Case Study on Australia’s #1 GRC Platform

From High Cost MQLs, SQLs and Low Conversion Rates To Optimised CAC’s and Enterprise SaaS Deals In Less Than 90 Days For Australia’s #1 GRC Platform.

Client Overview

The client in this case study is a frontrunner in the Software as a Service (SaaS) domain, specialising in Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC). Their reach extends across Australia and internationally, aiding businesses to simplify complex GRC processes with their advanced AI-powered solutions.

Their state-of-the-art software is crafted with a keen focus on user experience. It offers an all-encompassing set of tools that empower their customers to handle risk management efficiently, saving precious time that can be redirected towards core business operations. This offering is complemented with superior customer service, making them a preferred choice in their field.

Despite their advanced solutions and high-quality service, the client was facing challenges with their marketing strategy. They were dealing with high advertising costs and low conversion rates, leading to inefficient use of their marketing resources. This scenario required strategic intervention to overhaul their marketing approach and optimise their ad spend.

The Problem

Our team was called upon to address two costly marketing challenges – a combination of rising Google ad costs and plummeting ad performance. 

It was apparent that their existing marketing strategy was no longer viable, failing to generate anticipated outcomes and steadily draining valuable resources.

The imbalance was significant; their advertising spend was not translating into successful leads or satisfactory results. 

In simpler terms, they were pouring money into a system that yielded insufficient returns, posing a serious threat to their business sustainability and expansion.

The Objective

Given this scenario, there was an urgent need to restructure their marketing approach, refine ad performance, and reduce the burgeoning advertising costs.

The objective was not just to manage these issues but to innovate, to revamp their marketing approach and enhance their ad return on investment (ROI).

This case study details our strategic path towards transforming our client’s marketing strategy

We discuss our journey to significantly improve their ad performance and importantly, how we managed to cut their ad spending, transforming their marketing woes into a success narrative.

The Goal

Initially, our objective was to comprehend our client’s customers’ needs and challenges while identifying areas where their ad campaigns were underperforming. 

Our first action was a comprehensive analysis of their Google Ads system, which uncovered valuable possibilities for optimisation.

We committed to a challenging task: reducing the Cost Per Sales-Qualified Lead (SQL) to less than $1,000, without compromising the quality of the leads. 

Historically, the client often spent months on end dropping $20K+ each and every month for little to no result. 

We were eager to put our expertise into action and overhaul the client’s Google Ad strategy, thereby curbing their excessive ad spending.

Our exploration identified that the problem was not ineffective ad placements or poorly written content, but rather inadequate data management and a convoluted Google Ads conversion tracking setup.

By promptly addressing these issues and using our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) marketing expertise, we managed to significantly reduce the cost per SQL.

Furthermore, we applied direct response writing to the client’s sales landing pages. This customised approach allowed us to craft engaging content that resonated with their target audience, subsequently increasing both engagement and conversions.

To monitor and evaluate the success of our marketing efforts, we employed HubSpot’s comprehensive marketing analytics. This potent tool provided us with critical insights into audience behaviour, allowing us to make data-driven decisions that further refined our marketing strategies.

The Measure of Success

In assessing the success of a campaign, our client had three distinct and measurable targets.

Primarily, they were focused on reducing the cost per sales-qualified lead (SQL).

Their secondary goal was to enhance their conversion rate, converting more of these interested prospects into actual sales.

Finally, they sought to improve their return on investment (ROI). Essentially, they wanted to generate higher revenue from their marketing activities compared to the expenditure they were incurring on these campaigns.

In summary, a successful campaign for our client equated to minimising expenses, increasing sales, and optimising their profit margins.

The Strategy

Initially, we refined our client’s Google Ad strategy, ensuring they received the most value from their ad spend and eliminating the needless waste of resources.

On examining the central issues within their ad account, it was clear that the underperformance wasn’t a result of poor ad placements, substandard ad content, or inefficient media buying. 

The real issues lay in ineffective data layer management, inconsistent lead naming practices, and a confusing Google Ads conversion tracking setup.

We addressed these issues immediately, taking advantage of our specific expertise in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) sector. This led us to identify improvement areas and implement changes that resulted in a significant reduction in the cost per sales-qualified lead (SQL).

Additionally, we introduced direct response writing on all their sales landing pages. This method allowed us to craft persuasive copy that connected with their target audience, thus increasing engagement and conversions.

By centering on the emotional needs and challenges of potential customers, we crafted a more effective sales funnel that significantly boosted revenue by improving conversion rates.

Finally, we harnessed the power of their existing HubSpot system, using its sophisticated marketing analytics to track and assess the success of all marketing activities.

Utilising this powerful tool and establishing effective dashboards, we gained important insights into audience behaviour. This allowed us to make data-driven decisions that further enhanced marketing efforts.

The Results


We successfully enhanced the client's lead flow and conversions while concurrently diminishing costs and augmenting ROI.Specifically, we accomplished an astounding 51% reduction in the cost per lead!

Furthermore, we dropped the cost per sales-qualified lead by 47.9% and increased the number of demos booked by 54.8%.

These exceptional results exemplify the effectiveness of our innovative strategies and our capability to yield tangible success for our clients.

By leveraging our expertise in SaaS marketing, we revolutionised their marketing operations, aiding them in achieving their goals. We take great pride in being an integral part of their success.

The Process

In our firm, we implemented a comprehensive and strategic method to revamp the client’s marketing campaigns, resulting in impressive outcomes.

Initially, we focused on refining their Google Ad strategy. By optimising their ad spend and considerably lowering the cost per sales-qualified lead (SQL), we bolstered the flow of potential leads and conversions, making their marketing operations more efficient.

Subsequently, we wrote compelling content for all their sales landing pages employing a direct response writing style. This approach enabled us to directly address the needs and concerns of their target audience, resulting in a more effective sales funnel that increased engagement and ultimately, boosted the client’s revenue.

To assess the effectiveness of their marketing activities, we implemented tracking using HubSpot. This provided valuable insights into their audience’s behaviours and interactions, allowing us to make data-driven decisions to further optimise their marketing activities.

Even though we faced challenges such as an underperforming Google Ad strategy and a high cost per SQL, our team’s expertise and dedication enabled us to overcome these obstacles, delivering exceptional results for our client.

Lesson Learned

Our collaboration with this particular client provided us with several key learnings. Primarily, it underscored the significance of comprehending the distinct requirements of each client and the specificities of their industry in order to devise effective marketing strategies. This insight, together with our proficiency in SaaS marketing, enabled us to develop a customised approach that brought about substantial results for the client.

Secondly, it highlighted that strategic optimisation of digital marketing campaigns can result in an impressive return on investment. By employing direct response writing for sales landing pages and incorporating tracking through HubSpot, we improved the client's lead flow and conversions while reducing expenses.

Lastly, our successful journey with this client reiterated the importance of closely monitoring and assessing the impact of marketing activities. Through frequent evaluation of campaign performance, we could pinpoint successful strategies as well as areas that needed immediate improvement. This allowed us to refine our approach and deliver outstanding results.

Our partnership with this client was highly successful, and we are enthusiastic about applying these valuable lessons to upcoming projects, continuing to deliver exceptional results for all our clients.

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