Case Study: Bellarine Family Lawyers


Taking Bellarine Family Lawyers From Zero To Fully Booked In Less Than 60 Days With Google Ads

Client Overview

Meet Angela, she is the brilliant principal lawyer at Bellarine Family Lawyers with over 13 years experience navigating the challenging waters of divorce, separation, child custody disputes, and other family law matters.

Angela is passionate about easing the burden on families during legal proceedings and is dedicated to delivering top quality legal services with care and compassion.

When Angela decided to go out on her own, the first thing she did was choose the marketing professionals who would get her business online and visible.

Angela engaged our team, Owendenny Digital, to help launch her family law firm in 2022.


We were thrilled when Angela Couch from Bellarine Family Lawyers asked us to develop and launch her professional website that showcases her exceptional services, team, and expertise in family law.

Our goal was to establish a brand identity that reflects the firm’s values, mission, and unique selling proposition, creating a distinctive image in the minds of potential clients.

To achieve this, we created a portfolio of professional photography that enhances Bellarine Family Lawyer’s visual identity and can be used on the website, marketing materials, and social media platforms.

We also developed a comprehensive marketing strategy that targets ideal clients through social media, SEO, and paid advertising (Google Ads) to generate leads and increase visibility.

In addition to this, we’ve closely monitored and measured the effectiveness of our marketing efforts and adjusted the strategy as needed to ensure a positive return on investment.

Our efforts paid off, as Bellarine Family Lawyers was able to establish a strong online presence, create a compelling brand, and generate leads and new business. Bellarine Family Lawyers now have a loyal client base that continues to support their growth and success. 

Goals And Measures Of Success

We were tasked with creating a brand and website that not only reflected the values and expertise of Bellarine Family Lawyers in family law, but would also attract new clients. It was important to our client that the website and branding felt feminine, personable and relatable. 

Customer Goal:

To attract new clients through a professional website and brand identity that reflects the firm's values and expertise in family law.

Measure of Success:

A brand and website that looked and felt feminine, personable and real while also generating potential client inquiries.


To begin with, our client wanted just five phone calls per week which would enable her to iron out her processes while filling her client diary.

Our Strategy

In little under three months, Owendenny developed a winning growth marketing strategy to help Angela’s new law firm get off to a flying start. 

Here’s how we made it happen:

High Converting Website

We built a website that was specifically designed to convert visitors into clients. By optimising it for SEO and UX, we were able to increase its visibility on search engines and provide an excellent user experience for visitors.

Google Ads

We identified opportunities for long-tail keyword searches, allowing us to test various ad formats & targeting options. With a budget of $1,500/month, we were able to identify the most effective keywords and messaging that generated the most leads.

High Performing Landing Pages

To increase conversion rates, we created dedicated landing pages for specific services that provided tailored experiences for users. These pages were optimised for specific keywords and provided clear calls to action.

Advanced Tracking and Analytics

We used advanced tracking and analytics tools to closely monitor the website and digital marketing efforts. We regularly reviewed the data to identify areas for improvement and adjusted our strategy accordingly.

Thanks to these strategies, Bellarine Family Lawyers was able to compete online, generate high-quality leads, and overhaul their conversion rates dramatically. 

We are so thrilled with the success of our digital marketing strategy and the results it has generated for the firm!

Here's the Results
Here's the results
The digital marketing strategy we implemented for Bellarine Family Lawyers was a huge success in achieving their goals and generating positive results.

With a website conversion rate of 18.74%, six times the industry average, it is clear that the website was exceptionally well-designed and optimised to attract and convert potential clients.

With an impressive 160 leads generated in the first two months, the cost per lead is only $23.59, making it an incredibly cost-effective and successful result.

Remember, Angela only needed 5 enquiries a week to be wildly successful. What we managed to do was 4X this by generating 20 legitimate work opportunities every week through the combination of a high performing website and an excellent AdWords campaign. 

Overall, the results of this case study are outstanding, showing that Bellarine Family Lawyers achieved their goals of generating leads and filling their busy schedule. 

The digital marketing strategy was incredibly effective in attracting potential clients, converting them into leads, and achieving an exceptionally high website conversion rate.

Case Study Lawyer Google Ads

“Dean, Kathleen and the team have been amazing to deal with. Detail orientated, prompt and friendly service and reasonably priced. I cannot recommend them highly enough for business needs.”

Angela Couch

Our Development Process

The Bellarine Family Lawyers campaign was a resounding success, thanks to the following key steps that lead our winning strategy. 

Market Research: We delved deep into the legal industry, competitors, and target audience, identifying unique opportunities to set the firm apart.

Brand + Website Concepts: Our collaborative approach with the client resulted in a brand identity and website that showcased their values, mission, and unique selling proposition.

Direct-Response Copywriting: We crafted persuasive copy for the website and marketing materials that spurred action and generated quality leads.

Website Development: Our design and development team built a visually stunning and user-friendly website that was optimised for search engines and conversion.

Post-Launch Marketing Process

Website Approvals + Launch: After receiving the green light from the client, we launched the website and closely monitored its performance.

AdWords Campaign Launch: Our targeted AdWords campaign drove traffic to the website, generating leads and revenue. We fine-tuned the campaign for maximum effectiveness.

Testing + Optimisation: We conducted regular testing and optimisation of the website and AdWords campaign to maximise return on investment.

Scaling: As the campaign gained traction, we expanded the digital marketing efforts, reaching an even wider audience.

The result was a successful digital marketing campaign that generated quality leads, filled our client’s schedule, and established a strong online presence that will continue to support Bellarine Family Lawyers growth and success. 

Lesson Learned

This case study taught us invaluable lessons about how a well-planned digital marketing strategy can make a huge difference in lead generation and cost reduction for lawyer-related services. 

Despite the usual high cost associated with lawyer-related leads, our strategy was able to cut down the cost per lead by a whopping six times, all thanks to the high conversion rate on the website we designed and created in-house.

The secret sauce? Developing a website that is entirely focused on generating leads! By crafting a website that is optimised for lead generation, law firms can magnetise potential clients, convert them into leads, and ultimately close more deals, all while reducing the cost per lead. 

This means more clients and more business growth.

But the best part? This strategy is not only effective but also easy to implement and repeatable, making it a perfect solution for any law firm looking to grow in 2023 and beyond. 

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