Should I Let ChatGPT Do All My Copywriting?

Should I Let ChatGPT Do All My Copywriting?

Welcome back to Open Source Growth, the SaaS marketing podcast for software companies, online businesses, and beyond. I’m your host, Dean Denny, and in today’s episode, we discuss how entrepreneurs can use AI to power our Marketing teams and lead generation efforts. This then begged the question:

“Should I let ChatGPT Do All My Copywriting?”…

As we enter February 2023, my wife Hannah and I are excited to create amazing content for our listeners after taking a break for the holidays. In December 2022, we witnessed the global launch of ChatGPT, the world’s most viral app in history. We’ve been using similar technology in our agency since 2019, and the release of ChatGPT has blown our minds.

AI-powered copywriting tools like ChatGPT and have transformed the way we do content marketing and develop sales promotions. They enable copywriters to think at a higher level and quickly test messaging. However, entrepreneurs should not let ChatGPT write all their copy for them. Copywriting can take many forms, and these models are trained on data up until 2019.

In this episode, we answer the question, “Should I let ChatGPT do all my copywriting?” We discuss how copywriting can take many forms, including social media updates, sales letters, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, landing pages, case studies, and website copy. While ChatGPT and are valuable tools, entrepreneurs should not rely solely on them for copywriting.

Join us as we explore the unlimited possibilities of ChatGPT and discuss how entrepreneurs can take advantage of new AI-powered technology to crush their competition in SaaS marketing and lead generation.



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[00:01:14] – Mind-Blowing: Global Launch of ChatGPT for AI-Powered Lead Generation Campaigns!

[00:02:01] – Upgraded AI Copywriting Tools for SaaS Marketing: Unleash the Power!

[00:05:05] – ChatGPT: Valuable, but Beware of Pitfalls in AI-Powered Lead Generation!

[00:06:22] – Discern Hidden Thoughts with ChatGPT for Maximum Impact in Lead Generation!

[00:09:17] – Winning with Advertising and AI for Lead Generation: The Future is Here!

[00:11:07] – Customer Understanding: The Key to Success in SaaS Marketing and Lead Generation!

[00:15:02] – Google Punishes Plagiarism: Create Unique Content for SEO and Lead Generation!

[00:19:33] – Scale Your Business with AI Technology for Lead Generation: Harness Its Power!

Hey guys, how are you going? It is Dean here from Owendenny Digital, and this is Open Source growth, our free resource for SaaS product, liers online brands, e-commerce businesses and beyond, who really want to go about crushing their competition with direct response advertising.

All the strategies here disclosed are uniquely ours, and they are totally free for you to go copying, pasting and deploying at any given time within your business.

And if you go about doing such a thing and have wild success, all we do ask of you is to share the gospel, which we are trying to spread here online, on wherever you’re listening to this today.

It’s February 15th, 2023, and we’re so excited to be back here creating content for all you lovely people.

December was wild, obviously. Christmas, new Year’s, January, Australian summer. It’s been so lovely catching up with family and friends.

But after getting back into the work grind, I was talking to my wife, Hannah. And we feel it’s time to be back and creating amazing, and amazing content for good people like yourself.

In December last year, we had the worldwide launch of the world’s most viral app in history, which is ChatGPT.


Did it blow your mind as well?

What did it do for you?

I remember when I opened up ChatGPT for the very first time, I couldn’t get on. I thought that, oh, this is all a sham, this doesn’t work, I can’t get any server time, there’s too many people on the thing, yada.

But then as soon as I got access, I’m not sure if you had a very similar experience with the website crashing, but as soon as we got in there, I started asking open AI anything, I was just like, “holy smoke! I feel like my days are numbered as a human.”

That was the first thing that came to mind. What’s interesting though, is that we were using very similar technology in the agency for a very long. OpenAI is the backend for many AI copywriting tools, which have been around since 2019.

And we’ve been using, also known as now more recently, since about 2020.

And that’s really changed the way we go about doing content marketing, developing sales promotions if we wanna go about quickly testing some messaging, et cetera, et cetera.

The reason why we use AI is because it doesn’t completely displace a copywriter, but what it does do, it enables the copywriter to think at a higher level.

What’s so different with Jasper AI and ChatGPT, is that with ChatGPT , the opportunities are endless. So with ChatGPT, you can ask it to crunch data, develop tables, and do all sorts of crazy stuff.

I remember using ChatGPT to develop lesson plans for French classes as my wife was able to demonstrate.

It could develop tables based on products and services, which certain companies offer.

I had it comparing rates for American Express charge cards and credit cards. It was truly phenomenal what it could do.

You can write content in a particular tone of voice. You can get it to emulate Donald Trump, Andrew Tate, Oprah Winfrey, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, et cetera, et cetera.

Whatever it’s been trained on, it can literally go about doing all this crazy stuff.

And it was just so phenomenal. We now have a means of communicating, like you’re having a conversation with somebody, to go about creating whatever you want to create.

Now in today’s podcast, this is a really simple one. I’m not even shooting any video today because I couldn’t quite get my camera to work appropriately.

But, what I wanted to go through with you is, and this is the question it begged for us especially, this is gonna be one of many podcasts. Let’s just get straight to the beginning.

Should I let ChatGPT do all my copywriting?

I think this is a really excellent question to ask because copywriting can take many forms.

Copywriting can take the form of social media updates, it can take the form of sales letters, it can take the form of Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, landing pages, case studies, website copy, et cetera, et cetera.

And if you asked me two and a half months ago, I was going to consider canceling our Jasper AI subscription, which is about $140 a month in favor of ChatGPT. But after two months worth of use of both ChatGPT and Jasper, I believe that both tools are valuable.

You shouldn’t be letting ChatGPT write all your copy for you.

Otherwise, you’re going to be in some pretty deep doggy doos.

Now, let me expand upon that. With ChatGPT and Jasper, all of these models are trained on data and they’re only trained on data up until 2019. That’s with the GPT-3 release anyway. Now with the GPT-3 release, that’s like the MK1 of this stuff.

So, things aren’t 100% perfect. Yes, they’re impressive. Yeah, they can do 8/10 content, but they aren’t what you need in order to get geometrically disproportionate results.

As a hardcore direct response advertising nut, where this all falls down is the inputs and the creativity that’s required to create absolutely winning promotions.

When you go about launching an ad campaign, it’s that ability to discern and communicate what’s not really being said that’s rattling around in the person’s mind and, like figuring out what’s really going on there. That’s what enables direct-response advertising to work exceptionally well.

It’s like the old the old quote by Breakthrough Advertising’s Eugene Schwartz, it’s by understanding the desires that are not often vocalized, and by being able to substantiate the fulfillment of those desires through your product – that’s what makes advertising work.

And what we are finding is that for established industries, ChatGPT is phenomenal.

But, if you are a SaaS product and you’ve got this exceptionally hardcore transformation that you offer your customers or your users. ChatGPT is gonna be lost because your value proposition is way too difficult to communicate.

With ChatGPT, if you’ve got. , I’d say an automotive dealership. It’s very easy to go about riding some real bangers, and you can go about smashing out these amazing ads left and center. But if you really want a a home run promotion, don’t expect it to come from a robot just yet.

If you want a home run promotion, don’t get me wrong, you can write. alongside chat G p T. But what enables advertising to work is not only being able command the attention and build the interest and desire, et cetera, et cetera, but it’s being able to really get to the heart of the human condition. And I think this is where the whole thing’s falling down.

What’s often com, what’s often sitting within ourselves is very rarely communicated and very rarely published online. So if how we are truly feeling isn’t getting published effectively online, and whether or not there are any form of moralistic or pseudo moralistic biases within OpenAI or chat G P T, you’re not really gonna get that opportunity to have a home run winner where for every dollar you spend on advertising, you get $10 worth of profit back.

By truly understanding the human condition, by spending time with yourself every day, understanding your feelings and your emotions, and truly and aggressively researching and understanding your market, doing the customer research no not the research, the customer interviews spending time on Reddit and seeing what the hot button topics are with all the latest and up to date information.

If you’ve got all of that and you are then able to feed it into a creative big idea, as David Ogilvy would say in his books life of an advertising man and Ogilvy on advertising, that’s when you can really win. But it’s what this is really demonstrating here, this whole chat, G p t, OpenAI Jasper, copy, ai bani, blah, is that you.

to know what makes your customer really tick, and then just, and then develop a big strategic idea. Now, as soon as you start figuring out, you know what the big idea is, Then you can move to chat, g p t or open AI to help you develop the headlines, the hooks, the body copy the sub-headlines or the how to position the clothes or the clincher in your ad copy, et cetera, et cetera.

But if you don’t know what’s not being communicated inside the mind of your prospect, or if you don’t really know what’s keeping him up at night. , just handing it over to a robot is gonna give you some pretty abysmal results, quite frankly. So if you really wanna succeed online, if you really want to dominate, you need to get your copywriting locked in and tight.

And this is what we see with all our SaaS marketing clients. They just simply do not have, they just don’t know how to go about, in a compelling means, develop a really amazing value proposition like, Does your product take a person from where they’re right now to where they want to go, and how does your life look so much better?

Once you’ve stuck your credit card into the machine and be like, let’s go. I’m signing up for X platform. You can really communicate that effectively. That’s great. But again, all this stuff is superfluous. , unless you really understand your customer. If you really understand your customer, yeah, you can get this stuff to help you and support you, but you cannot replace the person who writes these promotions.

See, at Owen Denny, I’ll explain how we do things like we have a copywriter who’s my beautiful wife. She develops the big marketing ideas or works with me on the strategy or with Sam or Kathleen, like we all work together on the strategy and the big marketing ideas, and then Hannah co-create with ai, and that’s how we get the best results.

Open AI at chati p t and Jasper ai, they all work hand in hand to create amazing results together, but it’s only if the high level thinking is done correctly. So if you get the high level thinking done correctly, if you do all the research, if you really know what’s going on inside the mind of your customer, and then you bring it to an advertising promotion and ensuring that it’s all contextually.

you’re gonna be good. And it’s in line with your strategy and it’s all congruent. Blahdi blah, right? So would I replace my copywriter, Hannah, and should I let chat G p T do all my copywriting? I would say absolutely not. In fact, what we have found in the agency is that you need your copywriter to up.

And learn the higher level stuff like you need your copywriters nowadays to understand the direct response advertising strategy. You need them to understand the brand positioning better or where they sit within the market in the segmentation, et cetera. You need to get your copywriters well on board with understanding the products and how to boil down the features and benefits so you can communicate what you.

even if it’s cybersecurity to a 10 year old with relative ease. Your copywriters need to be more holistic as marketers now, and not just content creators and pumping out blogs, because if you can get them thinking at that higher level, they can then go about creating these beautiful pieces in a much more compelling.

Yeah, they need to know how to edit better as well. So copy editing, get the Gary Halbert editing method part three. That’s an amazing book. So by that book, if you’re listening to this podcast, it’ll change the way you do things as a copywriter. And if you’re using chat, g p t being an incredible copied strategist or a copy chief.

In combination with editing skills and how to structure a sales promotion with great success, that’s gonna get you all the results you really need. So that’s where we are starting to see. So all our copywriters and all our team members are now thinking more strategically rather than from a, in the grant the mundane, boring, typing out words.

Another thing that they’re doing from a copywriting perspective is that we don’t just use chat g p t, if we have a bespoke request, we use chat g p t. But if we are writing a, say an SEO blog post for our own blog we will use a cross between s e m rush to develop the the. Strategy the content outline.

We then will use chat g p t to create particular parts of the blog post. And then we will use Jasper to keep everything angular and in a direction that makes sense, which is high value, which both users who land on our website find exceptionally valuable and at Google loves to read and give to their customers.

That’s like really important for us. One thing you also need to consider if you’re just using chat g p T, most of the work that it will pump out is highly plagiarized. So again, if you’re providing plagiarized content online, Google’s gonna be like, Uhuh. That’s not unique. You’re screwed. And your rankings will plummet.

Not only that, the people who are looking up your products and services may have read the content before and they’re like, oh man, I’m gonna get off this page really quickly. This is invaluable for me either. So what you really need to do is have a good workflow that works for you, but it all has to come back to first principles.

For us, our workflow is understanding the customer, really getting on top of the product. Thinking about the value prop of the product, what’s the big marketing idea? Then obviously what’s the strategy look like from a direct response advertising strategy to make it all congruent. Once all that’s done, we then.

Go about coming up with some of the big, like the headlines and all that stuff. We start using chat g p t to come up with some of the body paragraph and copy and stuff like that. We then use, we then take over like that first draft, pump it into Jasper ai. Really make it super angular so it sells and is buttery and slippery and so good.

We check out the readability score. Then what we’ll do then is check out how it hasn’t been plagiarized, y yada, and then we’ll go. Massaging that, ensuring that it’s SEO friendly and then slap it on our website or flick it through to our media buyers to launch as a Facebook ad or whatever.

But there’s a workflow and the point of the matter is that your copywriters just need to get better at marketing strategy. That’s just the truth and enables your marketing strategists to think at an even higher level. Basically what AI is doing is it’s enabling people. Go from doing to thinking and thinking is now the currency which we are really most interested in.

So if you are strategic, if you are able to properly be creative, like real creative, and if you are legitimately authentic with the way you communicate, you’re gonna be the, you’re gonna be the gold commodity as a copywriter going forward in 2020. because if any fool believes that they can get chat g p t to write all the content you need to succeed online, straight up, they’re gonna get clobbered.

Most of the content which is created by chat, g p t, on its own without editing is autistic. It is just not fun. It’s sounds wrong and quite frankly I’m not a huge fan. It does it just sounds yuck. And it, it doesn’t, and it bores you to tears if you. So should I let chat g p t do all my copywriting?

I say absolutely fricking not. Should I keep my copywriter? Yes. Upskill your copywriter. Should I use any other copywriting tools? Absolutely. You should. You should be using I’m not an affiliate, but I’d recommend it like crazy. You should be using something like the Hemingway app to reduce your readability score down to a 10 or 11 year old.

oh, I think grade four or grade five according to Hemingway. Should I be rethinking the way we deliver content? Yes. Has the bar been dropped to write amazing copy? Absolutely it has. So does that mean I’m getting rid of the copywriter? Absolutely not. I’m. In fact, the copywriter has now been more and more, they’re more and more significant.

They’re more significant than ever before because they need to police everything that goes outside of our organization. More so than ever, not just relying on the strategists, know the copywriter can now edit more. So your copywriters are now turning into copy editors or or copy chiefs and.

That’s my stance. That’s our stance at Owen Denny Digital. When you work with us, you’ll have a team of elite marketers, the tip of the spear marketers in pursuit of your business goals. Now, this isn’t a plug for our agency by all means, but if you’re coming to us, not only are you getting. Marketing ideas and great strategy.

You also have a team that is used to exercising and exploiting the best of technology, the best of psychology, and the best of both. Paid traffic and organic traffic opportunities, which will enable people to go about scaling their business to wherever they want it to get to. And that’s gonna be the.

We’re gonna be using technology to get you results, and as an agency it’s important that we do such a thing. That means we’re gonna be using AI to help you get to where you need to go. Enables you to test more things faster than ever before, enables you to just crunch data like you’ve never have before.

It enables you to just do so much and discern things and summarize things and make things super simple. In fact, you can get AI to go about turning any complex body. Of copy and just be like, Hey, yo, explain this to a 10 year old and wham ba za. It’s simple and easy to understand, like that is the future and copywriters aren’t going anywhere.

Your job is safe. And if you have anything you want say or any further questions, just let me know. My email is dean dot denny owen , I’m here for you and I’m really keen to hear what you think about what does the future of. Open AI chat, G P T, and any other artificial intelligence technology have on marketing.

This is gonna be a hot button topic. We’re gonna do a whole heap of podcasts on this very soon. So guys, thank you so much for tuning in. I hope it hasn’t been too dysfunctional and too disjointed. I needed to say something on this topic and it’s here and it’s all being said. Thank you so much for tuning in.

I love you all and if you’ve got something from this, please share this with your friends families, or potentially that bad marketer who’s likely to get overran by artificial intelligence. So thank you so much. Have an amazing day. God bless. Thank you.


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The Growth Hack Most Likely To 10X Your Company In 2023

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In this episode, you will:

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Hey everyone, it’s Dean here and welcome to Open Source Growth.

The day is Saturday, the 25th of March.

Now, normally I don’t record a podcast on the weekend, but I thought I would jump on here and change tact.

I’ve been called to do this podcast today. I really feel an urge to push this message out.

I don’t know where you are in your growth marketing journey or in your business journey. You may be a solopreneur, duct taping things together with Zapier – we’ve all been there. You may have a small team and your doing all the marketing yourself, and you’re looking to advance things with a marketing agency. Or thinking ” who do I bring into my team to help propel this forward?” Maybe you’re thinking about employing your first SDR or sales development representative, or you’re trying to roll out an inside sales campaign using LinkedIn.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a software company or an MSP, a cybersecurity firm, a management consultant, a fish and chip shop, or a venture- backed AI startup.

We can all dream. We can all be wherever we want to be in this life. And I’m cognizant of the fact that you’re on your own journey as we are too.

Now – why this podcast today is called “The Growth Hack Most Likely To 10X Your Company This Year”, is because we’re seeing some massive results in our company.

Only 12 months ago, 18 months ago, we were marketing to trades people like carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and we were having a real rough time. It was the middle of COVID-19, we were in lockdown here in Victoria. It was tough like there was some really rough moments for us as marketers, as family men, as a citizens of Australia. And more importantly, as a business owner , It was a tough time.

But – over the last 18 months, things have really changed for our business in an amazing way.

We’ve built out an incredible team of marketing specialists. We’ve re-positioned ourselves for the software as a service (SAAS) market. We’ve done so many good things. We’ve rolled out an excellent SEO strategy. We’ve jumped at the opportunity of AI, and how we can use that to empower us and not distract us from the overarching goals and missions.

Don’t get me wrong. Some of our campaigns don’t always work out because let’s be frank: for every two winning campaigns, there are eight duds and we’ve had some duds over the past 18 months. Don’t get us wrong.

The thing is though – with the advances of all these amazing tools that are out there. With all these tactics that are coming to the foreground, the barrier to entry for making your marketing work in 2023 is so low. It is so exciting.

I cannot tell you how excited I am as the director of a marketing agency that focuses on helping software companies succeed. I can’t tell you how excited I am to see the best products be closer and closer to winning the war and not the most well backed.

Companies with the largest marketing budgets. There’s a true democratization of entering and competing in the marketing Olympics. It’s super exciting.

But what I believe the most important thing you can do, this year, to 10X your company in 2023, it doesn’t matter if your coach, it doesn’t matter if your a software company, it doesn’t matter if you’re already ecommerce brand, it doesn’t matter if your a marketing agency.

But, I can tell you from our experience, this is what’s helping us grow.

It’s doing really amazing things for our clients. And we’re encouraging you, listeners, to do exactly the same thing.

And it’s very simple.

This kind of two parts to it.

Number one. Have a structured plan in place for your growth marketing.

And with your growth marketing, do it in three month blocks.

Test and measure your growth marketing efforts across three month blocks. Catalog your wins, catalog your losses, catalog all of your insights around your messaging, your copy and your creatives, the offers and the landing pages that you used. And ensure that everyone can access everything.

The biggest problem we’ve seen within all of our clients – it doesn’t matter whether you’re a hundred million dollar cyber security software startup, or a hundred thousand dollar running coach – is that no one has a framework for testing and measuring their performance month by month.

How much they spend, what did they test?

What offers did we run?

Which campaigns did we launch?

What copies did we test against each other with AB testing?

No one has a testing plan.

No one has a promotional calendar.

Everybody is running their marketing campaigns and their marketing teams like a complete shmozzle.

And if you can implement a little bit of structure to your business this year, When it comes to your SEO efforts, your Facebook advertising efforts, your LinkedIn advertising efforts, your Google ads, and all the things which lead to customer acquisition.

If you can have a strategic plan, which you follow when you hold yourself accountable to this – you’re going to see some amazing results with your demand generation efforts.

That is completely it.

It’s not so much the tactics here. It’s holding yourself accountable to your strategy. That is the growth hack that will likely 10X your company in 2023.

Now, why is it so difficult to hold yourself accountable to this?

Why is it so hard and so challenging?

To just grapple with the fact you have a growth strategy. Why does everyone just put it in the bin in a never works?

Well, It’s simple.

People don’t like being held accountable to things that they believe that are outside their control, and more and more things are getting in the way of launching our strategies these days.

We’ve got new tools seducing us with excellent copy and creative, probably all generated by ChatGPT and OpenAI and Jasper, whatever.

But, there’s so many distractions nowadays.

What I’m asking for you to do is be focused. I’m asking you to follow your marketing strategy.

I’m asking you to test and measure month by month, what’s working and what’s not and cataloging the results. So you’ve got historicals on all your tests, which you can then bring to your next test and stand upon the shoulders of giants.

Like, it’s super simple.

But no one does it, because it involves overhead. It involves management, involves teams, it involves careful documentation.

It involves so, so much stuff that is never looked at because we’re so caught up with the day to day.

See with AI, you’ve got so much more time on your hands, Mr. Marketer, Mr. Founder, Mr. Everything in the organization, which is probably considered a white collar profession. And I know that you’re the people listening to this. You can use AI to leverage your work so effectively -if you’re intelligent.

Most of my emails written to clients I’ve written by AI.

Nearly all of my podcasts are edited by AI.

Nearly all of our copywriting creatives partially or fully written by AI and then moderately edited by a direct response copywriting expert.

Like, the grunt work in your organization should be taken care of by AI providing you know how to train it correctly. And that frees up a lot of the time.

That’s like the 80  20 of your work. If you set up the work correctly, get AI to do most of it, and then you Polish the work.

You’re saving 80% of your output at your desk if properly leveraged.

With that additional time, it gives you the opportunity to be strategic.

And by being strategic, you’re holding yourself accountable to the strategy that you’re rolling out. And that’s what I’m thinking and this is what I’ve always known, but it’s now more prevalent than ever.

See, all these tools encourage you to act on tactics.

All of these ad creative tools, video editing tools, podcasting tools, copywriting tools.

They encourage you to do more and more of the same tactic, but your strategy may suck.

Or you may not just follow your strategy and then you’re wondering why it’s not working well, frankly, you don’t actually have a strategy in place.

See, we’ve got a publishing strategy at Owendenny Digital.

That’s why you’re listening to this podcast.

Yeah. We don’t have many subscribers right now, but here’s the thing we’re holding ourselves accountable to the strategy and we are publishing every week.

Every month, we’re publishing.

Whether it’s here, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn.

You’re going to see us. You’re going to hear us. And we want you to know about what we do and what we stand for. Honest, brutally effective direct response advertising, designed and developed specifically for the software market.

That’s what we are all about. Now if you can hold yourself accountable to that strategy, to that publishing strategy, promotional calendar, marketing calendar, whatever you want to call it, your demand generation calendar- I don’t care what you call it. But, just have a plan and hold yourself accountable to it.

Because there’s really only two things.

There’s really three things you need to do.

And that’s all there is this year.

Because at the end of the day, if you don’t have these three things, you’re going to struggle.

But let me give it to you.

Number one, the first thing you need to do is get your strategy developed, work with a professional to do this if you don’t have the chops yourself, or you need the support.

Now we offer this at Owendenny Digital, get a strategy which encompasses everything.

Your brand, your positioning, your messaging, where you stand in the market, do the SWOT analysis, profile your customer avatar effectively, know what their challenges, their pain points, their ambitions, their goals.

What are the daily tasks? What keeps them up at night?

Know all this information, have a catalog and keep it as your north star, because everything you must do in your organization must be avatar led.

Then, once you understand your avatar, what they want, what keeps them up at night, and how they buy, what’s important to them, and then what does a typical buying process look like for your target customer.

Then -use all this information to develop a strategy that crushes it and ensure that your strategy isn’t marketing led, but sales led. Because, at the end of the day, what is the point of marketing if it’s not bringing educated or informed prospects with an opportunity or to change their life into your door?

You can be that person that helps that happen and makes that happen. It’s really exciting.

Get those people into your door, talk to them and turn them into customers who really love what you do. It’s really simple.

It’s simple in concept, but difficult to execute.

And if you need someone to help you. You know where to go. Just book a growth diagnostic on our website Check it out.

Once you develop that strategy, you then need to turn your strategy into initiatives and get those initiatives into a marketing calendar or a promotional calendar and then hold yourself accountable to that pieceof documentation.

Super, super simple.

Great strategy, hold yourself to account and test and measure everything.

So then every month, you’ve got new insights every month, you’ve got new things that you’ve learned about you and your market.

It’s great.

It’s amazing.

You feel good. You see the growth. You see everything changing. Everything’s working for you. Your business is growing. Oh wow! You’re going to feel motivated, excited. You’re going to be like, “Fuck Yeah! My life is so good right now.”

And then the third element, and this is the biggest one, and I believe this is the biggest thing you can do is show up every fricking day.

It is so simple. Show up every single day, and you will watch your business blow up.

Woody Allen said that I think it was like 90% of success is just showing up.

And Woody Allen’s created some of the most wacky and most influential films Hollywood has ever seen.

I don’t want to give you a motivational message today.

I’m a marketing guy.

I’m not a motivator.

I’m not Les brown, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuk.

I’m none of those guys.

I’m just an Australian recording this out of his home office who’s just wildly devoted to the art of writing compelling ads, running amazing campaigns, devising wicked holistic sales led marketing strategies for software companies, online brands and people who really want to take their enterprises to the next level.

But what I’m wanting to tell you here is that my business’s only here because of a few things.

Number one, my relentless approach when it came to understanding the art of direct response advertising.

Number two, I came from a really good stock. I have a really good family that supported me along the way. It’s been challenging for them. I’m the first entrepreneur in our line. So again, I was very lucky to come from a really supportive family with uncles that were successful, business owners and stuff like that.

But my mum and dad, they’ve never been direct response copywriters or advertisers. In fact, I’m the only person that’s in marketing in my family.

But thirdly, the most important thing is that I never gave up.

I showed up every day and I have been over the past five years. And that’s the thing.

It’s about showing up when you don’t want to.

Mike Tyson said something really funny, I remember listening to Mike, I’m a big fan of Mike Tyson, I love him to bits that ” discipline is doing what you hate to do and doing it like you love it.” And that quote has always stuck with me.

Even though, sometimes I’m going to be recording this podcast, I’m not going to feel like during the podcast, believe it or not.

I’m going to be in here recording this podcast on a Saturday afternoon. I’d rather be out with my dog, be with my beautiful wife for hanging out with my friends or smoking a Cuban cigar in the afternoon in the sun, drinking a mojito.

There’s so many things that I would much rather be doing right now.

But, the thing is it’s a case of showing up every day, testing and measuring everything and having a very good north star to go about achieving what you want to achieve.

This is a podcast today about marketing and growing your software company or growing your online brand or managed service provider business or management advisory firm and taking it to the next level of whatever the hell you’re listening to this for.

But at the end of the day, this is just a very simple process. This is a very simple way of getting whatever you want in life.

Have a good plan, test and measure your results, and then show up every day. I think that’s it.

So once again, guys, thank you so much. I’m going to have to love you and leave you. I’m going to have to get back to my Saturday drinking this beautiful cup of lemon grass and ginger tea.

If I sound a little more jittery, the normal, please understand. It’s not me, it’s the coffee speaking.

I’ve been off caffeine for a few weeks now, I’ve had three glass, three cups of amazing coffee today so I’m like Donny off the Wild Thornberries like.

I’m buzzing.

Guys, chase your dreams. You deserve them.

And if you have any further questions, feel free to drop me a line

If you are looking to grow your business online, I suggest you number one, subscribe to this podcast.

And if you do need expert help, head over to and book a growth diagnostic.

It’s totally free. All you need to do is leave some details about you and your company. And then we can ultimately develop a free growth strategy to take your business from where you are today to wherever your ambitious dreams lie.

So once again, thank you so much for tuning into this episode. It has been a real. Love your all. God bless. Stay safe and have an amazing day.


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