mum, especially coming from Melbourne. In Australia, we are the cafe. Pretty much the apart from like one of the other major cities, like whether it be Paris or Rome or any of that, like Australian cafe culture, especially Melbourne cafe culture has been a massive part of my life since I was a little boy. Whether it be shooting off in spare periods.

When I went to Geelong college for a latte or when I was at. When I was in Geelong when I was doing my high school. Or. Going to university and staying up in the afternoons, smashing out assignments and drinking a Piccolo latte or. Sitting at cafes with friends on your days off and chewing the fat and talking shit with the fellas.

You are drinking coffee and drinking caffeinated coffee has been a huge part of my life. It’s helped me stay up late study for assignments. To push through. It’s been a huge part of my social. Taking part in the social fabric of the world we live in Australia going to cafes.

Having your cafe, getting to know the people at your cafe, the people who serve you, feeling like you’re connected as part of the community. It’s been a point of real pleasure and excitement to work within the industry for a very long time. We’ve supported Mikro Coffee Roasters, and we’ve also supported the Kiosk Torquay.

Who are not only clients of ours, but great friends, like some of my best friends. In fact, Valeri Tkatchenko, the founder of Mikro Coffee in Torquay. He was at my wedding at not my wedding, my elopement with my beautiful wife and. A very tightly-held group of friends.

And Valeri is one of the best coffee people on the planet. His espresso has won m any awards. I think it was number two in Australia. For a very long time and some of his blends are exceptional. In fact, I’m having a break. From my caffeine detox today and drinking some of Valeri

coffee. In fact, I’m going to put a link in the description to this podcast, to both his decaf and the single origin, because they’re both phenomenal products. And I think everybody who does love coffee should be solely engaged with the Mikro Coffee Roaster brand so mad, shout out to you, Valeri..

But like ever since I was a little boy a teenager to say the least coffee’s been a big part of me and my life. I brew coffee at home. I grind the beans. I’m obsessive about whether it be a V60 or an arrow press, or I’m a French press over, there’ll be an espresso. I’ve got multiple coffee machines and multiple coffee apparatus. I am. I love coffee and a big part of coffee is caffeine. Now. I’m not sure about you. But. There’s so much. Content online from a guy called Andrew Huberman, who talks about micro dosing with caffeine. To increase your performance. And you hear a lot of other people talking about where caffeine came from and why caffeine has been a big part of our society. I heard through a grapevine as well, that the reason why.

Coffee took off in the industrial revolution was because of the fact that it kept workers on the plant. On the plants and in the factories for longer. So they could work not only six hours, but you could keep them going for 9, 10, 12, even 16 hours. And that was mainly due to people being provided with free coffee at work.

So caffeine, as it. It improves your it does improve like your level of awareness or acute awareness in small doses. What it can also do is increase your sex drive and help promote swimmer health or sperm health. However. Coffee has been. Acutely and unashamedly.

Tired. To anxiety. Too. Feeling. Completely scattered or wired or you’re completely buzzing, but you can’t actually string a coherent thought together. Today when I’m have doing this podcast, I haven’t been drinking coffee for weeks and I’m having a French press from Mikro and I’ve had two big cups of French press and I can feel the buzz. I can feel my head dotting from left to and it’s not coherent with its thoughts like it normally would be when I’m off caffeine.

What coffee also does. And what caffeine does. Is it doesn’t actually. Make you more alert? It just prevents you from feeling tired. So what’s fascinating about caffeine. From my research, is that the caffeine. Doesn’t make you more alert. It just gives you the feeling of being more alert, your work or your flow.

Is more scattered because your head’s starting from left to and if you’re anxious like myself, like any good agency owner would be because you’re trying to spin so many plates at the same time. What it can do is just keep you up longer. Uh, Worrying more and your output. It might be speed. You doing more and more pushing on into the night, but your. Quality of your output may just be as bad if not worse. When things took a turn for the worst. When I was in Bali recently, I ended up on an IV drip. Now the reason why I ended up on an IV drip is I just don’t know why. From my understanding, we went out in Seminyak. I went to a very nice restaurant. I had a burger, I didn’t feel right. I drank maybe three or four cocktails when I barely even drink to begin with.

Went out to a nightclub. Lots of people were smoking there. And then all of a sudden got home vomited had an espresso the next morning and maybe something light. My stomach didn’t really recover for two to three days. And then all of a sudden I’m in a board. Pretty much passing out in the car.

And we got some A grade medical help in Bali. And. I had an IV drip. Gastro, strop, all this sort of stuff. And. What it came down to. Was that.

Coffee was one of the main reasons why I crashed. Not only was it like spicy food. There was a whole heap of things that led to this one point where I blew up. And technically now what I have is dyspepsia, which is a minor of Gastric creating, eating disorder thing. I decided at that point, that. I’ll give coffee a bit of a detox and not drink coffee every day. In fact. Avoid caffeine altogether. That’s no, Coca-Cola no Pepsi. Max. That’s no. Super duper hardcore green tea. That’s no scotching Cokes or Canadian club and coke like that’s none of that stuff, no cola.

No Pepsi, max. No. Caffeinated deeply caffeinated substances.

And I’d give it a go for about a month. He’s what happened when I quit. Caffeine.

Because I’m blessed in the sense that I don’t have an addictive personality.

I experienced no withdrawals from having caffeine in my system. Which was an amazing thing.

I woke up. Just as tired as I normally would. I came together better though every single day. When I dropped caffeine, I felt less anxious. In fact, I felt more in control of my day. And that’s an amazing thing. And that’s what you need. When you’re leading a marketing agency, you need to feel in control of your day. That there are a million things that could go right or wrong at any given minute, don’t get me wrong. There’s winning campaigns. There’s people’s emotions.

There’s things that are inside and outside of your control at all times. And that line can be blurred between inside and outside of your control, whether it be Facebook ads or Google ads going wrong, accounts getting shut down. Clients doing wacky and wonderful things. Like things can go crazy. But I felt more at peace and what was interesting, and this is what really has me has me putting.

Putting whiskers on caffeine and caffeinated drinks, was that, my concentration I think it went up 10 X. So instead of.

Being someone who could concentrate on writing an ad for say two hours, I could power through 12 to 14 hours. I was focused. I was firing, I was pumping out the most beautiful. Delicately. Structured strategy documents. With utmost attention and focused for days on end. Without the feeling of burning out, it was phenomenal.

And. It just made me think. Wow. Like where, what other substances are in my life. And. How are these substances potentially impeding my performance. In fact, it’s been so profound. I’m now regretting drinking so much coffee throughout my entire life. If I just substituted the amount of coffee I drank with high quality filtered water.

I believe my business would be about two to three times bigger than world is today. And that’s a huge. Revelation for myself.

That’s nuts. It is totally nuts. Like I’ve never had such incredible focus. As soon as I’ve dropped my coffee consumption and replaced it with high quality filtered water. What I’ve also done is I started to focus on things like herbal teas, like lemongrass and ginger peppermint, green tea, Jasmine tea.

Don’t get me wrong. There are some amounts of caffeine in green tea and Jasmine tea. But what’s interesting is that the amount of caffeine that’s in green tea or Jasmine tea is practically non-existent when you compare it to the decaf. From what you get at a cafe. So if you get a decaf coffee,

From an espresso machine, you will often have a lot more caffeine in that decaf coffee than you do. When you have a green tea out of a teabag at home. What I’m now starting to think about is our wow. I’m because I’ve dropped coffee, I’ve got high quality water. I’m thinking really clearly I’m able to power through. I’ve got this untapped amount of energy.

Will I go back to coffee and here I am today, drinking coffee. I’m drinking caffeinated coffee. But I can’t see myself drinking caffeinated coffee in the same functional way that I did once before.

I’m now looking at caffeine the same way I look at Cuban cigars. I’m looking at caffeine the same way I look at alcohol. I’m looking at caffeine as a, sometimes substance. I’m looking at as a necessary evil which is related to the things that I love. For instance, I love. I love cognac and I love Brandy.

I have a lot of time for brandies that come out of France and Australia and in Greece but that is something that I would partake in say once or twice a month. Or Cuban cigars. I love Cuban cigars. I love Dominican cigars. I love Davidoff and Cohiba and punch and. Oh,

And Boulevard cigars. There are some beautiful cigars, Quai d’Orsay you name it. The whole habanas catalog is just delicious to myself. The Romeo Giulietta. Short Churchill and petite Churchill cigars. So damn exciting to me, but. I’m going to be looking at caffeine through the same lens that I looked through. Cuban cigars. Okay, great. I’m having a Cuban cigar. I might have a caffeinated coffee at the same time.

But that’s it done? This is a sometimes food or a sometimes treat. This is something I will not be incorporating as part of my everyday, because my business and my life is far too important to me. With respect to these substances, because these substances like caffeine prevent you from showing up and being your best self to your family, to your friends, to your businesses, to your team, to your colleagues to your priest, to your, whatever to your opposition, you. This is standing in the way of you being great.

And. I can’t. I tell you guys enough. That. I’m one of the biggest coffee advocates on the planet. I am. Absolutely obsessed with it. Like today’s coffee is a single origin coffee coming straight out of Ethiopia. It’s Berry it’s Flutie, fruity there’s savory nodes. It’s absolutely amazing. I’ve plunged it to perfection with filtered water, with my own six scoops of.

Six groups of coffee to one liter of water recipe, which I have absolutely optimized for this blend. Can you see the level of obsession around coffee here? Believe me. I never thought after dropping caffeine for a month, that I would ever be in this position because I love coffee.

But for goodness sakes, when you see the benefits of dropping this substance. You will follow suit.

If you are drinking coffee, if you see yourself as being dependent on caffeine, if you have an addictive personality.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Seek out alternatives, speak to your doctor, speak to a naturopath or any body that can help you with weaning yourself off this substance. My wife, Hannah has an addictive personality and she found it very difficult to get off caffeine. But two weeks of staying strong to the cause. Hannah’s free of caffeine use and she is firing on all cylinders. Like she is so much better for it. And she thanks me for it. In fact, her whole her body’s working better.

The way she feels in the morning, isn’t dependent on the cup of Joe that we pour for her. Like she is a happy camper. And it’s because she made one small change in her lifestyle. Guys that’s it’s pretty crazy. Like I’m quitting caffeine. Going forward. If I’m going to be drinking coffee, it’s only ever going to be decaf coffee. And thankfully the guys that micro coffee roasters have the most phenomenal decaf single origin coffee that comes directly out of Brazil. And thankfully it pairs so beautifully with chocolate.

So beautifully with biscuits, especially when you fresh..when you French press it, and I’ll even pair beautifully with my favorite Cuban cigars as well. There’s so many. There are options for you. If you are. Wanting to explore this path. I’m going to make that extension. If you are running a marketing team and you were feeling wildly anxious,

Consider dropping coffee. Drink. Better water. See how much your life improves. It’s really that simple. So if you do have any questions, feel free to hit me up. My email as always, you can find it on the show notes here. It’s And If you are growing a software company or a marketing agency, or if you’re growing an e-commerce brand or an online platform.

And your anxious caffeine could be a massive contributor to that instead of having to smash some form of pill to deal with your anxiety. Look at your diet, look at your water consumption. Look at what you’re eating and see whether or not there is a direct correlation. With your feelings of anxiety and the amount of caffeine that you’re consuming every single day.

Because if you can address these things, I believe it or not, your life is going to improve. Growing your business is not going to be such a puzzle. Your head’s not going to be everywhere. You will be focused and I’d up. Like you would just be so geed up about life. Once you overcome that two week.

You know that two week crunch. So guys. That’s it for today. Thank you so much for tuning into open source growth. I quit caffeine. The last 30 days of my life have been phenomenal. And. Whilst I am drinking caffeine now. Believe me. I now have single origin coffee, which is totally decaffeinated from micro coffee roasters, which I’m going to encourage you all to check out.

’cause bill because the results have been so profound. That. I cannot wait. To demonstrate the revenue changes we’ve made. Simply because of dropping that cup of Joe every morning.

That’s it for me. Thank you so much for tuning in to open source growth, your number one destination for direct response, advertising strategies, growth marketing, and everything. You need to blow up your SAS company this year. I’m your host Dean Denny. It’s been unreal. I love you all. God bless. Stay safe.

And I’ll see you when I see yah. Bye. Bye.



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pushing through business growth

It’s All About Reps’: Pushing Through Business Growth Hell


In this podcast episode, Founder & Host Dean Denny, discusses the importance of personal development and spirituality in entrepreneurship. He emphasizes that the success of a business is closely tied to the personal growth of its founder. Dean reflects on his own experiences with his business, Owendenny Digital, and shares the ups and downs he has faced over the past 3-5 years, including losing clients due to team members’ mistakes, learning from early mistakes, and finding success in targeting specific niches such as SaaS companies and AI-led service providers.

In this episode, you will learn:

  1. The importance of personal development and spirituality in the entrepreneurial journey.
  2. How the growth and success of a business is closely tied to the personal growth of its founder.
  3. Insights from Dean’s own experiences in building Owendenny Digital, including wins, losses, and lessons learned.
  4. The significance of making personal breakthroughs to overcome business challenges and reach the next stage of growth.
  5. The ups and downs of entrepreneurship and how to handle them with resilience.
  6. The long-term perspective in evaluating business growth and success.
  7. How Owendenny Digital grew from a one-man operation to a team with global presence.
  8. Lessons learned from mistakes and successes in SEO and direct response advertising strategies.
  9. Inspiration and insights on nourishing the heart and soul of the entrepreneur for sustained business growth.


Tune in now! Tune in and be inspired!


[00:00:37] – Nourishing entrepreneurs’ hearts and souls.
[00:01:32] – Founder’s personal growth limits business.
[00:02:12] – Personal growth limits business success.
[00:02:47] – “Complete Entrepreneur: Long-Term Success”
[00:03:45] – Team’s journey: Hell to Dream.
[00:06:25] – “Pain is strength emerging: Embrace it.”
[00:08:38] – “Embrace failure, do the reps.”
[00:09:12] – “Push through for best version of you.”
[00:09:45] – Triumphing over adversity to succeed.
[00:10:18] – “Arm yourself with knowledge.”
[00:10:34] – “Keep pushing forward; persist.”
[00:10:49] – Grow business: Wake up and act!
[00:16:25] – Achieving the Dream: Sacrifice.
[00:16:58] – “Sacrifice to make it happen.”
[00:18:06] – “Persevere and Progress Steadily.”
[00:18:25] – Believe and keep going.
[00:19:10] – Strategies for business success.

Note: This podcast episode is available for free on Spotify, Apple Music, and the website.

Hey everyone. How are you going? It’s Dean here and welcome to Open Source Growth, the #1 source for Software Company Marketing, direct response advertising strategies and anything you need to blow your business up online. It’s all here. It’s all free. And it’s all accessible either via Spotify, apple music, or directly through our transcripts on the blog at

Now. Uh, this, this podcast today, this one’s going to come directly from the heart and I’m starting to see my Saturday afternoon podcasts take on an entirely different direction and that direction is to nourish the heart and soul of the entrepreneur. And I think it’s important that despite this being a marketing podcast, that we fail that, well that we don’t fail to neglect the spiritual side of business and I don’t mean, um, you know, like banging crystals together or, you know, sleeping on pyramids or anything like that when it comes to spirituality, I’m not talking about the Wu wu but I’m talking about your soul and being able to become the best version of you and the personal development side of things.

You know, It’s really fascinating in business. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small business or a large business, the business is 100% limited by the founder who runs it every single time and their own personal growth. And what I need to really emphasize here is that your business, where it is today is almost entirely due to the person you are or the person you are becoming and your business will hit a ceiling when you fail to evolve through and make those personal breakthroughs to the next stage. Like I know we hear guys like Tony Robbins or Brian Tracy, or Lez brown. Um, Ray DeLeo, any of those cats talk about, you know,

Uh, businesses being limited by your own personal growth. And it is entirely true. Like don’t get me wrong though. You know, some businesses maybe., maybe making massive revenues and the person’s never done any growth. They may be on a growth rocket, and that is entirely true. But. You know, In the long run, however.

It all aggregates out to who’s done the most work. Who’s become the most complete entrepreneur. And how are they handling the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey? And it’s, it’s one of those things that you can’t look at the short term, because the short term really doesn’t tell the true picture.

It’s when you look at it over. Uh, multiple decades or multiple years at a time. That’s when you start to see what’s truthfully going on. Now. Where I want to take this podcast today is that, you know, over the past, 3-5 years, you know Owendenny Digital has been a truly unique business in the sense that.

You know, It was 5+ years ago, just myself. Uh, it was just myself and a laptop and a dream. And now. The business has, you know, 10+ employees. We’ve got team members in New Zealand, in Sydney, in Australia, um, in the Philippines, in India. Uh, we’ve even got some members out in Africa as well. And of course, we’ve got Tim out in, um, New Zealand in Wanaka, living at living the dream, like.

I’m so proud of our team, but you know, Having this business go through its ups and downs and growing. It’s been like, hell. And.

You know, there’s been times when we have lost massive clients due to. Team members. Not properly doing their work and we’ve lost huge recurring revenues because of this. Um, we’ve lost a massive clients because we’ve made fatal flaws, um, and fatal mistakes. And we’ve learned from those mistakes very early on in our agency’s career.

Um, you know, we’ve had massive wins. We’ve we’ve struggled with SEO. We’re now starting to master SEO. Um, we’ve struggled with direct response advertising for our own agency. Then we’ve had some runaway campaigns we’ve targeted plumbers. We’ve targeted painters. We’ve targeted tradies. We’re now targeting software companies. We’re onto a winner with SaaS companies and AI-led SaaS companies and other software, uhm, related service providers, you know, like we’re starting to really find our straps, but. You know, every single time. Um, Every single time we step three steps forward. There will be a time when we step two steps backwards. And what I want to say to you on this podcast and give you the inspiration.

Um, he or the motivation? I’m not sure. With what the appropriate context here is, is that. You know, through your business, it’s all going to just come down to the number of reps you do. It’s like going to the gym. You know, if you want big biceps, you not only do you have to lift heavy things, you have to do it frequently and you have to build the intensity over time.

And you may lift, you may lift things with your arms in the incorrect way that may lead in injuries, but then you have to tweak your technique and then lifts lighter again. So then when you increase the weights, you get better and therefore you get better results. And it’s the same with business growth, software business growth, e-commerce business growth.

Agency business growth, fish and chip business growth. It doesn’t matter, but there’s this really fascinating expression that the Navy seals have. Um, you know, they’ve got a few, you know, one of my favorites was back in the day. Um, you know, pain is weakness, leaving the body. That was always, uh, an absolute banger, a rip snorter.

To throw down when you’re, you know, riding along on your bike and riding up a massive hill. Um, or, you know, you’re running up a hill or you’re doing something really, really tough, and you’re just trying to be like, yeah, embrace. Embrace the pain , yeah it’s awesome. But there’s this amazing one. And you see, and I think this is the most important of their quotes that just.

You hear Jocko, Willink and David Goggins spew out all the time. It’s that like, everybody wants to go to heaven, but no one’s willing to die. And, you know, you have to push through hell. In order to see what heaven looks like in the business world.

You know, I’m about to, you know, sit outside and smoke a glorious Cuban cigar. Um, I don’t encourage smoking, but it’s one of those things that I like to do maybe once a week or once a fortnight. Or even once a quarter to, you know, truly reflect. On, you know, the week or the day or the month or the quarter that I’ve had, what can I change? What did I really love? What, what am I so pumped about and what am I so excited about? And.

How can I embrace? Everything that’s happened in this month and reinvested into next month or quarter or week. To get more out of life and more out of my business. Some. Uh, relationships and, um, time with my dog or one of my friends, whatever. Right. Um,


Like, all I want to say is that, you know, the better you get at dealing with this pain. Um, whether it be like a hiring pain or your dealing with, you know, investing all this money in marketing and you don’t seem to be going anywhere. Um, or you just keep on, you know, you just keep on plowing through rejection after rejection, after rejection phone call.

Look just believe me, it does get easier and it does get better because every single time you fail, that’s there’s nothing more information rich, than, you know, chipping your teeth on the concrete and failing. So. When it comes to doing the reps, don’t be afraid of failing because the failure. That.

Information rich, emotionally weighted. Um, That emotionally weighted. How do I say it? Events in your life will serve you. So, so, well, if you just keep going. So.

If you are struggling with your marketing right now, or if you’re struggling with your sales or your team members and whatever. Believe me, you just have to push through it. There’s no easy way to put it. Because when you do push through the howl and you, you feel like your heart’s getting ripped out or you’re waking up and tossing it over and turning over in the middle of the night with a cold sweat.

You know, these are the challenges the universe is providing you with. To become the best version of you. Just look at those guys, like the Elon Musks of the world or the Jeff Bezos’s or the. Oh, the Hoff Ramon’s or whatever. Right. These guys have overcome insurmountable challenges like. Some massive, massive challenges and had to grow to the highest of their abilities to become the people that they are today. And look at them now. The most successful businessmen on the planet are those who rise to challenges and push. Push push and push through. By becoming the best version of themselves. You can have game experience, which is super valuable. You can also front load yourself with all the information you need. So when you get challenged in the game,

That you can draw on your own resources. You can have mentors. But again, the key thing here is get yourself in the game, experience the failure. Get back onto the plate. Swing again, change your approach, change your strategy and just keep on going. You have to keep pushing forward because your business growth won’t happen on its own accord.

You know, There are so many gurus out there in the marketing space, which make it to be, make it look so easy just to grow your business. Oh yeah. Just. It’s to include my system. I’m going to book you 30 calls guaranteed. Like.

For goodness sakes, you need to wake up and knock it. Sweet. W swindled by these bright, shiny objects. There are principles at play. There are you. Strategies and there’s there’s mindsets and there’s, um, you know, understanding the human condition. There are so, so many things at play. You don’t want to get stuck just….

Obsessing over the next bright, shiny object. You know, we all call it bright, shiny object syndrome nowadays. And like, if you keep on obsessing or looking for that quick hit, you’re going to fall. Into a very predictable pattern of oh bright, shiny object syndrome. Try this for a bit and then game over. It’s not going to work out for you.

But what happens if you just stuck to the fundamentals instead? You could just be making you 20 sales calls a day, tracking the data every single day. Running 20 to a hundred dollars worth of Facebook ad traffic trying to generate 20 or so marketing qualified leads. Every single day using those 20. So marketing qualified leads and pumping them through a nurturing sequence to get them onto a sales call. You could be optimizing that sales sequence every single week by evaluating the HubSpot CRM data.

Then you could be tweaking the calendar pages to get more people on the sales calls. You could then tweak the script. You could then figure out what’s the best approach to selling your system. And guess what? All of a sudden, you know, the things that work start working for you because the grass is never greener.

On the other side, the grass is only greener where you water it. And through that. Experience of pushing through the reps. You’ll get really good at these things. Believe it or not. We sucked a creating content up until last year until I made the best hire in my marketing agency’s career. Other than my wife, of course, can’t say that.

Um, but, and so we brought Kathleen on in our team. Our organic marketing sucked because it relied too heavily upon me. And I was too busy, fulfilling in this business. Now we have Kathleen in the business and we’ve got a bigger team and we’ve got Hannah writing copy and Tim developing strategy and Sam working on campaign strategy and running media, um, and Kartik and doing the conversion tracking. We have, um, you know, Harry and Amie doing the landing pages and the web development.

Like the only thing that was getting in the way was me. But. Now that we’ve got an organic content marketing engine, we’re tweaking it. Some of our original podcasts were awful. Some of our original posts to. Facebook. We’re just completely terrible. Uh, but you know, it’s through this iterative process that you get better at these things.

You know, it’s through this Edward of processes that you start ranking for high intent, commercial and transactional terms. For your business, which leads to people, booking sales appointments. Like clockwork that you don’t even have to pay for the traffic all free on organic SEO or you start getting more people listening to your podcast. All of a sudden a hundred people have listened to your podcast of all time. It’s amazing. There are a thousand, then 10,000, then a hundred thousand. All of a sudden you’ve got 10,000 subscribers.

It’s all a process you have to keep going. You have to keep failing and pushing. But. What I am saying here is that don’t just think that this is a massive rah, rah talk all just about getting you. To do more. I’m not saying that at all. I’m saying, keep going, test and measure. See what works. See what doesn’t and change your approach again, again and again.

And then scale what works. But at the same time, what you need to do as well is just read all the information. You can get your hands on, around being great, or making your business great in this particular area, figure out what you need to do from an SEO perspective. So your business ranks effectively on Google, get your direct response advertising efforts dialed in.

So you’re generating marketing, qualified leads or sales qualified leads or selling people on exciting offers. Get your sales game down, pat. So people. Feel comfortable with you and they trust you. And they know that what you’re gonna be able to provide them is exactly what they want. Remember sales, all it is.

Is a transfer of energy. A lot of the time. Get your, get your management right, get your processes, right. Get your systems, right. Keep testing and tweaking in all sorts of crazy stuff. Because it’s going to help you in the long run.

’cause guys, you know, If it was easy, everyone would have a business. Everybody would be a millionaire. Everyone would be rolling around or Ferrari’s and big yachties and, you know, smoking cigars like Andrew Tate thinking it was the sickest shit in the world. But believe me, it’s not easy. And that’s why.

This whole entrepreneur successful human being thing is so appealing because people recognize how difficult it can be. So, if that is the dream, if that is what you want or your unique form of. You know, whether it be the American dream or the Dean Denny dream or the John Smith dream or my wife Hannah Gardner dream.

You know, you’ve got to know what your dream is and then do what you are willing to do. Like whether it be sacrifice or, you know, Put get carve time out of your day when things are uncomfortable to just show up and make it happen for yourself. Like. You need to, you know, be willing to sacrifice, to get this business to grow or, you know, to get your team to work or get your systems to work.

So. In all, this is a, um, Alright. I hope this has been a value to you because. Um, this is, this is encouraging message for you. If you are struggling with your business or you are having a down day that you just need to keep going, keep pushing one step in front of the other. Think of the analogy of your inner boat and you’re sailing across the Atlantic ocean and you’re trying to get to America and it’s foggy all the way. You know, the crazy thing about fog and storms and stuff like that is that you can’t see more than like 500 meters, but you can always see about five meters in front of the boat.

And the fact of the matter is that from where you are today to where you want to go. They will be no clear, direct, easy path. It will be a matter of trial and error and using the best form of foundations principles and scalable strategies to get you there. But believe me. It’s about putting one in front of the other.

Taking, you know, scraping yourself off the concrete and moving forward. Taking three steps forward, two steps back and hedging. They’re showing up every day. It’s going to happen for you. It’s just a map. I can’t tell you when your success will happen for you. But if you keep discipline and you keep going and you keep doing what you need to do.

Believe me it’ll happen a lot sooner than you think it happened a lot sooner for me. And. I tell you what if I didn’t keep going? I wouldn’t be here to have this message with you today. Well to share this message with you today. So again, guys, I thank you. So, so much for tuning in. This has been a damn right. Pleasure to share this 20 minutes with you.

This is a podcast. That’s all about reps. It’s about pushing through business growth. Hell. And using the very best marketing sales and systems strategies that you can implement today in your business to succeed. So. Pardon me, my dog is starting to make some noise outside. ZOE.

I’m going to leave it there. Thank you so much for tuning into open-source growth. My name is Dean Denny. I wish you farewell. Please stay well, be safe. And I’ll talk to you in a, and we’ll speak when we speak, I guess, love you all catch you soon.


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Should I Let ChatGPT Do All My Copywriting?

Should I Let ChatGPT Do All My Copywriting?

Welcome back to Open Source Growth, the SaaS marketing podcast for software companies, online businesses, and beyond. I’m your host, Dean Denny, and in today’s episode, we discuss how entrepreneurs can use AI to power our Marketing teams and lead generation efforts. This then begged the question:

“Should I let ChatGPT Do All My Copywriting?”…

As we enter February 2023, my wife Hannah and I are excited to create amazing content for our listeners after taking a break for the holidays. In December 2022, we witnessed the global launch of ChatGPT, the world’s most viral app in history. We’ve been using similar technology in our agency since 2019, and the release of ChatGPT has blown our minds.

AI-powered copywriting tools like ChatGPT and have transformed the way we do content marketing and develop sales promotions. They enable copywriters to think at a higher level and quickly test messaging. However, entrepreneurs should not let ChatGPT write all their copy for them. Copywriting can take many forms, and these models are trained on data up until 2019.

In this episode, we answer the question, “Should I let ChatGPT do all my copywriting?” We discuss how copywriting can take many forms, including social media updates, sales letters, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, landing pages, case studies, and website copy. While ChatGPT and are valuable tools, entrepreneurs should not rely solely on them for copywriting.

Join us as we explore the unlimited possibilities of ChatGPT and discuss how entrepreneurs can take advantage of new AI-powered technology to crush their competition in SaaS marketing and lead generation.



[00:00:00] – Crush Your Competition with Free Lead Generation Strategies!

[00:01:14] – Mind-Blowing: Global Launch of ChatGPT for AI-Powered Lead Generation Campaigns!

[00:02:01] – Upgraded AI Copywriting Tools for SaaS Marketing: Unleash the Power!

[00:05:05] – ChatGPT: Valuable, but Beware of Pitfalls in AI-Powered Lead Generation!

[00:06:22] – Discern Hidden Thoughts with ChatGPT for Maximum Impact in Lead Generation!

[00:09:17] – Winning with Advertising and AI for Lead Generation: The Future is Here!

[00:11:07] – Customer Understanding: The Key to Success in SaaS Marketing and Lead Generation!

[00:15:02] – Google Punishes Plagiarism: Create Unique Content for SEO and Lead Generation!

[00:19:33] – Scale Your Business with AI Technology for Lead Generation: Harness Its Power!

Hey guys, how are you going? It is Dean here from Owendenny Digital, and this is Open Source growth, our free resource for SaaS product, liers online brands, e-commerce businesses and beyond, who really want to go about crushing their competition with direct response advertising.

All the strategies here disclosed are uniquely ours, and they are totally free for you to go copying, pasting and deploying at any given time within your business.

And if you go about doing such a thing and have wild success, all we do ask of you is to share the gospel, which we are trying to spread here online, on wherever you’re listening to this today.

It’s February 15th, 2023, and we’re so excited to be back here creating content for all you lovely people.

December was wild, obviously. Christmas, new Year’s, January, Australian summer. It’s been so lovely catching up with family and friends.

But after getting back into the work grind, I was talking to my wife, Hannah. And we feel it’s time to be back and creating amazing, and amazing content for good people like yourself.

In December last year, we had the worldwide launch of the world’s most viral app in history, which is ChatGPT.


Did it blow your mind as well?

What did it do for you?

I remember when I opened up ChatGPT for the very first time, I couldn’t get on. I thought that, oh, this is all a sham, this doesn’t work, I can’t get any server time, there’s too many people on the thing, yada.

But then as soon as I got access, I’m not sure if you had a very similar experience with the website crashing, but as soon as we got in there, I started asking open AI anything, I was just like, “holy smoke! I feel like my days are numbered as a human.”

That was the first thing that came to mind. What’s interesting though, is that we were using very similar technology in the agency for a very long. OpenAI is the backend for many AI copywriting tools, which have been around since 2019.

And we’ve been using, also known as now more recently, since about 2020.

And that’s really changed the way we go about doing content marketing, developing sales promotions if we wanna go about quickly testing some messaging, et cetera, et cetera.

The reason why we use AI is because it doesn’t completely displace a copywriter, but what it does do, it enables the copywriter to think at a higher level.

What’s so different with Jasper AI and ChatGPT, is that with ChatGPT , the opportunities are endless. So with ChatGPT, you can ask it to crunch data, develop tables, and do all sorts of crazy stuff.

I remember using ChatGPT to develop lesson plans for French classes as my wife was able to demonstrate.

It could develop tables based on products and services, which certain companies offer.

I had it comparing rates for American Express charge cards and credit cards. It was truly phenomenal what it could do.

You can write content in a particular tone of voice. You can get it to emulate Donald Trump, Andrew Tate, Oprah Winfrey, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, et cetera, et cetera.

Whatever it’s been trained on, it can literally go about doing all this crazy stuff.

And it was just so phenomenal. We now have a means of communicating, like you’re having a conversation with somebody, to go about creating whatever you want to create.

Now in today’s podcast, this is a really simple one. I’m not even shooting any video today because I couldn’t quite get my camera to work appropriately.

But, what I wanted to go through with you is, and this is the question it begged for us especially, this is gonna be one of many podcasts. Let’s just get straight to the beginning.

Should I let ChatGPT do all my copywriting?

I think this is a really excellent question to ask because copywriting can take many forms.

Copywriting can take the form of social media updates, it can take the form of sales letters, it can take the form of Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, landing pages, case studies, website copy, et cetera, et cetera.

And if you asked me two and a half months ago, I was going to consider canceling our Jasper AI subscription, which is about $140 a month in favor of ChatGPT. But after two months worth of use of both ChatGPT and Jasper, I believe that both tools are valuable.

You shouldn’t be letting ChatGPT write all your copy for you.

Otherwise, you’re going to be in some pretty deep doggy doos.

Now, let me expand upon that. With ChatGPT and Jasper, all of these models are trained on data and they’re only trained on data up until 2019. That’s with the GPT-3 release anyway. Now with the GPT-3 release, that’s like the MK1 of this stuff.

So, things aren’t 100% perfect. Yes, they’re impressive. Yeah, they can do 8/10 content, but they aren’t what you need in order to get geometrically disproportionate results.

As a hardcore direct response advertising nut, where this all falls down is the inputs and the creativity that’s required to create absolutely winning promotions.

When you go about launching an ad campaign, it’s that ability to discern and communicate what’s not really being said that’s rattling around in the person’s mind and, like figuring out what’s really going on there. That’s what enables direct-response advertising to work exceptionally well.

It’s like the old the old quote by Breakthrough Advertising’s Eugene Schwartz, it’s by understanding the desires that are not often vocalized, and by being able to substantiate the fulfillment of those desires through your product – that’s what makes advertising work.

And what we are finding is that for established industries, ChatGPT is phenomenal.

But, if you are a SaaS product and you’ve got this exceptionally hardcore transformation that you offer your customers or your users. ChatGPT is gonna be lost because your value proposition is way too difficult to communicate.

With ChatGPT, if you’ve got. , I’d say an automotive dealership. It’s very easy to go about riding some real bangers, and you can go about smashing out these amazing ads left and center. But if you really want a a home run promotion, don’t expect it to come from a robot just yet.

If you want a home run promotion, don’t get me wrong, you can write. alongside chat G p T. But what enables advertising to work is not only being able command the attention and build the interest and desire, et cetera, et cetera, but it’s being able to really get to the heart of the human condition. And I think this is where the whole thing’s falling down.

What’s often com, what’s often sitting within ourselves is very rarely communicated and very rarely published online. So if how we are truly feeling isn’t getting published effectively online, and whether or not there are any form of moralistic or pseudo moralistic biases within OpenAI or chat G P T, you’re not really gonna get that opportunity to have a home run winner where for every dollar you spend on advertising, you get $10 worth of profit back.

By truly understanding the human condition, by spending time with yourself every day, understanding your feelings and your emotions, and truly and aggressively researching and understanding your market, doing the customer research no not the research, the customer interviews spending time on Reddit and seeing what the hot button topics are with all the latest and up to date information.

If you’ve got all of that and you are then able to feed it into a creative big idea, as David Ogilvy would say in his books life of an advertising man and Ogilvy on advertising, that’s when you can really win. But it’s what this is really demonstrating here, this whole chat, G p t, OpenAI Jasper, copy, ai bani, blah, is that you.

to know what makes your customer really tick, and then just, and then develop a big strategic idea. Now, as soon as you start figuring out, you know what the big idea is, Then you can move to chat, g p t or open AI to help you develop the headlines, the hooks, the body copy the sub-headlines or the how to position the clothes or the clincher in your ad copy, et cetera, et cetera.

But if you don’t know what’s not being communicated inside the mind of your prospect, or if you don’t really know what’s keeping him up at night. , just handing it over to a robot is gonna give you some pretty abysmal results, quite frankly. So if you really wanna succeed online, if you really want to dominate, you need to get your copywriting locked in and tight.

And this is what we see with all our SaaS marketing clients. They just simply do not have, they just don’t know how to go about, in a compelling means, develop a really amazing value proposition like, Does your product take a person from where they’re right now to where they want to go, and how does your life look so much better?

Once you’ve stuck your credit card into the machine and be like, let’s go. I’m signing up for X platform. You can really communicate that effectively. That’s great. But again, all this stuff is superfluous. , unless you really understand your customer. If you really understand your customer, yeah, you can get this stuff to help you and support you, but you cannot replace the person who writes these promotions.

See, at Owen Denny, I’ll explain how we do things like we have a copywriter who’s my beautiful wife. She develops the big marketing ideas or works with me on the strategy or with Sam or Kathleen, like we all work together on the strategy and the big marketing ideas, and then Hannah co-create with ai, and that’s how we get the best results.

Open AI at chati p t and Jasper ai, they all work hand in hand to create amazing results together, but it’s only if the high level thinking is done correctly. So if you get the high level thinking done correctly, if you do all the research, if you really know what’s going on inside the mind of your customer, and then you bring it to an advertising promotion and ensuring that it’s all contextually.

you’re gonna be good. And it’s in line with your strategy and it’s all congruent. Blahdi blah, right? So would I replace my copywriter, Hannah, and should I let chat G p T do all my copywriting? I would say absolutely not. In fact, what we have found in the agency is that you need your copywriter to up.

And learn the higher level stuff like you need your copywriters nowadays to understand the direct response advertising strategy. You need them to understand the brand positioning better or where they sit within the market in the segmentation, et cetera. You need to get your copywriters well on board with understanding the products and how to boil down the features and benefits so you can communicate what you.

even if it’s cybersecurity to a 10 year old with relative ease. Your copywriters need to be more holistic as marketers now, and not just content creators and pumping out blogs, because if you can get them thinking at that higher level, they can then go about creating these beautiful pieces in a much more compelling.

Yeah, they need to know how to edit better as well. So copy editing, get the Gary Halbert editing method part three. That’s an amazing book. So by that book, if you’re listening to this podcast, it’ll change the way you do things as a copywriter. And if you’re using chat, g p t being an incredible copied strategist or a copy chief.

In combination with editing skills and how to structure a sales promotion with great success, that’s gonna get you all the results you really need. So that’s where we are starting to see. So all our copywriters and all our team members are now thinking more strategically rather than from a, in the grant the mundane, boring, typing out words.

Another thing that they’re doing from a copywriting perspective is that we don’t just use chat g p t, if we have a bespoke request, we use chat g p t. But if we are writing a, say an SEO blog post for our own blog we will use a cross between s e m rush to develop the the. Strategy the content outline.

We then will use chat g p t to create particular parts of the blog post. And then we will use Jasper to keep everything angular and in a direction that makes sense, which is high value, which both users who land on our website find exceptionally valuable and at Google loves to read and give to their customers.

That’s like really important for us. One thing you also need to consider if you’re just using chat g p T, most of the work that it will pump out is highly plagiarized. So again, if you’re providing plagiarized content online, Google’s gonna be like, Uhuh. That’s not unique. You’re screwed. And your rankings will plummet.

Not only that, the people who are looking up your products and services may have read the content before and they’re like, oh man, I’m gonna get off this page really quickly. This is invaluable for me either. So what you really need to do is have a good workflow that works for you, but it all has to come back to first principles.

For us, our workflow is understanding the customer, really getting on top of the product. Thinking about the value prop of the product, what’s the big marketing idea? Then obviously what’s the strategy look like from a direct response advertising strategy to make it all congruent. Once all that’s done, we then.

Go about coming up with some of the big, like the headlines and all that stuff. We start using chat g p t to come up with some of the body paragraph and copy and stuff like that. We then use, we then take over like that first draft, pump it into Jasper ai. Really make it super angular so it sells and is buttery and slippery and so good.

We check out the readability score. Then what we’ll do then is check out how it hasn’t been plagiarized, y yada, and then we’ll go. Massaging that, ensuring that it’s SEO friendly and then slap it on our website or flick it through to our media buyers to launch as a Facebook ad or whatever.

But there’s a workflow and the point of the matter is that your copywriters just need to get better at marketing strategy. That’s just the truth and enables your marketing strategists to think at an even higher level. Basically what AI is doing is it’s enabling people. Go from doing to thinking and thinking is now the currency which we are really most interested in.

So if you are strategic, if you are able to properly be creative, like real creative, and if you are legitimately authentic with the way you communicate, you’re gonna be the, you’re gonna be the gold commodity as a copywriter going forward in 2020. because if any fool believes that they can get chat g p t to write all the content you need to succeed online, straight up, they’re gonna get clobbered.

Most of the content which is created by chat, g p t, on its own without editing is autistic. It is just not fun. It’s sounds wrong and quite frankly I’m not a huge fan. It does it just sounds yuck. And it, it doesn’t, and it bores you to tears if you. So should I let chat g p t do all my copywriting?

I say absolutely fricking not. Should I keep my copywriter? Yes. Upskill your copywriter. Should I use any other copywriting tools? Absolutely. You should. You should be using I’m not an affiliate, but I’d recommend it like crazy. You should be using something like the Hemingway app to reduce your readability score down to a 10 or 11 year old.

oh, I think grade four or grade five according to Hemingway. Should I be rethinking the way we deliver content? Yes. Has the bar been dropped to write amazing copy? Absolutely it has. So does that mean I’m getting rid of the copywriter? Absolutely not. I’m. In fact, the copywriter has now been more and more, they’re more and more significant.

They’re more significant than ever before because they need to police everything that goes outside of our organization. More so than ever, not just relying on the strategists, know the copywriter can now edit more. So your copywriters are now turning into copy editors or or copy chiefs and.

That’s my stance. That’s our stance at Owen Denny Digital. When you work with us, you’ll have a team of elite marketers, the tip of the spear marketers in pursuit of your business goals. Now, this isn’t a plug for our agency by all means, but if you’re coming to us, not only are you getting. Marketing ideas and great strategy.

You also have a team that is used to exercising and exploiting the best of technology, the best of psychology, and the best of both. Paid traffic and organic traffic opportunities, which will enable people to go about scaling their business to wherever they want it to get to. And that’s gonna be the.

We’re gonna be using technology to get you results, and as an agency it’s important that we do such a thing. That means we’re gonna be using AI to help you get to where you need to go. Enables you to test more things faster than ever before, enables you to just crunch data like you’ve never have before.

It enables you to just do so much and discern things and summarize things and make things super simple. In fact, you can get AI to go about turning any complex body. Of copy and just be like, Hey, yo, explain this to a 10 year old and wham ba za. It’s simple and easy to understand, like that is the future and copywriters aren’t going anywhere.

Your job is safe. And if you have anything you want say or any further questions, just let me know. My email is dean dot denny owen , I’m here for you and I’m really keen to hear what you think about what does the future of. Open AI chat, G P T, and any other artificial intelligence technology have on marketing.

This is gonna be a hot button topic. We’re gonna do a whole heap of podcasts on this very soon. So guys, thank you so much for tuning in. I hope it hasn’t been too dysfunctional and too disjointed. I needed to say something on this topic and it’s here and it’s all being said. Thank you so much for tuning in.

I love you all and if you’ve got something from this, please share this with your friends families, or potentially that bad marketer who’s likely to get overran by artificial intelligence. So thank you so much. Have an amazing day. God bless. Thank you.


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The Growth Hack Most Likely To 10X Your Company In 2023

The Growth Hack Most Likely To 10X Your Company In 2023

In this episode of Open Source Growth, we reveal the number one growth hack likely to 10X your SaaS Company in 2023. And before you ask – NO, it’s not ChatGPT, or any other fancy AI-driven solution or emerging self-serve digital advertising platform.

In this episode, you will:

1. Discover the growth hack most likely to ten-fold your company this year,

2. Uncover the secret to developing a successful marketing strategy and promotional calendar, and

3. Learn how to leverage AI to maximize your growth marketing efforts and free up to 80% of your time!

With over 10+ years of experience and making millions for both clients and Owendenny Digital, director Dean Denny shares his unique perspective, insights and knowledge on how to make the most out of your growth strategy for this year.

Stay tuned to hear about the number one growth hack, and much more! Listen now on Open Source Growth!

Oh, and don’t miss out – subscribe today and never miss an episode! 🚀

Get ready to revolutionize your growth marketing strategy with these powerful insights:

[00:00:00] – “Starting Your Growth Marketing Journey: Where to Begin”

[00:02:35] – “AI-Powered SEO: The Secret Weapon for Dominating Search Engines”

[00:04:18] – “Strategic Planning for Success: How to Achieve Explosive Growth”

[00:04:51] – “The Growth Marketing Formula You Can’t Ignore: Test, Measure, Catalog”

[00:06:52] – “Holding Your Strategy Accountable for Maximum Growth: The Key to Success”

[00:08:27] – “Leverage Time and Automate Your Way to the Top with AI”

[00:10:00] – “The Blueprint for SAAS Marketing Success: Strategy-Driven Growth

[00:11:46] – “Know Your Customer Avatar: The Secret to Effective Marketing”

[00:12:39] – “Transform Lives and Drive Growth with Purposeful Marketing”

[00:13:21] – “The Growth Marketing Cycle: Test, Measure, Grow, Succeed, Celebrate!”

[00:14:06] – “The Woody Allen Guide to Success: Show Up and Succeed”

[00:15:01] – “Relentless Direct Response Marketing Success: How to Make It Happen”

[00:15:54] – “Showing Up When You Don’t Want To: The Secret to Consistent Growth”

[00:17:23] – “The Growth Marketing Mindset: Plan, Test, Measure, Show Up, Succeed”

[00:18:04] – “Get Excited About Your Growth: We’re Here to Help You Succeed!”



Hey everyone, it’s Dean here and welcome to Open Source Growth.

The day is Saturday, the 25th of March.

Now, normally I don’t record a podcast on the weekend, but I thought I would jump on here and change tact.

I’ve been called to do this podcast today. I really feel an urge to push this message out.

I don’t know where you are in your growth marketing journey or in your business journey. You may be a solopreneur, duct taping things together with Zapier – we’ve all been there. You may have a small team and your doing all the marketing yourself, and you’re looking to advance things with a marketing agency. Or thinking ” who do I bring into my team to help propel this forward?” Maybe you’re thinking about employing your first SDR or sales development representative, or you’re trying to roll out an inside sales campaign using LinkedIn.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a software company or an MSP, a cybersecurity firm, a management consultant, a fish and chip shop, or a venture- backed AI startup.

We can all dream. We can all be wherever we want to be in this life. And I’m cognizant of the fact that you’re on your own journey as we are too.

Now – why this podcast today is called “The Growth Hack Most Likely To 10X Your Company This Year”, is because we’re seeing some massive results in our company.

Only 12 months ago, 18 months ago, we were marketing to trades people like carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and we were having a real rough time. It was the middle of COVID-19, we were in lockdown here in Victoria. It was tough like there was some really rough moments for us as marketers, as family men, as a citizens of Australia. And more importantly, as a business owner , It was a tough time.

But – over the last 18 months, things have really changed for our business in an amazing way.

We’ve built out an incredible team of marketing specialists. We’ve re-positioned ourselves for the software as a service (SAAS) market. We’ve done so many good things. We’ve rolled out an excellent SEO strategy. We’ve jumped at the opportunity of AI, and how we can use that to empower us and not distract us from the overarching goals and missions.

Don’t get me wrong. Some of our campaigns don’t always work out because let’s be frank: for every two winning campaigns, there are eight duds and we’ve had some duds over the past 18 months. Don’t get us wrong.

The thing is though – with the advances of all these amazing tools that are out there. With all these tactics that are coming to the foreground, the barrier to entry for making your marketing work in 2023 is so low. It is so exciting.

I cannot tell you how excited I am as the director of a marketing agency that focuses on helping software companies succeed. I can’t tell you how excited I am to see the best products be closer and closer to winning the war and not the most well backed.

Companies with the largest marketing budgets. There’s a true democratization of entering and competing in the marketing Olympics. It’s super exciting.

But what I believe the most important thing you can do, this year, to 10X your company in 2023, it doesn’t matter if your coach, it doesn’t matter if your a software company, it doesn’t matter if you’re already ecommerce brand, it doesn’t matter if your a marketing agency.

But, I can tell you from our experience, this is what’s helping us grow.

It’s doing really amazing things for our clients. And we’re encouraging you, listeners, to do exactly the same thing.

And it’s very simple.

This kind of two parts to it.

Number one. Have a structured plan in place for your growth marketing.

And with your growth marketing, do it in three month blocks.

Test and measure your growth marketing efforts across three month blocks. Catalog your wins, catalog your losses, catalog all of your insights around your messaging, your copy and your creatives, the offers and the landing pages that you used. And ensure that everyone can access everything.

The biggest problem we’ve seen within all of our clients – it doesn’t matter whether you’re a hundred million dollar cyber security software startup, or a hundred thousand dollar running coach – is that no one has a framework for testing and measuring their performance month by month.

How much they spend, what did they test?

What offers did we run?

Which campaigns did we launch?

What copies did we test against each other with AB testing?

No one has a testing plan.

No one has a promotional calendar.

Everybody is running their marketing campaigns and their marketing teams like a complete shmozzle.

And if you can implement a little bit of structure to your business this year, When it comes to your SEO efforts, your Facebook advertising efforts, your LinkedIn advertising efforts, your Google ads, and all the things which lead to customer acquisition.

If you can have a strategic plan, which you follow when you hold yourself accountable to this – you’re going to see some amazing results with your demand generation efforts.

That is completely it.

It’s not so much the tactics here. It’s holding yourself accountable to your strategy. That is the growth hack that will likely 10X your company in 2023.

Now, why is it so difficult to hold yourself accountable to this?

Why is it so hard and so challenging?

To just grapple with the fact you have a growth strategy. Why does everyone just put it in the bin in a never works?

Well, It’s simple.

People don’t like being held accountable to things that they believe that are outside their control, and more and more things are getting in the way of launching our strategies these days.

We’ve got new tools seducing us with excellent copy and creative, probably all generated by ChatGPT and OpenAI and Jasper, whatever.

But, there’s so many distractions nowadays.

What I’m asking for you to do is be focused. I’m asking you to follow your marketing strategy.

I’m asking you to test and measure month by month, what’s working and what’s not and cataloging the results. So you’ve got historicals on all your tests, which you can then bring to your next test and stand upon the shoulders of giants.

Like, it’s super simple.

But no one does it, because it involves overhead. It involves management, involves teams, it involves careful documentation.

It involves so, so much stuff that is never looked at because we’re so caught up with the day to day.

See with AI, you’ve got so much more time on your hands, Mr. Marketer, Mr. Founder, Mr. Everything in the organization, which is probably considered a white collar profession. And I know that you’re the people listening to this. You can use AI to leverage your work so effectively -if you’re intelligent.

Most of my emails written to clients I’ve written by AI.

Nearly all of my podcasts are edited by AI.

Nearly all of our copywriting creatives partially or fully written by AI and then moderately edited by a direct response copywriting expert.

Like, the grunt work in your organization should be taken care of by AI providing you know how to train it correctly. And that frees up a lot of the time.

That’s like the 80  20 of your work. If you set up the work correctly, get AI to do most of it, and then you Polish the work.

You’re saving 80% of your output at your desk if properly leveraged.

With that additional time, it gives you the opportunity to be strategic.

And by being strategic, you’re holding yourself accountable to the strategy that you’re rolling out. And that’s what I’m thinking and this is what I’ve always known, but it’s now more prevalent than ever.

See, all these tools encourage you to act on tactics.

All of these ad creative tools, video editing tools, podcasting tools, copywriting tools.

They encourage you to do more and more of the same tactic, but your strategy may suck.

Or you may not just follow your strategy and then you’re wondering why it’s not working well, frankly, you don’t actually have a strategy in place.

See, we’ve got a publishing strategy at Owendenny Digital.

That’s why you’re listening to this podcast.

Yeah. We don’t have many subscribers right now, but here’s the thing we’re holding ourselves accountable to the strategy and we are publishing every week.

Every month, we’re publishing.

Whether it’s here, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn.

You’re going to see us. You’re going to hear us. And we want you to know about what we do and what we stand for. Honest, brutally effective direct response advertising, designed and developed specifically for the software market.

That’s what we are all about. Now if you can hold yourself accountable to that strategy, to that publishing strategy, promotional calendar, marketing calendar, whatever you want to call it, your demand generation calendar- I don’t care what you call it. But, just have a plan and hold yourself accountable to it.

Because there’s really only two things.

There’s really three things you need to do.

And that’s all there is this year.

Because at the end of the day, if you don’t have these three things, you’re going to struggle.

But let me give it to you.

Number one, the first thing you need to do is get your strategy developed, work with a professional to do this if you don’t have the chops yourself, or you need the support.

Now we offer this at Owendenny Digital, get a strategy which encompasses everything.

Your brand, your positioning, your messaging, where you stand in the market, do the SWOT analysis, profile your customer avatar effectively, know what their challenges, their pain points, their ambitions, their goals.

What are the daily tasks? What keeps them up at night?

Know all this information, have a catalog and keep it as your north star, because everything you must do in your organization must be avatar led.

Then, once you understand your avatar, what they want, what keeps them up at night, and how they buy, what’s important to them, and then what does a typical buying process look like for your target customer.

Then -use all this information to develop a strategy that crushes it and ensure that your strategy isn’t marketing led, but sales led. Because, at the end of the day, what is the point of marketing if it’s not bringing educated or informed prospects with an opportunity or to change their life into your door?

You can be that person that helps that happen and makes that happen. It’s really exciting.

Get those people into your door, talk to them and turn them into customers who really love what you do. It’s really simple.

It’s simple in concept, but difficult to execute.

And if you need someone to help you. You know where to go. Just book a growth diagnostic on our website Check it out.

Once you develop that strategy, you then need to turn your strategy into initiatives and get those initiatives into a marketing calendar or a promotional calendar and then hold yourself accountable to that pieceof documentation.

Super, super simple.

Great strategy, hold yourself to account and test and measure everything.

So then every month, you’ve got new insights every month, you’ve got new things that you’ve learned about you and your market.

It’s great.

It’s amazing.

You feel good. You see the growth. You see everything changing. Everything’s working for you. Your business is growing. Oh wow! You’re going to feel motivated, excited. You’re going to be like, “Fuck Yeah! My life is so good right now.”

And then the third element, and this is the biggest one, and I believe this is the biggest thing you can do is show up every fricking day.

It is so simple. Show up every single day, and you will watch your business blow up.

Woody Allen said that I think it was like 90% of success is just showing up.

And Woody Allen’s created some of the most wacky and most influential films Hollywood has ever seen.

I don’t want to give you a motivational message today.

I’m a marketing guy.

I’m not a motivator.

I’m not Les brown, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuk.

I’m none of those guys.

I’m just an Australian recording this out of his home office who’s just wildly devoted to the art of writing compelling ads, running amazing campaigns, devising wicked holistic sales led marketing strategies for software companies, online brands and people who really want to take their enterprises to the next level.

But what I’m wanting to tell you here is that my business’s only here because of a few things.

Number one, my relentless approach when it came to understanding the art of direct response advertising.

Number two, I came from a really good stock. I have a really good family that supported me along the way. It’s been challenging for them. I’m the first entrepreneur in our line. So again, I was very lucky to come from a really supportive family with uncles that were successful, business owners and stuff like that.

But my mum and dad, they’ve never been direct response copywriters or advertisers. In fact, I’m the only person that’s in marketing in my family.

But thirdly, the most important thing is that I never gave up.

I showed up every day and I have been over the past five years. And that’s the thing.

It’s about showing up when you don’t want to.

Mike Tyson said something really funny, I remember listening to Mike, I’m a big fan of Mike Tyson, I love him to bits that ” discipline is doing what you hate to do and doing it like you love it.” And that quote has always stuck with me.

Even though, sometimes I’m going to be recording this podcast, I’m not going to feel like during the podcast, believe it or not.

I’m going to be in here recording this podcast on a Saturday afternoon. I’d rather be out with my dog, be with my beautiful wife for hanging out with my friends or smoking a Cuban cigar in the afternoon in the sun, drinking a mojito.

There’s so many things that I would much rather be doing right now.

But, the thing is it’s a case of showing up every day, testing and measuring everything and having a very good north star to go about achieving what you want to achieve.

This is a podcast today about marketing and growing your software company or growing your online brand or managed service provider business or management advisory firm and taking it to the next level of whatever the hell you’re listening to this for.

But at the end of the day, this is just a very simple process. This is a very simple way of getting whatever you want in life.

Have a good plan, test and measure your results, and then show up every day. I think that’s it.

So once again, guys, thank you so much. I’m going to have to love you and leave you. I’m going to have to get back to my Saturday drinking this beautiful cup of lemon grass and ginger tea.

If I sound a little more jittery, the normal, please understand. It’s not me, it’s the coffee speaking.

I’ve been off caffeine for a few weeks now, I’ve had three glass, three cups of amazing coffee today so I’m like Donny off the Wild Thornberries like.

I’m buzzing.

Guys, chase your dreams. You deserve them.

And if you have any further questions, feel free to drop me a line

If you are looking to grow your business online, I suggest you number one, subscribe to this podcast.

And if you do need expert help, head over to and book a growth diagnostic.

It’s totally free. All you need to do is leave some details about you and your company. And then we can ultimately develop a free growth strategy to take your business from where you are today to wherever your ambitious dreams lie.

So once again, thank you so much for tuning into this episode. It has been a real. Love your all. God bless. Stay safe and have an amazing day.


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