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27X ROI From Digital Ads: How We’re Scaling Our SaaS Marketing Agency With Facebook Ads

 On this episode of the podcast, Dean Denny shares valuable insights on maximizing ROI from Facebook ad campaigns. They discuss the importance of understanding the customer journey, creating compelling messaging, and utilizing the right assets for successful digital advertising. The episode also explores the significance of lead magnets, personalized calls, and presentations in attracting […]

Unleashing the Power of Storytelling with Naomi Soman of Storylogick

 On this episode of Open Source Growth, join hosts Dean Denny and Naomi Soman as they dive into the world of marketing, copywriting, and storytelling. Special guest Naomi Soman shares her expertise on user research, customer personas, and the psychology behind effective marketing strategies. Discover the secrets to engaging audiences through storytelling, conducting authentic […]

Breaking Free_Overcoming Excuses to Unleash Your Potential

 Join Dean Denny on Open Source Growth as he reveals the secrets to overcoming excuses and challenges for personal and professional growth. Through captivating stories of triumph over adversity, Dean showcases the transformative power of perseverance and self-awareness. From encounters with American Express representatives to roadside assistance workers, these stories inspire listeners to identify […]

LinkedIn Ads For SaaS: Everything You Need To Know To Book Demos, Free Trials and Scaling Your MRR

On this episode of the podcast, Dean Denny shares practical insights on maximizing the potential of LinkedIn ads for B2B SaaS businesses. He discusses strategies for demand generation and lead generation campaigns, emphasizing the importance of careful consideration of unit economics. Dean highlights targeting options, campaign setup, and optimization techniques, stressing the value of clear […]

The 1-3-1 Rule For Leading Marketing Teams At Scale

On this episode of the podcast hosted by Dean Denny, discover the powerful ‘one three one rule’ for leading marketing teams. Learn how this rule can streamline meetings, empower team members, and drive business growth. Find out how to maximize team productivity and efficiency in marketing leadership roles. Explore strategies for clear problem-solving and decision-making […]

Your Business Needs a Podcast. Here’s why…

On this episode of Open Source Growth, Dean Denny discuss the benefits of podcasting for SaaS companies. He highlights how podcasting can help build a strong brand and engage with the audience. He also provides insights on setting up a podcast, including equipment recommendations and publishing platforms. The host suggests talking about valuable topics like […]