Automating Your Marketing with AI In 2023: The First 5 Things You Must Do

Automating Your Marketing with AI In 2023 The First 5 Things You Must Do 1 min

Hey guys, how are you going? Welcome to open source growth. The podcast where we explore the latest SAAS marketing trends and tactics to enable your business to achieve T2D3 growth on your terms. I’m your host Dean Denny director of Owendenny Digital, Australia’s leading SAAS marketing agency.

And in today’s episode, we’re going to be discussing the first five things to automate in your marketing strategy with AI. Now, again, this is wildly contextual because there is so, so many things you can go about automating with AI, but if you just woke up this morning and you’ve finally discovered that chatGPT exists.

Or that you’ve been using Jasper and you’ve realized there’s all these new things you can do. And all these new programs that have come into the forefront. Um, you probably wondering holy smoke. What can I do? There is so much more leverage I can now go about pulling on and I’m bringing into my business to give my customers and Walker here at an amazing experience. Um, so.

As businesses like yours are now starting to rely more on automation to streamline your processes. We want to explore the top five marketing activities that you should definitely automate right away with AI, just to improve the efficiency and drive growth within your business. And more importantly, profit as they say.

Revenue is vanity profits are sanity. So let’s talk about the top five.

Number one, the first thing that comes to mind is automating your customer service and support. Now, I don’t mean just implementing a chatbot on your website, because again, they’re coming out left right. And center. But also to some really little things, there are plugins that you can use.

To, you know, just to jump straight into Gmail where you’re able to get chatGPT to respond to your emails for you. Now, if you’re an account manager or something like that, I’m not saying that let AI take over your job. But what I am saying is allow AI to help you publish these emails with your clients.

To save yourself 5, 10, 25 minutes per email, especially those long complex, hairy ones, which chatGPT can often cut through to the bullshit and get straight to the point. So if you are in a client facing capacity where you have some form of customer service and support to provide. chatGPT paired with Gmail or with office or with whatever your email. Um, whenever your email server may be, you can go about making some amazing gains here in your business and always shave 25, 30 minutes per email, especially those long ones, if you do it correctly. So get right into it. Have a lot of fun there.

Uh, because honestly, if you get the customer service and support and just that client communication thing down, pat. It’s going to make a wild difference in your business. In addition to that, just say you have a chatbot on your website, you can really start to leverage chatGPT, providing it integrates with your chat bot to go about providing contextual responses, providing you train, chatGPT on how to respond as if it’s coming from your company. You can do some amazing things. So again, you need to get on top of this sort of stuff.

Um, so if you do have any questions with training chatGPT to predictably communicate in your tone of voice, get onto it. I’m more than happy to help you out there. Just send us a polite email dean.denny@owendenny.com and we can go about helping you make this happen for your business.

That’s part one.

Part two: predictive analytics and personalization. It’s no joke. That, with these advances in AI, we’re able to come up with better understandings and analysis of numbers. From what I’ve seen with chatGPT or a lot of the new AI tools that are coming out here, you can literally give them so so much data and they can cut through and identify wildly effective insights in seconds. Things that you would need to throw it a BA or things you would normally need to throw at some form of marketing analyst or some sort, would you take hours to compute the real truth? Is this all happening in minutes? In addition to that, you can actually go about sending chatGPT on regular intervals. Large sums of data. And then ultimately what it can do is go about plotting out that data into tables, which you can then go about doing additional work. You know, establishing graphs, identifying customer acquisition costs, identifying what your MRR is or your ARR is in a more granular detail as to what’s driving and underpinning that growth.

So again, if you’ve got anything that you want to do from a predictive analytics perspective and forecasting the future, just just data warehouse the living daylights to it, flood, fling it at open AI. Um, and let her do the heavy lifting for you. There’s going to be so, so, so, so, so much here.

Now, once you actually can go about dissecting all that data, you’ve got this unique opportunity to then go about personalizing your marketing messages and your content and your strategy to go about targeting those particular segments to. So again, um, this is going to come down in one of the lighter parts of this, um, this podcast. But again, this is huge opportunity here to go about personalizing your marketing campaigns going forward.

Number three: email marketing and automation. Um, well, look, we already know that AI is embedded within a lot of great email marketing tools, and we’re going to see more of that come to the forefront. I know that active campaign and HubSpot they’ve been talking about implementing AI and contextual data and all and contextual content, um, you know, content based on your IP address, which is then matched to you and the database. Therefore it provides you with different information. HubSpot’s been a master of that game for many, many years, and I know Salesforce has done similar things to. So in terms of like, what you want to go about doing in achieving, um, the implementation of say Jasper.ai, copy and things like that, based on the new insights that you have from a predictive analytics perspective, to create that new content and then go about creating, you know, niche campaigns per segment. Um, per audience segment, that’s where there’s going to be some massive value here. So if you can go about making that happen. Um, with AI, you’re really going to be on a winner. See machine learning algorithms, they just get better and better every single day. Like if you’ve got great. Email content. And then you’re able to feed back information from your analytics. To then drive. You know, open AI to constantly learn and figure out what are going to be the best headlines. To you know, for instance, to open, to increase your open rates and drive additional conversions, that’s where, you know, using these AI powered tools is going to be value because again, the more information you feed it, the better and it gets it predicting what’s going to happen.

Now let’s talk about number four, because again, this is going to be the big one, which everyone has been terrified about. It’s content creation and optimization. It is so easy. No one has an excuse to miss out on creating amazing content and improving the quality of your content these days. There’s things like ad creatives.ai, jasper.ai, Copy.ai or Descript.ai

uh, I’ve found on top of many, many other things there are new tools that are just emerging every single day. We in fact have a tool which we’re developing in house. That just so, so exciting and it’s going to blow up and I think we’ve got a real honest belief that it’s going to be the very, very best AI tool on the market.

Um, for those who really want to go about dominating their industry. And, you’ve got to get across these new tools, because if you don’t get yourself across these new tools, everybody, um, it’s going to be game over. So if you’re doing any form of video, um, video, transcriptions, or video, um, editing or wanting to publish a podcast, jump on and download the script. It’s super, super important.

Um, if you’re thinking about, uh, developing a whole heap of ad creatives, Phoenix, Facebook ad campaign, just go ad creative or AI. It is so powerful. It’s so easy to use. If you want me to write some killer copy, you use jasper.ai, or even just run it with chatGPT. Like it’s just so, so simple.

Um, and, you know, there are more and more tools coming to the forefront every single day. Like only last week, I cloned my voice using jasper.ai, and now I can have seamless content being created with my voice, which I’ve trained it to do. So, you know, going forward, we don’t even have to worry about that. Like, I can be a thought leader on any topic in the world, providing I have the right scripts for Jasper, not Jasper, sorry for descript to, to pump out.

It is absolutely amazing. Let’s talk about Part five though. Um, and this is advertising and recap targeting. Now, we know that Facebook’s been using AI for a very long time to improve the targeting. Uh, let’s see. You better results. That’s why there’s this massive push within Facebook at the moment, especially if you’re a SAAS, business looking to drive, um, you know, sales qualified leads or, you know, soft leads being the marketing qualified ones with Facebook ads with whether it be a free offer, an ebook, a checklist, a demo or whatever.

Like there’s been this massive push by Facebook to be like, Hey, yo, go broad. Don’t micro target. Don’t try to splinter your audience down to like six people. Because we have better technology, which gets you better results, which makes you spend more money. Um, and again, It’s an advertising platform. They have to walk on a fine line where they want you to spend as much money as possible, but they also want you to get results. So they need to obviously make that work. In addition to that, um, they need to reduce the barrier to entry. So every business can be incentivized to use it with Facebook. Google is doing very similar things with PMX campaigns right now. But again, they are starting to really heavily leverage AI in their tools. To get you better results. Now, you can use AI powered tools like hi Ross to go about analyzing your ad performance.

You can just extract wild amounts of data and upload it directly into chatGPT. And, you know, through the analysis and through the combing through the data, which can be mostly machine powered, you can radically improve your ROI when it comes to running your Facebook ad campaigns, your LinkedIn ad campaigns and your Google ads campaigns.

I look Outbrain, whatever. Like, it doesn’t really matter. As long as you can feel the data, you can extract it, package it correctly, upload it into a particular tool and then get some insights from it, which are meaningful. That’s all that really matters because again, the whole point of being able to use AI effectively is by being able to provide it with the right amount of data, the right inputs, the right everything on a periodic basis. So it gets better at understanding you and your business. So then you can really accelerate and punch out the end of it and get, and that’s where it gets really, really exciting.

So guys, this is a short episode today. Thank you so much for tuning into open source growth with me, your host Dean Denny from Owen, Denny digital. Australia’s leading software as a service marketing agency. And if you found this useful, please be sure to subscribe to this podcast and share it with friends.

Because at the end of the day, we do go about publishing and creating this content to help good people. Just like you take it to the next level online with their direct response advertising efforts. T2D3 growth is possible, my friends. So we appreciate your feedback and suggestions for future episodes. Be sure to tune in next time for more marketing insights and strategies for business growth.

I’ll catch you guys soon. Have a great day.



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