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The Art of Disenchantment (and How to Avoid it)

So there goes another two hours in a meeting. Another two hours spent bickering over final details, where emotions are running high with people edging for the most competitive position. What’s in it for me? What’s in it for them? Who’s being tasked with what? How’s this addressing the problem most effectively? What hidden agenda […]

How To Make Your Competition Irrelevant

Who said that competition was healthy? Like Grant Cardone, I totally disagree. What’s healthy in business is domination and being the ‘go to’ in your industry for the product or service that you provide. When you are dominating your industry, you are providing the highest levels of customer service seen. When you are dominating your […]

When You Can’t Catch A Break

When you can’t answer an important email because your phone is ringing off the hook. When you tried to deliver an important presentation but your team didn’t deliver the material. When your wife is upset with you for staying back to work on a proposal. When you left your stakeholders disgruntled and disenchanted when you […]

The Ten Minutes That Changed Everything

Let’s face it, we are all creatures of habit but that doesn’t necessarily mean that all our habits are good or nourishing for us. As you read this article right now, what has brought you here today is the sum of all your previous experiences and decisions. As a Project Manager, I’m always looking for […]

How Well Do You Know Your Team?

What are your team members first and last names? Do you know where they live? Do you know when their birthdays are? Do you know their childrens’ names? Do you know what their favourite holiday spot is? And, more importantly, why? Do you know their wives, husbands, partners or are they using tinder? What motivates […]

Why Are We Tiptoeing?

Here’s an all too common setting that has really seemed to baffle me very recently. Now, I know we are not really meant to talk about our personal lives on LinkedIn. However, I know what I am about to discuss is relatable with all aspects of your personal, professional and spiritual life. Like many young […]

You Are What You Read

When you woke up this morning, what did you notice? The colour of your ceiling? The time on your watch? The darkness of the early morning? The sound of your Volkswagen’s engine? The smell of coffee in the office? The taste of toast on your commute? The texture of your smartphone’s screen or keyboard? What […]

Integrity Is Dead And This Is The Answer

How often do you evaluate your personal beliefs? Do you live firmly by your beliefs and values? From my experience in the Engineering and Construction Industry, integrity is king. You can nearly walk into or view any fortune 500 organisations’ website and bingo! You will find integrity in the company values. However based on the […]