What Is Direct Response Advertising? A Comprehensive Overview

Hands down, Direct Response Advertising is the most powerful type of growth strategy for any kind of business.

And yes – that includes YOUR business too!
This form of marketing involves gaining a response from consumers who have seen or heard your advertisement.
This means you can measure both the ads reach and ROI.
Direct Response Advertising allows advertisers to know how many people they are reaching, the number of customers generated, and the immediate ROI which makes DR valuable for any company.
In this article, join me as we will explore what direct response advertising is and why you should care about it for your business.

Why Should I Care About DR Advertising?

We deal with this same conundrum every day: most companies don’t know how to reach their customers.
And to make things worse: They don’t know how to get freshly-generated leads to convert into sales.
The truth is most companies are wasting time, money, and resources on bad strategies.
Aimless branding campaigns… Poorly devised influencer strategies… Traffic campaigns leading to no ‘next-logical-step’… SEO Campaigns?!! (Let’s save this beef for another day)…
See, DR advertising is the best way to create a well-defined plan for your business growth. With DR, you are tracking every aspect of your campaign so you can see exactly what works and what doesn’t work.
And that means everything: Creative angles, call-to-action-buttons, landing page designs, colour schemes, video versus graphic creatives, headlines…
…and the list goes on!
If you’re not great with platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads – you could always get in touch with us to help you.
A DR Campaign will give you market-verified data about your target audience which helps you make better decisions in the future.

Do All Digital Marketing Agencies Offer Direct Response Advertising?

When people ask our team this question, we are often pushed into an uncomfortable position.
See, finding an agency that practices DR is kinda like asking whether you have sex or not.
See, we all do. But there’s only a handful that does it well.
Across the board, it’s hard to find a digital marketing agency that has mastered direct response advertising.
Most digital agencies we’ve seen over the years still are focusing on branding and awareness campaigns.
But, if you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur needing an immediate lift in your business, branding or awareness campaigns are simply not effective at generating leads or customers for your business.
Direct Response Advertising, on the other hand, is.
At Owendenny Digital, our team of experts can help you create direct response advertisements that will rapidly generate new customers for your business. When we are engaged by you, we work scrupulously to create an ad campaign that fits into your existing budget and aligns with the goals of your company.

How To Roll Out A Direct Response Advertising Campaign In 7 Simple Steps


Step 1: Know Your Customer: Define your target market

Defining your target market is the most important step in creating your DR campaign.
A great way to define your target market is by using a simple segmentation matrix.
Recognise exactly what customer your product and service are designed for, and then try to pinpoint exactly what’s keeping that customer up at night.
Once you recognise your customer’s dreams, desires, fears, insecurities, and goals – the rest *almost* falls into place pretty quickly.

Step 2: Know Your Product: Define How Your Product Changes Lives

Let’s cut right to the chase: you must treat your product as the bridge between where your dream customer is today and where they’d like to be tomorrow.
So, on a document of any sort, have all your product’s features and benefits ready to craft the perfect advertisement.
And just remember, people only listen to ONE station: WII FM – What’s In It For Me. So, ensure all your benefits are engineered to transition your customer’s current situation into their new ideal.

Step 3: Know Your Customer Journey: Define How The Deal Will Be Done

Once you have a handle on your customer and your product, the next thing you must do is map out your Customer Journey to see how your DR Campaign will work with your business.
For me, the thing I love most about Customer Journey Maps is seeing how customers experience different aspects of your product, whether it’s a website or app. It reminds me to think about user experience in everything we do.

Here are 3 things you may want to consider when mapping out your customer journey:

1. Create an end-to-end outline of your customer’s journey 2. Brainstorm all the touchpoints along the journey and prioritise them according to their importance 3. Follow up with a plan for how you will optimise each touchpoint
Just remember this: We’re talking about EVERYTHING in your customer journey. The Facebook Ads, the Google Ads, the Lead Magnet, the Landing Page, the Calendar, the Copy (I could go on for hours). Every single asset needs to be considered to ensure your campaign delivers.
Look. I’d be dreaming if I said I could tell you everything about engineering a sound customer journey in a simple blog post like this one. Get in touch with us today and let’s see if we can help you unleash your new levels of business growth today.
…but in the meantime, let’s get back to the process for rolling out a crackin’ Direct Response Advertising Campaign.
Skyrocket Your Business - Saas Marketing Agency

Step 4: Write A Handful Of Compelling Advertisements With Your Media In Mind

When you write an advertisement, it should be unique, creative and tap into the mass desire of your market. Using all the pre-work you’ve done in the prior steps, have a bit of fun and write a handful of advertisements with your media in mind.
For example, if you’re planning on running an Advertorial campaign, understand your customer is looking for news-worthy value before you transition into a soft-sell. If you’re wanting to roll out a Google Ads campaign, lead with the offer or main benefit and drive the traffic aggressively to your landing page.
The main reason why we want to test a handful of different ads of the same medium is to see what responds best to your customer. Certain headlines will out pull others, and certain media will die a fast death.
By having advertising options up your sleeve, you’ll be at ready to rapidly determine what’s going to push the needle in your business – fast.

Step 5: Choose The Right Media Outlet To Reach Your Audience

If you know your customer well enough and how they like to interact with your business online, it’s pretty simple to know where you’ll be heading to buy your advertising.
But, here are 3 additional things you may want to consider when choosing the right platform to run your ads on:
1. See what each platform offers, such as targeting options, pricing structures, and integrations with other tools 2. Research each platform by reading reviews from customers and experts in the field 3. Evaluate how well each platform meets your needs based on factors like features offered or pricing

Step 6: Set up a tracking system and follow-up process for leads generated by the campaign

Assuming you’re going to run online ads, you now need to do is put in place website-based tracking for your advertising campaign.
Despite the media buying platform having its reporting system, you *always* want a 2nd source of truth to accurately determine the correct attribution for your campaigns.
Here’s a 6-step outline for rolling out Google Analytics to get the data you need for your direct response advertising campaign:
1. Set up Google Analytics by creating an account 2. Define your goals and objectives 3. Create a conversion goal in Google Analytics 4. Choose the type of conversion you want to track (purchase, lead) 5. Name your goal and set it up with an event label for each step in the conversion funnel (e.g., “added item to cart”) 6. Add tracking code to all pages on your website that you want to be tracked by Google Analytics
On top of this, it’s crucial that you also use a CRM system to track your leads.
Lead tools like Hubspot or Infusionsoft are great options. But if you’re budget-constrained, there are heaps of great options that will do the job.

Step 7: Measure Your Campaign’s Success

The simplest way to measure your success is through a combination of responses, spend, orders and revenue generated.
Don’t overcomplicate things here.
It’s as simple as this:
I spent $1000 on a Facebook Advertising campaign, I generated 20 leads at $50 per lead, and I converted 10 leads on a $1000 product. Hence, I made $10,000 revenue from a $1000 investment!


As you can see, direct response advertising is a strategy that solely focuses on the customer. It’s aimed at driving an immediate purchase from the customer and can include anything from getting them to buy something, or take some other action that will help the company.
If this all sounds like it belongs in your company, feel free to get in touch with me (dean.denny@owendenny.com) and let’s see if we can help you take your business to the next level today!

Facebook Advertising In Geelong: ‘It’s Almost Direct Response Advertising Heaven’

It’s a bit of a cliché, but it’s the truth: when you’re trying to run an online business and have no idea what you’re doing, Facebook is your best friend…especially when you’re planning to do Facebook Advertising in Geelong!

The platform offers so many different advertising options that almost anyone can find something they like and want to use. But one of the most effective ways to advertise on Facebook for business today is through the use of direct response advertising.

This article will offer some insight into why direct response advertising is so successful in driving conversions from Facebook users, as well as how Owendenny Digital can help with your campaign strategy!

1. Facebook advertising in Geelong is a great way to reach your target market

Facebook advertising is an excellent way to get your product or service in front of as many people as possible. Through creative marketing, you can reach more potential clients with less effort each time. If done right, ads like these will allow you to reap more benefits than if you had tried any other alternative methods in the past!

2. You can create ads with images, videos, and text that will be shown on the right-hand side of users’ newsfeeds

Promotion can be tough.

Your product might be amazing and all but it won’t sell itself!

You need to make people see it, which is where images, videos, and text come in!

Owendenny Digital has the expertise in the field and knows what will work for your business. Let’s talk today and help you become our next success story.

3. This type of marketing is cost-effective because the impressions are cheap as chips and it’s all driven by ROI

Direct response advertising is the best investment for reaching consumers through various mediums and connecting with them personally.

It has to be the most sophisticated form of marketing yet, which makes it sound like a really smart decision.

It’s even better when you use Facebook to drive results. It’s so cost-effective because the impressions are cheap as chips and it’s all driven by ROI

This type of marketing is cost-effective because the impressions are cheap as chips!

4. You can also use Facebook Ads Manager to schedule posts in advance or set up an automated campaign

You may be someone that prefers not to spend time on social media marketing, but there is a way for you to make the most out of Facebook Ads Manager.

Aside from that, you can also set content posts that are posted in advance, schedule video ads, or even have an automated campaign that optimises while you sleep!

5. Partner With Geelong’s Most Robust Facebook Advertising Solutions

We’re here to help you increase your monthly revenue with our team of dedicated Facebook Advertising specialists. With over $1M in Facebook Advertising management, find out how we can deliver the results you deserve! We can also help you to save both money and time when growing your business online.

Own Your Niche: Australia’s Best Direct Response Advertising Agency

Owendenny Digital in Geelong is known for generating lots of leads using Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Thus, we have been responsible for scaling some of Australia’s leading eCommerce businesses with Facebook ads. How? Through providing the best direct response advertising in Geelong.

We offer a flexible approach and offer month-by-month commitment. Hence, working with us will help you get the best out of your business without putting too much strain on your budget.

1. We Live For This Sh*t: Owendenny Digital Only Does the Best Direct Response Advertising

Owendenny Digital is a digital advertising company focusing on direct-response (DR) and ad creative design. That said, we provide services for online advertising, local offline advertising, brand partnerships, campaigns platforms. And, of course, we do these with innovative data and insights-based targeting solutions.

2. We Put Our Money Behind Our Results: The World’s Most Explosive Track Record In Marketing

Set a goal to build your brand online! Our marketing team has been exceeding its own targets and setting goals for over 5 years. We put our money, meaning yours, behind our results so you can assure that your profits will not only return but quadruple.

3. Strategy-Led, Performance-Driven, Technologically-Fuelled: Cutting Edge Solutions To Drive Wild Results Online

Welcome to the realm of digital marketing! It’s a whirlwind and not always easy. However, if you’re willing to adapt and learn things on the fly then it can pay off. In this day we live in there is no set place for anything when it comes to success. Therefore, don’t be afraid – just take what gets thrown your way!

4. We’re Hungry, Young, and Obsessed: The Modern Recipe For Online Marketing Success

There isn’t a recipe for successful online marketing, it’s trial and error. The key to success is making yourself an easy target. For this reason, it’s important to fill your content with colourful visuals.  Aside from that, you need to prepare yourself for quick-paced dialogue, and keep your work consistently informative!

Experience the Best Direct Response Advertising

Working with us is for you. So if the thought of working in a team full of professionals sounds like just what the doctor ordered you’ve come to the right place!

The Art of Disenchantment (and How to Avoid it)

So there goes another two hours in a meeting. Another two hours spent bickering over final details, where emotions are running high with people edging for the most competitive position. What’s in it for me? What’s in it for them? Who’s being tasked with what? How’s this addressing the problem most effectively? What hidden agenda is being carefully negotiated by the players in the room? Finally, a decision is made and even some stakeholders are omitted from the process. Doesn’t this sound all too familiar in the project oriented landscape which we all in someway occupy?

If you’ve seen the above go down (and I’m sure we all have), you have witnessed and experienced disenchantment first hand. Does it ever feel good? In fact, I’d argue that it’s the single factor that Project Management professionals need to both monitor and actively work in preventing. Where disenchantment is most influential, however, lies within self congregating groups where the corporate facade intends to demonstrate that there are no levels of hierarchy, control or power. Then, all of a sudden, one person intends to position themselves for advancement. Or, another person decides to impose a hierarchy framework for the group in order to increase efficiency in decision making without consulting the group. Can you imagine how the other members of the team feel right now?

Unfortunately this is so, so commonplace in many workplaces and project teams. The saddest thing is that it isn’t that the team can generally see right through these actions. More often than not, project team members (whether they be resources, managers, leaders or valued stakeholders) often do not take into consideration their team’s own requirements.

We fail in seeking to understand our team members.

We fail to take our team on the journey.

We fail to demonstrate transparency within our decision making process.

We fail (at times) to act for the project’s best outcomes.

We fail to understand that every team member, every stakeholder, every resource has had a different set of experiences and beliefs to our very own.

Fortunately; if we fail to do the above, we can pull out our finger and rectify our mistakes. And, luckily, here are a few ways we can go about fixing that:

At the crux of the above, we often forget that we are human despite being part of the logic driven corporate world. People, unlike systems and technology, are emotionally driven beings (irrespective of whether some are more logical than others). John D. Rockefeller often credits the most important skill that anyone can foster is the ability to communicate effectively. By understanding your team and the ‘soft skill’ component of your projects, you can successfully negotiate and even eliminate disenchantment. Now, that is remarkable.

So, what are you going to do? How are you making your decisions now? What can you improve on?

We all are not perfect, but there is no reason why we cannot aspire to be perfect.

Be remarkable. Be consultative. Be engaging. Be congruent. Embrace it.

How To Make Your Competition Irrelevant

Who said that competition was healthy?

Like Grant Cardone, I totally disagree.

What’s healthy in business is domination and being the ‘go to’ in your industry for the product or service that you provide. When you are dominating your industry, you are providing the highest levels of customer service seen. When you are dominating your industry, people are simply wowed by your products.

Think about it. Those businesses that totally dominate have that ability to charge a premium for their products because the know that what they do delights their customers. They create raving fans. The raving fans don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

But, you’re probably wanting to say something like this. “Dean, I get it I really do. But, this is easier said than done and there’s no way we can price ourselves a premium. We’ll just price ourselves out of the market even if our services are first rate.”

Well for those in that seat (I know where you’re coming from), there’s a simple little tool that I use with my clients in establishing their strategic direction into the future. And this tool is the simplest way to determine how you can ensure that you make your competition irrelevant and deliver beyond your client’s expectations.

This tool, from Blue Ocean Strategy, is the Strategy Canvas. Now, I’ll show you how you can go about making your own Strategy Canvas.

Step #1 – What does your competition compete on?

This is the first essential step. You need to ask yourself questions such as “How much does customer service matter to us?”, “Do we compete on price?”, “Do our wines compete on age?”, “Does our circus compete on humour?”…. This list can go on.

Step #2 – Rank each of these attributes out of 10

Once you have identified the attributes and points of competition, give each a rating out of ten with one (1) being little importance and ten (10) being the greatest importance.

Step #3 – Plot these values on a line graph

Step #4 – What does your offering competes on?

So once you have determined the competitions strategy, you must then determine your current strategy in the industry. How much do you value the industry attributes that people are competing on? Are you competing or are you ignoring them?

Step #5 – Determine what your offering competes on that your competition does compete on

This is critical. This is the crux of ensuring that your competition remains irrelevant. Once you determine what you compete on and what the others do not, you successfully carve out a niche in the market place. This is the sweet spot which all small businesses crave. It is essential at this stage to work out how you can bring out these attributes (which aren’t competed on) that are valued by your clients through product development, customer service, pricing or the attribute itself.

Step #6 – Rank each of these attributes out of 10

Once you have identified the attributes and points of competition, give each a rating out of ten with one (1) being little importance and ten (10) being the greatest importance.

Step #7 – Plot these values on a line graph

Here’s an example of [Yellow Tail] wines from Blue Ocean Strategy….

6 Essential Reads For The First Time Entrepreneur

Have you drawn the line?

Have you always wanted to begin something bigger and greater than yourself?

Have you told your boss that you are going to make it on your own?

Have you decided that you will now be the master of your own destiny?

Have you decided that if it is to be that it’s up to you to make it happen?

So, how do you feel at this point?

I can’t comment for everybody, but I can comment on my own experiences. Entrepreneurship, or “going out on your own”, is hard yakka. You once were comforted by those weekly, fortnightly or monthly pay cheques. You once had control on the part of your income that you could control. Now, you are presented with a complete myriad of problems (which means you get to come up with fantastic solutions!) and are forced to learn all aspects of Business. The shear volume and number of new problems often derail the most developed and experienced professionals going out on their own. These problems used to be the marketing departments, the estimating departments, the sales departments, the human resources departments, the customer services departments, the engineering departments…..

Can you see where I am heading with this?

At the crux of this scenario, you just don’t know what you don’t know. Thus, it is important to ensure that you keep yourself as informed as possible in the early stages of launching your dream business. This way, you will proactively understand the best ways to nip or solve problems prior to even encountering them by learning from the best in the business. By ensuring that you’re always filling your business brain with valuable information you will not only grow your business, you will also experience personal growth which is truly infectious to those around you.

The Six Books To Read Before You Even Start Something Great

When You Can’t Catch A Break

When you can’t answer an important email because your phone is ringing off the hook.

When you tried to deliver an important presentation but your team didn’t deliver the material.

When your wife is upset with you for staying back to work on a proposal.

When you left your stakeholders disgruntled and disenchanted when you made that ill informed decision.

When you won the contract but you terminally destroyed the relationship with your longest serving client.

When you settled on a property and you signed away to thirty five years of mortgage slavery.

When you watch your childhood best friend get married because you failed to tell her that you loved her for eighteen years.

We have all experienced one of the above stories and have felt the tremendous pain and inner conflict that arises within ourselves. And, all too often than not, we fail to pinpoint the sole reason why we are put into these situations.

Is it a test?

Is it for a greater purpose?

Is it part of becoming the person the world aspires for us to be?

Ultimately, we are the problem. We fail to prioritise our daily tasks. We fail to engage our stakeholders correctly. We fail to express our feelings at the risk of offending those around us. We fail to set our goals correctly. We fail to be authentic. We fail to tell our soul mates that we love them. We fail to be congruent. We fail to take risks. We fail to be the hunter and gatherer that is so embedded within our genetic makeup. In fact, we fail to recognise that we are the problem.

The upside is that we often fail to recognise that we are the solution. We are the problem and that we are the solution.

So next time you are confronted by conflict, miscommunication, inner feelings of concern, love, hate and anger; what are you going to do?

Are you going to act immediately?

Are you going to step back and evaluate the situation?

Are you going to think of how this impacts your greater goals or purpose?

Or, are you going to continue on maintaining your personal status quo and experience another similar event of disenchantment once again?

Are you going to be the problem? Or are you going to be the solution?

Be remarkable. Be congruent. Embrace it.

The Ten Minutes That Changed Everything

Let’s face it, we are all creatures of habit but that doesn’t necessarily mean that all our habits are good or nourishing for us. As you read this article right now, what has brought you here today is the sum of all your previous experiences and decisions.

As a Project Manager, I’m always looking for the latest ‘life hack’ to optimise my daily performance; whether that be in my technical, physical or personal life. This ever yearning desire for excellence has led me to reading over fifty books a year across Project Management, Leadership, Personal Development, Philosophy, Finance, Communications, Entrepreneurship and Health. With the relentless amount of content I cover, I stumble upon so much information which enables me to continuously sharpen my saw. However, only recently I stumbled upon something which has brought immense impact in my life and I’ve only been practicing this for two weeks.

Do you wish to be more productive at work?

Do you wish to lead with heart and courage?

Do you wish to have impact?

I stumbled upon a short clip by Personal Development leader, Bob Proctor, which laid out a short yet powerful routine to begin your day. I was sceptical at first, (and I mean very sceptical), but the results of the last two weeks have been astounding…

In fact, I don’t even know if I’m the same man I use to be. My house and office have never been cleaner, my productivity has skyrocketed, my relationships and ability to establish rapport with stakeholders has increased, and the outcomes in both my career and personal life have significantly improved.

So if this sounds like something you desire in your life right now, perhaps you best give the following routine a try immediately after you rise in the morning.

When you write down and consciously acknowledge what you are grateful for, your mind unconsciously shifts and you start to see how lucky you are. And, even better, how much opportunity there is in this big wide world. Start off writing about the small things like having toes, fingers, eyes that can read the article and maybe even work your way up to having electricity or running water.

Here’s the tricky and uncomfortable part. You need to write down three people’s names which you either hate, dislike, don’t get along with or feel that they have short changed you in the past. This could be your ex-wife, a failed business partner, a bully from high school or even a guy that you just never got along with. It can be everybody, but you are more likely than not to gravitate to usual suspects.

What you now need to do is close your eyes and relax. Start breathing deeply and whilst you do that, consciously run an internal dialogue in your mind. The dialogue must be directed to the person’s that you are sending love to and this is critical. Think as if they were in the room. How would you express forgiveness to them? In what way would you thank them? Why do you want the best for them in their future endeavours?

Once you’ve run through this internal dialogue in your mind for the three people, you need to consciously focus on the stillness and peace. With practice, you can remove yourself completely from the business of the world. Once you feel as if you’re ready, open your eyes. Notice a difference?

With this new found clarity, you will know exactly what you need to do in your day. Write down every single detail in your To-Do List including who you’re meeting with, where are you having lunch, what exercise you’re doing, what projects and tasks are being worked on etc.

Either you run the day or the day runs you – Jim Rohn
As you go throughout your day and complete all your items, cross them out or tick them off. Not only will you have done the tasks you want to have done, you’ll develop a mindset of productivity and optimism which is infectious to all those that are graced with your presence.

Do you want to feel closer to your team? Do you want to get the best outcomes in your personal life? Do you want to feel life again? Nothing is stopping you. The power of being mindful every single day is tremendously undervalued by modern society, and it’s only now that the largest organisations are implementing such programs for their senior leaders.

If you have a morning routine which powers you through your day, I’d love to hear from you. I encourage to give this a try, and when you do, please share this amongst your Linkedin Network and Friends. Let’s work on being the best version of ourselves every single day.

Be mindful. Be congruent. Embrace it.

How Well Do You Know Your Team?

What are your team members first and last names?

Do you know where they live?

Do you know when their birthdays are?

Do you know their childrens’ names?

Do you know what their favourite holiday spot is? And, more importantly, why?

Do you know their wives, husbands, partners or are they using tinder?

What motivates them to go to work?

What motivates them to deliver beyond expectation?

Do they really want to delight your customers or are they simply acting as part of a procedural system?

What other jobs are they going for?

What other opportunities are there for them within your organisation?

What can you do to keep them?

Are they on the bus or are they off the bus?

Are they here to be remarkable or are they here for survival?

In the fast paced world that we live in, the face to face relationship whether it be your client, your team member or your stakeholders on your project matters more than ever before. The technology we created to keep us more connected has subtly reduced the emphasis of our presence. Without our inner ability to utilise our emotional intelligence, we struggle to develop genuine rapport with whoever we grace in our working lives. We begin to judge people solely on tasks delivered and emails answered and fail to recognise the importance of being human.

Work is essential, it provides us with the ability to make a living. However, what is life without others to share it with?

Before you hit enter on your next email, maybe pick up the phone and call your teammate. Ask him how his weekend was. Ask him how he is feeling. Ask her what her kids are up to at school and what the kids are learning. Build that relationship, understand their beliefs and values and I’m entirely sure your outcomes will dramatically improve.

Be congruent. Be remarkable. Embrace it.

Why Are We Tiptoeing?

Here’s an all too common setting that has really seemed to baffle me very recently. Now, I know we are not really meant to talk about our personal lives on LinkedIn. However, I know what I am about to discuss is relatable with all aspects of your personal, professional and spiritual life.

Like many young people, I enjoy letting my hair down most Friday nights. Some people go to nightclubs, others watch TV and some go to the opera. I particularly like to go to my favourite bar on the Sunshine Coast in Maroochydore, where we are blessed with the presence of some of the finest blues and jazz musicians Queensland has to offer. This is where the story starts…

I decided to meet an associate at the bar at approximately 8:30 PM to catch up over the weeks events. A lot had happened that week and we were looking forward to sharing all the thrilling stories that had been created that week (entrepreneurship is full of them). When I saw him at the bar, I shouted, screamed and smiled to see the friend. We embraced, hi-fived and shared drink after drink and had a brilliant time. However, many different stories were panning out that evening in our surrounding environment…

There was a group of six beautiful women with glowing skin, athletic figures and brilliant smiles all wearing wonderful black dresses. I wondered, with such elegance and presence, how any of these women couldn’t have whatever they wanted? With looks like theirs and many eligible bachelors in the vicinity, that sole feeling of being desired had to be satisfied. However, upon closer inspection, I couldn’t be further from the truth.

These beautiful women were sat at a table. Slouched. Motionless. Disappointed. In fact, my associate and I even considered this to be a chore for the entire group. We then started trying to create hypothetical scenarios for how it all went down. Did one person want to come here for a quiet drink? What happened in the dominant member’s day? From the looks of things, they just didn’t want to be there. This thought, in fact, got me wondering.

How often are we forced into complying?

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean with rules and regulations. What I am more trying to allude to, in fact, are the societal norms which we often are told to uphold. But, is that best practice for our sanity?

Why should we be complying?

How should we be acting?

What should we be doing?

Unfortunately, we all (unless we are trained to adapt) are victims of what I call the “Tiptoe” syndrome. We take “NO” for an answer when our hearts are screaming for a “YES”. We say yes to social occasions merely to make an appearance instead of saying no when we can make a tremendous impact in our businesses, family and personal lives. We avoid danger and conflict in a mere effort to tiptoe quietly to the grave. Whilst we remove the risks and dangers from our lives, we also remove potential excitement and more importantly, the rewards.

See, we don’t just have radical innovation thrust upon society by playing it safe. We don’t just have flight, cars, iPhones, WiFi and democracy from playing it safe. We, the human race, took tremendous risks and acted congruently from the heart to get the freedoms, technologies, wealth and civil liberties that we have today. Playing it safe never got society anywhere.

So what have you been putting off?

Have you always wanted to launch your startup? And you are waiting for the right moment? Will that moment ever come? Are you waiting for it to be safe?

Have you been waiting for the perfect opportunity to quit the job you hate so you can jump across to a new company for another job which you will only hate less than your old one?

Are you waiting for it to be safe?


‘Either you run the day or the day runs you’ Jim Rohn

So when you are faced with a compliance situation, gathering or meeting; I want you to ask yourself these three questions:

1. Do I need to be here?

2. Does it feel right?

3. How else could I be spending my time and why would that benefit me?

So next time you head to the bar with your work colleagues, have a little ponder…

Are you there to uphold the societal norm?

Do you really want to be there?

Are these people who are going to reciprocate and elevate you as a person or are there to help them?

I was there with my associate because we know that the abundance of life is within us. It didn’t matter where we are, we are going to have a tremendous time. Shall I even mention, living to our full potential?

Most importantly, we wanted to be there. We were stomping, dancing, laughing and smiling. We certainly weren’t tiptoeing.

So, where do you stand?

Are you going to do something remarkable?

Are you going to challenge the way we do things?

Are you going to have an impact and leave legacy upon planet earth?

Or, alternatively….

Are you going to tiptoe?