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My Poodle Just Ran An A/B Split Test On Me. Here’s How

In this podcast episode, Dean Denny, the host and founder of Owendenny Digital, shares a humorous story about his experience with his poodle, Zoe, and relates it to the importance of testing and varying marketing and sales offers. Dean discusses the need for both marketing qualified lead offers and sales qualified lead offers in B2B […]

Your Last Digital Marketing Agency Sucked? Here’s 20 Reasons Why You Were DOOMED To Begin With…

In this podcast episode titled “Your Last Digital Marketing Agency Sucked? Here’s 20 Reasons Why You Were DOOMED To Begin With…,” the host, Dean Denny, discusses common issues faced by companies when working with digital marketing agencies. He emphasizes the importance of selecting an agency that understands the target audience and has technical knowledge of […]

3 Hard & Fast Rules for SaaS and Online Business

In this podcast, Dean, the founder of Owendenny Digital, discusses the importance of staying focused on growth metrics for SaaS companies and online brands. He emphasizes three hard and fast rules for success: setting clear goals and tracking progress, continuously testing and optimizing marketing strategies, and investing in customer success. Dean shares personal experiences and […]

Chasing Cheap Leads Will Suffocate Your Business Growth

  In this podcast episode, host Dean Denny, discusses the misconception of pursuing cheap leads for business growth. He argues that cheap leads often result in low-quality leads, negatively impacting a company’s direct response advertising efforts and brand reputation. He emphasizes that conversion rates and profitability suffer when focusing on cheap leads. Instead, Dean suggests […]

What Is Voice Search and How Does It Work?

Welcome to the world of voice search! With smart speakers and digital assistants becoming a common way for people to search online, SaaS companies and businesses with an online presence like yours need to stay ahead of the game. In this blog post, we’ll explore what voice search is, and how it works, and most […]

The Most Destructive Word In Your Business Isn’t “No”

On this episode of Open Source Growth, Dean Denny shares his personal development insights on sales and rejection, emphasizing the importance of definite answers and avoiding the destructive word ‘maybe’. He also discusses the common problem of small businesses not knowing their target market and the transformation they offer. The conversation also touches on the […]

Facebook Ad Strategies For Fast Growing Australian Companies

Are you looking to expand your Australian business rapidly? If so, you’ve probably considered utilizing Facebook Ads to reach a wider audience and drive conversions. But how do you create an effective ad campaign that truly delivers results? In this article, we’ll dive into the best Facebook Ad strategies for fast-growing Australian companies, from identifying […]

Never Read A Marketing Book? Read These 5 First!

  In today’s episode, Open Source Growth host Dean Denny discusses the five most impactful books on marketing that he recommends for businesses to read and implement. He emphasizes that the principles discussed in these books are timeless and rooted in human behavior, making them easy to execute in different forms and industries. Dean also […]

Winning Facebook Ad Strategies to Try in 2023

Are you curious about advertising on Facebook and want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and strategies? We’ve got you covered with some exciting information about the benefits of Facebook advertising, four key trends to watch out for next year, and ten tried-and-tested ad strategies to try in 2023. We’ll also answer some frequently […]