My Poodle Just Ran An A/B Split Test On Me. Here’s How

AB Split Test On Me

In this podcast episode, Dean Denny, the host and founder of Owendenny Digital, shares a humorous story about his experience with his poodle, Zoe, and relates it to the importance of testing and varying marketing and sales offers. Dean discusses the need for both marketing qualified lead offers and sales qualified lead offers in B2B SaaS and enterprise companies. He emphasizes the significance of constantly testing and refreshing these offers to meet the evolving needs and desires of customers.

Dean also encourages listeners to explore new approaches, conduct market research, and leverage tools like Ahrefs and Semrush to develop effective lead magnets. He concludes by highlighting the importance of ongoing testing and innovation to drive successful sales conversations and achieve rapid growth in SaaS startups.


Here’s what you’ll learn:

1) Vary your offers: It’s important to have different types of lead qualification offers, such as marketing qualified lead offers and sales qualified lead offers, to attract and engage potential customers.

2) Test and experiment: Don’t be afraid to test new offers and approaches. Constantly evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing and sales strategies and be open to trying new things.

3) Stay updated: Keep track of industry trends and customer needs by utilizing tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, and Google Trends. This allows you to create relevant and timely offers that address specific pain points.

4) Adapt to change: Offers that have worked in the past may not always remain effective. Be willing to adapt and create fresh marketing and sales offers that resonate with your target audience.

5) Continuously innovate: Launching and testing new offers is an ongoing process. Regularly experiment with headlines, offer names, body copies, and strategies to refine your approach and better understand what your customers truly need.



[00:00:53] – Exciting free offers for leads.

[00:05:07] – Split-testing toys on master.

[00:05:42] – Vary offers for success.

[00:08:47] – Test offers, find customer desires.

[00:09:36] – Testing new sales strategies.


Hey everyone. And welcome back. It’s open-source growth. I am your host Dean Denny founder, and director of Owendenny digital. Australia’s leading SaaS marketing agency. Now. I have an absolute herder. Of an episode for you all. Today and it’s a. And this is a really funny one. It’s approximately what.

It’s approximately 5:30 PM. It’s a Saturday evening, Saturday. The 20th of May. And I was sitting on the couch. With my beautiful wife, Hannah, who is also our head of copy here at. Owendenny digital and. Before sitting on the couch, Hannah and I have been hustling away. Creating the new. Demand generation funnel for our marketing agency.

And it’s all really exciting. We’ve got some amazing free offers for you all to jump on in. See what we’re all about. All the psychology-led t ools and tactics, we will be sharing with you for free. In exchange for you to jump into our database and see whether we’re a good fit for you, et cetera, et cetera, you.

Typical. Marketing qualified leads, sales qualified lead. Stuff. And obviously we’re developing a whole heap of them. And before we sat down on the couch, I was making this beautiful hot chocolate. It’s a sacred cacao. Hot chocolate. I don’t know what that means precisely, but it’s glorious. If you are ever in the Geelong region and you are looking for an afternoon, pick me up, come by our house at about 3:30 PM.

Our hot chocolate is almost becoming friend famous. It could be state famous or region famous at some point, who knows. So I’d made this beautiful hot chocolate. Were hustling at the kitchen table because when me and my wife. We love to Work together on the weekends. So people feel like there’s some form of solidarity I’ve made the hot chocolate. We stand up from the kitchen table and we walked down to our living room and sit on the big Chesterfield couch. And. What’s really funny. And what happened this time? Was as soon as we sat. At our Chesterfield couch at chief goodies girl, i.e. Our dog, Zoe, the poodle you can see on our website as part of the staff members.

Zoe, the poodle comes up to me. And lodges. Her rubber bone. In my groin. And I’m sitting there with a hot cup of cocoa or cacao I’m drinking it. I’m like, I’m not that interested in playing with your big rubber bone. It’s this oversized rubber bone. I would say it’s about 18 to 23 centimeters in length. It’s blue. It’s got like this tie pattern it’s made of rubber.

And I’m just like, this is gross. It feels slimy it’s between my legs and what we’re found through a lot of dog training is that. By just leaving. Items, it doesn’t give you any, it doesn’t give the dog any energy towards the item. And by doing such a thing, The dog. Just sits there. It just relaxes and it doesn’t want to keep on playing. So the dog gets bored.

I just leave it in my groin. It’s a big gross. And lucky I’m wearing these thick American blue jeans. And Hannah’s sitting next to me on the Chesterfield couch. And Zoe is looking at the bone. And it falls on the ground. She plays with the game, but she gets bored and walks away. All right.

And then it’s about five to 10 minutes of peace. Hannah and I are talking. And talking and laughing and having a great time. And then all of a sudden. Is that he comes back with another toy. And this time it was. Rubber sheep. And then all of a sudden that landed in my lap. And like it like the bone, it was slimy. It was disgusting, but it was all, and it was all over my jeans. And.

And then I’m like, oh wow. The rubber sheep, it’s here. Oh my God. Zoe. You’re so incredible. And then I start putting the rubber sheep in Hannah’s face hannah starts, we all start doing the play fighting thing. And then all of a sudden I’m playing with. I’m playing with Zoe.

And like literally out of nowhere. My poodle. Has figured out. What toy she needs to give me in order for her. To play with her. See if you understand the way dogs work. They are constantly running little hypothesis tests, right? Basically every time they. Just say they pick up a toy and then they give it to somebody.

They’re thinking. Okay. If I can. If I conduct this action pick up the toy and give it to my master. What will my master do? And if the feedback’s positive, they’ll keep on doing it. And if it’s negative, they’ll stop doing it. And then they’ll change their approach and they would keep on changing the toys.

And I was like, hang on a second. Zoe just hasn’t given me. I toy. She’s actually split, tested her toys on me.

I’m like, hang on. Zoe’s doing some direct response advertising stuff on me in real time. She’s given me one offer. Playing with her slimy blue. Disgusting. Toy. Her bone toy. And I looked at it. I’m like, I’m not interested, but as soon as it was the sheep, I am like all in. I am thinking, this is so damn exciting. I’m playing with her. I’m getting Hannah involved and this is the greatest thing ever.

And it just reminded me of some of the work we’re doing with some of our enterprise clients that you need to be varying your offers from time to time. See, I personally believe that every B2B SaaS company. Every B2B enterprise company. Every Company that has a large high ticket sales structure needs to have two types of lead.

Qualification offers. You need to have a marketing qualified lead offer. And you need to have a sales qualified lead offer. And what’s really interesting though, is that not only do you need to have a marketing qualified lead offer which generates contacts to wedge into your database in exchange for some form of free guide or free training or tutorial or spreadsheet or checklist or yada.

But you also need a sales qualified lead tool as well. And that could be a free strategy session, or that could be a. The ultimate guide to choosing a HR agency or 70 questions to ask your your outsourcing firm or et cetera, et cetera. But what that guide would need to do is drive sales conversations.

And yeah, that’s all great. Have an MQL and have an SQL, but if things are starting to slow down, don’t be afraid to test them. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Don’t be afraid to just get rid of what you’re doing and start over with a fresh new approach, because what can happen is that to begin with me playing with that blue, rubber bone may have been the most exciting thing for Zoe and I, cause obviously we’ve played with it before, but I just didn’t want to touch it anymore.

It’s gotten old, it’s gotten slimy and some of your offers can get slimy too. I know I’m speaking metaphorically here, but sometimes your free offer that worked for years and years, again, years and years over and over. Like for instance, you say you had a free checklist on how to save up to $3,000 each year by.

Eliminating these following subscriptions, like it could be a free guide or whatever that may have worked for the last three years. But. Now that you’re running it. That may not be that may not be working for you anymore. So be open to testing, new things, be open to trying new things. Be open to creating and publishing again, CHATGPT can help you come up with some amazing lead magnets in record time.

Because if you can do that. And you can constantly test these marketing qualified lead offers. You’ll be able to determine, I put a finger on the pulse in regards to what the customer is looking for at this time. And if you can. Find that intersect, which is the societal desire of your prospect at any given time.

You’re going to have a much better chance of initiating sales conversations with your target customer. And that’s what my poodle taught me today is that you can never you can never forget to test your marketing qualified lead offers and creating new marketing qualified lead offers. Again, you can go to places like Ahrefs and Semrush and Google trends to see what people are searching in your industry.

And then developing guides, which enable them to handle that. That hot button issue. You can never go about testing and trying new things when it comes to your sales qualified leads. For instance, in our agency, We’ve got the friendly 10 minute chat. We have the growth diagnostic. We’re going to soon have the Facebook ad audit. The Google ads audit the T2D3 growth strategy session. There’s going to be a whole heap of sales qualified leads that you will be seeing in your Sales qualified lead campaigns that you’ll be seeing in your newsfeed in regards to how we go about generating and attracting new customers into our marketing agency. See. You can’t come up with enough of these because you need to constantly be testing headlines, constantly testing, offer names, constantly testing, body copies strategies, et cetera, et cetera, and documenting these over time. So you can then determine exactly what your customer needs.

With pinpoint accuracy. But don’t forget, this thing does change. So you always have to be launching and testing and trying new things. So that’s what my poodle reminded me of today. And I hope. Zoe. My beautiful black standard poodle or my wife and I’s beautiful black standard poodle are reminds you of too. Don’t forget to create new marketing qualified leads and sales qualified lead offers.

And don’t forget to test them. This is open source growth. I am your host Dean Denny, and I hope you have had a hoot listening to our little story today. Again, if you need any more support and or advice around your SaaS startup and how you can take your business from where you are today to a T2D3 growth of mammoth.

In record time. Why don’t you just go about applying for a 10 minute chat, check out the job notes, click on the link. And leave you. Information with us and we can take it from there. Again, I’m Dean Denny. I hope you’ve been well. This is open-source growth. Be well.



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