Breaking Free_Overcoming Excuses to Unleash Your Potential

Join Dean Denny on Open Source Growth as he reveals the secrets to overcoming excuses and challenges for personal and professional growth. Through captivating stories of triumph over adversity, Dean showcases the transformative power of perseverance and self-awareness. From encounters with American Express representatives to roadside assistance workers, these stories inspire listeners to identify and challenge their own excuses. Dean emphasizes the importance of setting clear goals and seeking accountability partners to stay on track. Discover the mindset shifts and strategies that will help you focus on what you can do, rather than what you can’t.

[00:01:47] Excuses limit us from potential. Podcast.
[00:02:47] Unexpectedly positive phone call experience. Human resilience.
[00:05:34] Flat tire, one-armed man saves day.
[00:07:52] Excuses are fear-based defense mechanisms.
[00:12:13] Excuses hinder growth, take action now.

Lessons Learned from the Podcast

  1. Excuses Hold Us Back: Excuses are described as subconscious defense mechanisms that prevent individuals from facing their fears and stepping out of their comfort zones. They often stem from a fear of failure or a fear of how others will perceive us during the learning or beginner stages of new endeavors.

  2. Excuses Prevent Goal Achievement: When individuals rely on excuses, they hinder their ability to reach their goals. Excuses may manifest as blaming others or external circumstances for one’s own shortcomings or lack of progress.

  3. Excuses Are Addressable: Excuses can be identified and challenged through self-awareness and introspection. By examining the validity of excuses and considering alternative perspectives, individuals can break through mental barriers and take action towards their goals.

  4. Accountability is Key: Having an accountability partner, whether it’s a spouse, friend, or colleague, can help individuals stay on track and hold them to their commitments. Accountability partners provide support and encouragement while also providing constructive feedback when necessary.

  5. Shift from “Can’t” to “Can” Mentality: It’s important to shift mindset from focusing on limitations and what can’t be done to focusing on possibilities and what can be achieved. Goals should be used to drive actions rather than allowing circumstances to dictate inaction.

  6. Take Action and Make Greatness Happen: The podcast emphasizes the importance of taking action and overcoming excuses to achieve greatness in both personal and professional endeavors. By challenging excuses and committing to growth, individuals can unlock their full potential.

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Hey. How are you going? It’s Open Source Growth and welcome! You’re speaking with Dean, Founder and Director of Owendenny Digital.

In today’s podcast I don’t want to get into marketing. I don’t wanna get into sales. I don’t want to get into anything to do with software, and I want to get deep into the heart of what is holding us all back and these evil little insidious forces that lie within each and every one of us that limiting us from reaching our full potential and you probably guessed it.

I want to talk about excuses today. But before we do, I want to tell you why this podcast has come at this time. I’m recording this on the 5th of March, 2024. A couple of weeks back. I was in the car and I got a phone call and I was sitting in the car with my wife, Hannah. And if those who follow along. You all may know, Hannah is my beautiful wife and she’s also a copywriter at Owendenny Digital, our marketing agency. And, we received a phone call from American express. I know. I want to just be fully transparent with you guys here. I’m human. And I believe that you listening to this podcast are human too. And when I received the phone call from American express. I wasn’t entirely sure. What. To pick up. And I remembered as I picked up the phone. That all know I’ve I forgotten to pay my credit card in full this month.

I pick up the phone expecting it’s going to be a very hard conversation for this American express rep to have. Not because of the fact that we haven’t paid the credit card down. It’s more a case of. Or not even just so much paid the credit card down, but just forgot to pay. But the often grueling conversation that I can only assume other people who receive phone calls like this from American express, what this situation can play out and be, and how the person on the other side of the phone could take it.

Now, if you’ve received phone calls like this in the past, normally. The person on the other end of the phone is very much thesis, the way things are. You need to pay your stuff. Otherwise, this will happen to you. Very fear, uncertainty, doubt. Little empathy. Towing the company line. And generally very competent when it comes to communicating on the phone.

But when I picked up, I heard this incredible human being who started very incessantly battle through a phone call. He’s stuttering. Didn’t really improve throughout the phone call at the beginning, it was very bad. I can only assume anxiety and stress must have made it very difficult, but this fine gentlemen with his own set of challenges battled through that from cool and put up a marvelous fight and not only a marvelous fight delivered one of the most incredible American express experiences that I had received as a customer of theirs for over five years.

Now, why am I telling you this? It just made me think that. Against all odds, human beings can be amazing and they can overcome the most incredible things that are put in front of them on this planet. This young man with a startup was doing essentially almost a sort of phone sales job. And was making it happen and he was doing. Bang up job, all that. See, If you’re afraid of making phone calls and you don’t have a starter, that’s one gift that you’ve been given by God. There’s also in my local area.

I live in the Geelong region of Australia. There’s also a very famous roadside safety man, that works for the RACV, which is the biggest insurance company in Victoria. And, I remember one day, my old car, my Volkswagen golf had a flat tire and I had to get someone to help me out because for some reason The locks were seized and there was a couple of other issues with the car at the time.

And I called the RACV company and they were going to send some person out and they did send some personnel and I was in this car park. In the back of the shopping center in Geelong and the guy came across. Little did I know the man had one arm. So here I have been in my life where I’ve received a call with a flat tire. And the man that fixed, it was a one-armed man who knew automotive’s back to front and was able to literally get the car up, take the tire off. Unseized the bolts, put it back on, get everything sorted, organize all the paperwork, everything with a single arm.

And he did it. Magically, in fact, this man is famous inside of the area. I don’t know his name exactly, but if you’re in Geelong and you call RACV, you could be likely helped with their roadside assistance situation with this man. But then also I’ll call him John from American express who was able to battle through that tough and challenging situation. And was able to deliver incredible service with a starter. In what is essentially. Phone roll. What does that tell you?

It tells you that they are people who make excuses and go no there. And then there are people who battle with the adversity and they overcome their excuses. And they get the job done. And what camp are you in? I was looking into this online and I was looking, where does the word excuse come from? And believe it or not, the word excuse is a Latin word.

X meaning “out” causa (“a charge”) , and then the Latin word “excūsāre” is to free from blame and which was then adopted in the old French word of excūsō. There, which then became excuse in the times of English and it’s really funny to be free of blame.

And, often with these peculiar insidious forces of excuse. What we are trying to do here is get a way from blame. Not only making excuses to avoid blame. So for instance, we don’t wish we’ve been given a job. Something went wrong. We point the finger and we blame others and we make any, we create an alibi or an excuse.

But what’s often at the very bottom of these things, these insidious forces called excuses is that, excuses are the subconscious defense mechanisms that prevent individuals from facing their fears and stepping out of their comfort sirens. And once you understand that, You will have these knee jerk thoughts or these knee-jerk ideas you will be. And once you start to look inwards and identify that you’re saying certain things to yourself that only smoke. Like maybe these aren’t so true. Maybe these aren’t so real. And when you look at your big goals and you ask yourself, why haven’t I achieved this right now? And you write down all the reasons, all your excuses, why you haven’t reached your goals. How many of these. 100% real.

And more often than not excuses are made because we cannot deal with the fear, but we also can not deal with how people will perceive us to be going through that beginner stage.

Once again, when you, when someone asks you to go do something adventurous that you don’t feel you’re comfortable with doing. What, what will happen? Just say for instance, I don’t like skiing because I’m not very good at it. And if my friends asked me to go up to the slopes, Mount Buller and I was “Hey Dean, and want to go skiing this weekend, it’s no, man, it’s cold.

I don’t want to hurt my knees and all that sort of stuff. There are bullshit excuses. Purely because of the fact that I don’t want to look like the worst skier on the slope, I could be. Acknowledging it’s like, Hey, it might hurt my knees. I might get cold. I don’t really have all the right equipment.

These are all excuses, but I’m going to give it a go anyway. You could try that you could push yourself moving forward. And what if you didn’t, what if you actually looked at your excuses? Blasted through them. How different would your life look?

It’s just so magnificent when you can push through your, all the bullshit that you’re telling yourself. And see what your life truly looks like. It’s really funny in my own business. I used to think that I was the only way that could. Things could be done, but when I started to hire smarter people than me, I started leaning back and letting the smart people take care of problems that I once handled.

And guess what? I let guard, I became better. I had to find a new challenge purely because the fact that I wasn’t enabling great people below me in my business to great work. And that enables the entire business to scale effectively. It’s really powerful. Once you can start looking into these excuses.

Because excuses prevent us reaching our goals.

What were you set on planet earth to do? When you were born was too. When you were born, like you knew no excuses. When you were born, you knew nothing but growth. When you’re a little baby, you start out as an embryo, then you become a bigger baby and then you become a child and then you become an adolescent and then you become a teenager. or youth or whatever. And then you become a full-blown adult. Like you have always been growing and you’ve always been aspiring and you’ve always been achieving it’s society. That’s taught you how to make excuses. And it’s your own self-awareness to recognize that these excuses are holding you back.

For instance, if you thought, oh, I’ll never be able to make it to America and you’d be like, why would you never be able to make it to America?

You live in Australia, you can get on a plane. Oh, I’m scared of airplane security. It’s like, why are you scared of airplanes, security? Go deep into it. And a lot of the time it’s this emotional handbrake that you have on yourself which realistically just needs to get blasted through or pushed through. Through the use of whether you go see a psychologist or a life coach, or you have a conversation with a strong friend who will support you. Regardless of how things are going. Because here’s the crazy thing.

If you keep on making excuses. You’re not going to grow.

And if you keep making these excuses and you’re not growing, guess what’s going to happen your business isn’t going to grow, your relationships isn’t going to grow, your finances aren’t going to grow. Everything is not going to happen and your life will start to become not from a growth phase, but it will start to enter a decay phase. And you simply do not want this in your life.

So now that we’ve gone through the psychology behind excuses. What will this have on your growth and your development? Let’s come up with some strategies to overcome excuses and to take action.

So, the first thing you need to do in order to overcome your excuses is to develop some practical steps to identify and challenge your own excuses. One of the easiest ways to do this is by setting some well, having a look at your goals, first things first don’t even second, have a look at the goals that are in front of you that are existing there.

For instance, just say you want to make $150,000 this year which is a noble goal for so many of you and I damn well respect every single one of you I’ve been there. I’ve done that. I know how tough that can be. Now. When you try to go about generating your first hundred $50,000, you’re gonna make a lot of excuses.

I don’t have the network. I don’t have that, this, I don’t have that. I don’t have this. But I bet that. I don’t have the money. Great. Now you have those excuses. Now then go about looking at every single one of them. And ask why this is true.

Go through those exercises, go through all those excuses, write down why you think these might be true. And then, on the other side of that ledger asked, why could this be false? And then lament on that really invest some time and energy to developing what could be false.

Because you want to focus on what you can do and not so much what you can’t do. And that’s when it always helps to have some form of accountability partner. In your corner. See, one of the best accountability partners you’ll have in your life in the married men in the room will understand that is having a wife in your life. Like my wife has been the most incredible accountability partner I have ever seen, and she will call me out on my shit.

Every single day. Hannah is phenomenal. And often you need to have someone ruminating around you or living near you or being in that same room as you to see what you’re saying and see what you’re doing. And to essentially be like, Hey, you said you were going to do this. You didn’t do it. Look. It’s happened.

Look at the impact of your of your word not being on it. There is a problem here. You need to fix it. That will change the way you do things it’ll force you to level up because at the end of the day, your excuses are preventing you from leveling up for someone to meet you. Head on. To hold you accountable to hold you to your word. That’s going to change things.

And, more importantly, you need to make the mindset shift where you can do. Not so much, you can’t do. You need to use goals to drive actions, and not your circumstances to prevent them.

So guys. What is your excuse? I want to know what you guys can work on this week to help you. Overcome the internal voice of no, you can’t do it. And I want to see. What you’re going to be putting in place to overcome that because I cannot wait to see it. I cannot wait to see what you guys are going to do, what you’re going to implement, what you’re going to lay down and how you are going to take life by the Scruff of the neck and make greatness happen for you.

Guys, it’s been a pleasure. Thank you for tuning into Open Source Growth. My name is Dean. Having an amazing week. Bye bye.


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