Founder Dean Denny

Dean Denny

Director And Founder of Owendenny Digital

Dean Denny is a highly accomplished individual whose journey to success has gained media recognition nationally and locally. He is renowned for his ability to establish businesses from scratch and is the founder of Owendenny Digital. His expertise lies in Direct Response Advertising, and he combines his engineering background with digital marketing qualifications to devise innovative marketing strategies.

Accomplishment & Contributions

Dean Denny is a remarkable individual whose journey to success has captured the attention of both national and local media. Dean has earned recognition for his extraordinary achievements, featured on prestigious platforms like 7 News, Sunshine Coast Daily, Geelong Advertiser, Surf Coast Times, and 3AW.

His unparalleled ability to build from the ground up, influential connections, financial advantages, and prior industry experience sets Dean apart. He is the visionary founder of Owendenny Digital, a testament to his determination and entrepreneurial spirit, turning an idea into a thriving reality. He is a digital marketing virtuoso, successfully guiding over 100 businesses to succeed online. Not content with his achievements, Dean Denny also serves as a sought-after coach, specializing in mentoring Forbes-Listers, 8-Figure Business Owners, and SaaS Founders.


Dean Denny is a marketing and advertising expert known for their proficiency in Direct Response Advertising. He excels in crafting compelling ad campaigns and implementing effective marketing strategies. His expertise spans various advertising platforms, including Facebook Advertising, Google Ads, and LinkedIn Ads. He is a skilled copywriter adept at creating persuasive content. With experience in marketing management, team building, and strong leadership qualities, Dean Denny is a versatile professional capable of driving marketing success across various industries and channels.

Unique Approach

Dean stands out in his field by blending his engineering training and qualifications from DigitalMarketer.com to create innovative and effective marketing strategies. He combines growth systems and Direct-Response Advertising principles to drive customer acquisition with a real impact. Dean’s customer-centric approach and problem-solving skills further distinguish them in the field, making him a standout figure in digital marketing.

Passion And Mission

Owendenny Digital aims to provide top-tier SAAS marketing solutions to our clients in Australia by delivering a compelling, personalized service that enables their businesses to scale to new heights.

To become Australia’s #1 SAAS Marketing Agency in just five years. Our passion for excellence and innovation drives us to attract the best clients and deliver compelling solutions. We pride ourselves on being a small, mighty, and personalized team with a singular focus on providing unparalleled service to our four enterprise clients. We can help your SaaS business scale to even greater heights by remaining a business that doesn’t scale.

Education/ Training

Dean Denny boasts an impressive educational background featuring diverse qualifications that contribute to his expertise and versatility. He has earned certification from DigitalMarketer.com, indicating his commitment to staying at the forefront of digital marketing trends and strategies. This certification reflects his dedication to continually updating his skills in the dynamic world of online marketing. He also has achieved qualifications as a Google Partner. This achievement highlights his proficiency in managing Google Ads campaigns, understanding the nuances of online advertising, and optimizing digital marketing efforts using Google’s advertising platform. Moreover, Dean Denny holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil and Structural Engineering, where he graduated with First Class Honours.

Current Endeavors

Dean Denny is actively helping global 8-figure professional services and Software as a Service (SaaS) companies launch highly effective Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Lead Generation, and Demand Generation campaigns. This ongoing work signifies his ability to handle large-scale and high-impact marketing initiatives, showcasing his proficiency in driving results for significant players in the industry.

A significant recent accomplishment for Dean Denny is expanding his company, Owendenny Digital, into the lucrative USA market. This expansion is a noteworthy milestone and demonstrates his ambition and vision for growth. As part of this expansion, Owen Denny actively promotes their services through Facebook Ads, signalling his strategic marketing and business development approach.

Hobbies/ Interest

In addition to their impressive professional achievements, Dean Denny brings a personal touch to their life through diverse interests and hobbies. He finds solace in playing jazz guitar, unwinding through sailing, channelling determination in boxing, and expanding his horizons through reading. Dean also treasures quality time with his wife, Hannah, and their beloved poodle, Zoe.

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